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  1. So MQA = Master Quality Approximated then.
  2. That would likely be much easier if TAS and Stereophile published retractions, admitting that numerous previous statements made about MQA's supposed technical efficacy were false or misleading at best, now fully debunked, and were never anything more than a parroting of MQA's own marketing-speak. Some semblance of respect for these proud old publications could be salvaged in that scenario, reputation rehabilitation is not impossible, but it starts with honestly admitting mistakes.
  3. I don't know exactly what is going on there except to say this: Post #4426 contains the download links for mindset's SACDExtractGUI, which is and has been the state-of-the-art ripping tool since fall 2018. While the venerable ISO2DSD has served us quite well, it is neither as fast nor as capable as SACDExtractGUI is. One of the additional features is the ability to name your output directory, so you don't have to worry about the ISO or DSF tracks being written to an already full HDD, you can write them anywhere you want including directly to the NAS for instance. I'm surprised you got ISO2DSD to work at all after moving the .jar file, the instructions specifically say to leave all of the downloaded folder's contents together, you can't separate it: Requirements: The sacd_extract file, version.txt, and the iso2dsd_gui.jar file need to be in the same folder, Java needs to be installed, 64 bit OS
  4. Not sure how much this adds to the conversation, but I can stream Qobuz with zero issues using either Mconnect, or BubbleUPnP, to either a Sonore microRendu, or Raspberry Pi running Moode's UPnP Renderer. In the case of Mconnect, that can be either the Android or iOS version of that app, same result (BubbleUPnP is Android only). There does not appear from an end-user standpoint to be any difference at all in using those two apps streaming Qobuz to those two Renderers, why a Technics Renderer would be significantly different is anyone's guess then. I do have BubbleUPnP Server running in the background 24/7 on a Mac mini, but it is not set-up to create any Open Home Renderers to the best of my recollection.
  5. Yes that's true, and that ugly doxing incident you were involved in is a prime example. Some introspection on your part is in order there, no? Or are you personally asking others to submit their repentance, and if so, should it be directed to you, Chris Connaker, or both? Fake news, and I do detect narcissism, no one here has stereotyped you at all. In fact other than responses to your occasional thread check-ins crying foul on the civility front, you are never really mentioned in any way. No one has stereotyped you, however your behavior here and on other fora has more than earned your actual reputation, in that sense no one need stereotype you. Perhaps, but that would be in the eye of the beholder, who will better moderate it... you? It will be called derailing, because it is, and I join the OP in calling you out on it. "Manage the damage" eh? Dare I request you elaborate, exactly what damage is being managed, and by whom? Cryptic one-liners aren't clever, tell us who should be managing what exact damage.
  6. Have I (once again) missed a recent spate of incivility in this thread? Yes, I did.
  7. That great, but for most of us the real progress had been made long ago when the facts presented here completely debunked MQA, and those facts were never rebutted in any substantive way at all. TAS et al are guilty in that respect, attempting to change the narrative repeatedly to one of supposed rampant forum incivility, in lieu of any substance on those inconvenient truths about MQA. TAS, and Stereophile, at one time were both highly respected publications despite always having been thinly veiled advertorials. I paid for and read both magazines for decades, as they were enjoyable even if they needed to be taken with a grain of salt. Now all those years of earned respect and goodwill have largely been pissed away vis-à-vis your indefensible position on the topic of MQA, and that harm has real substance. Only time will tell if NextScreen's new President can undo any of that. I know where my wager is.
  8. Very well stated, those are simply the facts, despite the efforts of others attempting to discredit this thread and indeed the entire forum as "uncivil". ARQuint was not the worst offender, but that honor may very well fall on NextScreen's new President, who consistently deflected the conversation in different meaningless directions and regurgitated MQA marketing-speak in a futile attempt to dodge those facts. Poor show, but apparently it didn't harm his effort to land a new job.
  9. Linn Kazoo is also broken for me in terms of Qobuz connectivity, even the macOS desktop version no longer works. Mconnect is great, yes it is at least as good as Kazoo in the paid (Mconnect HD) version, and yes it will stream both Qobuz and local UPnP server based tracks at 24/192, or even in the case of local server playback, DSD tracks as well. On the Android OS I still give the nod to BubbleUPnP, but for iOS devices Mconnect is the ticket in my opinion.
  10. I had a nearly identical exchange with Jarek right around that very same time. I never felt at any point that it was a sincere offer made in good faith, and when I asked upfront if that's what it was Jarek carefully avoided that entire question (repeatedly) and instead tried to get me to provide him with my personal contact details, ostensibly so that he could look up and confirm my refund amount. I told Jarek what the exact refund amount was, and that we'd have all the time in the world to iron out and confirm my IGG contribution details, and exactly how to remit that refund to me, but first we'd need to come to a basic agreement/understanding that this process would be conducted in good faith and with a refund final resolution as the upfront stated goal, agreed to by both parties. Somehow agreeing upfront to that simple notion wasn't possible. It was never clear to me whether or not Jarek was at that point freelancing, or if Larry Ho was truly aware of the conversation and offer of a refund. My guess was that Larry knew nothing of it, but instead of guessing I asked Jarek to add Larry to the PM string so that we could all be on the same page. Jarek then vanished on the entire topic, at which point I concluded the whole thing was merely an attempt by him to learn my personal identity, for whatever reason.
  11. That they do, and no one person can decide for all the exact value on offer for any given product. Pride in ownership also plays a factor there, just as with cars, bicycles, watches, cameras, pens etc... Most people on forums like this would be similar, how much any perceived SQ difference is worth in terms of cost is a highly subjective and personal thing, and no one does any real involved blind or ABX testing prior to making purchase decisions. Now back to our regularly scheduled Master Quality Adulterated programming.
  12. I bet the math isn't complicated or in need of deblurring.
  13. In either ISO2DSD, or SACDExtractGUI, you switch the input from Server to File, then browse to find your already created ISO, select it, then extract the DSF from it.
  14. Yes, turns out not selling off a 10x series OPPO when upgrading was a wise choice for many. Congrats on that! You have the commonly used settings, though just as many people prefer to create an archival ISO which is a full copy of the entire disc (minus any Redbook material), then extract DSF from the ISO for playback purposes while retaining the ISO as a back-up. Your next step should you wish to rip state-of-the-art in terms of speed and function would be mindset's SACDExtractGUI, it is better than the venerable ISO2DSD in several ways, including one that can be audible, and that's the potential with some DAC/software combos to produce a click noise in between tracks depending on how the ripped disc was authored. This mars gapless playback in particular. SACDExtractGUI has a setting for Padding-less DSF, which minimizes the potential for that issue, as well as it's just faster in terms of rip speed and offers a few other useful functions such as choice of output directory, and Concurrent Mode where one pass of the optical media produces both the ISO and DSF, and they can even be written to 2 different directories simultaneously.
  15. No there isn't, there is only a choice of ISO, DSF, or DFF file formats, but there is nothing at all in the rip stage settings that governs DSD playback. "Native DSD" is a term that gets tossed around by various manufacturers in confusing or erroneous fashion. DoP is in fact native DSD playback according to many, it's the same bits packaged in PCM-like frames, but it is still DSD. Originally the term native DSD simply meant no hardware-based PCM conversion. It morphed at some point a good many years later to (sort of) differentiate between the need for DoP or not. The question for any DAC is whether or not it can decode DSD straight-up, or can only recognize it when packaged as DoP. It's a bit of a marketing ploy for a manufacturer to claim the only "native DSD" playback is one that does not involve DoP. DoP may in fact sound a touch different due to the increased processing demands it entails, but it's still native DSD. The confusion typically arises when a manufacturer states only "native DSD" compatibility but buries somewhere in their specs that it is indeed via DoP. The end user skips over that detail thinking "native DSD" does not mean DoP. I don't have any idea why a downloaded DSF track would behave any differently on playback than a ripped DSF track does, they should be the same if the rest of the system (playback software and DAC) are the same. You said you played it in Audirvana, but did you have a DAC connected at that point and if so is it the same DAC that now produces static? This is where we go off-topic considering there are no rip settings that govern DoP or any other relevant playback parameter.
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