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  1. I assume the first run of EtherREGEN's will be snapped up pretty quickly so, going on previous sales of new products, what sort of delay is likely before the 2nd, 3rd runs are available. Reason I ask is that my countries import taxes on goods are increasing on 1st December so if I purchase an ER I'd like to have it before this date . Thanks
  2. Thanks for the write-up. If I understood correctly your latest JSSG360^3 uses a star quad silver cable and not the Gotham 11301 cable. Did you make this silver cable yourself (by twisting single silver conductors into a star-quad configuration) or buy a silver star quad cable off the shelf?
  3. Hi Alex Will the beta testers be allowed to give public reviews of the ER or will they only report back to you and John?
  4. A:1WY233 B:1WY233 Not sure what the "33's" are above - are they another two sets of jumpers configured ar right angles to the comb? Thanks
  5. A:.1WYR2X B:.1WYR2X Could you please remind me again what the numbers 1 and 2 are in this configuration? Am I correct in thinking these are two sets of jumpers (1 & 2) that are oriented at right angles to the rest of the wires (WYR etc) because they are using just one of the jumper's 'pins' for each jumper? Thanks
  6. Rajiv, How's the burning in of the Farad Super3 going - are you close to carrying out the big shootout?
  7. I'm not familiar with the macOS version of Audirvana. Prior to this announcement above, did the macOS version of Audirvana have more features/specs than Audirvana for Windows?
  8. Just received this email from Audirvana: Coming soon: Update 3.5 for Win­dows 10 From now on, macOS and Windows 10 Audirv­ana versions converge : they will both offer the same featur­es, user interface and will be updated simultaneously. Therefore, the next Audirvana update for Windows 10 is the 3.5 as the cu­rrent macOS version. It is a free update and contains all the features already available on macOS su­ch as an in-app volu­me control option, replay gain control and album cover scali­ng
  9. Ian.Canada at diyaudio is designing a ultracap supply with no regulator in front of the caps. He has also just finished a Lifepo4 battery supply again with no regulator - voltages available are multiples of 3.3v. eg: 3.3v, 6.6v, 9.9v and 13.2v See https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/power-supplies/327105-develop-ultra-capacitor-power-supply-lifepo4-battery-power-supply.html
  10. Hi wdw I've read the devialet thread and note that there is discussion of using just two (or one?) of the footers under components. I guess balancing is achieved by using a spike(?) for the third position. Have you tried this and found any difference compared to using an all footer setup? Thanks
  11. Another noob question! Is it possible to run Euphony on a Windows laptop? I currently have Audirvana Windows on mine (with Fidelizer 8) and would like to compare the two even if my laptop isn't up there with a NUC Thanks
  12. Thanks for the review. Do you know if its possible to run Audirvana with the Euphony OS rather than the Stylus player?
  13. This has probably been posted elsewhere but I found this Euphony guide from their website helpful: http://audiokernel.com/EuphonyGuide.pdf
  14. Slightly OT but ghentaudio make a dc cable that fits the SR7 (and other SR's I presume) using jaeger and oyaide plugs with canare star quad cable, here: Oyaide DC-2.1G/2.5G to JAEGER Male(3pin) Cable I bought a couple and they are well made and fit my SR7.
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