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  1. I think that is my cue. Well, the theory works in practice. Very nice power supply (Sonore 5VDC for opticalModule). Using with the stock power cords with excellent results. And that is right out of the box. It usually takes a while for equipment to settle in my system, but this already sounds very good. And the build quality leads me to believe this little brick will be in my system for a very long time. Reasonable price too! 👍
  2. RE proper wiring: Does the DC cable go in the right or left ear? And which sounds better?
  3. Indeed we do It is very hard for an audiophile to use the work "excessive" when describing the lengths they have gone to for best sound. I'm just a little surprised you haven't told us about the anti-vibration footers you use for the rack.
  4. In my system, the oM settled in after a week or so.
  5. The Sonore opticalModule with the LPS-1.2 might work out better. Just a thought...
  6. Ordered a Sonore 5 VDC power supply -- the one specifically for the oM. Problem solved. Thanks.
  7. Thank you. Would I damage anything if it isn't up to the the job? An alternative would be an iFi 5v SMPS.
  8. Would a Welborne Labs 5v linear power supply (originally for the Logitech Touch) power the opticalModule? Doesn't seem the company is in business, so can't find more information beyond the 5v. Since I have the LPS, and my JS-2 will power an external clock for the eR, thought I would give it a try. Thanks.
  9. NOTE: there is a separate thread regarding clocks for the eR, but prior to that thread starting there were many comments in this thread.
  10. I'm asking my question in this thread since it didn't belong in the listening impressions thread. Did you DIY your Canare cable? I'm asking since I like the idea of a short cable, but haven't seen a pre-terminated 0.5m 75 ohm Canare cable. The pre-terminated ones tend to be longer that 0.5m. Thanks.
  11. I'm assuming this was DIY. If not, could you provide a link? Haven't seen any terminated 0.5m Canare. Thanks.
  12. What brand of clock cables are folks using to connect to the eR? Thanks.
  13. What brand of cables are folks using with their clocks?
  14. I'm assuming a blind listening session to satisfy everyone. Yes? I had to remove my cardboard tweak because our kitten was getting into the wires just to grab them. Fortunately, I haven't heard a change in the SQ and said kitten has moved onto other wires besides the audio system.
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