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  1. With Earl Grey tea? Joe, say it isn't so! 😃 But dark tea is good for your eyes (not only according to Chinese wisdom, but also western science).
  2. Agree that this can be fascinating and further our appreciation for how many paths there are to audio nirvana. I had the opportunity to listen to a system assembled by someone who writes for the hobby. Not a fancy system, but well-tuned. I found the sound very nice, but also surprisingly different from my own, and I know the writer had a similar reaction to my system when he visited me. At that time, many years ago, he said: This system is all about the midrange. Now I know that he was correct, but I didn't at the time. On the other hand, I found his system to be homogenized, and while pleasant, I couldn't live with that long term. I imagine he has evolved his system since then too. Perhaps the best part of that mutual listening session, however, was getting exposed to new music. He brought the CDs he knew best and I discovered some music I hadn't heard. I think that at least we get that part of the benefit by reading reviews here at AS and elsewhere. It is great when reviewers provide a Qobuz list, which makes it very simple for those of us who use that service.
  3. Perhaps you have already seen Rajiv's must-read review of the eR. From his system, you can see that he uses a PSA regenerator, yet he finds differences, which he explains in some detail, among LPS units. He doesn't mention the JS-2 specifically, but the principle is the same. While I personally don't believe that anyone can reliably anticipate the changes to other systems -- too many variables to consider, including listener hearing/preference, room, power, etc. -- many folks have found that a quality LPS will enhance your eR experience. I suppose the question that cannot be answered is how much of a difference it will make.
  4. Chris, Really great stuff, but how about a forum thread for introverts? OK, well that will be a thread with no personal details, so perhaps not as interesting. 😃 What, no Chinese tea drinkers? I'm a snob for Cooked Pu-erh. When someone at work asked to try some, I made sure they liked the taste of soil. The stuff just makes me happy. Best concert? Saw Pink Floyd, but was not in a state to remember where or when. True story. Best live music moment: Sonny Rollins at the Monterey Jazz Festival. His very first note threw me back in my seat! After that, I knew I had to try harder at whatever I did. Very humbling and truly educational in the broadest sense.
  5. Yes, yes and yes. Perhaps we were listening to the same Roon radio stream. I don't listen to these because they are challenging to a system, but they are and they do highlight changes in PRAT, tonality and resolution. Yesterday's Ronin selection suddenly revealed how much is going on in Bartsch's music. It was a bit astounding.
  6. Then using solid core wire stripped at both ends would be my suggestion. Stranded wire works too, but the solid is easier to wrap around the screws of the plug and eR. Amazon US sells the solid wire already stripped for a no-tool option. Something like: https://smile.amazon.com/PHAT-SATELLITE-INTL-Electrical-Protection/dp/B07M8PKZFD/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=solid+core+grounding+wire&qid=1585231755&sr=8-2
  7. Ron, two opinions (there are others if you do a search): Also see:
  8. Beautiful. Thanks for posting. Have been dreaming about this integrated since it was first proposed (years ago) and in the meantime collected my current gear (which is going to stay as is). They certainly put a lot of technology and good sound into a small package.
  9. In a thread about the oM, @kennyb123 linked to a thread about audio streaming. In the following link, @romaz seems to have anticipated the need for the eR and he did so in response to early resistance to the very concept. Interesting sentence (among many): "Regardless, reclocking the ethernet stream shortly before it arrives to the server seems to provide benefits in the same way that a USB Regen can benefit a DAC."
  10. My experience: There was a variation in SQ for the first week or so. During that time, I had music playing during the day. After one week, I could hear most of the benefit. With a few more days beyond the week, it seems even better. I know this kind of stuff makes some heads hurt, but this is to my ears, in my system, with my own set of preferences and prejudices. Your mileage will vary, but hopefully it will settle in and work well for you. Since you already own it, just sit back and hear for yourself. Enjoy!
  11. connect these two: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VSDTVVX/ https://www.amazon.com/StaticTek-Adapter-Universal-Connection-Unbreakable/dp/B071J61CSV then connect the spade to the eR (see eR instructions) and connect the plug to any outlet. listen for a few days, then unplug and listen for a while. can also try different outlets.
  12. That makes sense. Was wondering about price and quality to determine if I wanted to do more research. Not at this point since my DAC does not utilize an external clock and I'm sticking with my system for as long as it is working reliably.
  13. That is why we need an UpTone external clock in a JS-2 chassis. Just saying....
  14. Are there quality external clocks that cost less than $3,500?
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