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  1. You may be correct. I was speaking about fiber in relation to the eR and my own setup. Given practicalities, I've only tried the first two options: 1. in-wall copper ethernet to rj45 input of eR. 2. in-wall copper ethernet to rj45 input of oM to SFP in eR. 3. in-wall fiber to SFP in eR. So, you are suggesting that options 2 and 3 would sound the same, considering the extra equipment (oM and LPS) and connections/connectors/conversion processes in option 2? I admit that I have a bias toward "simpler is better." Might that influence what I
  2. From a subjective point of view, adding an opticalModule before an etherREGEN improved the high frequencies of my system. Months after adding a second eR, I tried removing the oM and found that it no longer improved the sound. Since that means fewer boxes and less heat, this is a better option for me (guess I'll sell the oM and the LPS since I do not foresee using it later). Context is important: in-wall cat 6 utp feeds the eR, so the oM was connected with 1 meter of fiber. I would think a long run of fiber from router to your system, using single-mode SFP, might yield a differe
  3. check out this graphic of how the smoke travels and reflect upon the fact that the distance from Portland, Oregon to Manhattan, NY is 2,900 miles!!! https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/07/21/climate/wildfire-smoke-map.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage
  4. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/07/20/us/utah-water-drought-climate-change.html?action=click&module=Spotlight&pgtype=Homepage The Southwest in the U.S. is in severe draught conditions. Groundwater and streams vital to both farmers and cities are drying up in the West, challenging the future of development. In the little mountain town of Oakley, about an hour’s drive from Salt Lake City, the spring that pioneers once used to water their hayfields and filled people’s taps for decades dwindled to a trickle in this year’s scorching drought. So town official
  5. when...you tell your significant other that "I think I'm done buying equipment" and you get that knowing nod, which takes decades to fully decipher. There are so many things in that glance, but it seems there is always an element of this.
  6. anything in excess of $11,000 USD would be a discussion.
  7. when...you have to explain to your wife that the PayPal notification she saw in your email is in Hong Kong dollars not USD!
  8. you are watching a movie with your significant other and at a pivotal point in the plot/character relationships, you say: "Nice speakers! Those are the blah, blah. I think they are the newest iteration." Or: "The set designer really likes the blue lights on the McIntosh gear."
  9. Would you forget about the damn pedals? This shot is about the boots. Right?
  10. I liked this particular review because it seemed balanced to me, but I don't look for affirmation of listening formats or particular gear in reviews I read. I'm just curious about what people hear, what they value and how they express themselves. Most reviews talk about how the gear sounds (of course), which is the opposite of what I'm interested in, which is whether I can connect to the music easily and whether the gear facilitates exploring music that I don't otherwise listen to. If digital can get me there, especially streaming music, that is ideal (for me) since there is so
  11. Steve Guttenberg:
  12. Regarding F&F: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/28/movies/helen-mirren-vin-diesel-f9.html?searchResultPosition=1 From the article which is titled - Honk if Helen Mirren and Vin Diesel Should Have Kissed in ‘F9’ Q: Your scene with Vin is the best one in the movie, and it’s clear that he adores you. Still, I have a note: There should have been a kiss, don’t you think? A: A very chaste kiss would be nice, yes. Q: Listen, I’d settle for that. Maybe part of the thrill of this pairing is that it’s so rare to see Vin Diesel riding in someone else’s pas
  13. Streaming does require more work to get the best sound, but something like Qobuz via Roon is simply put (in my not so humble opinion) a music discovery machine. And with the higher resolution formats now becoming abundant, great sound is more available more frequently. Of course, it depends upon the music one loves to listen to and to discover. A vinyl axe doesn't rust. I get that part. But grinding it will just lead to dullness, definitely for the axe and perhaps for the grinder. Just saying....and having a little fun.
  14. Well, so far I have avoided bloodletting, but the rest applies. I think your statement was true five years ago or so, but I disagree in the here and now. Bruno is one of the designers who has changed the digital landscape and not just in amplifiers (his Tambaqui DAC is truly great). The basic Purifi "engine" is extremely low noise/distortion at a great price. I assume that the various Purifi iterations sound different because of different input sections used and one needs to find one that suites your setup and tastes. One well-respected reviewer mentioned that he listens t
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