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  1. Long ago deleted, if it wasn't Jarek it was someone with the same exact name/spelling. Since I have no idea what our Jarek looks like, I'm not sure it was him, but I believe it was. But you named him as having moved on, which one is it? I said I received more than one PM, because I did, however any further details of what was said would certainly not be something you or a public forum would ever be privy to, thats why they call them "private messages". Wrong. Dur, whats a PM?
  2. What group would that be, maybe the "we don't like a-holes" group? Says it all about you, perfectly comfortable and proud of aiding and abetting a known fraudster. Thats not what Gavin has said to me in more than one PM. Further, you'd have no idea who has moved on and who hasn't. Most of us moved on a very long time ago after realizing that IGG's crooked terms of service covered this kind of scheme. I knew 5 years ago we'd never receive anything unless the authorities in CA acted on our behalf, which they did not. Jarek the lawyer, what next, post
  3. Bye bye MQA phone: https://www.theverge.com/2021/4/4/22346084/lg-exits-smartphone-business
  4. This earlier post suggests a successful firmware downgrade on the S790 to the earliest version still did not enable SACD-R playback. The above was according to one report on the Malcom Stagg site. Based on that, I agree with your stance that the best way to go abut this would be to acquire an S390 or S590.
  5. An SACD-R compatibility list was assembled by mrwicked some years ago, but it's not exhaustive. Unclear if the S790 was ever tested, it neither appears on the working or not working section of the list, so it appears that it wasn't. I have an S790 that I could test, but I do not have any SACD-Rs nor do I know how to create one. What do I need to do on macOS, simply burn an ISO to a DVD-R blank? Media is DVD+R, DVD-R, or either one is OK?
  6. +1 on the Fing app, I use the Android version for quick IP checks.
  7. That you can't do with ISO2DSD. Everything has to be in the same folder, don't make subfolders, just choose one folder name (I use ISO2DSD as the name for that folder) and put everything in that very same folder. The Sonore setup instructions do hint at this: SETUP Create a new folder called iso2dsd Download iso2dsd_gui.jar.zip and unzip its content into the iso2dsd folder Download sacd_extract for the operating system you use and unzip its content into the iso2dsd folder That should work, and if it doesn't I'm really not sure what is goin
  8. You likely did not need any flash drive reformatting, so I'd at least have a minor concern there. Oppo players will work with a flash drive formatted FAT32, NTFS, or exFAT, so long as the partition scheme is MBR.
  9. That all looks good, and the -99 version of sacd_extract has been tested as working with Big Sur, even on the newest M1-based Macs, so I do not know what the issue is except to say if you haven't already done so, a hard power cycle (with flash drive removed) reboot of the player may resolve it.
  10. That executable resides inside of the ISO2DSD folder and not elsewhere? Separate of that, are you using the exact same AutoScript USB flash drive as previously, or is this somehow a different flash drive or AutoScript version now in use with the 105?
  11. Can you post a screenshot of your ISO2DSD folder? Alternatively, does the sacd_extract file in that folder identify as a TextEdit file, or a Unix executable?
  12. Where does the blurb you quoted come from?
  13. Definitely thats what I am concerned will happen, seems likely, and when it does, I'll delete their streams entirely which is really too bad. I've always really liked RP, but once they are aiding and abetting this rip-off scheme, then I bid them adieu.
  14. It does suck, and I'd like to understand it better. Does this mean non-BluOS users will be hearing MQA encoded tracks on Radio Paradise at something akin to 14-bit quality, due to their hardware not being Bluesound brand? In other words, is Radio Paradise going to be replacing the standard Redbook tracks they would have typically streamed in the past with MQA encoded versions, or will there perhaps be a fully separate stream that is a different URL, for the MQA crap and BluOS users?
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