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  1. Thanks @Fourlegs and looking forward for your future experiment.
  2. This is an outstanding DIY work @Nenon you didn't leave anything in this switch without modification, you pushed this switch to its limit which I like.
  3. May I know @Fourlegs what's your recommendation for a power supply for Qutest and what's the enhancements did you get over stock PSU?
  4. I'm not sure if this is working probably in Euphony because I can't find your playlists over there.
  5. Out of curiosity what is your previous Server and current CD transport?
  6. Here are some photos posted by @Johnseye
  7. Looking expectantly to this comparison, by the way are you able now to make a comparison between MU1 and Statement?
  8. Here is article from Paul about the importance of PSU which i found it useful:
  9. Thank you @Nenon for highlighting some points of the difference between Sean Custom PSU and Extreme internal PSU. I would like to add also that the regulators playing some roles in the performance of PSU, when i took a look to to SR7DR or SR7T i figure out that Paul didn't use a fancy Capacitors like Mundorf in his PSU so eventually his regulators played the biggest effect in his PSU. I think Roy or Rajiv talked about Paul methodology when he is designing his PSU but i'm not sure where is the link.
  10. May i know what is the type of DC input for both 12V and 5V of your modified S100, is it 5.5X2.1mm or 2.5mm?
  11. Thank you Rajiv for bringing this Schroeder method to the light and thanks also to @romaz who advised me for this connection as well. Indeed i totally agree with you there is a substantial improvement with this method and i would like to encourage others to try this method. Just out of curiosity Rajiv who is made the JSSG360 for you, is this Audio Sensibility or Rick also curious why you cover the connectors with black protectors.
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