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  1. HI @lmitche - OT, but you mention laptops in yout post; any thoughts on how to improve a bog standard laptop for audio use (other than software i.e. fidelizer). What about replacing the laptop's switched PS with a linear supply? Will this improve anything?
  2. I've installed and used Ubuntu in the past but it seems to me that GentooPlayer is much harder to successfully install and use. Do I at least need to have a moderate knowledge of Linux/Gentoo to get it working? Thanks
  3. Found a much better deal for the same Mundorf hookup wire from Banzai Music (EU). Shipping outside the EU saves 19% VAT with shipping not much more than domestic US shipping costs. Works out to a 45% saving over the parts connexion prices if my math is correct. Only sold by the meter though but still a great deal. https://www.banzaimusic.com/Mundorf-1-5mm-Yellow-GS-Wire.html and the same wire (uncoated) is even cheaper: https://www.banzaimusic.com/Mundorf-1-5mm-Uncoated-GS-Wire.html
  4. Hi Bob How does it compare to Euphony/Stylus?
  5. If you have the latest update is it possible to revert back to the May 2019 Update (v1903)? Thanks
  6. Hi Nenon Did you buy the Mundorf wire from parts-connexion or another site? Thanks
  7. To replace an Ethernet cable between the EtherRegen and a music system Is there anything available like the Uptone 'USPCB A>B Adapter' that could replace an ethernet cable?
  8. Anyone recommend a braid to do these 'tweaks'? The brand I have used in the past has been thick and unwieldy. Thanks
  9. I assume the first run of EtherREGEN's will be snapped up pretty quickly so, going on previous sales of new products, what sort of delay is likely before the 2nd, 3rd runs are available. Reason I ask is that my countries import taxes on goods are increasing on 1st December so if I purchase an ER I'd like to have it before this date . Thanks
  10. Thanks for the write-up. If I understood correctly your latest JSSG360^3 uses a star quad silver cable and not the Gotham 11301 cable. Did you make this silver cable yourself (by twisting single silver conductors into a star-quad configuration) or buy a silver star quad cable off the shelf?
  11. Hi Alex Will the beta testers be allowed to give public reviews of the ER or will they only report back to you and John?
  12. A:1WY233 B:1WY233 Not sure what the "33's" are above - are they another two sets of jumpers configured ar right angles to the comb? Thanks
  13. A:.1WYR2X B:.1WYR2X Could you please remind me again what the numbers 1 and 2 are in this configuration? Am I correct in thinking these are two sets of jumpers (1 & 2) that are oriented at right angles to the rest of the wires (WYR etc) because they are using just one of the jumper's 'pins' for each jumper? Thanks
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