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  1. the slower the refresh / longer the cycle, the better the sound due to lower current demand.
  2. What motherboard and BIOS are you running? New BIOS releases with support for the 5000 series processors are hitting the AMD motherboard world on a weekly basis. I've read that some of them are creating heat issues. My plan is to acquire a 5900x but so far they are tough to get.
  3. Hi Ted, Glad to hear the Audiolinux/NAA image worked for you. Your two issues are likely not NUC or NAA related. If the same problems happen on a direct connection to the DAC, it is likely the server or network that is the issue.
  4. If interested, I have a spare used Akasa Plato X7D case here for sale. It is in good condition with all accessories selling for $75 + shipping. PM me if interested.
  5. The LitheAudio in ceiling speakers do look good with no need for a Chromecast audio as they support Airplay2 over wifi as does Roon. However 10 pair may blow the OPs budget. Also, I'd avoid pulling cables, at least for a mid-fi audio solution.
  6. Go wireless with 10 used Google Chromecast Audio dongles $45 (on Ebay) controlled by a single Roon NUC server $250 driving a $100 pair of Edifier R1280T powered speakers with remote. Control everything from a tablet or mobile phone. Add an annual Roon subscription and a disc for a music library and/or a streaming service like Qobuz or Tidal and you are done.
  7. There has been a lot written about PC PSU choices in these pages. I will attempt a quick summary. There are few commercial choices of LPSes at 10 amps or more for powering servers with motherboards using ATX 24 pin power inputs. Three major manufacturers are successfully used by many people here, Hdplex, Paul Hynes and Sean Jacobs but there may be others. Use of a 19 volt DC to DC ATX supply can be used to split out and derive the various voltages used for the ATX connector. These DC to DC supplies can be used to power the ATX connectors only, or to power the 12 volt C
  8. You can usually disable the "halt on F1 errors" behavior in the bios boot settings menu.
  9. Yeah, the GPU thing is another can of worms. Disabling GPUs in software can work well if GPUs are difficult or impossible to remove. I look forward to mainstream support of external GPUs that are easy to disconnect.
  10. When comparing HDDs consider 3.5 inch as well as 2.5 inch models. The former takes 12 volts for the motor and actuator, and 5 volts for the signal carrying circuits with separate circuits for each. A quality LPS for the 12 volt USB enclosure power will positively influence SQ. Likewise USB drive enclosures power the the actuator and signal carrying circuits with USB Vbus power at 5 volts. 2.5 inch drives don't offer the same level of flexibility. With either type of HDD enclosure connection to a USB PCIE card allowing external power, like JCAT or Startech can benefit SQ
  11. It really depends on NVME drive and usage you are talking about. Here is what I have experienced. The Optane NVME drives are the best when used for the OS and music apps. They are too small for storing most music libraries. During playback the OS and music players tend to write a lot of short bursty data and the Optanes excel at that kind of traffic. These fast service times, mean the operations are short in time. Larger NVMEs for music storage are mostly read-only, and in my testing range all over the place in terms of SQ. The Samsung drives are the worst for SQ, an
  12. StreamFidelity is right, the Corsair Platinum memory is excellent, but the 2400mhz model is no longer manufactured. It's strength is the high quality Samsung B-die modules used to achieve low latency performance. These same modules are used in the Apacer memory that Nenon introduced to this forum. Take a look at my project list where amongst other topics you can find links to other B-die options from a variety of manufacturers besides Apacer and Corsair: I agree with your thinking about the bling RGB lighting. Thankfully you can find many dark modules as well.
  13. OK, so thanks to everyone for your thoughtful feedback on the role of software in the sound quality equation. While there seems to be no overall consensus, the level of passion this topic engenders is impressive. Nenon is right, I am interested in the 80 - 20 rule of music server sound quality. It would be sad to see people think that great digital playback can only be achieved with exotic power supplies and music servers that cost as much as a new car. Enjoy your systems and be well, Larry
  14. I mostly listen to news and sometimes books in the car. A bluetooth DAC was simpler for this purpose. Nevertheless, it was a fun experiment.
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