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  1. I just wanted to ask you about the WBT solder Is it the best solder you've used (sound wise) for all applications? Best for DC cables as well as analogue interconnects? Is it easy to work with? Any harder to work with than normal solder? My soldering experience is a bit narrow and I could do with a few pointers🀣 Do you use a temperature controlled iron? What wattage iron would be best for this solder if not using temp controlled iron? 25W? 40W? I think the melting point of this solder is around 270 degrees celsius... So for temp controlled iron should we be aiming much higher than that? Sorry if these seem like basic questions. The only soldering I've done before has been with cheaper materials... Now that I'm using oyaid DC barrels etc I don't want to make a mistake... I'm about to buy a new iron because I can't find my old one in my tool box 🀣
  2. The FI-50 NCF IEC plugs sound absolutely fantastic in my system πŸ‘ and speaking of burn in - they take a ridiculously long time to fully burn in. They still have an irritating treble to them after 450 hours and it's not until after 500 hours that they fully settle down and the bass comes back...I found the same time frame with both an FI-50 NCF IEC and an FI-06 NCF IEC inlet... I used furutech TCS-31 for the AC cable and that has a nice "full" furutech house sound to it. When you consider that the FI-50 NCF IEC can have almost the same level of impact as the PSU itself then I don't consider it expensive... I rest my IEC plugs on constrained layer dampening discs for vibration control and that has another nice impact even with the FI-50 plugs that have a suppressor ring built in. πŸ˜πŸ‘
  3. Interesting 😁 The most recent cable I was testing this with was a DC cable between an uptone LPS1 and a ubiquity edgerouter X (my only router and DHCP server). I found a much more natural tone without JSSG 360. More ease and a more rounded analogue feel to vocals - less digital edge. It's perhaps system dependent. I had previously thought it would be better whenever I put it. It definitely changes the sound wherever I put it... At one stage I had 8 layers of 4 x JSSG 360 on my USB cable.... Now I've gone full circle back to nothing 🀣
  4. Thanks again for this recommendation Nenon. I have been intending to try this Mundorf cable for a while but I've been completing so many other small mods lately. I'll be sure to try it in the coming months. I'm interested to know if you still use the JSSG360 shielding on these DC cables? Recently my cables have been performing better sonically without JSSG360 shielding. I have now removed it from all ethernet, USB and DC cables. I had a lot of it😁. Removing it got rid of an annoying harsh digital edge to the treble. I can now listen to Milt Jackson on the vibraphone in pleasant ease πŸ˜„
  5. JSSG360 on data cables Over the last 6 months I've made many changes in my system including the addition of an Etheregen and an lps1 powered edgerouter x as my main network router...and after burning in a cable matters cat 8 I decided it was time to try putting a JSSG360 shield over it... After doing that I plugged it back in on the b side of my Etheregen and was quite shocked because I thought it sounded worse 😬. I took the shielding off and put the cable back and wondered why - what I thought was once a good tweak was instead having a negative impact... I have since removed JSSG360 shielding from my curious USB cable and decided that it was definitely better without it as well. At one point I thought that it was removing noise from the sound but since my system has become far more transparent (so many things have changed, apacer RAM, furutech FI-50 NCF on my endpoint NUC as well as all the network tweaks) I feel like it's taking away ambience and the true space of the recording as well as dimension and depth. I still have JSSG360 on some DC cables...I haven't tried removing them yet. Has anyone else had a similar experience with JSSG360 as your system has because more transparent? As @austinpop has said in this thread before, it pays to go back and re-check old tweaks as your system changes and becomes more transparent.
  6. This is an astonishingly well written, thorough and enjoyable read. Congratulations Rajiv, you're a real talent πŸ‘ P.S. I agree with your assessment. The Etheregen has brought new levels of musical engagement and realism to my system too 😁
  7. Thanks again Larry for sharing your experiments, I have finally had a chance to spend several hours trying out your recent suggestions. I got myself a TP Link UE300 with the realtek 8153 chipset and I decided to go for your full suggestion of putting the server on the b side of the Etheregen feeding into the RJ45 port of the server and then bridge one USB NIC on the server to another USB NIC (UE 300) on the endpoint NUC, joined with the cable matters cat 8. I changed this connection speed to 100Mbps because in my system I found 1Gbps too glassy in the treble. On the A side of the Etheregen I only have a Supra cat8 going to my router... I have also turned off 5Ghz WiFi on the router for a small gain (less glassy treble). I have been using this configuration for several hours now and so far I'm liking what I'm hearing. I think that there are some gains from having the server on the b side further separated from the router... I am hearing more ambient cues and decay on some tracks and small background details that simply weren't there before. The addition of the Etheregen in my system really made music incredibly enjoyable and engaging, so I'll see how I like this new configuration over the next week and if I don't feel as engaged with the music as I did before then I might revert back to just the endpoint on the B side again to compare, but for now I'm saying that your configuration is a success in my system πŸ˜πŸ‘
  8. BTW with regards to the furutech IEC inlets They are a very worthwhile modification. I recently installed the FI-06 NCF IEC inlet on my integrated amp and I am very pleased with the results, particularly considering their relatively low price point. I also swapped an FI-11 IEC plug for an FI-50 NCF and found it to be a very worthwhile upgrade also. This is used on the power cord for my sps-500 that powers my Audiolinux endpoint NUC. In both cases the furutech rhodium plating takes an exceptional amount of time to burn in... there is an irritating harshness to the sound that does not disappear until you have over 500 hours burn in time. In the long run you are left with a smooth sound without harshness and extra clarity and transient attack as well as a larger sound stage and greater depth.
  9. Interesting, so your endpoint is not directly connected to the Etheregen? πŸ€”. I will have to give this a try when I get a chance
  10. G'day Larry So are using your Etheregen "within" your ethernet bridge? A to B?
  11. My Etheregen is approaching 120 hours. I am finding, like others have said that it has gotten better with time and improved on an aleady excellent improvement. I am finding that all types of music are more engaging and captivating whenever I am within earshot. It's more than just a sound quality improvement, it puts the fun back into your music collection πŸ˜πŸ‘
  12. I am up to 72 hours now and things are starting to get more silky smooth. I've just been listening to some Milt Jackson on the vibraphone... This album is normally full of irritating treble glare but the Etheregen has made it beautiful and relaxed.
  13. I received my Etheregen in Australia on Monday via FedEx. Very fast shipping πŸ‘Œ. It has now been in my system for 30 hours. To accommodate the Etheregen in my system I needed to find another way to power my roon core...it was powered with a jssg360 "y" cable from a sps500 with a very nice furutech ac cable with fi50 NCF IEC connector. This also powers my Audiolinux nuc roon endpoint, so in order to not cross the moat, I needed another PSU for my server. I didn't have the budget for a good PSU so I had to settle for a mean well GST60A12v SMPS. So as you can see, I am taking a sound quality hit to begin with. I also had these 2 computers bridged with a USB Ethernet adapter. Upstream of these 2 I had an LPS1 powered GS105 switch. To install the Etheregen, I removed the LPS1 and GS105 switch and the ethernet bridge. I also couldn't accommodate my heavily shielded JSSG360 x 2 Supra cat8, I couldn't get it plugged in behind my nuc and Etheregen and in the process knocked over my dac and I now have a loose connection on my curious USB 😧. After fiddling with the connection I can get it to work, but as soon as I bump it, it will not recognize my dac. I'm not sure if this is effecting sound quality. Instead of my JSSG360 x 2 cable on the b side I am now using a cable matters cat 8. So my current working system is: The Etheregen is powered by the uptone SMPS. On the Etheregen A side I have 2 devices both powered by their own mean well GST60A12v SMPS. My Audiolinux roon core and my ISP modem/router. Supra cat8 for both runs on the A side. On the B side a 1m cable matters cat 8 to my Audiolinux nuc powered by sps500. There is nothing else plugged into the entire network. So after making so many changes I didn't know what to expect. Fortunately, when I played the first track I was immediately aware of a richness that wasn't there before, followed by an increase in depth and acoustic space. After the first 30 hours I would say that the Etheregen has brought a saturation of tonal color to my system, coherence, ease, solidity, dynamics, presence and an uncanny ability to be able to listen into a recording that reminds me of listening to tapes on a Walkman when I was a kid - except MUCH higher resolution 🀣. The additional acoustic space and depth is amazing however in some ways it's the smaller things that are almost more meaningful... like the character of a vocal or instrument becoming less robotic and more personable and full of idiosyncratic nuance, or the incredible resonance of a piano that decays so naturally and has so much more emotional impact. These smaller things are so hard to get right and they have such a massive impact for me personally and connect me more with my music and keep me listening longer. The Etheregen has brought these things to my music better than any other device I have tried previously. I now consider the Etheregen the center of my digital playback, I feel that it's that important to my system. Whatever changes I make to my system in the future, it won't be to remove the Etheregen 🀣. A massive Thank You to the genius of John Swenson for the incredible engineering and also to Alex for his tireless enthusiasm and brilliant communication skills. Also, thank you for making the product as affordable as you could, so that more of us could enjoy this fantastic deviceπŸ‘. Highly recommended from me 😁
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