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  1. Thank you for the idea, this is working nicely with a quick test using the "link speed" setting via JCAT Net card driver from 1G/Full Duplex to 100M/Full Duplex, and the result is quite noticeable. Next is to try this in AL.
  2. A pre-regulator is a circuit that performs preliminary voltage regulation before feeding its output to the final regulator. This is used to improve the characteristics of the overall regulation circuitry. This is relevant for both linear and switching pre-regulators. Switching pre-regulators are often used to reduce the power dissipation of the following linear regulator, thus increasing the overall efficiency of the regulation circuitry while retaining the precision of the linear regulator. Linear pre-regulators are often used to improve the regulation characteristics of the overall circuitry, since the following linear regulator has to regulate a voltage which has already been processed by the pre-regulator, so it will have lower ripple. Linear pre-regulation can also be used to reduce the power dissipated in the final regulator, implementing a power sharing setup between regulator and pre-regulator in order to keep their temperature low.
  3. After getting the NUC back from SOtM clock mod along with upgrading to the latest AL version 1.2.0, the motivation to do more tweak is for sure lowered by a large margin. I managed to change couple more items in my NUC, with more than two weeks of continuous burn-in, they helped elevate the SQ up by a good notch. First mod is more universal by adding Evox cap to NUC. This mod improved the overall dynamic, having similar effect like other Evox upgrades, and it takes at least a week to get the cap settle in. The second mod is more suited to my modified NUC by replacing the stock DC cable to sCLK-EX board with Audio Sensibility's silver Neotech cable, terminated in JSSG360 configuration. This change lowered the noise floor quite nicely, and this mod can be implemented for other devices having internal DC cables such as tX-USBUltra. There are few more things I plan to experiment with my front-end section still, but with these changes, I seems to procrastinating quite a bit by just enjoying the music lately.
  4. The connector housing is made by JST and the model is VHR-2N. Here is one place you can get them from: https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/jst-sales-america-inc/VHR-2N/455-1183-ND/608624 The corresponding pins is SVH-21T-P1. Here is the link to the same source: https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/jst-sales-america-inc/SVH-21T-P1.1/455-1133-1-ND/527367
  5. Will networkaudio be affected (not working) running as HQPlayer NAA with NUMA disabled? I assume this only make HQPlayer not working but not affect networkaudio.
  6. The blobs of plastic material is hot glue, they can be loosened or removed by rubbing alcohal. To remove the board, you can either carefully loosen the hot glues on the board side by soaking small amount of alcohal, but careful not to loosen them from the case, this way, board can be re-inserted back into the hot glue blobs. The other way would be remove the hot glues altogether and then re-apply them when boards are put back.
  7. The Intel driver can be downloaded here: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/59064/IntelEthernet-Server-Adapter-I350-F2 When you receive your card, there is a recommended settings that is helpful to get the most out of the card.
  8. External DC power connection setup for Startech USB3.1 Gen2 PCIe card - Part 2 Follow up on the Audio Sensibility Neotech silver JSSG360 DC cable, and a big thank you to @auricgoldfinger for recommending this cable. I have it installed today, and like the result very much, and now I will be recommending this cable as well. Here is a picture showing the new cable:
  9. No, they are not, but Audio Sensibility's silver cable is.
  10. I will know more very soon as I have SOtM silver cable at the moment, but will make up a Audio Sensibility cable in the next week or two to try.
  11. External DC power connection setup for Startech USB3.1 Gen2 PCIe card While experimenting different music file sources, in addition to using an external USB3.1 Gen2 HDD enclosure, I also added Startech USB3.1 Gen2 PCIe card with the option of connecting to an external power source that was recommended by Larry - thank you @lmitche. Although there are many ways an external power source can be connected, since I have some spare parts on the bench, I decided to make up a short cable for this purpose and pictures below show how mine was done in case anyone interested in making one as well. Stock Startech USB3.1 Gen2 PCIe card: Prepare expansion cover plate feed thru hole for barrel connector: Solder Gotham cable to barrel connector while setting up JSSG360 termination configuration: Barrel connector termination complete: Feed JSSG360 Gotham cable through expansion cover plate: SATA connector end termination complete: Completed card with JSSG360 Gotham cable: Close up picture of added barrel connector: After having this setup for a little over 3 weeks, last night I installed an Evox cap I happened to have. The initial impression is quite positive, and based on the past experience, I believe/hope further burn-in will result in further improvements. Here are couple pictures to show the before and after. Prepare card by removing Molex LP4 connector for space needed to install the cap: Cap installed: Once cap burn-in is done, I will replace the current JSSG360 Gotham cable with silver Neotech JSSG360 cable from Audio Sensibility, recommended by @auricgoldfinger as a great quality cable to compare. Hopefully the new silver cable will provide further improvements.
  12. The Startech USB3.1 Gen2 card has the option to connect an external power supply, and in my setup, I use LPS-1.2 with very good result.
  13. I did. They do have some differences between the ones I have tried, but closer to subtle side. It is a toss up between iFI Mercury and JSSG360'd Lush, with JSSG360'd Lush leading slightly.
  14. In my case, power supply quality does make a difference, but I only compare stock wall wart with what I currently have on hand, which I end up with JS-2 on the enclosure, and LPS-1.2 on the PCIe card.
  15. I also experienced the same, but instead of connecting external HDD enclosure to endpoint, I connected to server via a USB Gen2 PCIe card. So far, I have tried two different enclosures, they both USB 3.1 Gen2 powered by JS-2, and both has buck converter to drop 12V to 5V, but the second one use two linear regulators to convert 5V to 3.3V and 1.2V, and this one, coincidentally, also sound a bit better. I later modified the first one with better clock, and its SQ is now surpassing the second enclosure. In the next couple weeks, I plan on changing the buck converter in both enclosures to linear regulator as well as clock modification for the second enclosure to see if there are more room for improvement. Btw, as a side note, although using USB 3.1 Gen2 enclosure only is quite nice, but once I added an USB 3.1 Gen2 PCIe card recommended by people I respect, powered by LPS-1.2, SQ clearly took another uptick.
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