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  1. I had this issue with my DirectStream, first dropout was after 10 minutes, next at 24 hours, at that point I repowered the EtherREGEN and it’s been fine going on a week now.
  2. I listened until 1:00 AM, everything sounds new and better 🤙
  3. Got my ship notice 😀, thanks Alex, didn’t realize I was that high up on the first batch.
  4. No, reinstall of MPD didn’t finish (shows Unknown) so it’s not seeing Lumin and Spotify still plays at low volume, ie, results were same as last try.
  5. Reinstall apparently stalled, Anyway I tried a Save and eventually got,
  6. So another SD card will restore correct ?
  7. I’ve made no network changes, have no network issues with multiple devices, only with microRendu since 2.6 and now twice.
  8. No change. Here’s where the update stopped,
  9. Update started/excuted normally for 2-3 minutes, then stopped for 5, finally microRendu screen reappeared, ie update didn’t finish. Roon plays, Spotify now plays but at half volume, and MPD says ‘Unknown’ , Lumin and MConnectHD no longer see microRendu. the first install of 2.6 couple months ago also stopped midway so bought new SD card, no install issues before 2.6, grrrrr.
  10. For me just the opposite, no longer connects since 2.6.
  11. Got 2.6 working with new card except Spotify doesn’t show in Spotify app.
  12. Yes I’v done it many times w/o problems. Two hrs later hasn’t advanced.
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