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  1. Hi wdw I've read the devialet thread and note that there is discussion of using just two (or one?) of the footers under components. I guess balancing is achieved by using a spike(?) for the third position. Have you tried this and found any difference compared to using an all footer setup? Thanks
  2. Another noob question! Is it possible to run Euphony on a Windows laptop? I currently have Audirvana Windows on mine (with Fidelizer 8) and would like to compare the two even if my laptop isn't up there with a NUC Thanks
  3. Thanks for the review. Do you know if its possible to run Audirvana with the Euphony OS rather than the Stylus player?
  4. This has probably been posted elsewhere but I found this Euphony guide from their website helpful: http://audiokernel.com/EuphonyGuide.pdf
  5. Slightly OT but ghentaudio make a dc cable that fits the SR7 (and other SR's I presume) using jaeger and oyaide plugs with canare star quad cable, here: Oyaide DC-2.1G/2.5G to JAEGER Male(3pin) Cable I bought a couple and they are well made and fit my SR7.
  6. I believe the Ultra and NUC were both sent to sotm for modification to do the clock upgrades.
  7. Hi Bob I wasn't going to try the NUC/AL setup until I read your 'wiki' here - thanks,; you've made it now look reasonably 'do-able' ☺️. One question: is the reason for using a fan-less case for the NUC7i7DBNE or NUC7CJYH solely to get rid of the potentially noisy fan(s) or are there other reasons to put the board into the new case? Thanks
  8. Probably showing my ignorance here but my current setup is Audirvana plus for Windows (on a laptop) > IsoRegen > BluWave USB to SPDIF bridge > SPDIF cable > DAC. My music files are on a USB external hard drive connected to my laptop.. Keeping the current configuration which I really like, could I put the EtherREGEN somewhere in my system to improve it or is it really only suited to a streaming based setup? Thanks
  9. I'm trying out the trial A+ for Windows but can't find a comprehensive manual like the 48 page A+ 3 for MAC manual on the Audirvana website, but only a A+ for Windows installation manual on the website. For the A+ Windows, is there a comprehensive manual coming out or already out like the full MAC manual mentioned above? Thanks
  10. I think that just covers the exposed pins to avoid damage, shorts etc?
  11. tims

    Fidelizer 8.0

    I have a linux based music server and haven't used my laptop with Fidelizer 7 Pro (running Foobar) for over a year. After the many positives reviews I've read for Fidelizer 8, I may try the free version of this. @Windows X; I'm interested in your opinion - do you think the free version of Fidelizer 8 is better than my Fidelizer 7 Pro version? Thanks
  12. Hi @PeterSt Did you get a chance to try kurb1980's new configurations he likes? I intend to but I'm trialing some tweaks I've already done and don't want to try anything else as yet. Thanks
  13. tims


    Not with this design: https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/power-supplies/327105-develop-ultra-capacitor-power-supply-lifepo4-battery-power-supply.html#post5540295
  14. @The Computer Audiophile I like to use the Pocket app to download topics/articles and read them later off-line. Where topics have multiple pages is there any way to have all the posts showing on one or two pages (eg a print view?) rather than download/save many pages individually? Thanks
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