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  1. I don't have direct comparison experience between standard Canare 4S6 DC cable with and without JSSG360 treatment, but when I replaced all my standard Canare 4S6 DC cable (8~10 cables) with Gotham DC cables, the SQ improvement is very noticeable and to my liking. Please note, I was replacing one at a time, and overall improvement is additive. However, I have no experience with the other 2 cables on your list though.
  2. I am using X399 Taichi mobo, and took the easy way out on this mod by sending them including the JCAT to SOtM for the clock mod instead of doing the mod myself. Since I have unused output ports available on the sCLK-OCX10, I also connected it to JCAT Net Card Femto as well.
  3. I am also have very high hope this switch will make elaborated server a thing in the past, although it will make my current server setup less valuable, but will make any future setup simpler. I am rooting for the success of EtherRegen when it is ready.
  4. I started with no OXCO clocked switch when I just starting to test AL loaded NUC endpoint, and was only concentrate on finding the best configuration with this new setup. Once things are more settled, I added the switch in place as well as the 3-way bridging, and it was an obvious improvement, so after couple times of switching back and forth, switch is now stay in the chain.
  5. I also like the JCAT Net Femto card, and having it clocked with sCLK-EX and sCLK-OCX10 now is really elevated SQ higher.
  6. I bridged my setup in the following way. Not sure how close this is to your bridged topology, but the impression is similar where the bridged configuration sounds better.
  7. elan120

    HQ Player

    I just test ran a 24/96 track upsample to 384K with no issue, and this is using the same chain as yours (Roon+HQPlayer --> Streamer --> SU-1 --> KTE Holo Spring) except a different streamer. Under setting, I set max to 384K, and use PCM.
  8. Hi Hols, What Ethernet cables have you tried with sNH-10G? Do you find significant differences between them?
  9. Thank you for the nice write up. Are these test done with Reference 1 stock stranded silver DC cables?
  10. elan120

    Mutec REF 10 Masterclock

    Both. Reflected power will add unwanted stress to the electronics as well as causing the signal phase to shift. Here is one of the cost effective BNC cables I used with good result: https://www.pasternack.com/bnc-male-bnc-male-rg400u-cable-assembly-pe3582lf-p.aspx
  11. elan120

    Mutec REF 10 Masterclock

    When there is an impedance mismatch between the load impedance and the transmission line, part of the forward wave sent toward the load is reflected back along the transmission line towards the source. The source then sees a different impedance than it expects which can lead to lesser power being supplied by it, which is highly undesired.
  12. For update menu, it will be similar, type "menu" when login, select "3" for update menu, and then follow the selections there.
  13. For AL 0.7 headless, once you login, type "menu" to get the new menu to display, and from the menu, select "1" for configuration menu, and follow the selections there.
  14. elan120

    Akasa Case Install

    That is what I used in my X7D case, which appears to be a thermal pad based on other thermal pads I purchased, and the temperature reading running AL extreme 2 as endpoint show around 44 degrees after running non-stop for 12 hours.
  15. I also like the i7 better, but instead of trying with LPS-1.2, I currently only have time to test it with JS-2 running all 4 cores. The little time I had over this past two days, other than initial power up the unit new, currently draw went up to about 1.46A @ 12V, it settled down to about 460~470mA running extreme-2, which is very promising using LPS-1.2. I will report back once I have more information.