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  1. View Classified Ansuz mainz8 A2 with 8 EU/Schuko Sale from Sweden Approx 2 years old in near mint condition. Original Ansuz box included Payer pays for shipment and eventual Paypal Transferwise (Wise) Regards Magnus Seller magnuska Date 04/27/21 Price 2,400.00 USD Category Power Supplies / Power Products
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    Approx 2 years old in near mint condition. Original Ansuz box included Buyer pays for shipment and eventual Paypal Transferwise (Wise) Regards Magnus

    2,400.00 USD

  3. Hi yes I bought this ripper PIONEER X12J-UHD. It is working fine with my Antipodes software as well. No problem so far. Have only ripped a few CD:s to try. SQ wise I can`t notice a bigger difference from what I´ve had earlier. It seems very sturdy and reliable and assume it manage problem CD:s better than average cheap external 30USD rippers du to its construction and design.
  4. Not at all.😊 For me I strive for balance in a system. I agree that look into power and distribution should be one of the first thing to consider.
  5. Ha ha yes its tempting. But on the other hand, there are always other areas in a setup that can be improved. That´s of course very personal how and where one prioritize.😀
  6. Thank you - have not yet tried the Pioneer CD-ripper you sent me. Should be exciting too. It looks very sturdy.
  7. Hi Adrian @AfterDark.. I have had my clock installed for about 2 days now and I am so far very impressed by the improvements made. And this with " only" the square queen version. Relatively cheap if one compared to the top choice. I wonder how much in SQ differs between them? There must be some sweet spot between price and actual SQ improvement. Is the only difference between the different levels just the measurements or is there also hardware differences?
  8. My clock arrived today. Thank you @Adrian. It sounds very promising so far. More natural music.
  9. I have the audiophilestyle edition queen square version coming in a few days. I have now the chinese BG clock as well. I am sure even the cheapest version will better it. In all fairness. All afterdark clocks has been assembled and developed with utmost care for details in many areas .
  10. No indicator light is not good.... Not 100% certain but I believe the external clock bypasses the internal eR crystek clock. Please share more of your coming listening impressions if you can.
  11. Hi @R1200CL Adrian @AfterDark. has been very kind answering all thinkable questions we might have. Obviously you have requested a special designed triple output clock. When will you buy that? Just askin🙂 "We have just released a triple (Isolated) output version last week as per request from R1200CL. This version will be on Square Wave 75ohm, the BNC connectors will be in 75ohm on the output section for this triple outputs version of Giesemann Clock"
  12. I have also one of these Queen square Wave AS edition in transit right now. It has just left HK. I have now the other inexpensive clock and it will be interesting to hear if there is a difference ( there must be😉) Have you ordered a powersupply as well or what will you use? I have a Sean jacobs DC-2 that will be doing its job.
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