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  1. After successfully updating Apple Music on a Lenovo Tab M8 last night, it still played all tracks at 48kHz as described above. When I then tried to update a Galaxy S7, the update wasn't shown as available, even though the Play Store says the app updated on July 22nd and my device is compatible with it. That said, I just checked again this morning and that update is now available on the S7, I just applied it, and will test with an external DAC later today or tonight.
  2. An interesting question given the BDP-S6500 and S6700 have a similar SoC (MT8580) and same kernel version, and are largely compatible. There seems to have been a silent hardware revision, firmware revision, or some other change in the kernel version that blocked the AutoScript exploit during the S6700 model production run, early examples are compatible and later ones are not. So somewhere in 2017 or so is where compatibility seems to end as far as current testing goes, the script is simply refused on newer examples of the S6700, the disc tray never opens. I
  3. It takes longer. Your question is far too vague, the length of time it takes to rip any given SACD has to do with it's total play time duration (just like with a CD), and whether or not you are ripping both a stereo and multichannel layer, or just one of those two, and if you are decompressing the DST or not. There is also a slight difference possible depending on your network speed, WiFi is a little slower than Ethernet with these Blu-ray players.
  4. Absolutely, and I for one never bought any music from Apple, only from HDtracks, ProStudioMasters, etc... and sadly, SuperHiRez and Pono too (RIP).
  5. In the U.S. it's music.apple.com, but I don't know if that is available in other regions or not.
  6. Ahhh, I misunderstood, I was testing the cloud subscription files and with those BitPerfect does not change the sample rate.
  7. Interesting, I will have to test again when I get home. In my initial test, the sample rate indicator on my DAC did not change despite the fact I was playing tracks from albums with different sample rates. I also noticed in clicking the Toolbar icon for BitPerfect that it did not display anything where it would normally indicate what sample rate was being played, almost as if it didn't actually think anything was playing at all.
  8. Same here, though in "working" it is only just enabled, and while you do then need to select an external DAC for output in BitPerfect's Settings (otherwise the sound comes from the Mac's internal speaker), that's where the compatibility seems to end. Unlike with iTunes, BitPerfect cannot override the Audio MIDI Setting for sample rate as it does with iTunes. I sent Richard Murison a note hoping he might be willing/able to push an update that would restore this feature of BitPerfect for use with Apple Music.
  9. So far only in Australia, and when tested the mid-tier was still serving up MQA in many cases, most likely WMG releases if I had to guess, but I don't live in Australia and so only took a passing interest in the topic. Could very well be a sign of TIDAL's new owners at least seeking data on just how many of their subscribers would not want to pay extra for "Masters", in which case they'd probably bolt the MQA license deal at the earliest juncture if that data supports it.
  10. I think it's just desperation. When it takes 35 days for "Bob Talks" to conjure up such a bullshit non-response to GoldenSound's original video, followed by that absolutely pathetic piece in Stereophile, and I think those are signs of the gig being up, and everyone knows it.
  11. I bet that's right, though I'd also be curious then if King Crimson is available in "Masters" on TIDAL or not. If it is, and UMG had not obtained proper authorization from the artist, Fripp could potentially be another Neil Young in waiting.
  12. I will certainly wear it proudly, and I'm only too happy to have nothing more to do with Radio Paradise. I have many different ways of playing music, I don't actually need RP for anything. It was a fun year or so since they started their FLAC stream with meta data, I didn't really listen to it much at all prior to that, and now it's over. Good riddance!
  13. Due to my anti-MQA stance, the folks at Radio Paradise have applied discouragement to my account, I can no longer stream Radio Paradise using my primary IP address. However, if I change the IP address I'm using, presto, Radio Paradise streams just fine. Such a brilliant maneuver by these formerly great folks, who have now chosen to take a check from BLUESOUND and thus MQA, and completely sell out. Their web page is now a pack of lies, "100% listener supported" my ass. Though they claim that MQA will only infect their streams on BLUESOUND devices, I don't believe that f
  14. Where, on ASR? Thats the context.
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