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  1. I have no doubt either Barrow’s or Alex’s power supplies will bring goodness from the OM. I just struggle with spending more on the power supply than on the component it’s powering. So at moment it’s a cheap linear supply from China plus a single stage DXP regulator. I’ve been keeping an eye out though for a good supply to turn up used. A better power supply made a tremendous difference with the ER, so I’m guessing the OM would respond well too.
  2. What’s the retail price on the Sablon 2020? That would be my top choice for the extra USB cable I’d need if I purchased a Phoenix.
  3. Thanks! The text at the end is repeated in their data sheets. “Finisar’s transceivers feature a microprocessor and diagnostics interface that provides performance information on the data link. Users can remotely monitor—in real-time—received optical power, transmitted optical power, laser bias current, transceiver input voltage and transceiver temperature of any transceiver in the network.” The only way I’ve found to see this is when I use one of their SFPs in one of UniFi switches. Not sure why current is 0, but it could be that it requires UniFi products at both ends.
  4. Whether it's on and off there is electrical activity that brings about whatever the laser is doing. I'm really trying to understand what lasers are doing if not on and off. Any chance you could explain what is actually occurring instead of providing links that don't clearly explain this either? The article from FS that you provided mentions "injecting current". The link mentions this too. If current is being injected, why is it wrong to assume that this could result in a "pulsing load on the power lines"?
  5. The Shunyata Sigma is the best USB cable I've heard. Pricey but it's really in another league compared to cables like the Lush 2 and Starlight 7. The Lush 2 is a great value at that price. I thought it was pretty much equal to a Shunyata Alpha that I used to own. The friend who owned the Lush 2 agreed. He and I both switched to the Sigma after we heard it.
  6. I thought a picture might help. The Finisar SFPs are used in the ER and OM with fiber shown in yellow. The UniFi US-8-150W switch has two SFP ports so I thought I would see if I could further isolate my audio leg from the rest of my network. ST in the case below is a Startech FMC. I tried the Finisar SFPs there too but thought it added some brightness - but think it's more of a case of the Startech FMC causing it since the result was the same with Planet Tech SFPs . Simply because I ran out of regular ports, the NAS is now connected to the Startech FMC. I didn't hear an increase in brightness, but I also don't know if isolating my NAS like this provided any uptick in sound quality. There are other experiments I can try, including using the fiber to isolate UniFi switches from each other. This illustration is out of date as I've been moving stuff around. The eventual goal is to get all the wireless access points onto the US-8-150W and then move all the audio stuff off to an isolated switch that has a better power supply.
  7. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, but that it was easy to hear differences between SFPs surely came as a surprise. The device doing the media conversion factors into this too. An SFP that sounds good in one device, may not sound as good in another. I'm presently happy with the older Finisar SFPs and will sit tight for the time being. Nice to know there is another good option in the new version. Thanks for sharing.
  8. My current favorite is the Finisar FTLF1324P2BTL-MC, which is now end of life (but can be found on eBay). There's a newer version, but I've not tried it. I am very happy with the way things sound now as far as my network, so I'm going to try to stay put with these SFPs.
  9. What was it about the newer model that lead you to want to try it? Or maybe the better question is what about it makes you suspect that you will favor it over the old version many of us purchased?
  10. My dealer suggested best USB after the Phoenix but with the caveat that the USB cable into it still has an impact. But best to use you ears. Let us know what you think.
  11. I am able to use an IR remote to control Roon. I have an old Mac set up to accept IR commands from one of those small aluminum Apple remotes. The application Remote Buddy then controls Roon running on that Mac. There is occasionally a delay but it gets the job done. Nice for pausing playback or advancing to the next track. Roon on that Mac is acting only as a control app.
  12. I want to make sure I understand this correctly. It sounds like you have concluded that: The Zenith has better capacitors than the Zen Some marketing photos showed the Zen as having the better capacitors as well, but those photos aren’t accurate Did I get that right? If so, it might be that the Zen Mk3 is using the same capacitors as the Zen Mk2, but it gets twice as many. I think the photo that follows is the Zen Mk2. Those two capacitors may represent a single power supply rail, while the Zen Mk3 gets two rails. Both the Zenith Mk2 and Mk3 have three rails. The Zenith Mk2 appears to have the same caps as in the Zen Mk2, but 6 instead of 2. As such, I will guess that with Mk3, the Zen gained an additional rail, while the Zenith gained better caps. The Mk3 power supplies have clearly gained some additional improvements as well. I just purchased a Zenith Mk3 to replace my Zenith Mk2. I won’t have it until next week, but will be sure to share my impressions.
  13. Told you so 😀 I had a partial excuse for it being under my nose a long time - I had two sources so the preamp made sense. Hearing the improvement from my DAC run directly into my amp is one of the things that lead me to narrowing down to a single source. I didn’t listen to analog often enough to justify a preamp upgrade.
  14. I have heard the claim that Stillpoints shift thing in that direction, but have never heard that myself. A friend has taken Stillpoints further than I have with their ESS rack - and it is the best system I’ve heard. The surface on which these sit matters, so that may have something to do with the reports of them adding brightness. In my case, I almost all my Stillpoints sit on bamboo shelves, as I found bamboo to enhance the effectiveness of Stillpoints. With my previous rack I made use of a lot of IKEA bamboo cutting boards. Last year I moved to a Quadraspire SVT rack with solid bamboo shelves.
  15. It almost inevitably gets into a circular do-loop when it comes to Rob and power supplies. When a claim is made that power supplies make a bigger difference than Rob allows for - that’s equivalent to suggesting that maybe Rob isn’t fully accounting for how certain better power supplies benefit digital products. I’m not sure what sense it makes to quote Rob and rephrase what’s going on in terms of how he thinks about these things. Rob’s will often put forth the (unfair) argument that if you find a benefit in something that he says shouldn’t matter then it’s because you prefer the sound of RF. I’m paraphrasing of course but ecwl captures the spirit of it well above with “alternatively, you might just like more RF from the LPSU creating a brighter sound.” This is unfair because it ignores the other reasons why someone might prefer a LPS, like maybe the fact that it has an exceptionally low impedance so it doesn’t sag under instantaneous current demands. That’s an important quality and something the really good power supply designers consider to be of the utmost importance. I love Rob to death as his designs bring me joy every day, but I have to say that when it comes to power supplies, it’s almost like Rob plays 2D chess while guys like Paul Hynes, Sean Jacobs and John Swenson are playing 3D chess. In fairness I’m playing checkers relative to all of them. All I know is that the improvements I hear from using Farad Super3s in place of the supplies Rob selected are as profound as I’ve heard from any upgrade. The guys playing 3D chess wouldn’t be surprised at all either - and neither would be most of the folks here who have tried well-regarded power supplies. To ecwl’s last point, I do see occasional generalizations but that’s the norm amongst us guys playing checkers. On the other hand, I do think that the important considerations about power supplies have been addressed repeatedly in other threads by folks far more knowledgeable than me - from really smart guys like Barrows for example. I get the sense also that these guys don’t pay much mind to what Rob says about power supplies as their own experiences tell them that he may have a blind spot there. Again, I’m not trying to beat up on Rob - he’s a freaking genius. But he’s human just like the rest of us and that means he’s not omniscient.
  16. Yes "when done properly". Designers are human and just like the rest of us they have their biases. Confirming whether the designer is an "expert" in a particular area is awfully easy. When their claims are put to test, we should see uniform consensus favoring the designer's claim. And we should most certainly not see the opposite where pretty much anytime a well-regarded power supply is tried with the designer's product it's claimed to have made a improvement that's indisputably positive. Rob's claims about the importance of accurately reproducing timing information align fully with what I hear from his products - and I'm not alone. He's clearly an "expert" in that area. Power supplies, maybe not - but that's a lot to expect of one designer. Many other products have the design shared amongst several designers who have deeper skills in different areas.
  17. The increase in price points to Roon being in better financial health. The lifetime license helped to bring in upfront cash to allow them to make a more serious upfront investment. Raising the price indicates that the recurring cash-flow from subscriptions is better covering their needs. I expect that we might see another increase in the price of the lifetime license before it is eliminated as a choice.
  18. There is a higher likelihood off an opinion being true if the opinion is offered by an expert in a particular area. Per the dictionary, an expert is "a person who has special skill or knowledge in some particular field". Just because someone is an expert at designing DACs doesn't automatically make them an expert at power supplies. It also doesn't automatically make them an expert in music servers. In fact, they could be novices in both those areas as they lack hands-on experience. I think many you dismiss as "Person B" are folks I would consider to be experts as they've built their knowledge through doing experiments. Lastly, it should be pointed out that the power supplies in most Chord digital products weren't designed by Chord. They were selected based on a set of measurements.
  19. I just wanted to point out that it would be a fallacy to assume this. An Appeal to Authority is a fallacy with the following form: Person A is an authority on subject S. Person A makes claim C about subject S Therefore, C is true. Claims aren’t proven true by who made the claim.
  20. Compliant feet will hinder the ability of Symposium shelves to draw energy out of devices. Their solution is to couple devices to their shelves: https://www.symposiumusa.com/pcouplers.html. I found that when I placed a VPI Aries 3 turntable with their original metal cone feet on Svelte shelf that I was initially impressed. But sometime afterward I placed Stillpoints under my speakers and it then became apparent that something was unnaturally coloring the sound of analog. It turned out that the Svelte shelf was injecting energy back into my table. I can’t say if using their couplers would have helped. Just pointing out that care needs to be taken to find the right match.
  21. My guess is that you’ll be kicking yourself for not trying it sooner.
  22. Question for you @BigAlMc. Every try running your DAC straight into your amps (bypassing your Hegel pre)? I was under the impression your DAC had a really good volume control.
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