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  1. Probably showing my ignorance here but my current setup is Audirvana plus for Windows (on a laptop) > IsoRegen > BluWave USB to SPDIF bridge > SPDIF cable > DAC. My music files are on a USB external hard drive connected to my laptop.. Keeping the current configuration which I really like, could I put the EtherREGEN somewhere in my system to improve it or is it really only suited to a streaming based setup? Thanks
  2. tims

    Audirvana Plus 3 for Windows (Official Thread)

    I'm trying out the trial A+ for Windows but can't find a comprehensive manual like the 48 page A+ 3 for MAC manual on the Audirvana website, but only a A+ for Windows installation manual on the website. For the A+ Windows, is there a comprehensive manual coming out or already out like the full MAC manual mentioned above? Thanks
  3. I think that just covers the exposed pins to avoid damage, shorts etc?
  4. tims

    Fidelizer 8.0

    I have a linux based music server and haven't used my laptop with Fidelizer 7 Pro (running Foobar) for over a year. After the many positives reviews I've read for Fidelizer 8, I may try the free version of this. @Windows X; I'm interested in your opinion - do you think the free version of Fidelizer 8 is better than my Fidelizer 7 Pro version? Thanks
  5. Does it come with the full 12 month warranty? Thanks
  6. Hi @PeterSt Did you get a chance to try kurb1980's new configurations he likes? I intend to but I'm trialing some tweaks I've already done and don't want to try anything else as yet. Thanks
  7. tims


    Not with this design: https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/power-supplies/327105-develop-ultra-capacitor-power-supply-lifepo4-battery-power-supply.html#post5540295
  8. tims

    Website question

    @The Computer Audiophile I like to use the Pocket app to download topics/articles and read them later off-line. Where topics have multiple pages is there any way to have all the posts showing on one or two pages (eg a print view?) rather than download/save many pages individually? Thanks
  9. tims

    Best alternatives LPSU to Paul Hynes SR7

    @Cloth Ears Thanks but I was after a link for the kit(?) mentioned above for $18 unless I have misunderstood your post. Cheers
  10. How do the two PS 's compare cost wise - I've often wondered how much a dual rail DR SR7 is compared to a "ordinary" dual rail SR7.
  11. tims

    Best alternatives LPSU to Paul Hynes SR7

    If you could, please supply the link to this kit - I can't find it on the aliexpress site. Thanks
  12. Thanks for your reply and the updated info. Prior to your response I changed my Topaz to balanced mode and was pleasantly surprised as the SQ increase was better than expected plus my Topaz is running a little cooler. But now I'm not sure if this is due the fact that it's running in balanced mode or now the secondary is now not floating as before? I may try the following: Revert back to unbalanced mode but this time ground the output neutral to make it non-floating and then try both components connected and compare the SQ to balanced mode SQ as described above. and then: Just have one audio component plugged into the Topaz and have it floating as per your diagram and again compare to the other versions. Would love to have another Topaz 000.5pf but their as rare as hen's teeth where I am and not cheap!
  13. Thanks, I'm in New Zealand - 240vac is on the hot wire leg, so not already balanced.
  14. Hi, Got a couple of noobish questions regarding grounded neutral secondaries and also balanced supplies that I hope someone can help me with: @One and a half, @zilch0md ? Just discovered my Topaz doesn't have a grounded neutral secondary (i.e. it's floating) and is currently supplying a low power intergrated DAC/amp and a separate music server which according to the info above is not ideal (Warning: Plug only ONE load into an Iso T with a floating neutral secondary). If I understand correctly the way to go is to ground the Topaz secondary neutral to enable more than one load to be connected for better performance? What if I convert my Topaz to a Balanced mode output; is a Balanced output configuration still good for using more than one load or should only a single load be used as per a floating neutral secondary? Second question: When in Balanced mode, does this mean the Topaz's output is reduced? My stereo draws around 400-450VA which is close to the recommended limit for my 750VA Topaz and I'm concerned that switching to Balanced mode may not be ideal if output power may come down? I have 240v mains power in my country. Thanks for any replies.
  15. Thanks for your review. On your SMS-200Ultra NEO have you upgraded to the latest firmware (v0.4.5)?