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  1. I'm not sure if Stephen can help me with this issue or not.
  2. Actually It's a long story. I was #15 (I placed my original order on Jun 2017) and we reached to the point that my PSU will be shipped August 2018 but after waiting for long time without the success to catch my PSU I thought I can re-specified my PSU due to further delay. Paul told me since I re-specification my PSU which was from a year ago (April 2019), my builds moved around the schedule to accommodate changing supplier lead times and he thinks the materials will not be on his bench before starting his build #23 so he eventually moved me to that build but unfortunately AFAIK from those who received their PSU from build#15 to #17 they only delayed due to re-specification but not moved to down list. Anyone here has an advice.
  3. So I think I'm holding the record number on the waiting list 😪.
  4. No need for virus excuses, the custom build process is already back.
  5. Any one here exceeded 34 months waiting to deliver his PSU.
  6. Thanks MikeyFresh. Did you power your Qutest DAC with LPS1 as well or what? If so curious to know how did you find LPS1 vs stock SMPS?
  7. If you are meaning you powered Chord Qutest DAC, out of curiosity what is the power cable did you use since the input power plug of Qutest is microUSB and this connector is very rare to find.
  8. Really appreciate Roy for coming back with your new experiments. Keep posting as much as you can, thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks for sharing this invaluable information. And looking expectantly to your new build. Also I would like to thank @Nenon for his contributions on this hobby as well.
  10. For those who purchased recently what's the lead time to deliver?
  11. Hopefully @paulhynes can chime in and give us an updates
  12. Anyone got his SR7 custom build or received a reply from Paul.
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