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  1. Concerning ventilation, would it work to place the ER under a shelf which is open on all sides and is about 2" above the hard surface floor (that is, about 1" clearance above for the ER and open on the sides)? Thanks.
  2. Thank you (know how busy you are). I have a retired friend like that. He does pro bono work all the time for folks who cannot afford the proper legal representation and that doesn't include his non-paid Board work. These kinds of people make the world work. They lead by example and always give of themselves. But....back to audio stuff.
  3. Alex, Did you mention earlier that John would explain this in greater detail in a whitepaper? That would be very interesting. You know, in his copious free time 😉
  4. I always enjoy reading these kind of comparisons. Given all the variables in different systems (power, gear, room and interaction of those), it is difficult to understand how the results might differ (or not) in different systems. In other words, can some/all of the results be generalized and therefore apply to and be useful to everyone? And then there is the variable of personal taste and our own hearing. As long as it remains fun and doesn't become dogmatic, experimenting is great. Of course, those who design gear have a much greater insight into what might work or not, and can most likely anticipate results in a way that we mere mortals cannot.
  5. When folks receive their ERs and report their impressions, I hope they note their other equipment and where in the "chain" the ER is used. Personally, I always find that part interesting. For my system, for example, the ER will go between Roon (in-wall ethernet) and the Mola Mola Tambaqui's (DAC/streamer/preamp) ethernet input. Simple.
  6. And that is working for you (and us). Original thinking applied not only to design but also marketing.
  7. I appreciate all the effort that went into this review! Nicely done. Thank you. Not being facetious when I say that even though I didn't need convincing to stay with Roon (which I've found to be a great in all respects), this article solidified my commitment to Roon. As Roon users know, the software is in continuous improvement. That would seem difficult for Freeware to match.
  8. I was hoping that the illustration for the website would at least include something that looked like a moat (with or without inhabitants). Thought it would be fun, with all the hight tech, to draw in a moat and see what folks thought.
  9. That is my setup: the DAC is a Roon endpoint/DAC/preamp, so the path is in-wall cat 5e to EtherREGEN to DAC. I'll let you know how that works out (hopefully in early November, if I can click fast enough on October 8).
  10. Agree that that room treatments make a huge improvement. Haven't tried the electronic route thus far. With my current system, I really do listen to the music and not the system (finally, the analytical side of my brain is quiet!). If I listened to a lot of large-scale classical, I'd be motivated to try convolution, since that kind of music seems to require more from the room. I wonder if it is possible to get the true scale of large venues for large-scale classical, no matter the treatment.
  11. Thank you. It is interesting to learn a bit about the kind of testing for the boards (perhaps, especially for those of us who have not experience with this kind of work).
  12. I emailed them regarding Roon compatibility as a way to expand their market and they said they would add it to their list of improvements they would consider; however, they have bigger concerns, like long-term viability. They pay IT folks it appears, so there doesn't seem to be a volunteer that could take up the "cause." I'm still using the link from a year ago (or so) within Roon internet radio. Not sure how long that will work.
  13. I've already told my wife that this little box will be added to our system. She nodded in the way audiophile wives who have given up nod. She doesn't care about the details until the sound improves. Then she is willing to listen (or, at least appear attentive) to my blather about my audiophile theories. She does enjoy our music system. I love to ask her to identify the musician and then be surprised that she gets it the first time (with artists she likes). Great ears!
  14. When you announced this product, I distinctly remember saying: break a leg. A leg! I hope you don't find that unfunny and also that it didn't make you laugh (painful!) My best for a speedy recovery.
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