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  1. Is this firmware related to MU1 or to Roon?
  2. Thanks @Fourlegs and looking forward for your future experiment.
  3. This is an outstanding DIY work @Nenon you didn't leave anything in this switch without modification, you pushed this switch to its limit which I like.
  4. May I know @Fourlegs what's your recommendation for a power supply for Qutest and what's the enhancements did you get over stock PSU?
  5. I'm not sure if this is working probably in Euphony because I can't find your playlists over there.
  6. Out of curiosity what is your previous Server and current CD transport?
  7. Here are some photos posted by @Johnseye
  8. Looking expectantly to this comparison, by the way are you able now to make a comparison between MU1 and Statement?
  9. Here is article from Paul about the importance of PSU which i found it useful:
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