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  1. What is the minimum configuration requirements needed to do DSD 256/ASDM7EC from any resolution base file using most filters?
  2. I have tried using Keces P8/20V to HDPlex 800W DC-ATX, and from DC-ATX to both EPS and ATX route before settled with two Sean Jacobs DC3 power supplies to power EPS and ATX. The improvement with this setup is very noticeable. IIRC, I7-6700K will consume up to 110W, which the Paul Hynes SR7EH with rating at 6A won't work. I am planning on doing test and compare the upcoming Taiko DC-ATX module feeding by a unregulated power supply with my current setup when it is available, and there is a strong possibility this setup will again, surpass what I current have.
  3. That is what mine does, and here is a picture showing where the LEDs are (RED circle).
  4. Not sure in Europe, but in US, I have had good experience with Tap Plastics, and they do good flame polish work as an option.
  5. I had similar setup as yours at one point, same everything except I was using two P8 feeding the HDPlex. The improvement that I consider is sizeable came when I changed to one SJ power supply feeding directly to the EPS 8 pin input and later another notch forward when another SJ power supply feeding the 24 pin ATX input. At this point, I don't feel the need to feed both EPS inputs.
  6. elan120

    HQ Player

    When I change settings on configuration page, I only need to click the "apply" icon and it will go to another screen prompting you to wait 10 seconds before it will switch back to configuration page, and it is ready to play. Never have to reboot in order to work.
  7. Correct, the capacitor bank was acquired from @Nenon My overall impression on the switch is a bit on the edgy side of neutral without the capacitor bank, adding this capacitor bank help remove that small bit of edginess away.
  8. This is a short update on my earlier post about adding one more PF Buffalo switch in series. I had some time over a week ago to finish modifying my second Buffalo switch, after close to 200 hours of burn-in, the result is very much aligned with others that have done this before me. Not only are all of the improvements with just one PF Buffalo still there, it now adds even more of the clarity, dynamic, and air between the instruments. Soundstage gets to a new level, the music flows even more enjoyable. After a while, I just listen to the music instead of comparing, and I start to
  9. Thanks for the tip, I also like the 10V input better. More enjoyable playback with no lost of dynamic, but gaining more separation, imaging, and micro details.
  10. Thanks @Nenon, I do have both switches connected in series, but currently have the PF Buffalo connected to eR with copper and fiber from eR to DC converted Buffalo, and then connected to my server with copper.
  11. Another PFB convert… I first got interested in the Pink Faun clock modified switch was reading the nice write up from @auricgoldfinger’s Melco switch, and later got more interested after reading many more successful posts on Pink Faun ultraOCXO clock conversion on Buffalo switch, which got me itching to give it a try, but having only one Buffalo switch and a very busy schedule lately, I have to put this project on hold until now. Thanks to @Nenon, he made another switch available along with a bit of an open schedule, I finally was able to get this modification going.
  12. I build mine based on the first option, and my recent comparison between one and two-box configuration, the one-box setup turned out to be a better sounding configuration.
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