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  1. My pleasure, Ghent makes really nice cables for such low cost. I can make them myself and I do have the wire and connectors, but microUSB is a pain in the neck so I defer to Ghent for that as he does such an incredibly nice job with it. Sorry if I was confusing, I don't have a Qutest DAC, I use that cable to power a Raspberry Pi 3B with a Keces DC-116 PSU, which does make a difference despite the switching regulator on the RPi board. My Ghent DC29 cable with microUSB is a Canare 4S6, however I want to get the Ghent DC-GAC4 with the same connector arrangement, as I do find that Gotham Cable to simply be superior with JSSG360. PS - I do have an original LPS-1, powering a microRendu, and it does make a big difference vs. a SMPS there, not subtle. I do use the DC-GAC4 there.
  2. India pale ale? Just kidding. I too have a couple of those adapters, as well as one Ghent DC29 made with the male microUSB plug on one end and Oyaide 2.1mm DC on the other:
  3. Yes we most certainly have been, AR is seemingly under the erroneous impression that everyone here has a very short memory. It probably won't given the history/pattern, however maybe the next step is to just put AR on the ignored members list. I'd love it if that happened en masse, he is not a voice of authority, nor is he the influencer that both he himself and the MQA cadre fancies him to be. That is a fantasy, and one he is hoping CC among others buys into, hence the civility crusade. No he hasn't, but he sticks to the basic playbook with remarkable predictability. Well said, that's both an interesting analogy, and a sign of things not to come for MQA... no traction yet with anything but tiny Tidal does not bode well at all, market acceptance has not happened despite the (free?) trade press blitz they have been the recipient of. I guess only a very small fraction of the magazine readers (and as well the hi-fi gear manufacturers) were effectively snookered.
  4. No there weren't, and even if there were, what exact "problem" would that create for MQA (or even Stereophile for that matter) in actually stepping up to the plate and addressing the real issues at hand, rather than weakly deflecting repeatedly under the guise of "incivility"? You are once again using a very tired and ineffective approach here Andy, neither MQA, nor Stereophile is the victim you seek to portray them as being. I can say with certainty MQA would not under any circumstance have engaged, and it's easy to see why. If you have a real technology, that has real technical merit and offers real value to consumers and artists, then you'd be willing to answer any questions, face any/all criticisms, and ultimately prevail, and you'd do so at all costs to uphold your good name, and to preserve and move forward all of the work that had already been done. You wouldn't just vanish with nary an answer to any challenge, would you? Unless you got nuthin', in which case you withdraw, pointing a finger at your detractors in a classic attempt at "I am the real victim here". MQA showed their hand right there, poor show, really very weak. Bob didn't answer shit, you made that up, and then he went completely dark while lackeys such as TAS and Stereophile did his bidding. I see that you still are, just can't resist that urge to play the anonymous card again there, gotta go to that well one more time when otherwise you've got nuthin'. Actually I'd bet that door is still wide open, but since MQA has nuthin', they need to act like it's shut, and so do you. It is a diversionary tactic, and it is viewed as such by far more than just the "few" you suggest. The vast majority here and elsewhere see it for exactly what it is, a weak attempt to change the narrative and suggest "the real problem here " isn't MQA at all. Can't defend yourself? Just change the topic. You are right about one thing, MQA as a topic and product will continue to recede, and eventually it will be gone. It is not viable, the market has spoken, both TAS, and Stereophile, as well as various MQA parrot cheerleading manufacturers will rightly end up worse for the wear, their reputations now tattered.
  5. Yes, and the part about how much 2L music in MQA anyone will be buying? Here is where you've lost me. I know of no such thing. Is this the long documented MQA shoot the messenger of free speech and opinion on public forums lame attempt in responding to the very detailed technical measurements from more than one source, that have fully debunked MQAs's supposed technical prowess, is that what you are referring to? If not then what? Were those technical findings presented both there and elsewhere ever officially responded to in any meaningful way, have you or anyone else ever provided any credible rebuttal at all? No. Less of something perhaps, but engaging in sport, no. You've once again tried to skip right past previously detailed indisputable BS vis-à-vis MQA as detailed and appearing in publication, in a vain attempt at painting some sort of "political dispute" as the crux of the matter. Big fail.
  6. As I understand it, it's done via any web browser accessing my.innuos.com. While I have no direct experience using that app, it appears in screenshots and description to be pretty polished, so perhaps that's the easy answer, just as my sister found with her Mu-so Qb and JRemote.
  7. Thanks so much for that reassurance Andrew, I'm quite relieved, as 2L has SO much great music I want to buy. Should we draw the inference that MQA is also in super great shape then, is that the point you are really trying to make? I like the NY Times, and always have despite a clearly liberal slant, but I see no parallel there with either 2L, nor MQA, sorry. Referencing Trump in negative fashion will not earn you the allies you seem to think it will, just ask CNN. Please refrain from politically charged commentary, as that always goes no where fast.
  8. What happens if you initiate playback from a browser using my.innuos.com to access the InnuOS app? If you see the correct file sizes and playtimes on the server that suggests nothing at all wrong with the rips themselves, but some sort of UPnP playback issue between the Innuos server and the Naim streamer/endpoint. I'm curious how the InnuOS app allows playback as opposed to the Naim app. I only have very limited experience with the Naim app, my sister has a Mu-so Qb, and she ended up liking the JRemote app better than the Naim app used as control point, though obviously that's with a JRiver server, but she thought JRemote more stable less quirky than the Naim app for playback. This is almost certainly a playback issue and thus rather off-topic for the ripping thread, perhaps there is an existing Naim streamer specific playback thread that already has these answers?
  9. No one would have any reason to doubt that, in stark contrast to the claims of any representative of LH/LH Labs/Light Harmonic, including Jarek. Exactly, this has been requested of Jarek previously, however he keeps going back to that same well, in a pathetic attempt at ignoring or deflecting the real problem, and pointing a finger in trying to deflect from his own role in perpetuating that problem. Classic "I am the martyr" portrayal. Absolutely, and clearly IGG also bears much blame in enabling this debacle. They too should be held accountable, the Californian AG should consider things in that exact context.
  10. Re-specify the path to sacd_extract using the Browse button the Program field (overwrite what is currently in that field). Also ensure that you've made sacd_extract a Unix executable, which is required for both the Linux and macOS versions of the package.
  11. I'd invite you to better explain it then, except that if you could, you'd have likely done that already. I'll refrain from anything further here, except to say the geo-blocking you refer to is directly related to licensing and copyright issues, as imposed by the record labels as I stated originally. Unless all of the classical labels' content available on Primephonic is not subject to licensing and copyright restrictions, then it stands to reason the deal they have with the labels differs in more ways than one, including region restriction or lack thereof.
  12. They have a different model entirely, one that might have succeeded in getting rid of region restrictions, at least with certain record labels.
  13. You can blame the record labels for these region restrictions, it is they who impose them.
  14. Catalogs and sales flyers have been mailed literally since the time of Ben Franklin, and mailed large scale since Montgomery Ward (1872) and Sears (1888). Reputable entities do not make their email lists available ever, nor do reputable marketers wish to use email for prospecting unless it can be proven and certified that the list has undergone an opt-in procedure for 3rd party offers. Otherwise both the list owner and mailer would be in violation of the law. Me too, and what I'm not interested in goes right in the recycle bin, again, no big deal. Absolutely, and that makes perfect sense when you consider many companies' single most valuable asset is their customer list. They would never in a million years allow it's use by disreputable parties, or for offers they haven't approved. They would only actually sell the list (as opposed to rent it for a single use mailing) in the event they were closing their doors, at that point the list is typically sold to a competitor. EDIT: I stand corrected, using @kumakuma's link I searched for a Stereophile email list and it does in fact exist. This means they have opted-in a portion of the readership to receive 3rd party communication. I am surprised by that, I wonder what incentive they provided to entice that.
  15. ... and have been doing so for decades, however many folks jump to the erroneous conclusion that their email address is being rented. It is not, that would violate the CAN-SPAM act of 2003. The lists available for rental are for postal address marketing, for example the Stereophile list is probably rented by the likes of MusicDirect or Acoustic Sounds a couple of times per year, to send qualified high affinity prospects a catalog via the USPS. No big deal. For them to legally rent your email address, you'd have needed to formally opt-in to that, and since no one would, they don't even try.
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