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  1. Thanks @hopkins just curious to know your previous DAC's model that you eventually praises the EC Design.
  2. That's a good point. Curious to know the other DAC's that you owned from other brands.
  3. @hopkins may I know what is the DAC did you have before EC design?
  4. @hopkins Can you post some photos clarifying the physical connection between devices and showing how you can power a DAC?
  5. May i know where is the best store that offers a good price of NUC7i7DNBE.
  6. Thank you @greenleo for your efforts and if someone can chime in as well to post an installation guide for Headless (Command Line) Version we will be appreciated.
  7. Thank you @greenleo for your efforts but in order to mount my drivers i faced a problem from time to time but not always, actually when i opened the Start Here Folder sometimes i can't see my local drivers and sometimes i see my local drivers but when i'm trying to mount it, the popup message came as hereunder image. So what do you think about my issues?
  8. Thank you both for this feedback. And this is good to know as well. This is raised a question that AFAIK we need only one NUC running Audiolinux GUI Ramroot with diskless as we can't use Headless version with jRiver upon to Piero information and this NUC will connect to NAS eventually. Is there any missing information or am i wrong with something else? Also i'm thinking that maybe Roonserver+Roonbridge running in a separate NUC's will be better than the single NUC running jRiver, is this right or not?
  9. Since there are many folks here are using Roon with NUC running Audiolinux, so what about the jRiver? How did you find jRiver with NUC mentioned here? Also curious to know is there a superior benefit in SQ from Roon over jRiver, because if so I will switch to Roon eventually.
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