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  1. What do you think for 48 months and it's counting?
  2. Beautiful setup Marcin, I figured out that you're paying attention for everything even the color (black) of your internal parts of your streamer is matching the speaker and lamellas colors😁, kudos to you👏🏼.
  3. Your setup is awesome, congratulations and why not, the picture worth 1K words.
  4. @oodalolly thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiments with Pareto system, curious to know how did you power your Pareto server?
  5. Is this firmware related to MU1 or to Roon?
  6. Thanks @Fourlegs and looking forward for your future experiment.
  7. This is an outstanding DIY work @Nenon you didn't leave anything in this switch without modification, you pushed this switch to its limit which I like.
  8. May I know @Fourlegs what's your recommendation for a power supply for Qutest and what's the enhancements did you get over stock PSU?
  9. I'm not sure if this is working probably in Euphony because I can't find your playlists over there.
  10. Out of curiosity what is your previous Server and current CD transport?
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