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  1. Is this capable of running NAA? To be clear, I note that the product is not offered with NAA, I am simply curious if the device is intrinsically capable of running NAA, should the manufacturer choose to implement. https://en.wattson.audio/emerson https://en.wattson.audio/
  2. I have always been fond of Motorhead's Overkill, both the track and the album. When asked if Motorhead are a Heavy Metal band, Motorhead's Lemmy would typically reply that they play "Rock and Roll". For me, I always think of Overkill as being some kind of proto-thrash metal. (it was released in '79) You can all make your own mind up with respect to that thought. For those that worry about DR rating on recordings, I have heard the track played live. (with a later line-up) Based on the live performance I can advise that the track does not have much dynamic range,
  3. Be careful not to play it backwards Frank, otherwise you will be sucked into darkness and never post again .....
  4. So I win the prize for being useless at detecting FeralA. The kudos is overwhelming! I presume I win a FeralA decoder?🙂 Joking apart, I think there is an interesting observation here. I had started out thinking that audible hiss is a FerralA "tell". The Cure album has much hiss, but I also note that it has a very respectable DR score (DR 10 to 16, depending on track, 13 average, for the 80's CD) So now I am thinking that a more accurate FeralA "tell" would be audible hiss, combined with a low DR? Does this make sense? I shall keep hunting!
  5. Considering the question in chronological order, I shall start here..... Some of this is not really heavy metal, but for me the title track Paranoid is one of the finest metal tracks ever to be released to this very day...
  6. Some good advice in so far I think. I would agree that you want speakers that are fast and dynamic, with decent bass punch too I would say. So how are you going to find this in the specs? Virtually impossible I think. Reviews? Similarly difficult, and most reviews you will find for decent hifi kit will make no mention of Heavy Metal. To be honest, I think posting on forums like this is your best bet. Give a few pointers regarding budget, what sort of size / style speaker you might want, and get some suggestions from folk with a bit of experience. This s
  7. Yes, I get that and understand the point, its pretty much how I see things too as it happens. Apologies if I was being a bit pedantic. It does beg the question though, if you were considering the Mytec, Arcam and Lumin, would you ignore the issue picked up by HFN and go for the Lumin, assuming it had the best the feature set/UI, and other measurements were comparable? Or would the fact that Lumin alone had this issue and so was maybe not "engineered" quite so well maybe put you off a touch?
  8. I must admit it has surprised me also how little interest this thread has gained, considering some of the other crazy stuff being tried elsewhere. (no offence to anyone, I like a bit of crazy stuff myself) Do you think it might help if someone could collate a few examples of successful decodes? At the moments there are dozens of versions and examples of ABBA and Carpenters tracks, but not much else. Personally I would be interested in a small selection of tracks or short samples covering other artists and genres. OK - I could try it myself, but being perfectly hon
  9. Actually, I have searched for comparisons between the Allo options and SOtM / Sonore options and found very little, hence my earlier question here. For example, I have not been able to find any mention of someone trying an Allo product versus the sMS-200Ultra or ultraRendu and concluding the Allo product is better. If someone could point me to such a comparison i would be interested. As for my own comparisons, yes, I have tried other things. Other than the sMS-200ultra Neo, the best result I have obtained is by feeding my Mutec MC3+USB via S/PIF from a 7 year old Arcam Blueray p
  10. I agree that the measurements show a tiny difference and mentioned in my own post that they are unlikely to be audible. Although you are contradicting yourself very slightly, you state the issue does not matter and state it is not audible, then state you would rather have the Arcam or Mytek that does not suffer from the issue. It either matters or it doesn't. All of this is missing the point though. as I stated before, there is a measured difference and I am interested as to why. Pure open minded curiosity, with the thought that there is just a chance that there is so
  11. To be clear, Miska stated that he would guess that the differences (between Melco and standard switch) would go away if a standard UTP6 cable was used. So maybe this is likely, but we do not know. He also stated (accurately) that HFN doesn't tell what other equipment was connected to the switch and through what kind of cable. We can all speculate, for example, I would guess that Paul Miller knows enough about ground currents that he would not connect any other equipment to the switch using a shielded cable. But it is just a guess, so maybe not. That said, it would de
  12. Mindful that this is posted in the objective area, I think is highly appropriate that you mention that John Swenson measures what happens at the lowest levels. Why then is there such a reluctance for UpTone Audio to publish any measurements? I started this thread because I was genuinely interested that HiFi News had measured the Melco switch and found differences at the DAC. Why is this? What mechanisms are in play? I note the augments of some that what is measured is not audible, but I remain curious of what is actually happening, specifically what is causing what
  13. I note that few people here are running products like the Allo USBrigdge Sig and Digione Signature. Has anyone ever been able to compare these Allo products with anything in the Sonore Rendu series or SOtM sMS-200 range? I am intrigued by this, there seems to be a general view that products like the ultraRendu are better, but I have seen very few direct comparisons, so I am not so sure. Measurements look good with the Allo products, and you can use a decent quality power supply of your choice. (which seems to matter with all "end point" type products) Are the Sonore and SOtM i
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