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  1. If you have a Tambaqui and are using the ethernet input, you may want to check out the UpTone EtherREGEN (30-day, money-back guarantee), which ideally would be the last device connected to the Tambaqui. If interested, my comments are here:
  2. Terrific/prefect review! But, as a wise man once said, everything has been said, but not everyone has said it. So... For my measurements and A/B testing, I use highly accurate, one-of-a-kind instruments: my wife's ears. During burn-in, which in our setup required 300+ hours and cycled back and forth between musically engaging and hard to listen to (with, to me, the usual signs of overall improvement), my wife said the following: please lower the volume (always a bad sign); could you put on other music (ditto); is that Bill? (Frisell, artist identification and interest is always a positive sign); what is that? That song is really lovely (getting close to break-in, whew); you can turn that up (thanks, Uptone!), it sounds better but I don't know the reason. The last statement makes perfect sense to me. My wife is either engaged by the music or not. She listens holistically. She doesn't care about gear, highs/lows, soundstage, burn-in or anything related. When I thought the eR sounded bad, I didn't say anything, hoping she wouldn't notice. Nope. Likewise, when I was happy the break-in was almost over, I didn't say anything. Very pleased when she mentioned it sounded better, especially given her concern about messing with the SQ we had before the eR. Before the eR, we both loved our setup and could listen all day (literally), so she was a bit concerned about why I would gamble $640 to find out if the sound could improve (until I explained the money back guarantee). Frankly, I didn't know what to expect from the eR. And now that it has settled in, just like incus, there are times when I wonder what exactly has changed and am very thankful for the transparency of the eR (known here as the little gizmo, sorry Alex) -- I wouldn't want to change the characteristics of our DAC. Those qualities are simply more evident is a very natural, organic and flowing way. The DAC's ability to provide what are sometimes tradeoffs in sound -- the presentation is even more relaxed and more dynamic, more transparent and more lush -- has increased. Great product at a great price! Thank you Alex and John. Looking forward to reading about your next innovation.
  3. Got internet? Listening to Ron Carter's Foursight - Stockholm, Vol. 1. (Qobuz/Roon). If this be the sound of streaming, play on.... Too good not to share with Jazz fans. Enjoy!
  4. There are others more capable than I am of answering this, but it seems to me the MOAT filters out noise that is introduced via the ethernet cable, and as long as you use the eR as suggested, you get the benefit. And that the AC side of things is a different issue. My DAC and eR, using the stock power supply and power cord, are plugged into a common power conditioner (fed by a dedicated outlet) and that arrangement works well. Power conditioners/strips that are able to isolate the outlets from each other, help with any cross contamination of power supplies. Hope that helps answer your question.
  5. You said the eR is broken in. Just curious: How many hours playing music? As a few others have said, some systems may require a long break in. I'm approaching 200 hours and the last 30 hours has resulted in a very large improvement in the treble. I'm waiting for it to fully settle before I make a final judgement, but right now, listening to "Our Place: Duets for Cello and Guitar," I am thanking the musicians for coming over to my place to play for me. Simply outstanding in every way (Jud, you were right about the cello!).
  6. 1. Has anyone tried an LPS 1.2 with the eR? Improved SQ? 2. How about experiments with the brand of ethernet cable going into the A side of the eR? Make a difference or not? If not, any suggestions for flexible ethernet patch cables? The usual stuff make routing behind a crowded rack difficult. Thanks.
  7. Mine is on its side behind my rack. Beneath is a tube damper (used long ago with a tube preamp). I'm not claiming any differences in sound or that this is state of the art, just protecting the floor and aiding air circulation.
  8. A funny thing happened on the way to burn-in: I'm assuming that my setup/ears/listening preferences/room and the interaction of those may have made me an outlier in the burn-in process; however some of the folks on this forum might be outliers too, so perhaps this post will be useful to them. Before inserting the eR, I'd call my setup unfailingly musical. No desire to upgrade speakers or major gear. And I had stopped tweaking (have to be honest even if it costs me my audiophile union card). In summary: The burn-in period has thus far been about 170 hours and only now do I think it is nearly done settling in. Unlike many others, my out-of-the-box experience was that the highs were peaky, the soundstage was closed in, but there was also greater delineation of instruments. 30 hours: Experienced about 1 hour of glorious vocal music before the sound degraded. 60 hours: This thing sounds awful. Thought about throwing it out the window, but too hot to pick up 120 hours: Sounds much better, but identical to what I had before inserting the eR. Time for a refund? 170 hours: Highs almost completed clean/clear without being exaggerated. Some albums sound huge, others so intimate that it is uncanny, etc. All depends on the recording. I'd put money on being able to distinguish my pre-eR system from post-eR system with any recording I know well, and perhaps some I don't. My setup is simple: computer/Roon > router (isp-provided) > ethernet (in-wall, patch cable) > eR > ethernet cable > DAC (and Roon endpoint).
  9. This would end this crazy hobby. I think folks are just saying that, with all due respect, your topic should be separate from this thread. Kindly start another thread. Thank you.
  10. Don't want to make this a Roon 1.7 thread, but Roon stopped working during the night (still burning in the eR), so any further information related to what folks think is attributable to the eR vs. the new OS would be helpful. Last night the playlist was from my library. Rebooted my DAC and Roon could see my DAC endpoint, so that makes me think the eR isn't involved. Any suggestions? So far Qobuz, when Roon is working, is fine and 1.7 features are absolutely great.
  11. The New Releases for You and Recommended for You are great features for finding new music, especially using Qobuz from within Roon. Already added a few albums to my library. The Live Radio directory also looks promising.
  12. Yes. Twice. Once before powering cycling eR, which didn't work and once after. Thanks for the suggestion. The first instance may have been the day of the update (just before updating). But everything is playing now. Will see if it remains stable.
  13. Is anyone having issues with Roon 1.7? I've had the eR for about a week and yesterday for the first time the music stopped while playing from my library and Roon couldn't find my endpoint (DAC). Tried a few things, but the only thing that worked was powering the eR off/on. Had the same issue today. Same solution. I can see why those of you with the dropout issues have been so frustrated. my setup: computer/roon > router (isp-provided) > ethernet > eR > ethernet > DAC (roon endpoint).
  14. For whatever reason, it always takes a new piece of gear a very long time to settle into my setup. The eR is no different. In fact, it reminds me of burning in my previous DAC -- there are periods when the sound is sublime and times when it doesn't sound very good at all. Overall, now more than 130 hours of playing music, the peaky highs (seems others have the opposite problem) are gradually reducing. I will probably give it 200 hours (arbitrary limit) before deciding if it is going to work with my DAC (which is my streamer/Roon endpoint too).
  15. Since I'm using the ER behind my rack and there is so little space there, I've set it on its side and indeed that helps the heat dissipation. Using an old tube damper underneath which provides further air flow.
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