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  1. You should have clicked yes initially to unzip the ISO2DSD folder, I don't think you did that. None of the above should be happening. It appears to me you should start over with ISO2DSD, be sure you have unzipped whatever your system decided to zip (i.e. the actual ISO2DSD program folder download). Once the ISO2DSD program folder has been unzipped once and for all, there should be no further prompting or discussion from the OS about archiving and the like. Short answer : unzip ISO2DSD, then launch the GUI by clicking the .jar file.
  2. The ISO2DSD program does not allow you to specify an output directory, the rips will always be placed in the ISO2DSD program folder itself and you can't change that behavior. If you use SACDExtractGUI instead, you can specify your output directory.
  3. It was posted here previously, but it bears repeating as it's just as true and relevant today as it ever was. Though the MQA performance claims are dubious/specious at best, this blog post illustrates the crux of the matter.
  4. Use the Download button on the upper right hand corner of the DropBox UI. That should yield the entire AutoScript folder, and not just its contents. Alternatively, if your browser/OS settings combination insist on discarding that outer/enclosing folder called AutoScript on download, just make a folder called AutoScript and put the 3 items you listed inside that folder.
  5. The Port # is always 2002, that's hardcoded into the sacd_extract.exe and never changes. If the Oppo has that IP address you should be good on that end, and the WiFi access point should work just fine so long as it is on the same subnet as the computer is. I suggest you dump the AutoScript you currently have, and reinstall using this one. I say that both because we don't know where you got the one you have now and it could be a custom script intended for use with Telnet only, or it could be that you broke the script by clicking into that .TSS file. Leave it
  6. You mean bullshit marketing, because there is nothing behind the curtain.
  7. It is of course impossible, just like it is not possible for MQA to correct for any/all deficiencies in every ADC ever designed/produced. Moreover, their little word game with M4A shows complete ignorance as well, M4A is a container format, and can used with a lossless compression codec such as Apple Lossless, not just AAC.
  8. Yes and that always the case, most of these companies have engineers that know what's what. This was always a case of ticking off "features" for marketing purposes, and ultimately, shifting boxes in the name of $$$, not superior digital audio performance or value to the consumer, quite the opposite actually.
  9. Lots of SACDs have both stereo, and multichannel tracks. You can elect to rip either or both of them. I don't rule out that there may be some SACDs out there that contain multichannel only (as with various DVD-Audio disc titles), however if they exist, I don't own any/have never seen one. There are, however, many SACD titles that are stereo only.
  10. That would be no small task, given the Sony model conversation started in early 2018 and has not only been tolerated but encouraged ever since. It would be much easier to change the thread topic name to include the Sony brand if not others, or remove specific brand references and just say "using a Blu-ray player" in the thread topic name. My 2 cents, the thread has not been dedicated to just 2 compatible Oppo and 3 compatible Pioneer models for a very long time now. Take a look at the current compatibility list, it's grown substantially, and not only with th
  11. This should not happen after a proper power cycle, the tray should eject, you place a disc in it, then it will retract. Sounds like you are in business then. No easy answer there, it depends, as the pop noise (or lack thereof) is due to the complex interaction of your playback software/settings, and the DAC's firmware. You might have to try it both ways, play back the results, and see in your particular setup whether or not Padding-less DSF is a benefit.
  12. Shouldn't matter, however that model is new enough to the compatibility list that we wouldn't know for sure that all firmware versions are compatible, there are too few data points at this juncture, but there is no reason to think it would not work. Let's try to add a data point with your machine. You will need program called SACDExtractGUI on the Mac mini, and it requires you to first install Java. It is possible you will already have Java, look for a Java icon in your System Preferences utility. Additionally, the steps for installing SACDExtractGUI will diff
  13. Please try this revised script for the S6500. Be sure you have the outer/enclosing folder called AutoScript at the root of the flash drive. The revised steps are as follows: 1) Ensure the S6500 has Quick Start mode enabled in the settings menu. 2) Insert flash drive into an already sleeping (OFF) player. 3) Disc tray will auto-open, place a disc in tray, and allow it to auto-close. 4) Observe green power status LED, when it goes dark, player is sleeping. 5) Run the rip in the GUI. This script won't auto-eject t
  14. There is more than one LH thread on Head-fi, this one is for the Wave where the admins recently announced Jarek would no longer be posting there despite still being employed by LH. Vi DAC Pulse
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