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  1. Please be careful, you can easily overwhelm the power supply with this rig.
  2. Hi Peter. Thanks for the photo. With this in hand I had another go at PNF on my short lush 2 cable between the i7 NUC and ISO Regen. This time was more successful. I must have screwed up the configuration on my first attempt. As the originator of the JSSG360 lush cable, I am pleased to see the idea taken to the next level. Anyway stay tuned for SQ impact.
  3. Its true, lots of the NUC sq is delivered with the stock smps. However an lps1.2 or sr4 takes things to a new level.
  4. Years ago, we asked IFI what various filter settings on the microIDSD meant in DSD mode. They claimed it was proprietary information and to use whatever sounds best. Their level of arrogance and disdain for their customers was incredible. It hasn't changed with time.
  5. You may find returning the new IFI and buying a used one, even an microIDSD, both sends the right message and gets you something you will enjoy.
  6. There are likely ways to get the TDP lower, but we won't know until we try. It looks like there is fanless case or two from Akasa for Bean Canyon so that obstacle is removed.
  7. Looking at the NUC roadmap raises fears that the new machines won't run at the low tdp (current) levels we enjoy on the 7th generation NUCs today.
  8. LOL, me too, and I started the thread! At the beginning we were still in denial that server side software tweaks matter with a NUC endpoint. Now we know there is no question that they matter, network isolation or not. The server and endpoint combined clearly behave as a single system. Therefore I am happy to see us discuss Audiolinux related server plus endpoint topics here! I'd remove the word "server" from the topic title if I could.
  9. I run with the last non-MQA firmware version. One can't trust firmware with MQA on board. Sometimes it gets stuck in MQA mode.
  10. I see some kvm stuff in lsmod that may be a good candidate for removal.
  11. Thanks, I am sure you are right about the Topping DAC. I am aware of Amir's forum and Sinad measurements where the Topping and other Chinese DAC are popularized. The new Czech DAC from Okto research looks interesting as well. I am signed up for the US tour of this DAC. FYI, I am expecting to spend as much as $3500 on a new DAC.
  12. IFI customer service is notoriously bad. My IFI microIDSD BL has clicks and pops with Hqplayer. After six months back and forth with them, including engagement with Jussi, there was no choice but to give up. They don't care. The communications were a joke. Shortly after filing a ticket, one of the CSRs said I'm leaving for holiday for the next three weeks and we can discuss your ticket on my return. No handoff, no concern about my issue. Just indifference. Nothing of substance ever happens, ever. Fortunately despite the clicks and pops, the microIDSD just sounds great driven by my Audiolinux/NUC. I have been hoping to find a replacement DAC, by auditioning the RME ADI‑2 DAC, the Project S2, and the HoloSpring Kitsune edition driven by an SU-1. Despite trying many different power and USB configurations neither the RME or Project DAC can be made to sound as musical as the IFI BL The HoloSpring/SU1 is musical but after weighing up the pluses and minuses isn't enough of an improvement to justify an investment. The new IFI DAC pro IDSD is an obvious candidate but I can't consider it given the lack of customer service and the take it or leave attitude towards their customer base. The search goes on.
  13. The ramroot setting state of the newly downloaded kernel supercedes the prior state of ramroot on a system as it overwrites the existing kernel. This setting can be set randomly to ramroot or not, although most often it seems set to ramroot. When set to ramroot, there is no reason to enable ramroot a second time.
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