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  1. No indicator light is not good.... Not 100% certain but I believe the external clock bypasses the internal eR crystek clock. Please share more of your coming listening impressions if you can.
  2. Hi @R1200CL Adrian @AfterDark. has been very kind answering all thinkable questions we might have. Obviously you have requested a special designed triple output clock. When will you buy that? Just askin🙂 "We have just released a triple (Isolated) output version last week as per request from R1200CL. This version will be on Square Wave 75ohm, the BNC connectors will be in 75ohm on the output section for this triple outputs version of Giesemann Clock"
  3. I have also one of these Queen square Wave AS edition in transit right now. It has just left HK. I have now the other inexpensive clock and it will be interesting to hear if there is a difference ( there must be😉) Have you ordered a powersupply as well or what will you use? I have a Sean jacobs DC-2 that will be doing its job.
  4. Agree; I tried Entreq silver minimus infinity on the ER but I was no improvement as you say. Does it work for you on the router instead? The ER benefits from better powersupply, better external clock🙂
  5. They have a new website. At least I hadnt seen it before. A new Innuos switch perhaps??
  6. Exactly! I was also curious about the impact of better clocks. And I agree, the inexpensive model in this thread proved that Its a field where there is improvements to be had. Nobody can know until they tried. Consequence- I have now ordered the other clock from AD for my etherRegen.
  7. Hello! I am a bit curious about your line of USB rippers. I have now a Antipodes S40 with internal SSD storage. Until now I use a very simple Samsung ripper thats connected with a USB direct to the Antipodes. Wich of your models can I use with my Antipodes? Will I experience a better sounding result with a better CD drive? If so why, since it should all be bit perfect rips regardless or? Will the Melco/Dela rippers sound better than your Pioneers models? Regards Magnus
  8. As many of us in this thread (including myself) already has this inexpensive clock it would be of interest to many to compare with Afterdark clock. But I´m sure it will come eventually. 🙂
  9. Hi! Thanks for your write up of the new After dark clock. Did you by chance compare it to the inexpensive BG7TBL OCXO ? Regards Magnus
  10. Hi, hope you get better soon.😐 I have had my clock now for maybe 3 weeks. And within the first hours you should be able to hear an improvement.
  11. Seems like many of you have received your clock fairly quick. I am still waiting for mine from above aliexpress seller. Ordered mine 10/10 - now it has finally arrived in Sweden and is now beeing processed by the customs. So probably bad luck. Anyway look forward to hear it in my system.🙂 /Magnus
  12. @PeterSt thanks, I took delivery a few hours ago. Really fast delivery to Sweden. Its sounding really good at this early stage. Running the default configuration as delivered. Regards Magnus🙂
  13. Well that could be the issue, its a 150cm Audio sensibility signature cable. Not cheap. That length was the preferred length for spdif signal according to AS.
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