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  1. The other crazy thing is that I found that ethernet cables can take a very long time to burn in... With Supra cat8 they seem to take 2 weeks until they reach a consistent sound where you can judge them properly... I know that sounds crazy 🤯... But it's true... I burnt in three Supra cat8 cables at separate times and each time it took 2 weeks.
  2. Scammers don't offer 30 day money back guarantees. I think you owe an apology to Alex. That simply is NOT the track record of his company
  3. Yes, I found that things improved further and settled down after a week or so. 👍
  4. Yes, however, @lxgreen has his SonicTransporter on the A side... In this case, those packets between server and endpoint are not crossing the moat... I [email protected] was talking about multiple endpoints on the A side would be ok... I still think that @lxgreen would be better off with his SonicTransporter attached to his router to ensure that packets between server and endpoint are crossing the moat 👍
  5. It's ok to use other A side ports if your dac attached renderer/endpoint is connected to the B side... But if your dac attached renderer/endpoint is on the A side then you will be introducing the other A side devices clock phase noise to your endpoint
  6. If you are feeding your optical rendu from the SFP on the A side then you do not want to have any other devices connected on the A side because the other devices clock phase noise will contaminate the ground on the A side.... You should connect your SonicTransporter to your router... You want everything else on the B side of the moat 👍
  7. Since the firmware update brings improved PHY performance on the A side... Is there something to be gained by going from B side to A side??? Assuming that there is only one endpoint connected on the A side (ie no leakage)
  8. In my experience, a 1 meter Ethernet cable sounds better than a 10 meter Ethernet cable and in some cases a 1 meter lesser quality cable sounds better than a 10 meter higher quality cable... So yes length matters in my experience, however if you can't make it work in your setup then don't fuss about it too much 👍
  9. Good idea 😁. I might give that a try next time I get a chance 👍
  10. The reason I ask is just because I still prefer the Supra cat8... It has better layering than the Audioquest Pearl and both have a bigger soundstage than a standard no name 1 meter long $3 cat 6 cable... Not sure that I want to dismember my Supra cat8 cables 😕
  11. Just use a multi meter and do a continuity check between your metal shielded plugs at each end. If your Ethernet cable doesn't have metal plugs then you are already fine. I checked Supra cat8 and the shield is tied to the plug at each end.... I checked my Audioquest and they are not connected.
  12. Will these register code changes give improved performance for the B side PHY as well? Or do these changes only effect the PHY performance on the A side?
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