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  1. I emailed them regarding Roon compatibility as a way to expand their market and they said they would add it to their list of improvements they would consider; however, they have bigger concerns, like long-term viability. They pay IT folks it appears, so there doesn't seem to be a volunteer that could take up the "cause." I'm still using the link from a year ago (or so) within Roon internet radio. Not sure how long that will work.
  2. I've already told my wife that this little box will be added to our system. She nodded in the way audiophile wives who have given up nod. She doesn't care about the details until the sound improves. Then she is willing to listen (or, at least appear attentive) to my blather about my audiophile theories. She does enjoy our music system. I love to ask her to identify the musician and then be surprised that she gets it the first time (with artists she likes). Great ears!
  3. When you announced this product, I distinctly remember saying: break a leg. A leg! I hope you don't find that unfunny and also that it didn't make you laugh (painful!) My best for a speedy recovery.
  4. Agreed. And thank you for the real-time updates. I'm assuming there are a few folks like me, who have a simple setup and think they already know how to connect the eR 😎 , so a simple block diagram of the simplest one-input-one-output (as one of the illustrations) might be helpful. At any rate, I'm sure there also a few of us who think the most important update to your website will be the "add to cart" for your new invention.
  5. That is a fantastic deal! Someone here should steal those now.
  6. Your selection criteria makes great sense. It's wonderful that the "business" side (being a reviewer) and the "always wanted them since I was a little audiophile" meet up perfectly. Aesthetics are so personal. I love the elf's hat look. My wife preferred the look of our previous B&W, but said "Of course, it is the sound that matters." That is pretty amazing given that the listening room is the living room. At any rate, have fun! Congratulations.
  7. Had a NAD Ncore-based amp prior to getting Kalugas. The NAD was a very nice amp for the money. Glad Bruno made the point that class D sounds warm, etc. if the recording is warm. Very true. What you don't get is homogenized sound, which can be nice when recordings aren't very good. That isn't to say the Kalugas, for example, are ruthlessly revealing. Quite the contrary: I'm amazed how they sound with internet radio. But they don't reach the amazing levels they are capable of with such material. Good old rebook, well recorded, does produce like-live sound and that works for me. What an amazing group of talented engineers, designers, original thinkers and doers. Thank you for the article.
  8. My wife preferred the Logitech Touch to Roon until I started to make it easier for her to access her favorite music and showed her how to search for more of the same kind of music. With Quobuz via Roon, there is a very wide universe of music for her (and I also do searches and try out new music with her). She doesn't care about gear at all (as long as it stays the same for a while ) but she loves her music presented with better fidelity. The Touch is still connected to the DAC, but I noticed she hasn't used it in a few weeks. I think it only practical to embrace both kinds of interfaces. A part-time musician friend at work uses Alexa. He has good ears, but enjoys the convenience. And he also has his sax and piano standing by for the kind of live sound that IMHO cannot be reproduced, regardless of cost (but I haven't hear the system that cost more than the average U.S. home). If it is music that matters, then it doesn't matter how you enjoy it. Who hasn't rocked to a song on their car radio? It is great to have so many choices and falling prices for excellent sound. This is a great thread.
  9. As ednaz mentioned, this will be important information for answering those "what should I get?" questions. When the question comes from a millennial who doesn't have many resources, I don't really have a helpful response. It seems their generation has made the case for vinyl and turntables, which I haven't had in a very long time. Helping these folks would help our hobby. A wonderful and interesting generation!
  10. Those brands appear on his website: https://my-sound.net/product-overview/ Nice website.
  11. More like this! Wonderful read and photos. Thank you. I have found it rare in the states to find a store that gets the sound right, never mind having a broader vision of music and art.
  12. Currently with the Kalugas, and previously with Hyper-based amps, I have found one strength of the brand is low-level listening. Now, adding the Tambaqui, that quality has been enhanced. I still like to crank the system (my wife thinks I will damage my hearing), but I listen at a lower level much more frequently than before the Tambaqui. So much of what I value in music is preserved at low levels. That is quite to my surprise and it wasn't on my wish list when shopping for a new DAC. I'm not advocating for getting rid of preamps when they float your boat. Our hobby is all about personal preferences. Just mentioning this Tambaqui quality for those looking for low-level listening. Of course, your speakers have to cooperate too.
  13. That was fun. Thank you. Interesting that one can hear distinct differences among the equipment shown, even given the differences in the music each played (some simple and some more demanding).
  14. From Mola Mola website: Signal to Noise Ratio: 140 dB (Tambaqui), 130dB (preamp option board). THD, IMD: not measurable (estimated -150 dB).
  15. After a month of using the ethernet input, I can say that it yields great results. Upgrading the ethernet cable to a Purist Audio Design cat7 and re-inserting the Acoustic Revive RLI-1 (passive filter) both helped the purity of the sound. Even a good-resolution internet station, such as The Jazz Groove, yields what I consider CD-quality playback when the source material is decent. Since I'm using Roon straight to the Tambaqui, it functions as a streamer/DAC/preamp. That saves a lot of boxes, cables and $$$.
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