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  1. Folks, I would like to know your opinion of my situation to make sure if I'm wrong or Paul. If I cancelled my order and within 8 days I changed my mind and decided to come back to my order, moreover I didn't receive the refund nor Paul received his money from another customer who's took over my original build no. which was #15 as Paul decided at that time, should Paul shifted me to the next cancellation order although I waited over one year for my build or should he shifted the new customer to the next cancellation order.
  2. Good to know that you have the same build no. as mine. That is an additional evidence for what is going on between Paul and us.
  3. I sent him an email last week and as usual, I didn't receive any response so far.
  4. Yeah I'm very disappointed, i placed my order June 2017. I explained to him many times that he delivered many builds and he didn't build mine so far, any advice for this situation.
  5. +1000,000 since I'm still waiting my build for over 50 months so far.
  6. Can you please post a link of Douk Audio converter? I'm not sure if this what you are talking about. https://www.amazon.com/Douk-Audio-Converter-Interface-PCM192Khz/dp/B085XPRSGM
  7. I'm not sure if there is an alternative way to stream sound from Android Phones like AirPlay audio server for iOS.
  8. What do you think for 48 months and it's counting?
  9. Beautiful setup Marcin, I figured out that you're paying attention for everything even the color (black) of your internal parts of your streamer is matching the speaker and lamellas colors😁, kudos to you👏🏼.
  10. Your setup is awesome, congratulations and why not, the picture worth 1K words.
  11. @oodalolly thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiments with Pareto system, curious to know how did you power your Pareto server?
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