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  1. This is the same configuration I have been thinking lately as well. Seems to be a better way to upgrade my system by adding a HQP server to run the new EC modulators while leaving the optimized Roon server and endpoint as is.
  2. Interesting configuration. Do you run endpoint in your setup, such as HQPlayer Server >> Roon Server >> Endpoint?
  3. elan120

    HQ Player

    Thank you, Fred, I will give this a try since I also have Taichi X399 Mobo and hopefully it will go from DSD128 to DSD256 😊
  4. I did, briefly, and prefer USB input better. USB input feels more dynamic, and more air around the instruments, where i2S feels a little restricted.
  5. elan120

    HQ Player

    This is good to know. I also have AMD CPU and have been upsampling to non-EC DSD512 with non-2s filters for a long time, but switching to EC DSD128 has a big jump in SQ improvement. Hopefully it can do EC256 with more optimized algorithms...soon.
  6. I am taking the 33 notation from the posts before mine with the assumption they are showing the original configuration where pin-5 and pin-6 are connected together with jumper cap.
  7. They both seems to offer excellent SQ, I just switched from JSSG360^3 to the latest A:1WY233 B:1WY233 few days ago, and liked it better, the only deviation is placing jumper cap on 4th pin opposite from pin-1.
  8. Here is another picture from their website:
  9. http://www.custom-hifi-cables.co.uk/home/power-supplies/dc3-power-supply
  10. Thanks for the note. That sounds very interesting indeed. Just ordered some jumper caps and will do some experiment when they are delivered.
  11. There is no straightforward answer to this question, and it will depend on how the computer is configured and used, such as what components are installed, whether HQPlayer upsampling is used. If you know the power consumption on your computer, both at peak, which could be challenging to measure, and normal, then it will be easier to determine whether your Prestige MX can be powered by Farad Super3-19 that has a maximum output power rating of 57W.
  12. Very nice review as always, Rajiv, Your comparison review is very helpful since I only have some of the power supplies you used in your review, and it is very nice to see how you stack Farad power supply against these other ones. I had a chance to try a pair of Audio Sensibility Signature cables terminated with GX16-4 connectors to power my NUC with both Super3-19 and Super3-12, and it is clearly a very good match to the Farad power supply. Since one of the cable also has JSSG360 treatment, and the result is an even better background as well as finer level detail, I am now motivated to get my own soon. Another interesting discovery is using Farad Super3-12 to power sCLK-OCX10, again, it elevated the SQ up a good notch. Overall, I am very pleased with their power supply, and impressed with their lead-time as well, since all my orders came with a little over a week from placing the order. Thank you, and I will be looking forward to your subsequent review.
  13. I am checking with a supplier on this as we speak and I will let you know once I have it solidified. It is a Neotech 16AWG solid core silver dual core cable in JSSG360 treatment. I get to try one over the weekend and liked it very much.
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