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  1. I certainly hope not, they are still in their shipping boxes.🤐 Joking apart, I will be setting them up later this afternoon.
  2. This is a snip of the Tidal / MQA email I received this week. It states "iPhone now supports MQA". Of course, the iPhone supports the Tidal app, but the iPhone itself, in terms of it's DAC etc, does not. I would say this is highly misleading?
  3. 😁 Yes, it is indeed a bit of a woo hoo moment! I ordered them in October, thinking they would be a nice Christmas gift to myself. Five months later and they finally arrive. Anyway, I am very much looking forward to trying them at the weekend. Once they have had some time to settle in, I will post any listening impressions that I have versus the sPS-500 which is currently (accidental pun) powering my SOtM kit.
  4. Almost! I have received the tracking number,. The tracking shows they should be delivered today.
  5. Maybe Lee should try driving a Lexus whilst blind testing MQA versus Redbook?
  6. As long as this knocked Brexit off the top slot, I'm happy.....
  7. This got me thinking. If I was looking at a new car, and it had an upgraded audio system with MQA, it might actually put me off a bit. Maybe off the car itself, maybe off the audio upgrade, that would depend on many things. So I am thinking that MQA needs to have some kind of positive reputation for it to be worth something to manufacturers. OK - It is something for the salesman to sell, but there are many ways to add a few buzz words or pseudo-techno babble that would sound impressive during the sales pitch, and other ways of doing this would not have the complexity of MQA or the cost or royalties to MQA. I'm sure that most customers would just want seamless integration with the music already on their smartphone, rather than trying to work out the benefit of streamed folded and unfolded "hi-res". Lets put this another way, if a salesman could take a customers phone, and demonstrate how this integrates perfectly with the car's infotainment system, I can see that might help a sale. If the salesman had to start explaining that MQA is a different file format, from a particular streaming service, I am sure most potential customers would be somewhere between completely uninterested or actually confused and put off. I just can't see the benefit. Even as a self-confessed audiophile myself, I use an iPod in my car, which is loaded with ALAC rather than compressed 320 kbs files or similar, but in no way am I bothered about having or needing 24/96 for my car audio. I just don't get this one.
  8. More metal, less refined and less sharp? This one is messing with my head! 🙂 To explain, personally, I am a little sensitive to harsh treble, or perhaps more accurately harsh presence range. So the above comment was of particular interest to me, I am just not sure how to interpret it?
  9. My audio PC has been off all week. I started it up this weekend and hence needed to load Eunhasu. I selected "My Eunhasu", which was showing an IP address ending .0.38, this would not connect to Eunhasu. This is hardly surprising, because checking with Fing he sMS-200ultra has an IP address ending .0.8., not .038. But it does beg the question, why does "My Eunhasu" show an IP address ending .0.38 in the first place? OK - I then tried entering the IP address directly, no problem, I know what the IP address is. This did not work either. Next up, I tried a hard reboot on the sMS, entering exactly the same IP address in exactly the same way, and Eunhasu connects and works just fine. "My Eunhasu" used to work without issue. I am finding this current behavior a little puzzling.
  10. I have just been reading Darko's article about his visit to dCS: https://darko.audio/2019/02/boom-boom-boom-boom-a-dcs-factory-tour/ To quote: MQA is an example of this service agnostic approach. The market demanded it, the market got it. Done the dCS way – the stock MQA solution was developed over a 12 month period to optimise sound quality. dCS provides its own filters for example. But ask if they think MQA is good and you get their inscrutable side – it’s not for them to say.
  11. That’s why an Englishman invented MQA, to distract the world from our terrible food and beer......
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