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  1. While not a song, the new 'Summer of Soul' documentary on Hulu which tells the story of the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival is filled with extraordinary performances. Unbelievably, this is the first time the footage has been aired.
  2. Hi Peter, Sorry to be slow to respond. Lot's of good changes are happening here, a house move and a new consulting gig. Being busy has meant I haven't listened to music in 4 to 5 weeks, since shipping my last build. Long time no listen, means my ears are in good shape for making SQ comparisons. After establishing a base line set of tracks. Per your request, the red wire on my .7 meter Lush^3 was pulled, and I listened to the same tracks again. Not good. I heard a thinner image across the spectrum. Because of this, there is less presence and the sound is generally more hifi then lifelike. There was also some harshness introduced. This resulted in an unpleasant fluttering in my ears. Placing the red wire back instantly brought the reproduction back to life and my ears were happy. I listened for another 1.5 hours without incident. The system sounds superb and I enjoyed listening to new releases and covers of old songs on Qobuz. Of course, your experience with this new Lush^3 config may be different. I hope this post is helpful to you. Larry
  3. I'm lost, what is your current configuration?
  4. The Noctua passive heatsink is out. Looks like it's application will likely be limited to motherboards with 2 channels of memory.
  5. Interesting sure, better - who knows, but your comment is about the Adnaco solution. What does that have to do with the AfterDark two box thingie?
  6. These references are very helpful and answer some long standing questions. Many thanks for sharing.
  7. From the description, it is tough to figure out what this box does. I guess someone has to buy one to learn what it does.
  8. Try running the OS and Hqplayerd from a ramdisk. This can make the difference between stuttering and smooth performance.
  9. How is it obsolete?
  10. Good question. Perhaps there are capabilities other than CPU capacity in these "super computer" machines that impact SQ in a positive way?
  11. And many thanks to @oilpaintfor allowing to conduct this test on this system.
  12. Follow-up - the Denafrips Venus II will play music up-sampled by Hqplayerd to 32fs via the Adnaco USB .
  13. A Fractal case with a big heatsink, no heatsink but with well placed chassis fans separately powered works well for a Hqplayer upsampling machine.
  14. My guess is that the law of diminishing returns kicks in above 10GBPS, but who knows. The only way to know is to test this. I'll look for some cheap SFP28s on ebay and if found may give this a try.
  15. Ted, my prior post didn't address your question directly. I understand the May DAC handles 32fs with firmware 3012 fed by Intel USB controllers. The May won't play cleanly with the NEC chip in the Adnaco, which works best with firmware 3014. As the Adnaco can handle a 5gbps storage and network connection, I am not sure where the bottleneck lies. Culprits are the USB audio drivers or the May firmware. I suspect the latter but don't know for sure. I have no experience with Denafrips DACs and the Adnaco as 32fs, but I do have a way to easily give it a try if people are interested. In any case, adding a NUC endpoint as NAA is an easy solution to this issue.
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