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  1. Hi tbh Thanks for your continued work with the switch'es power supply. I've been following your posts in forum-hifi.fr (via google translate) and read that the 1v supply works with 5v (on the 12v input) with the other voltages (3.3v and 1.5v) being fed separately. However, without the separate supplies for 3.3v and 1.5v, do you think a linear 5v PS (feeding 3.3, 1.5 and 1v) would sucessfully boot the switch? If so, I guess the 5v supply would need to output at least 4 or 5 amps? I know that this single linear 5v supply supply would not be as good separate supplies for 3.3 and 1.5v but it would have to be better than the 12v switching supply that comes with the switch.
  2. May not be of interest but here are a couple of LDO regs that offer <1v output voltage and 5A output: "The LT3070 from Analog Devices has 5-A output with 0.15-V maximum dropout. Maximum input is 3 V; output voltage is adjustable from 0.8 to 1.8 V." and "The MIC69502 from Microchip Technology has 5-A output with 0.5-V maximum dropout. Maximum input is 5.5 V; output voltage is adjustable from 0.5 to 5.5 V" from https://www.electronicdesign.com/power-management/power-supply/article/21808454/5-ldo-regulators-with-high-output-current
  3. Hi Ricky Could you please give more details about the stacked modules you are using to get the 1.5v and 1v supplies? Are they 1 amp LDOVR modules? I don't get how you actually stacked them like that.
  4. My two GS2016 will hopefuly arrive soon. To get them going I need to remove the 100vac switching PS and replace them with a 12v linear supply direct to the pcb's but I've only got one 6 amp linear PS available for both switches. Will this be detrimental to SQ by a loss of galvanic isolation due to sharing the power supply with both switches? Thanks
  5. Hi Zerung With you say there was a large boost to SQ your 12v LPS power supply compared with the stock switching supply? How would you describe the changes?
  6. Hi tgb Thanks for starting this thread. I'm waiting for my gs2016 from Japan and will have to replace the 100v mains supply and feed 12vdc directly to the pcb to get it up and running. Any idea if the 12v input is strictly necessary or can it be lower as the 3.3 / 1.5 / 1VDC regulators surely don't need a 12v input. Or maybe there are other regs on the board that need the 12v? Thx.
  7. At the moment it will be my windows laptop that is also currently running Audirvana.
  8. Hi Bob I would love to try GentooPlayer so any guides for linux simpletons such as myself would be greatly appreciated. 👍
  9. Hi @tgb Did you get a chance to try external power at the three dc inputs (1 - 1.5 - 3.3) on your GS2024? If so, any changes/improvements? Thanks
  10. @tapatrickI haven't seen these compact end connectors before; do you have a link to buy please?
  11. HI @lmitche - OT, but you mention laptops in yout post; any thoughts on how to improve a bog standard laptop for audio use (other than software i.e. fidelizer). What about replacing the laptop's switched PS with a linear supply? Will this improve anything?
  12. I've installed and used Ubuntu in the past but it seems to me that GentooPlayer is much harder to successfully install and use. Do I at least need to have a moderate knowledge of Linux/Gentoo to get it working? Thanks
  13. Found a much better deal for the same Mundorf hookup wire from Banzai Music (EU). Shipping outside the EU saves 19% VAT with shipping not much more than domestic US shipping costs. Works out to a 45% saving over the parts connexion prices if my math is correct. Only sold by the meter though but still a great deal. https://www.banzaimusic.com/Mundorf-1-5mm-Yellow-GS-Wire.html and the same wire (uncoated) is even cheaper: https://www.banzaimusic.com/Mundorf-1-5mm-Uncoated-GS-Wire.html
  14. Hi Bob How does it compare to Euphony/Stylus?
  15. If you have the latest update is it possible to revert back to the May 2019 Update (v1903)? Thanks
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