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  1. Nice Thomas, I am waiting for my ER to arrive in january. Will replace the AQVOX SE switch if all turns out like I hope😉 Look forward to hear your feedback of the ER + cables in due time.
  2. Hi Thmoas, In my experience focusing too much on cables, whether its power, USB or ethernet cables has not ever proved to be that revolutionary upgrade to hope for. In all fairness I have not tried the highest end of cables even If I have the top signature cables from Audiosensibility that I think have a sane ratio of price vs performance. Anyway when it comes to ethernet cables my latest trial is the cable matters cat 8 that many uses here and that seems like a cable as good as my previous Ghent audio JSSG , Sablon , Supra Cat 8 and like you Viablue with Telegärtner for a lot less money. IMHO I believe spending money elsewhere in the hifichain is more important than cables. Perhaps a good hifirack and or feet is a wiser choice, and not forget amps and speakers... There is a long thread going on at the Naim forum where some seems to like Designacable cat 5 or cat 6
  3. Today I received my 2 cablematters ethernet cables. I replaced the Ghent first gen cables with JSSG (not 360). As I am awaiting delivery of a new Vinnie Rossi L2 integrated I have no possibility to listen via my normal setup. I run a seriously unbalanced setup with Innuos zen Mini mkIII with Antipodes EX via chromecast into my LG Oled television 😉. Yes through the telly;s speaker it is possible to hear differences between the new and old Ghent cables. From cold its a no big difference but I can hear its bass improved and also highs seems improved. Its a bit more musical sounding - more easy to listen to.
  4. Hi Imitche, I will post IF I choose to buy the inakustiks.. I have used their USB cable Inakustik Reference wich was very good so this german brand could be quite good even with LAN cables?
  5. I have also ordered a couple of cable matters cat 8 cables while awaiting delivery of the etherregen in january. Would this cable from inakustik be a good one from the aspect of tied connector shield. This one has no metal connector so I guess it will be fine. Perhaps a competitor to BJC? https://www.hifisound.de/en/Hifi-Accessories/Cable-Crafted/LAN-Network/Inakustik-Premium-II-CAT6-Ethernet-Network-Cable-0-50-mtr.html
  6. Learned about this today from Swedish news. She dies at age 61. Very tragic. "It must have been love" RIP Marie
  7. magnuska

    Antipodes CX

    @McNulty you have to email antipodes support and arrange a remotesession with them. You can`t do it yourself.
  8. magnuska

    Antipodes CX

    I have EX as Roon player AND bridged with a short 50cm Sablon ethernetcable, to a Innuos ZEN mini mk3. Have not tested the Antipodes alone in my system but It sounds very good as is now. The Roon core server part makes a difference in my setup. Recently I installed the experimental roon Squeezelite wich sounds better than the regular Roon with Innuos. Some days ago there was a base software upgrade to the EX as well and a day later I installed the new Roon 1.7. If the rise in SQ was mainly because of this or that upgrade I can´t say. For every software upgrade I do that push SQ forward I am very happy.
  9. Hej Björn and welcome to the forum! Without beeing certain I think you should connect the Roon player Nucleus to the "B" port. Is the Nucleus connected via USB to the Devialet? Hälsningar Magnus
  10. Has anyone tried Audiosensibilty USB offering? I have his speakercables, powercables and interconnect wich I like. https://audiosensibility.com/blog/products-2/digital-cables-occ-copper-and-occ-silver/#!/Signature-Silver-USB-Cable-Type-A-B/p/56176309/category=4059160
  11. magnuska

    Antipodes CX

    For me it was plug and play. Ethernet cable from Prestige to Antipodes. No settings needed. //Magnus
  12. magnuska

    Antipodes CX

    Hi I have the Antipodes EX as roon endpoint and a Audiostore prestige as roon server. These are direct ethernet connected with no switch in between. The SQ is very good. Have not tried the CX but I guess another good leap with this. But I feel no need anymore to change the transport/endpoint bit. I used sotm ultra 200 with ISO regen before as endpoint .
  13. Hi! I also have an AQVOX switch but the SE model. I have also been in contact with Sean and am thinking of getting an DC2 for it. Nice to see your impressions and that you are pleased with it. May I ask what psu you had before the DC2?
  14. I am using an Inakustik Reference USB to a Vinnie Rossi LIO 2,0 Dac. Audiostore prestige server is powered by a Sotm sps-500 with a silver ref DC-cable from Audiosensibillity. My AQVOX SE switch is powered by LPS-1 /silver ref DC-cable from Audiosensibility
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