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  1. https://www.focal.com/en/home-audio/high-fidelity-speakers
  2. Maybe I'm being dense, but don't you mean pin 4&5 with pin 6 flipped, not pins 3&4, with pin 5 Flipped as stated below? "The connectors black tabs need to be connected with pin 3&4 together pin 5 flipped so the black tab is flesh against the tab that connects pins 3&4." Do you really think the configuration of the unused connectors makes a difference to SQ? Or is this just a convenient way to store the connectors?
  3. Peter, I was responding to your comment about my PNF experience from yesterday. Yes this is with an original .4 meter Lush2 configured as PNF. You are right, I have "THE ORIGINAL JSSG USB 360 Lush" cable here as well configured in a Lush2 default shield configuration.
  4. Yes, the improved sound source appears to be in the same frequency range as the source that is surpressed. This is a bit of a head scratcher and must be the result in a change in timing due to the new shield configuration of the cable. Anyway, it still doesn't sound natural to my ears.
  5. In response to Peter posting the picture of the PNF configuration, I tried it again. It lasted 20 minutes. Parts of the mid-range sound attenuated here with PNF. Restoration of the default configuration makes it all right again. With PNF there is definitely a nice increase in presence in some tracks, but other things are missing. The default configuration improves everything. YMMV of course.
  6. Yes, I could hear the change to ACPI from the first note. Nicely done Piero! Clarity improves again. This is really getting ridiculous!
  7. Come on guys. Do we have to ruin another very good thread with this circular argument nonsense? We have heard this all before. Please stop. We want to discuss the Hdplex 200 power supply. Thank you very much!
  8. Thanks for the new menu options Piero. Yes, AL has many knobs and switches, so comparison is tough. Nonetheless it is comforting to know we are not missing something spectacular by choosing AL.
  9. Yes, I had read to let Euphony scale the CPU as required from 400Mhz to 4200 Mhz and that was where it was set. I didn't know to try multiples of the base frequency. Also, the AL Expert mode settings in Realtime expert configuration were enabled.
  10. Boot mode standard, ram boot enabled, split cores, and expert mode options enabled are all preferred settings here.
  11. A 19 volt SR4 was used. There was no power limit set in the bios. The hardware and bios settings were the same in every case.
  12. Late last week a blind test of Euphony Stylus, Euphony Stylus Endpoint, and Audiolinux RoonBridge was performed. There was one listener, a very experienced audiophile, who is someone with zero understanding of the digital world. As such, he has no bias or interest any software solution. Nevertheless during the test no indication of the current test configuration was shared. Indeed the names of the software being tested were never shared. All tests were performed on a NUC7I7DNBE endpoint connected via 5ghz wifi to a I7-6700k server running RoonServer or serving files via Samba for Euphony Stylus. Audiolinux and Euphony were configured in the "best" way possible based on my experience. Bottom line, the Audiolinux/Roonbridge config was the best sounding of the three configurations. The Euphony Stylus SQ was declared darker and lacking presence and liveliness. This despite having the entire track buffered in RAM before playback start. The Euphony Stylus Endpoint sounded better, but transients seem to lack control and dynamic passages can sound harsh and distorted at the peaks. Audiolinux/Roonbridge was the most balanced presentation with the best tonal qualities, and most natural presentation. There are many variables at work here, and of course others may have a different experience.
  13. Yes, it is highly likely the benefits of running the Optane as SSD will work in an AMD board. I've not tested it, so can't guarantee anything.
  14. My Asus server motherboard has three SSC controls and I've disabled all of them.
  15. It would be very surprising if Windows automatic updates are not disabled on the Extreme. Also, the Taiko people will bend over backwards to keep your system up to their latest release. Check for yourself, but I wouldn't have any worries about Windows or Taiko service ethic.
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