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  1. Hi Alex, FYI, the board pictured above does not look like one of Alexey's Ldovr.com brand boards. It is likely a Chinese knockoff of his design. Larry
  2. My suspicion is that someday we will learn that some people are music blind, or hear in various shades of gray.
  3. This is the same site that diligently ranks almost a hundred DACs on a scale from 55 to 120 and then promotes the idea that all DACs sound the same. While the measurements are interesting, the commentary is absurd.
  4. Good idea. The server improvement will dwarf the pentium to i7 bump. Also consider a 65 watt Ryzen 7 2nd gen cpu. The prices are great and there is no need a 570x motherboard with a PCH fan.
  5. In my experience the quality of the server power supply makes a difference despite a high degree of isolation between the server and endpoint. Nevertheless, an Hdplex 200 watt lpsu with split rails, 12 volt to cpu and 19 volt into an Hdplex DC to DC ATX, powering a motherboard sounds great here.
  6. Yes fat32 and ext4. And yes, dd takes care of that. Type print all in parted and duplicate the start and length(size) from another working stick. Duplicate flags as well.
  7. Just dd by addressing the partitions level device like: /dev/sda1 . Use lsblk to find the device names and block sizes.
  8. I have no experience with Etcher so can't help you there. These days I tend to manually create partitions using parted on new USB sticks and then dd the two partitions over. This could be done from your 256 gb stick. You will need to learn parted, which isn't rocket science. Starting blocks and sizes can be found using existing sticks that are properly formatted.
  9. AL only takes 2 partitions of approx. .5 and 6 gb. You should have plenty of space left free on a 16gb USB stick. What am I missing? How are you making these images?
  10. Over here, I cannot get Euphony SQ to match AL/Roon. Of course my AL is heavily tuned. The same can't be done with Euphony as it doesn't allow root access.
  11. Funny, I have an old Intel x25e SSD on my desktop machine as well. Are you using Roon? If so, where do you keep your Roon database?
  12. Just bitperfect playback here, no upsampling anymore, except in the DAC.
  13. Seems like Optane boot has become a standard. Are people using Optane on servers or servers and endpoints?
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