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  1. Has anyone tried Audiosensibilty USB offering? I have his speakercables, powercables and interconnect wich I like. https://audiosensibility.com/blog/products-2/digital-cables-occ-copper-and-occ-silver/#!/Signature-Silver-USB-Cable-Type-A-B/p/56176309/category=4059160
  2. magnuska

    Antipodes CX

    For me it was plug and play. Ethernet cable from Prestige to Antipodes. No settings needed. //Magnus
  3. magnuska

    Antipodes CX

    Hi I have the Antipodes EX as roon endpoint and a Audiostore prestige as roon server. These are direct ethernet connected with no switch in between. The SQ is very good. Have not tried the CX but I guess another good leap with this. But I feel no need anymore to change the transport/endpoint bit. I used sotm ultra 200 with ISO regen before as endpoint .
  4. Hi! I also have an AQVOX switch but the SE model. I have also been in contact with Sean and am thinking of getting an DC2 for it. Nice to see your impressions and that you are pleased with it. May I ask what psu you had before the DC2?
  5. I am using an Inakustik Reference USB to a Vinnie Rossi LIO 2,0 Dac. Audiostore prestige server is powered by a Sotm sps-500 with a silver ref DC-cable from Audiosensibillity. My AQVOX SE switch is powered by LPS-1 /silver ref DC-cable from Audiosensibility
  6. Hello Sorry my post was a little unclear. Yes I do use the Antipodes EX as the renderer and the -Audiostore prestige as the server both with Roon. Connected with ethernetcablle. Only the Antipodes is ethernet connected to my AQ Vox SE switch.As for the Iso regen I have not tried that with the EX. Hope this helps! /Magnus
  7. Yes more or less. I have used both tx-usb ultra and ISO regen but not at the same time unfortunately could not get that working properly.
  8. Hi Fred, Yes I have. I use the EX as a renderer and my old Audiostore prestige as server. Connected direct ethernet with eachother. The prestige server is not as good as a CX but not bad either. It have ordinary HD but I guess around 180 GB SSD cache. Anyway it was a major step up yesterday from cold. It simplifies the chain as well, to only server - USB cable - DAC. I have an ISO Regen /uptone LPS-1 ready for trial too but frankly I don`t feel its gonna be needed - its that good already. I
  9. Yes thats why I thougth it was well worth mentioning. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to get it work , in what sequence and so on. Don`t know if the new V4 board helps too? ( is the DX Gen 3 V4 board?)
  10. I received the new Antipodes EX yesterday. I can confirm that it works fine the Vinnie Rossi LIO DAC 2.0.
  11. I took delivery today of this USB cable from Germany. https://www.in-akustik.de/en/cables-and-accessories/multimedia/usb-20-cable/reference-high-speed-usb-20-007170075/ I first saw this brand a few days ago mentionend in another CA thread. All in all after only a few hours replacing the uptone USPCB from Iso Regen to my Vinnie Rossi DAC 2,0 LIO it is a absolutely transforming my system Never thought possible. My streaming side is soTm sms 200 ultra to Triode wire labs discrete USB to Iso-regen The signature of this cable and also this brand ( as from reviews from their speakercables) they all seem to conclude that this cable is very detailed. Even so this USB cable is very detailed. Now the famous veil has disappeared in my system. Never understood what was wrong in my system. Have tried alot and all it was is a simple USB cable that does the trick for me, strange. Before triode wire labs cables I used the curious cables as many here. This cable deserves to be taken seriously amongst audiophiles and its not very expensive either. Sorry if this came out too much as a commercial but I have no affilation what so ever with the brand. Regards Magnus
  12. Hello! Many thanks for your write up and testing! I also use the VR Lio with DAC 2.0 and am a little concerned that it would not see the Antipodes DX-3. I am now using the sotM sms-200 ultra with Iso Regen direct to the DAC. My hope was to be able to slim down the nr of boxes and was thinking of the new Antipodes EX acting as the renderer. My current server will also be used with the new direct ethernet connection. Making it a kind of budget CX-EX solution. Wonder why Antipodes seem to focus on noise everywhere and starting on the MOBO - no advanced clocking there. It seems that they are working hard to remove noise before at its core and therefore minimising the need of better clocking but this is my own thinking.
  13. Hi Fredrik, are you ready to give a first opinon of the new ps? I also have a soTm sms-200 Ultra . Regards Magnus
  14. Hi Alex, is there any harm trying the ground tweak anyway without measuring ( witch I am not good at I guess) I would have hoped that its hearable if its needed! Magnus
  15. Thanks for the answer! Yes Its got relays. Magnus
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