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  1. Just now learning about fiber. Would this patch cable work with Alex's suggested SFP? https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00T5796DQ/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A1AMUYYA3CT6HJ&psc=1 Thanks.
  2. Is there an ETA for when the optical Module will be back in stock? Thanks.
  3. Interesting setup. By any chance did you try using the eR without the Optical module to determine how it improved the eR used alone? I assume that a JS-2 LPS could power both optical module and eR. That is an interesting prospect as I consider future improvements to the eR alone.
  4. You might want to check out this thread, including the last few posts:
  5. I don't know the answer to your question, but wanted to point out that you can feed (copper/not fiber) ethernet directly to the Tambaqui; I don't believe you can do that right now with the DAC module in the Makua (although it seems to be a future goal). That might be a consideration for some folks. Another consideration: The specs for the Tambaqui and the DAC in the Makua are not the same. Theoretically, though I've not heard both, the Tambaqui should be "better."
  6. Yes, as was I. But I do understand when some of the explanations about this kind of stuff makes it hard to take seriously. I suppose the truth of it is: the manufacturer had a theory, tried stuff and some of it was audible. Well, to switch the metaphor, you have clearly drunk the Kool-Aide. And are enjoying the experience. Interesting that with all your SR stuff the ground block didn't make a difference. I thought that was a central concept of their cables... To return to the thread -- is the Atmosphere ethernet cable AFTER the eR? Would be interested in what you found if you experimented with alternatives.
  7. Ok. But I think you are killing the suspense that every eR owner now has about the ECTs. But I'm glad you asked because it is a long story and that is also fitting for the season. So... The ECTs were used INSIDE my previous DAC (DirectStream). For that experiment, I kept the cover off and added the ECTs one at a time and moved them around. Ending up using all five, mostly on chips. The effect was subtle, but good. Perhaps placebo effect, but I still don't understand SR's explanation, and if I did, I probably wouldn't believe it. My working theory is that in that application, mounted by some grey-tack (provided), they worked against resonance of the chips themselves. OK, it is snake oil, but it never inflamed my guts, so "no gain, no pain" to those who love to measure. 😝 At any rate, once I had all the Mola Mola gear in place, I put the tweaks back into a box. You just plop the MM down, connect and enjoy. Well, no longer being the patient audiophile (is there such a thing?) I was in my younger years, I put all the tweaks on eR nearly at the same time. First, a Herbie's tube damper below to increase air flow and a Aurios bearing footer on top (never liked them under equipment) just to see what would happen (it does act as a bit of a heatsink and adds weight). After a few hours, there seemed to be a subtle difference. Then added a Bybee acrylic QSE beneath the SMPS. Next day, I didn't notice anything much, so added the ECTs. An hour or two later, I was in another room and a Roon radio selection played which actually startled me. It was as though I was listening to the highest resolution recording I've ever experienced. But, as we know, sometimes this effect can be too much and is actually boosting frequencies. Over time, this can grow tiresome if it isn't truly natural/balanced/neutral. Therefore I don't have an answer yet. Will leave it all as is for a week and see how it progresses. More later...
  8. Oh, so close! You almost received the audio nervosa award this year. 😎 SR ECTs.
  9. Curious if you have had a chance to experiment further. The Farad has a max draw of 42w for 12 volts. Any idea of what the average draw might be? Thanks.
  10. As others have found, it seems a new ethernet cable needs to break in too. That makes no sense to me, but that is what I experienced too. It seems that ethernet isn't just bits = bits because stuff other than data takes a ride on the same line.
  11. Would be interested in your findings about powering with both of these after about 300 hours or so. My eR took quite a while to settle in and cycled through rough patches during the process. Of course, the variables of our systems are all different and cannot be predicted, it seems. Personally, I like remaining skeptical until my ears are happy (or not).
  12. Something like the Purist Audio Design Cat 7, which I purchased long before getting the eR to connect the in-wall ethernet to the DAC, is priced between the no-name stuff and the $1K stuff. It was a nice upgrade at the time. Of course, nothing compared to adding the eR. The PAD Cat7 now resides between the B side of the eR and the DAC. Just another option...
  13. Well you now have me curious about trying an LPS 1.2, so I'd say we are even. 😎
  14. That is for sure, but you are providing a public service doing all this testing. I just can't make myself do too much of this experimenting any more. Grounding the darn thing was enough. It is so crowded behind my rack and I have to keep my head down to clear the bottom of the diffuser (on the wall behind the rack), which will leave its mark on your head if you mess with it. 😖 Since we are talking brands, before the eR, I found that a Purist Audio Design Cat7 cable made a nice difference, which really surprised me given bits = bits. On the other hand, the Blue Jeans certified 6a, didn't sound right. Currently, I have a monoprice 6a to the A side and the Purist Audio Design on the B side. Sounding very nice.
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