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  1. You should contact him and ask him, but I don't see any reason why he or anyone else would bother, not when the folks at MQA have refused to discuss the findings of all previous testing both on an objective basis and subjective listening (McGill study) that fully debunked this garbage rip-off "technology". What kind of test were you hoping to see and why?
  2. It is possible, though no one will ever know the real numbers involved, and the blame for that lies with the audio press for their relentless and reckless promotion of all things Master Quality Adulterated. It's also possible that those very same manufacturers are not innovators, and are merely looking for the easy way out with regard to shifting boxes, so they play the game of "tick the feature list".
  3. I know both exactly what he wrote and to what audience it is directed, that being the TAS readership/paid subscribers. I never said he made a "waxing endorsement of MQA", however I did more than suggest and stand by the assertion that it's a swipe, and that this is a pattern that has been repeated ad nauseam in the audio press, that being any digital product lacking MQA capability gets dinged one star. I accept that as your opinion, and perhaps that of other's too, but it ain't the gospel, it's your opinion. I have my own opinion. ? I'm pretty
  4. @ARQuintWith regard to your otherwise competent review of the Odeon Absolute DAC: Negatives or compromises, if you will? No MQA, if you happen to be a fan. Really? This is a broken effing record from the main stream audio press, the obligatory swipe at any digital piece not bowing to the throne of BS, isn't it? Shameful, at this late stage, and after all the BS claims have been long ago fully debunked, and even lame-ass supposed subjective listening preference also highly questionable in the context of the McGill study, how is it possible TAS thinks any/all
  5. No definitely not, until such time as Tidal no longer pushes MQA at all, they should be shunned.
  6. With all due respect, this not a court of law in which the OP or anyone else owes us proof of something, otherwise it is assumed to be false or a "story". Take what he says at face value, or not, but accusing people of telling stories quickly moves in the direction of demands for "proof or it didn't happen". He owes you no such burden of proof.
  7. "You can barely see that scratch, it is perceptually lossless".
  8. That would certainly appear to be the case, as only a very limited set of Linux kernel versions and MediaTek SoC combinations have ever been found to be compatible, and they are old. While nowhere near as limited as the initial single PS3 model and firmware version found compatible in 2011, the pool of Blu-ray players compatible with ripping SACD is not very likely to grow substantially from here forward. Not impossible, but not very likely either.
  9. The list has been updated repeatedly over the years and is current, all player models tested as compatible are listed. They are generally not available as new-in-box, because they've been discontinued. 2016 or sometime during 2017 was the last time any of these units were still in production, other than maybe the Sony S6700, however that one is known to be hit or miss due to at some point during the model run a silent hardware revision or some other change was made rendering it incompatible. So the S6700 is not recommended, because late in the production run units don't work, on
  10. I see a new tact taken by iFi, or at least by reviewer Greg Weaver aka The Audio Analyst in a YouTube piece he did on the iDSD Pro from January 3rd. In a 20+ minute review (for the life of me I have no idea why this is a video review), he makes exactly zero mentions of MQA anything. None, zilch, unless I somehow became momentarily distracted right at some critical moment where the MQA mention occurs. What's interesting and different is that the focus is on iFi's Gibbs Transient Optimized (GTO) filter, which was not only shown on this very forum to be a total piece of cr
  11. I was thinking the same thing, why would Warner Music Group be able to remaster his work without his permission, yet he can then just remove that from TIDAL? Seems strange.
  12. I could have said that better/been more clear, I really meant after a hard power cycle intended to clear the decks.
  13. It's not that you can't boot the machine with the flash drive already inserted, just that it isn't necessary to do so, and after a problem occurs such as the one posted above, it is best to let the the unit go through it's initial boot sequence first before running the AutoScript, as the whole point of the hard power cycle is to start fresh.
  14. I absolutely LOVE that a famous artist has taken this public stance, and I hope he can encourage more artists to do the same. The problem is not all of the artists actually own their masters or have complete control over what happens, due to their representation having allowed them to sign bad contracts with the labels originally.
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