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  1. Just as @Samuel T Cogley's point was he'd love to see your list, and my point was that it doesn't exist.
  2. Exactly, I've followed this thread and seem to have completely missed this supposed name calling. Either that or it doesn't exist.
  3. +1 on that, I can't imagine any other valid summation.
  4. I know you are not going to even consider the possibility that the above opinion is flawed, but it is.
  5. I like that post quite a bit, both now, and in the past when other MQA shills were banned.
  6. Thats not clear at all, not to me anyway. You on the other hand? Mmm...yes, all evidence points squarely in that direction.
  7. That's right, and John Doe's violin will sound different in different venues (acoustic spaces and/or when recorded using different mics/mic preamps etc...)
  8. Not according to the McGill study, nor even your fantasy assemblage of recording engineers at the behest of David Chesky (through the use of his super-connected status).
  9. Ya think? Isn't the whole point of streaming files as opposed to local playback negated when hi-rez files are then saved to the phone? If I were going to save hi-rez files to the phone, they would be actual hi-rez files and not Master Quality Adulterated/Approximated lossy crap. You know, the kind of actual hi-rez files that I already own, and that playback at full resolution through my existing mobile DACs including the Oppo HA-2, and the Resonessence Labs Herus, as opposed to some sort of fake hi-rez BS that requires all new hardware and proprietary licensed decoded crypto DRM nonsense? Ever heard of a 512GB microSDXC card? Plenty of Android devices can make use of them, including both my phone and tablet.
  10. Don't flatter yourself, no one actually cares. You do not have any right to demand someone publicly identify themself to you, and to what end? So that you can then be the arbiter of how much they know, or what their credentials suggest to you as the value of their posts on this forum. Should he also submit his high school and college transcripts to you for review/vetting?
  11. So first it was simply lossless, as evidenced by a corporate logo having been created to that effect, and various journalists being fed that line of BS, but now it is just audibly lossless? So we play the same subjective analysis confidence game, and that will suffice? No actual response to the published measurements showing MQA is lossy, instead a group of fantasy land engineers are ushered into a David Chesky demo by way of his super-connected status, in which everyone concluded MQA is audibly lossless, and a good time was had by all? Those same engineers rejected the measurements, and decided the David Chesky demo was so convincing that they were totally on-board with MQA moving forward, is that what your off the record conversation consisted of?
  12. Wait, where's my check? You mean the consumers are also stakeholders in Lee's new ecosystem?
  13. So Norman didn't like their cut of the MQA spoils? Hmm, how to reconfigure the ecosystem to better the Chesky's share of the MQA spoils? So far the 1/1000 of a penny per streamed track that the labels have offered isn't appealing? Your counter offer is 1/100 of a penny per streamed track? The labels may actually go for that, though they don't have the approval of the content creators, but they'll work that out on the back end with fancy accounting (or lack thereof). Apple Music and Spotify are on the edge of their seats!
  14. Evidently he didn't like their cut of the spoils vis-à-vis MQA? Might that be another example of Lee's new ecosystem and the supposed fairness/equity to all stakeholders in it being just a pipe dream?
  15. Or vomit. It's an oxymoron, MQA does not conform to the Redbook specification, and it doesn't offer 16-bit resolution when played with a normal CD player (the kind that's been sold for 35 years now).
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