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  1. This will help you change the hostname. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Network_configuration#Set_the_hostname My endpoints are called audiolinux and servers archaudio.
  2. Also, make sure your dac is turned on and connected to the Metrum Ambre. Roon won't see the Ambre without a properly connected and working dac.
  3. The B side of the ER is 100mbps only, so the Ambre needs to conform. You could turn the ER around running the A port to the Ambre and the B port to your router. With only two devices connected this would give you the full benefits of the ER SQ and may work with the Metrum box.
  4. Here is a similar story, with the perspective of time. https://www.thecut.com/2017/12/the-park-slope-blue-hat-incident-10-years-later.html
  5. Really, all this fuss over screws? This one is close to a new low. Can we delete this thread please? It serves no one.
  6. The long term mean reversion GBP/USD rate is 1.67 , so 1.31 is historically low. 1.31 was the GBP/USD rate level in June of 2016 after the results of the Brexit referendum. It's a good time to buy goods from the UK with US dollars, but that could change by the morning.
  7. And trust me when I say there are lots of other puzzles here.
  8. Your feedback makes me feel happy that I don't have a second Lush2. My life is simpler.
  9. Hi TA, Do you use a USB isolation device like an ISO Regen? If so, have you configured both cables to TANF? In my case a Lush 2 in TANF into the ISO Regen and the original Lush cable into the DAC with DIY shielding configured as default, sounds terrific.
  10. Hi Cat6man, Your comment brings a smile to my face. When saying that digital cable impact on SQ amazes me, the last thing I meant was to imply is that digital cables are the only thing that leads to amazing SQ. After 5 years of reading 10,000 of posts, posting thousands myself and trying many 100's of experiments, I agree, we do not understand many of the underlying mechanisms that impact SQ. I share your frustration with this situation. Nevertheless, we have developed a set of best practices that work. First, we have collectively crowd sourced the development and production of unique solutions like the Uptone ISO Regen, ER Regen and LPS1.2 that deliver substantial sound quality enhancements by reducing noise, isolating grounds and re-clocking digital signals. The impact of these devices has stood the test of time, and happily the level of commercial success has created enough incentive for these talented people to continue the work. There have been many other companies that have imitated the Uptone devices, another sign of success. Linear power supply companies, like Hdplex, Paul Hynes, Farad and others continue to innovate based on demand generated from these pages. Likewise on the cable front, innovations like the Ghent DC cabling, or the Phasure Lush cables, are all based on the JSSG360 ideas offered by John Swenson and further developed and validated by members here. Software solutions like Roon, Audiolinux, and Euphony continue to make incremental SQ gains with the help of our members. Lastly we are getting much better at finding the most sensitive parts of the chain, to prioritize the next set of tweaks to enhance SQ. Knowing this guides efforts to find incremental SQ gains from cabling, network configuration, software and hardware tweaks. We have also proven that these enhancements can be replicated and shared with others that validate the enhancements by hearing the same impact. I suspect that someday sooner rather then later, John and/or Alex will be able to definitively tells us what is happening. But in the meantime, SQ is at a very high level with clarity, image density and subtle detail that creates a spine tingling perception of realistic presence, a noise floor in the basement and musical enjoyment that is beyond my best expectations. I don't know how much further we have to go, but any progress from here will be gravy. Thanks again for the smile and Happy New Year, Larry
  11. Magnuska, It is tough to say which cable is best. If you do compare the SQ of the CM cat 8 vs. Inakustik please share the results here.
  12. Kelvin, Ground connections will greatly vary from system to system, with many variables such as power supply design, design and placement of isolation devices on both network and USB cables and the cable itself. Given this one cannot generalize about how SQ will react to a cable. It is best to test SQ directly and based on results, take things from there. Indeed, you have done this. Thanks for sharing that cat8 was worse then cat6a cables at your place. That's great, but we have many people here that have had quite a different result. So the expression YMMV seems to apply here.
  13. It still amazes me that cables can make such a big difference, especially on the digital side.
  14. Jud, Are you going to give these a try? I'm happy with the Cable Matters Cat 8 and done experimenting with cables for now. With the new Cat 8 and a bunch of new post Roon 1.7 Audiolinux tweaks SQ is the best ever here. Nevertheless, I am always interested in the experience of others.
  15. Yes, the "non-BFQ" scheduler is still in use here. There have been no comparison lately, but there should be time in the next week or so for some testing. After making the required Roon 1.7 adjustments, things sounds great here today.
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