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  1. Yes, the shutdown was planned for the end of March, but now postponed until the end of April.
  2. A man visits the doctor advising that he has a lettuce leaf sticking out of his bottom. The doctor asks the man to drop his trousers, so he can examine closely. During the examination the man asks "How serious is this?" The doctor replies "I am very sorry to inform you that this is just the tip of the iceberg..."
  3. Slightly off the MQA topic I know, but perhaps relevant to the greater "hi-res" market situation. Does anyone know what is behind this? Maybe nothing more than an efficiency related consolidation to HDtracks.com? https://www.hiresaudio.online/hdtracks-co-uk-to-close-on-31st-march/
  4. Yes, it is creating a bit of a bit of excited anticipation in some circles, although as you mention, nobody has listened to one in the wild yet, so time will tell what the subjective opinions will be. One reason it is creating much interest is that not only it is likely to perform well in terms of sound quality for the price, but it also features built in Dirac Room correction. Not your kind of thing I presume?
  5. I get enormous pleasure from playing chess with the old bald bearded guys in the park. The only problem is that it is very hard to find 32 of them.
  6. I have to agree that potentiometers can be problematic. That said, they can work too, I have a very old (late 80's) Kenwood amp that just refuses to die. I use this as a desktop amp with a PC, it powers headphones and speakers and the volume control is smooth and crackle free to this day. It amazes me the thing is still working at all, I kind of keep using it just for the fun of it, to see just how long it can keep going. Interestingly, the bass control potentiometer does crackle and drop out, but this is easily fixed has it has a "source direct" button that defeats the tone controls. So signs of age, but it hasn't stopped yet. This got me thinking, does anything actually use potentiometers these days? As an example, I have a 20 year old Arcam Alpha 10 amp, still working. But even this relatively old piece has electronic volume control. Yes, it has a big volume knob on the front, but this is not in the signal path, and you can control the volume by remote control. Of course, older kit uses potentiometers, but are they still used by anything of reasonable quality in new production as a device actually in the signal path? Maybe they are? This is a genuine question.
  7. I offer this as a little respite from the current "tit for tat" here, and a less serious take on the "its a problem with the system, never the recording" philosophy. I was visiting a hifi show with a mate a couple of years back. There was a big Astell and Kern stand, with a row of a dozen or so digital players, connected to a range of headphones to try. Some pretty decent headphones too, I was interested in trying the new Audeze range. I tried one pair, pretty decent sound quality I thought. I then moved to a more expensive pair, and the incident happened. I put the headphones on, and horrified by what I heard I turned to my mate and said "oh my god this sounds bloody awful". Now I think I was probably being quite loud, the volume on the headphones was reasonably high and I think I suffered from that thing with headphones that you can lose the concept of just how loud your own voice is. Anyway, my outburst was loud enough to get the attention of the AK rep, who immediately came over and said, "There is a problem with the sound sir? Is it a problem with the headphones or the player?". Slightly embarrassed that I had caught his attention in this way; "Neither", I replied, "it's Phil Collins".
  8. There is a Jeff N, this much we know..... 🤔
  9. Is it time for some gender diversity in this thread?
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