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  1. Here is a YouTube clip of the Edifier S3000. This is quite good fun as it compares the DSP modes. Have a listen and see (hear) what you think. Based on what I am hearing in the clip, I suspect that if I had a pair of Edifiers I would most likely leave them in "Monitor Mode". In terms of the topic of this thread, I suspect that for my ears the "Dynamic mode" would be the one most likely to induce "digititus". I could see myself using the "Dynamic Mode" (or maybe one of the others) if presented with an inherently dull recording though.
  2. The system looks superb I have to say. I feel relaxed and ready to listen to something just from looking at the photographs! I notice that you are using a Puritan Audio PSM156 "mains purifier", as they call it. By coincidence, I have just been reading some very positive reports of this item on another forum. Clearly any sound quality influences of such a device are going to be highly system and mains quality dependent, but I was wondering if you had any comments or observations to make on the product? Personally I think it looks like a very nicely engineer
  3. An interesting comparison. I definitely preferred the JCF to the Apollo, although to me the difference is not quite as stark as you seem to have observed.
  4. Further to my post on the previous page, I revisited the stereo / mono comparison yesterday. As I mentioned, I had a few ideas of things to experiment with. I had it in my head that the track I first noticed the effect with some time ago was either a Moby or Orbital track, so there I was yesterday trying this with lots of Moby and Orbital tracks, and although the effect was still there, it now seemed very subtle, far less pronounced than I recalled. To be honest, from yesterdays listening any difference noticed was very much in the range of what you might expect considering that there are p
  5. OK, as promised I tried this one. The result was clear, when playing a mono track, switching to mono on the amp as described before made zero audible difference, and I mean absolutely nothing, completely imperceptible.
  6. That's one of your better ones I have to say. Although you do realise that they need to be used with (dare I say it?) an EQ box? Sounded pretty good I have to say, here's the "original" for reference:
  7. Well, there are many things not to blame. So what do you suspect are the prime candidates in this case?
  8. I am delighted to say that there has been some recent Banksy action not far from where I live. This appeared last month on what used to be Reading Prison (or Reading Gaol, as it was), which is famous for having Oscar Wilde locked up for the crime of "gross indecency with men". Subsequent to this, the Banksy has been defaced by local tagging outfit "Team Robbo", oh the outrage! Then this appeared just up the road: The latest installment of this gripping saga is this poor hanging rat that has just
  9. Thanks for that, actually quite an insightful exchange over the last couple of posts. I suspect the same would be true for myself with some of the music I like listen to. Which leads me to a question. Can you describe the distortions you hear with the Focal set up?
  10. Maybe Bob can find a way to fold these big ships into smaller ships, then losslessly unfold them when they have made it through the canal?
  11. Well I did say we would disagree! 🙂 If you did as you said and applied some EQ, you could certainly make the two clips sound more similar, not exactly the same though. (Plus, they are different tracks, so they will never sound the same) Anyway, I am just stating how I subjectively hear things, I have learnt before that you seem hear things differently to me. Now here is a thought, with maybe a touch of EQ the Focals would sound the better of the two? I think they are a bit more resolved. I'm guessing you are hearing "distortions", and you thin
  12. To my ears, the Klipsch sound "closer to the recording". I am pretty sure we would disagree as to why though. To me it is a fairly simple case of the total balance being not quite right with the Focal set up. A little bright and sharp in the presence range. I have heard the Scala Utopia's in a demo, and came to a similar conclusion.
  13. Confirmation bias is a powerful thing, that is for sure.
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