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  1. Yes, to form a CLCLCCC configuration.
  2. If you are building the V3 version of Nenon's ULPS design, then no problem, that is what my V3 build will be, where the final portion is 47KuFx3 and all 3 wiill have bypass cap installed.
  3. Thanks, that is what I use at the moment, but wonder if there are other ways to link HQPlayer to Qobuz besides using Roon.
  4. Is there a way to have HQPlayer link to services like Qobuz?
  5. Yes to your first question, but what is your secondary output voltage?
  6. Got it, thank you, Rob, In my V3, I will be using 3x47,000uF in the final portion, and it is a tight fit as well. Kevin
  7. Hi Rob, Thank you for posting the picture of your V3 ULPS, it looks very nice. One thing I noticed that you have 7 main caps in your ensure, but Nenon's V3 description show a total of 5 in CLCLCCC configuration. Could you comment on the two extra main caps in yours? Thank you, Kevin
  8. You have, and I am going to build your V3 version very soon (some time in Oct), once I have few more parts ordered including the enclosure delivered, and if it is ok, I will share the build process with details similar to my other power supply build thread.
  9. The exact current requirement is best determined by measuring the current from start up to normal usage, but based on TDP of 71W from the CPU, I would suggest to use a power supply that has an output more than 6A.
  10. Could you provide the SilentPC spec you plan to replace the power supply? Current consumption is directly related to the type of PC and CPU.
  11. Looking forward to your test result when you get the chance to install the second choke. I am considering trying Lundahl LL2773 and see if that will be an improvement.
  12. I did miss your earlier post, and it is very interesting to know a custom made chock with same spec as Hammond can improve the sound so much. Have you get to try adding the second chock yet? Wonder if there are more changes or more improvements as single vs. dual Hammond chocks.
  13. Are the other versions available that offers more?
  14. I am using regular (powered) version.
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