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  1. Thanks for sharing this Larry... I've put this UE300 on my endpoint nuc between my Etheregen b side and turned off the LAN in the bios.... I'm impressed with the change after a few days... Things are still settling in and the initial harshness seems to have worn off now. Have you found that there ue300 sounds particularly good/better than other usb nics? Or will others have a similar impact? Are all USB 3.0 ports direct to cpu?
  2. I'm sure the lps1.2 would indeed sound better but I don't have one...I was only sharing what I have experience with using... other PSU's would of course work as well. The edgerouter X comes with a 12v smps so I thought I'd share that I managed to power it with the lps1 at 7v so that others knew that it was possible. The SFP model is preferred in order to isolate your WiFi access point using fiber...I already had the non SFP version... If I was buying again then I'd opt for the SFP version and isolate my WAP.
  3. Yes that's correct. I originally bought an edgerouter X a few years ago to try as a router. I got a bit scared about bricking my ISP router in bridge mode when installing it, so I thought I would configure it as a switch in the setup wizard first and see if I liked it. At the time all the talk was about switches and we were all eagerly awaiting the release of the Etheregen and the sotm switch had been released so it made sense to me at the time to try it as a switch first. After a few days with it setup as a switch, with my ISP router unchanged I thought it sounded terrible and I put it on the
  4. In my experience, the edgerouter X set up as a switch sounds like rubbish... However, when used as a router and replacing the DHCP duties of my ISP provided modem/router - it provided a very nice uptick in sound quality. Partly due to being able to turn off WiFi and run the ISP modem/router in bridge mode. I now have a separate WiFi access point attached to the edgerouter X. The non SFP edgerouter X can be powered by an lps1 at 7v and the PSU has a significant impact on sound quality as well 👍
  5. Thanks 😁 I will try to remove /var/roon directory and contact you via email if that's still not enough.
  6. Hi Piero @hifi25nl Disregard my last post... I've sorted that issue Is there any reason why 2.6 requires more RAM for ramroot than 2.5? I have adjusted ram min and zram min in /etc/ramroot.conf.... But I'm still about 400mb short of the required amount... I've cleaned the system, uninstalled roonserver after both packages (roonbridge and roonserver) are installed automatically after selecting install in the menu....I previously had AL2.5 ramroot working on 4gig of RAM...I can't figure out what I've done differently... Is it the package installer that that m
  7. Hi Piero @hifi25nl In Audiolinux 2.6, how can I delete roonserver? I only need roonbridge. I have previously used pamac but that no longer seems to be installed
  8. BTW 10 minutes ago I just upgraded from Audiolinux 2.5 to 2.6 with the new 5.6.19 kernel and it really does sound considerably better 😳... it's a really really nice upgrade... even more clarity and ease
  9. Ok thanks...do you use hyper threading? I disabled it in my bios years ago and I've never retested it... Have you tried a 10th gen NUC? Or is it worth just spending more and doing a full ATX build? If I do an atx build I won't have an adequate PSU🙄... Is your Etheregen further up your chain near your router? Edit.... Sorry, I realise these questions are very hard to answer... Kind of like, how long is a piece of string? 🙄 But I'm trying to learn from others and address my systems weakest point with my annual HiFi budget spend 😁... fig
  10. I only have dual core machines so the only option for me with isolated cores is to choose the half option... What sounds best does seem to depend on what other software and settings you are using... I'm currently using Audiolinux 2.5 with the non BFQ kernel intel pstate and roon build 610 and I'm thinking that I'm better off without isolated cpu cores in this configuration
  11. Interesting... When did you move away from isolated cores? I haven't tried without isolated cores since changing from the BFQ kernel to the non BFQ... Also Audiolinux 2.5 was a nice bump in SQ for my system... With the non BFQ kernel the Intel pstate scaling driver is now much better than acpi also... I have just removed isolated cores on my roon core and have been listening for a few minutes... So far I think it's now better without isolated cpu cores... Some slightly lower level sounds seem a little less veiled... perhaps a bit more body to the double bass as well and bit more am
  12. I noticed an improvement with 610 also but I am using Audiolinux 2.5 with isolated cores on a dual core machines... So it must be more than just core distribution because I only have one core for audio applications😁
  13. I just wanted to ask you about the WBT solder Is it the best solder you've used (sound wise) for all applications? Best for DC cables as well as analogue interconnects? Is it easy to work with? Any harder to work with than normal solder? My soldering experience is a bit narrow and I could do with a few pointers🤣 Do you use a temperature controlled iron? What wattage iron would be best for this solder if not using temp controlled iron? 25W? 40W? I think the melting point of this solder is around 270 degrees celsius... So for temp contr
  14. The FI-50 NCF IEC plugs sound absolutely fantastic in my system 👍 and speaking of burn in - they take a ridiculously long time to fully burn in. They still have an irritating treble to them after 450 hours and it's not until after 500 hours that they fully settle down and the bass comes back...I found the same time frame with both an FI-50 NCF IEC and an FI-06 NCF IEC inlet... I used furutech TCS-31 for the AC cable and that has a nice "full" furutech house sound to it. When you consider that the FI-50 NCF IEC can have almost the same level of impact as the PSU itself then I don't
  15. Interesting 😁 The most recent cable I was testing this with was a DC cable between an uptone LPS1 and a ubiquity edgerouter X (my only router and DHCP server). I found a much more natural tone without JSSG 360. More ease and a more rounded analogue feel to vocals - less digital edge. It's perhaps system dependent. I had previously thought it would be better whenever I put it. It definitely changes the sound wherever I put it... At one stage I had 8 layers of 4 x JSSG 360 on my USB cable.... Now I've gone full circle back to nothing 🤣
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