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  1. Although I prefer this one ....
  2. I believe this one is popular in certain circles....
  3. @GoldenOne - Excellent review and measurements, great information and waffle free text. I have to say that I have seen some rather disappointing measurements for some other Audio GD products, so I had somewhat dismissed the DI-20-HE. So it is great to see some measurements for the product itself that show that is actually performs very nicely. As someone who currently uses a Mutec MC3+USB, I was interested to compare the Audio GD measurements with those performed by Hifi News for the MC3+USB. To be honest, I am struggling a little correlating the two. See link: http
  4. Can you have an instrumental that does not actually include any real instruments?
  5. Well, first to say that there is no British National Football team. (The UK is made up of four nations, each with their own team, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) If there was a British team, we might have done a little better in the Euros. Firstly, the English team would not have suffered the embarrassment of not being able to defeat the Scottish team. Secondly, we could have had the very British but also somewhat Welsh Gareth Bale in the squad. A very strange haircut, but at least he knows where the goal is. As for what went wrong, that is a long story, but quite a lot di
  6. @MetalNuts - As someone who was born and bred in England and who has been a lifelong supporter of our national football team, I find your recent posts to be offensive and not at all humorous. I suggest that we resolve this matter in a most appropriate and English way, a duel. Pistols at dawn! If you are not keen on actual real pistols at dawn, then as a more modern and safer alternative we could try a penalty shootout, that should resolve the matter.
  7. Tweet Tweet Tweet (Iggy’s bird music of choice)
  8. I have no idea what he is saying re capacitive discharge either, but then again, this is not an area for which I have any expertise so I cannot sensibly comment. The bit that stuck me was this: Another kind of testing that's loved by audio objectivists is the "double-blind" test, where neither the tester nor the testee knows which of two or more things is being played. Although for many other kinds of testing, it's correctly praised as "the gold standard of test procedures," double-blind testing can only work where the presence, absence, or degree of one single charact
  9. Yes, rereading your words in the OP I have to agree. Feel free to shamelessly steal the links for more appropriate posting.
  10. Probably just a recording that needs to be run through a file regenerator a few times, then it'll be fine.
  11. It is also worth checking out some of the other AI entries per the link below: https://www.aisongcontest.com/blog/ai-song-contest-music-videos
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