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  1. If I'm honest, I'm having more than enough fun just following her on What Hi Fi.
  2. Whilst the above factors might be significant at a certain level, say when using the laptop as a source for a system, I would have thought that the lap top speakers themselves whould be the largest factor here?
  3. Agreed, it's just a cut and paste of the manufacturer's marketing fluff. Althought regarding my "source", the What Hi Fi writer is Becky Scarott, and we have seen her here before:
  4. A quick check on line reveals that this 45 rpm version is £75 in the UK. I would be a little annoyed if I spent this much cash on vinyl and recieved such a wonky pressing. I tried this versus a digital copy, and the version per this clip does sound a little cleaner and more defined I would say.
  5. Having abondened my quest to find the Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot, I have found the third unfold! (and I thought an MQA renderer would do the first unfold?) A new article from What Hi Fi: iDSD Diablo is iFi's new flagship portable DAC/headphone amp | What Hi-Fi? To quote: MQA – the hi-res streaming codec used by Tidal’s ‘Masters’ tier – is also supported through the USB and S/PDIF inputs, with full decoding of MQA files up to 384kHz thanks to the processing power of that new 16-core XMOS chip. This means that the full ‘three unfold’ deco
  6. So an open question to anyone. What would be the expected result here if I made a "needle drop" digital copy of the subject vinyl recording and played this back via the digital side of the system?
  7. I am not sure what I wrote that gave you the impression that I have a "bottleneck"? Anyway, it is more the other way around, if we are talking pure class A, yes I have tried class A amps in my system, I have tried class AB, but I have never tried pure class D. The Devialet amps are a class A class D hybrid.
  8. I know what you mean here, but I do not think they can ever "completely match". They might get close. As it happens I was running through some recordings for which I have both vinyl and digital versions. I was listening to one track, and the vinyl and digital versions sounded very similar, in terms of tonality, detail and other factors. They did not completely match though. With this track there was a clear difference in soundstage. I suspect this is resulting from the small amount of crosstalk that you get with vinyl, something that is virtually non-existent with digital. P
  9. Arguably, the reviewers might have been more careful, or less blasé you might say, if they had known from the outset that their names would be published with the paper.
  10. What do you mean by "organising"? Are you referring to routing of the cable (distancing from other cables, for example), or maybe something like mains cable lifters? I am struggling to envisage what you are up to here. Note that I get the idea of using a long cable, a bit like an easy experimental version of having a dedicated mains feed for your audio kit, but I am struggling to understand what you are doing to the cable to avoid static issues.
  11. Confused

    HQ Player

    What is considered the advantage of a 3PC system? If you have a high powered PC to run HQPlayer upsampling, why not simply run Roon on this machine as well? In a 2PC scenario you are still separating the "noisy" high powered machine from the endpoint. This is a genuine question by the way, I am interested in what the thinking is here.
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