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  1. If you try the chicken wire solution for your setup, please provide before and after pictures.
  2. From snipes -- In Latin: digitus impudicus It is one of those gestures that hasn't changed in a long, long time.
  3. This is one reason why I don't think many short-term A/B comparisons are valid. One experiment: unplug your DAC, wait a while, then plug it in again. Sound different? If so, if instead you had put a new power cord in the system, you would conclude the difference is the new power cord. My power company recently repaired some equipment in our neighborhood so they turned off the power for about one hour. My system (mostly the clock, I think), took two days to settle down completely. Obviously, my power company had not read John's advice about keeping my clock powered at all t
  4. This reminds me of something Art Dudley wrote. He wrote about the weird obsession that is audio, but said that obsession was a blessing in disguise and preferred to his wife worrying about him chasing his daughter's teacher instead. He was a funny fellow and full of unexpected observations.
  5. #1: Correct, the setup would be: switch to eR B side, then eR A side to DAC. I'm new to all this too, but I suggested that B > A setup if you power both the eR and the clock with the JS-2 so that you don't defeat the eR's moat (which happens with a A > B setup and powering both eR and clock with the JS-2. I'm not sure whether powering the JS-2 and the SGC I5 creates a grounding issue. I can't see how it would affect the eR since it is before the eR. That said, your system might sound better with a separate LPS for clock and SGC. #2: My suggestion was to
  6. Not @James Stephens but have an opinion anyway. I would suggest three separate experiments (with at least a week in between to listen): 1) power the eR with the JS-2, then 2) power the clock with one of the other LPS units, then 3) turn around the eR (B > A) with no changes to the cables and power both the eR and the clock with the JS-2. Which do you like best? That one is the best and don't let anyone tell you differently. The changes might be subtle since you have an amazing system already. If the JS-2 is new and unused, it may take a while to settle in. Mine took a month to sett
  7. The eR sounds great with an UpTone UltraCap LPS 1.2. Added an old Aurios footer on top to add weight to keep it in place and as a heatsink but didn't notice a change in SQ.
  8. Not to argue, but according to a conversation with Alex, that is not correct.
  9. Regarding turning around the eR from B > A so that the JS-2 can power both the eR and an external clock, Alex explained (I bolded some text): “ If your usage of the EtherREGEN has only one (network feed) connection on the 'A' side, then there is a trick you can use which will allow use of the JS-2 for both the EtherREGEN and endpoint while preserving the full isolation. "Turn around" the EtherREGEN, running your network feed into the 'B' port, and your endpoint from one of the 'A' ports. This works great for two reasons: 1) We went to extra trouble and expense to make the
  10. I don't like my class D, I love it. Yes, I enjoy listening -- about 6 hours a day. The sound is, to a great extent, like a live performance. Class D can have the intimacy, immediacy, weight, richness (for lack of a better word) and dimensionality of tubes. No familiarity with the model you tried, so have no opinion about that particular model, but Bruno has cracked the code on class D. And the Mola Mola amps aren't fussy, which I like. You can just plug them into the wall and they sound great, consistently. Not here to plug my amps or argue, just to say that an overarching
  11. Unless he is able to flip it around and run B (input) to A (output).
  12. Looks great. Did you place the treatments by ear or measurement or both?
  13. Given all that, your Sweetie is a keeper!
  14. An eR with external clock and excellent power supply is going to sound great. Suggest you start there and fully absorb the benefits before adding fiber. That way you know what each addition adds to the sound. Just one opinion. Suggest you get opinions about whether connecting the DAC and eR to that particular power supply will defeat the eR's moat. What I don't understand about leakage currents could fill several large volumes.
  15. With your great system, you will reap the rewards! As you have heard yourself, room treatments do what equipment cannot.
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