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UpTone Audio EtherREGEN Listening Impressions

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I have the ER up and running in my system.  First I must say that this this thing gets hot, so clearly it’s doing a great job cleaning my data that has mixed with the creepy guy next door downloading clown porn and instructions for home made mustard gas.  Whew!


I switched back and forth several times from the 30 foot cable that runs directly from the second Ethernet port of my Mac Pro trashcan to the short cable connected to the ER, and putting the 30 foot cable on the ER.  There was also a passive medical isolator in the system right before the Bridge card in my Directstream dac, which I will remove in the next round of tests.  


I liken the changes I heard from the newly plugged in ER to having the music flow through a much bigger pipe.  Instead of the musical signal being slightly homogenized , it now really has room to expand, flow, reach new crests and ebb to new lows. 


I never compared ethernet plugged in directly to my Mac, vs into a router, so I don’t know if my setup benefits from not having a router in the music’s signal path.  


Meaning the ER may have a bigger impact in your system than mine.


I also feel the improvement is one of those (sometime watershed moments) that your ear/brain must become familiar with to fully appreciate the benefits.  


I’ll post back tomorrow after the unit has has a day of warm up and steaming, though I can’t imagine it sounding better.  


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4 minutes ago, vortecjr said:

I would assume that one would instead connect a device that has some consideration given to its network input. 


Well sure. We’ve been pretty clear that while we think the EtherREGEN will make upstream stuff matter less, it will at the same time make downstream/endpoint stuff matter more.

That is, tweaks and optimizations of the DAC-attached computer/streamer/renderer endpoint become all the more obvious. That has been my personal experience so far. And it certainly bodes very well for fine endpoints such as your micro/ultra/optical Rendus. John has tried the EtherREGEN with both the ultra- and opticalRendus and was effusive about what he hears with the combo. B|

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New thread started:



As mentioned at the end of the fist post there, the The long development and active launch discussion thread can remain the place for all other EtherREGEN miscellaneous talk. Things like batches, ordering, technical discussions not related to actual use, and just general EtherREGEN-related social chatter among enthusiasts. 


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I’ve had the ER in the system for about 14 hours, but unfortunately Jriver crashed while I was gone so I’m not sure how much break in I accomplished.


Doing a very late night session where I couldn’t turn it up, a few of the things I noticed Were that bass seemed very distinct, as if one could hear each undulation in the deep notes of organs.  

Sense of depth and acoustic space each instrument occupies increased.


An orchestral track that previously sounded a bit harsh now sounded smoother while having more detail. 


Sense of intimacy of voice on Springsteen’s western stars also seems bettered as well as some instruments like guitars just seemed fuller, more fleshed out and just more real. 


I think the ER also reveals more of the recording and so Posibly any hardness baked into the recording may end up more apparent but I don’t have enough  experience listening to say for sure . 


I have a slight ground him issue in 1 preamp channel that I don’t typically notice much, and with the ER I feel like I notice it more , so perhaps the ER really is making the system quieter.


I told a pro audio guy about the ER and he mentioned he works with Dante networks.  If the bandwidth is adequate This could be a huge benefit for recording studios, live sound and even tv productions that utilize  Ethernet audio.  


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4 hours ago, rogerdn said:

I listened until 1:00 AM, everything sounds new and better 🤙


That’s great to hear Roger. :)


I don’t think Roger will mind my mentioning that he is running the EtherREGEN directly into the Ethernet input of his PS Audio DirectStream DAC (Bridge II, which I believe is based upon the Conversdigital mConnect Ethernet>I2S board).

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