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    I have been wondering about getting an ethernet cable that would be ideal to connect the B-side of my etherregen to my metrum Acoustics Ambre Roon endpoint.  Currently I have a 1 meter cable matters Cat8 RJ45 cable doing the job, but I have been wondering whether I cannot do better than that. I have read the posting about ethernet cables on whatsbestfoum, to which you referred me, and I am intrigued by the SOtM dCBL Cat7 cable. That is not only because I have heard good things about that cable, but also because I have already replaced the RJ45 cable inside the Metrum Ambre with an SOtM dCBL Cat6 (High grade, Lan Port) cable, and have enjoyed the results very much.


    I am sort of seeking some last piece of encouragement about the dCBL Cat7 cable, and the difference it might make before pulling the trigger given what a substantial investment it is going to be.  I want it to bring enhancements to the SQ of my system, and I was dead set on the dCBL cat7 because  the folks at Crux Audio (the USA SOtM store) also think it would be the best cable to complement the dCBL CAT6 (HG LP) inside the Ambre.  I guess the only thing that is giving me pause is what some of the posters on the Whatsbestforum say when comparing the dCBL Cat7 to the Shunyata Sigma, which I do not think I can afford at this time anyway.  For now, I am inclined to going with the SOtM dCBL Cat7, provided it will bring noticeable improvements as compared to the Cable Matters Cat8 cable I have connecting the B side of the Etherregen to my Metrum Ambre.


    If you have any related insights that might help me decide, one way or the other, they'll be really helpful.  Thanks. Patrick

    1. Always.Learning


      Sorry for the super long delay in responding to your message -- I just don't check for messages very often. You've probably made your decision on ethernet cables a long time ago, but if you are looking for encouragement to choose the SOtM dCBL Cat7, I would say that the two I have in my system have been well worth the $1000 investment. In directly comparing the Shunyata Sigma, the two were pretty darn close, but I ultimately preferred the tonality I got with the SOtM. And it is almost half the price. Hope this was helpful.

    2. sahmen


      Thanks for responding, although I did decide to order the dCBL Cat7, and I expect to receive it in less than a month from now.  It is nice to know that I did not make the wrong choice.


      Thanks again.



  2. Kavakos is probably the least known of the trio you saw, but he is a truly amazing violinist, having seen him twice in recital in Seattle. And Wang is always fun -- between her musicality, technique, and stage presence.
  3. Last night: Seattle Symphony, Benaroya Hall (Mozart Concerto for Two Pianos, Marc-Andre Hamelin & Ryan Wigglesworth; Wigglesworth Piano Concerto (US Premiere); Haydn Symphony No. 103 ("Drumroll") March 20: Beethoven & Shostakovich, Seattle Symphony Chamber Music Series March 28: Zakir Hussain, Kala Ramnath, Jayanthi Kumaresh; Moore Theater (Seattle) April 1: Cecile McLorin Salvant, Jazz Alley (Seattle) April 3: Steven Osborne, Benaroya Hall
  4. @sahmen-- You might want to read this thread on the What's Best forum comparing the SOtM dCBL-CAT7 and the Shunyata Sigma ethernet cables: https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/sigma-and-sotm-dcbl-cat7-ethernet-cables.29657/#post-615404
  5. This thread has been strangely quiet for about six months. Where are all the M Scaler users? Maybe they are all posting on head-fi (I'll be making this same post on head-fi.) This is a comparative review of four different digital cables that can be used to connect the Hugo M Scaler and your DAC, which is DAVE in my case. The other major focus of the review is the Farad Super3 Power Supply, which is now my reference power supply for the M Scaler.BackgroundAbout six weeks after buying an M Scaler, I replaced the stock Chord-supplied BNC cables with Geistnote Apogee Wyde Eye cables, a
  6. Ken (@kennyb123) is absolutely right about the importance of upgrading your BNC cables with the HMS. Please note I am not complaining about the Chord-supplied cables. I have been happily enjoying them for the last six weeks or so and Chord deserves some credit for including these with the HMS -- it helps get people up and listening quickly. Not many manufacturers include a pair of cables with their product. In any event, I was motivated to try a new pair of cables by Ken's experience (we are friends) and by another mutual friends' positive report on a pair of very affordable BNC c
  7. Another thumbs up for the PNF configuration. Although I've only had this in the system for a couple days, compared to the "default" configuration I hear a more tonally dense presentation as well as a slightly more forward presentation. One of the more pronounced differences is the presentation of cymbals. With the PNF version, there is more density (or, to use PeterSt's description, a less whitish sound), a longer and more prominent sustain, and a good metallic ring. Overall, I wouldn't characterize these differences as huge; I still need to listen carefully to pick up on the differences in my
  8. It is ironic that, in this thread devoted to Chord's M-Scaler, there are only a handful of reviews/impressions from actual users. Here is a review I just posted on Head-Fi: I have now had the M-Scaler in my system for about ten days. Here are some observations. Overall Gestalt The single biggest takeaway for me is that music is more composed and calm. Music does not feel as hyped as before; there are not as many moments that show some hint of harshness; there are fewer sharp edges. In a word, music is more natural. Some would say this is a darker sound and I wou
  9. FWIW, the Fischer/Budapest Mahler 2 also happens to be my favorite. You can check it out on Tidal in 16/44.1, and the goodness really shines through.
  10. This is a model of what a review should do. It is extremely well written, entertaining, and contains a ton of information and comparisons for people who are making decisions about the best use of their money. I'm happy you've found a great combo, Rajiv. I'm expecting my HMS to arrive in about a week. Your review certainly whets the appetite. Kudos! Jon
  11. Too early to say. I haven't really attempted to get at the root of the problem yet. It may be fine and the problem may simply have been a loose connection that could be easily dealt with. This is a switch that was clocked (from my sMS-200 Ultra) by a short, 12 inch cable from DigiKey that cost $20. I never really liked the connectors on these cables and it always felt a bit precarious. Also, the fact that I was running two stiff, unwieldy SOtM dBL-Cat7 ethernet cables in and out of the lightweight switch made for a more precarious situation. I'm curious if anyone else has had probl
  12. Thank you all for your suggestions on how I might access the Eunhasu OS website. I finally was able to do so, but probably not how you might have guessed. First, I tried the suggestion made by @tedwoods: "If you're accessing it via DHCP and not via a bridged or static IP configuration, it could mean it has been assigned a new IP address, so your link to Eunhasu does not work anymore. Google ""sotm my" and it'll direct you to "my eunhasu" page (http://sotm-audio.com/my/), where you can find the new IP address and connect to Eunhasu again." When I d
  13. Has anyone else been unable to access Eunhasu? For three days now, when I type http://eunhasu into my browser, I get the message that the browser cannot open the webpage because the server where the page is located is not responding.
  14. I'll weigh in with a few short comments. The last few updates (4.54 through 4.56) have proceeded smoothly. Sonic quality, as far as I have noticed, has remained constant since the upgrade to 4.51. I posted earlier that I thought there were significant and very worthwhile improvements in 4.51 as compared to earlier versions. Finally, with respect to the blinking lights, I guess I can understand why some people might be concerned if this is a new phenomenon. For me, I have had rapidly blinking lights on my sMS-200 since first installing it in September 2017. I don't think this blink
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