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  1. Shows that we are all just prawns in the hands of fate (preemptive groaning added here).
  2. What a great article, Chris. Enjoying music together is such a wonderful way to share different perspectives of the world. And that is one pretty system. Now, could your daughter give her point of view? That would be fun.
  3. Amazing that they use the English lyrics! But maybe the Bee Gees were more popular than many of us thought. You are definitely a subversive!
  4. Isn't treating a finite resource as finite just common sense? It should be. No need to politicize it or turn it into a religion. Do we want clean water and clean air for ourselves and the generations that follow? Do we want the world to be able to feed itself? It cannot do that right now. It is estimated that "food insecurity" in the developing world will nearly double this year to 265 million. The pandemic has made this worse, of course, but it nothing compared to the soon-to-be and long-term effects of climate change. That is a fact. Scientists agree on this much. And
  5. If you are in the U.S., you can demo the Tambaqui and hear for yourself.
  6. Not to go too far OT, but...can you mention the cables you tried and what qualities they brought? Personally, I find that a $40+ (0.5 meter) clock cable is quite good.
  7. In the U.S., very little can be done unless Congress appropriates funds and creates policy for subsidies and tax breaks. Where I live the sun is shining almost all the time. How many home owners use solar? Very few. We purchased our solar panels when there were tax breaks. Without the subsidies at the time, the cost/benefit equation wouldn't work. In my subdivision, only two neighbors have solar. Storage systems aren't ideal, but with a grid-tied system you always have power -- sometimes from the power company and sometimes from your solar panels. Policy requ
  8. The only car I enjoyed helping to fix because I got to ride in it. With the top off, I could sit sideways on the back "seat," which was actually a padded shelf. Even as I kid, I thought: any sudden stops and I'm going to fly through the air. The double Abarth exhaust could be heard for miles. We always knew when Dad would be home soon. The kids in my neighborhood not only put baseball cards on their bike wheels, they also added their own vocals to imitate the sound. My Dad LOVED that car!
  9. Looks familiar. Some of my Dad's stuff was a bit funky (like his cars when he moved beyond US autos) -- his tuner required two hands to operate, one for the tuner selector knob and the other to insert an extended paper clip (can't remember what that did). I never touched the gear, just listened. My parent's bedroom was the listening room. His Bozak mid, with tweeter suspended in the middle, was in a cutout in their close closet. A thin wire descended across the room (with the crossover, all of one component, suspended in air) to a very large cabinet with a woofer (the open baffle and sou
  10. That took me back, way back My older brother always had homework (he did, he just didn't do it). Think this is why I never got interested in cars. But there was an upside: my Dad also assembled/built his own stereo and it was my introduction to great sound.
  11. I had a BDP-1 for many years and it was a solid performer within the context of the very limited interface. As you mention, customer support is excellent and when the BDP-1 bricked support would tunnel in and fix it. It is interesting that the same points you raise about MM were the ones that really annoyed me. I came to hate the interface and it seems reasonable that many others dislike it too. Therefore, it is really surprising that Manic Moose was used for this new product. MM had been severely limited by the memory, etc. of the BDP-1. To their credit, Bryston released MM u
  12. What? Clearly she is establishing the first objective criteria for judging rear tooting. Much later, in the 1980s, "rear tooting" took on another meaning as the horn was used in reverse, so to speak, to access a ubiquitous white powder.
  13. Just because you wear a mask in public, doesn't mean basic hygiene should be ignored!
  14. Some of the reviews on Amazon indicate that it doesn't work for everyone and that it may block everything or premium channels (or require a re-boot when the cable company updates the box's software - so works but is inconvenient). The reviews also mention it doesn't work with a satellite receiver.
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