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  1. I installed it on my Win 10 computer it skips to the point of unlistenable. I maxed out the memory allocated for tracks preload, still didn't help, went back to 1.3.8 and that worked fine, guess I'll just wait some more.
  2. So where we at with this release? Are we close?
  3. My Hqplayer version 4.0.4 works, I had to pick client then pick desk top, then it worked, weird.
  4. Just received the opticalmodule and my first impressions are very good. I have the opticalRendu and opticalModule paired using Sonore signature power supply for the opticalRendu and uptone Ultracap Lps 1.2 powering the opticalModule. I think I'm done upgrading for awhile, from what I'm hearing. Ok I'm going back to listen some more. 😎
  5. That's what I'm using, oR barely gets warm, and sounds fantastic.
  6. Magnepan 3.7i with synergistic blue fuses 😀
  7. Finally got some time to listen to the opticalRendu last night, even though I received my oR on Thursday. I thought it did sound different when I first hooked it up then when I listened on Saturday night, so maybe some break in happened there. I am using hqplayer desktop 4.0.3 as the software playback which I purchased earlier this week. The sound is extraordinary, I'm hearing lots more detail then before, the songs almost sound like different songs because of all the new detail, where sounds blurred together I'm getting more separation of instruments and clarity of voices. I am using the starter kit while I wait for the opticalModule, I didn't have a problem with set up, since I already own the microRendu, and ultraRendu, using sonicorbiter which was already set up on my computer, just had to choose the opticalRendu as the rendu to play back using hqplayer. My power supply is the Sonore signature power supply, my dac is the Resonessence Mirus Dac, my preamp is PS Audio BHK signature preamp, my amps are the PS Audio BHK 300's monoblocs, my interconnects and speaker wires are Iconoclast, my Ethernet cable is AQ diamond. I'm looking forward to other peoples reviews.
  8. I'm using Sonore signature Power Supply.
  9. My opticalRendu is hardly warm. 🙄
  10. Just hooked up the oR, very straight forward, I am using the starter kit until I receive the opticalModule. Everything went perfect.
  11. Mine arrived also, 😛
  12. That's what I'm talking about, bleeping awesome, thank you!
  13. Thank you and Jazzbass12 and copy of a, for your suggestions! I really appreciate your help.
  14. I'm a total newbie to this vst plug in stuff, can someone suggest a relatively simple EQ, that works with Audirvana Plus 3 for windows? Thanks
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