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  1. That all looks normal, suggesting the flash drive has a hidden primary partition, or is not using MBR as the partition scheme. I would recommend trying a different flash drive for the AutoScript.
  2. Exactly, let's have a look at the folder structure and contents of the USB flash drive, and also a screenshot of the settings in SACDExtractGUI.
  3. So have I, they work very well, and have rid me of that bright LED annoyance.
  4. For a bit more scratch than the typical used piece, you can still find the S6700 new-in-box at Best Buy, Target, Crutchfield, and B&H. I picked up an open-box special for $65. Welcome back BTW - it's nice to hear from all of the old gang!
  5. Everything looks good on the USB flash drive, can you post a screenshot of the GUI settings?
  6. You can find a known working AutoScript version for the Pioneer BDP-80FD here. Be sure to retain the enclosing folder called AutoScript:
  7. I have ISO+DSF running on the macOS compile, no strange behavior there I can see.
  8. One good reason to use NTFS formatting with AutoRip, it eliminates the potential for that problem. OPPO players can also use exFAT formatting in similar fashion. Can you pst a screenshot of the GUI settings? While I think the above posts have likely identified the issue you are having with AutoRip, there is no good reason why you shouldn't be able to get the server method working too.
  9. Or converted to tiny amounts of heat as with constrained layer damping.
  10. Not WBT-0800, though I understand that as a manufacturer, you are essentially relegated to using lead-free solder. Everyone else can have a very easy time of it using WBT-0800, fantastic flux formulation, it is beyond easy to work with, though not eco-friendly if the device is ever relegated to a landfill where the lead can eventually leach into ground water.
  11. Well said, it should be noted however, there are two different kinds of WBT solder, one is lead-free, the other is not. They have different melting points and ease of use, of course the one that contains lead (WBT-0800) is a lot better/easier to work with than the lead-free version (WBT-0805). While my preference is for WBT-0800, I also find Cardas Quad Eutectic to be a suitable alternative at a lower cost. It doesn't flow quite as nicely as the WBT-0800, probably due to the flux formulation, but one can always add a bit of additional flux to the solder point to grease those skids. +1 on the Hakko solder station, very good quality for the price point, a high-end hobbyist/semi-pro level station for sure. Apologies for the slight off-topic meander.
  12. Very likely this is an issue of special characters in the authoring of the metadata: Camille Saint-Saëns. You can try to rip the same disc using the GUI, it contains a newer version of sacd_extract that will probably get around that issue. This does not mean you are abandoning AutoRip, the two methods are not mutually exclusive, you can use both (I do). Prepare another USB flash drive with the appropriate AutoScript for your player, download/install and configure the GUI, and try to rip that same disc over the network.
  13. It's just as I said, the question here was about using the GUI, you only need the AutoScript folder on the thumb drive when using the GUI.
  14. I too am glad he got it working, but in the interest of complete clarity, he did not need both folders. The other folder is necessary only when using the CLI to execute the rips. This instance was a question about using the ISO2DSD GUI to execute the rips, in that scenario, the other folder is completely unneeded, only the AutoScript folder is necessary on the thumb drive when using the GUI.
  15. The key part is to keep the outer enclosing folder called AutoScript to house the other 3 files as you have illustrated. For some reason many people get rid of that outer enclosing folder and just put it's contents on the thumb drive and that won't work. I'd argue the part about using Terminal and sacd_extract will only confuse here, he is trying this with the ISO2DSD GUI, so use of Terminal is unnecessary in that scenario.
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