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Audio System

Roon Server: Streacom fan-less chassis with Gigabyte H87m-ITX Intel i3 board and HDPlex 200w external LPS. HDPlex 400W DC-ATX converter. SSD for OS and SSD for Music. JCAT NET Card FEMTO with bridged ports. First port ethernet to LAN and second port direct to Roon Bridge PC. Windows Server 2019  Roon Core + Audiophile Optimizer v3 

Roon Endpoint: NUC with HDPlex LPS > Audiolinux headless in ramroot.

DAC: Schiit Yggdrasil v2: Ghent JSSG360 USB cable out to Mutec MC+3 USB (modded to run from HDPlex LPS) with Mutec REF10 as 10M master clock > AES out to DAC

PreampLinear Tube Audio MicroZOTL Preamp  

AmpLinear Tube Audio Ultralinear Amp

SpeakersOmega Audio Super Alnico High Output XRS and SVS SB2000 12” subs (x2)  

Wire and Cable: Duelund DCA20 ICs, Apogee Wyde Eye AES/EBU, Canare WCLK 75 ohm, Duelund DCA16GA speaker cable. Ghent JSSG360 USB

Power Conditioning: Topaz isolation transformer to single unfiltered power strip shared by all audio devices.

Control: iPhone or iPad running Roon with Qobuz


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