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  1. That was a long shot but simple to try anyway. Looks like everything I can think of external to UltraRendu are tried, at this point it appears either software that sets up ethernet somehow corrupted or a hardware failure. Hopefully SGC will get back to you soon with other ideas.
  2. Is there another known good ethernet port in your router or switch where uR is plugged into that you can change to and try? Do you have DHCP or fixed IP address on uR?
  3. This certainly is frustrating. Any chance to try out a different power supply? If you cannot get a different power supply soon, just for testing purpose, try using the energizer for LPS-1.2 since it is outputting 7.5VDC/4.8A well within the uR input voltage range of 6~9V and the current demand of 2A max, 1A typical.
  4. Sorry for not being precise on the software media. I was thinking if you could try using a different / new micro sD card?
  5. Good that you have narrowed down to the device giving you the issue. One possibility is the network side failed to work on the uR, but since I am not familiar with this device, the suggestion is generic. 1. Reboot uR once more, 2. try a different software media, 3. try a different network cable know to work, 4. using a different power supply.
  6. Regarding 1., Assuming power supply quality is better than what HDPlex DC/ATX converter can provide, yes, it would be more beneficial to go direct. This is the direction I am heading with the power supply build project. 2. I would use just one best quality power supply with enough headroom on EPS. My average EPS consumption for 44.1 to DSD256/EC7 is around 50W with i9-9900KS, around 15W higher from hi-res PCM to DSD256/EC7, and will spike up close to a bit shy of 100W (using tools I have). The EPS supply I am working on is capable up to 14A of current, but will be derated to a 12.5A of output fuse, so by calculation, headroom should be sufficient. Using two supplies does have other benefits such as redundancy and extra headroom, but as long as the single supply has enough headroom, and no concern over power redundancy, it will be far simpler to go with single supply.
  7. I recently done some experiments by first using one Keces P8 to power HDPlex 800W DC-ATX converter, and power the EPS on the motherboard, but still using the original Seasonic power supply for ATX with better result. Later I added a second Keces P8 to power both group1 and group2 on HDPlex 800W DC-ATX converter, where group1 is powering ATX and group2 is powering EPS, and this brought even better result. I could stop here, but decided to push the experiment a bit further, so I am now in a process to build a pair of power supplies to power both ATX and EPS directly without going through HDPlex 800W DC-ATX converter to see how well this is going work. So far, based on what I have done, good quality power to EPS make more improvement than ATX, and this seems to be consistent with few other people I talked to. If you can have top quality power supplies on both ATX and EPS, then this is a non-issue, but if you can only have one top quality power supply, then put that on EPS.
  8. Just curious, what would you be powering group-2 of the HDPlex 800W DC-ATX with?
  9. Very top notch review! This is the type of review should be used as baseline for all reviews. Well done, Rajiv!!
  10. Based on the specification on both Nucleus and Nucleus Plus will operate from 12~19VDC input.
  11. Is this the review? If yes, that is the previous standard version. Current offering only has one version which the standard length is 1.2 meter at $750.
  12. It will help lower the total resistance, which in the end, will contribute to a bit of SQ improvement, but certainly not a show stopper. One thing to keep in mind that there are other parts in the build can have much greater effect then having these EPS wires in parallel, such as power supplies, RAMs...etc., once you have the server done, there is a good chance you will continue to experiment, change certain components, set things up differently, which is a good reason to go through the build yourself, but certainly keep an open mind on possible more changes after the build.
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