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  1. 😐 (everything else was already set as you suggested) right what I'm trying to avoid: not using my beloved Lumin πŸ˜‰ (in case, if I can't find a better solution... I'll rather go back to many years ago and use a Mac mini/USB DAC. if and when Music app will automagically manage resolution changes πŸ™„) btw... for the moment I'm just trying to see if I can move from Qobuz (they just **stole** me 70€ with their two price rebates in 10 months) to Apple Music. and... struggling 😢
  2. I know that's how it should be, Peter: thanks. just... asked because a lossless file from Apple Music, sent to the Lumin via AirPlay, sounds *extremely* poor compared to the very same track in my local library, sent to the U1 Mini by Roon, so I fear there's something wrong along the way 😐
  3. Peter… is there a way to know what resolution is my U1 Mini getting via AirPlay from Apple Music on my iPad? (DAC is a Metrum and has no display) thanks
  4. is there anything really worth it apart those? oh... wait, you're right: SETs! 🀣
  5. no need for a dedicated app: just type your switch(es) IP(s) in a web browser πŸ˜‰
  6. you might also want to mention the software yours is running πŸ˜‰ anyway: mine too, now and then (let's say... once a month or two), abruptly disconnects during playback and I have to reboot it it runs DietPi 7.x
  7. screenshot from: https://sevensols.com/wr-switch-low_jitter/
  8. ... might, instead, "Custom URL" be available to paying subscribers only? ;) (I see a "Start Free Trial" in MaxH's screenshots)
  9. exactly this is, in fact, how Fing identifies my U1 Mini:
  10. terrible Audirvana Studio trial's start: it hanged at "Start synching..." local music files, I guess. so I had to force quit (macOS) my playlist and Qobuz account were there (not sure if all of my playlists) but on relaunch... both disappeared πŸ™„ tried uninstalling everything (but the app itself) to no avail how the... hell do I reset AS and make it start fresh so it re-imports my Plus 3.5 library and "settings/data"? btw Damien... what about making it so preferences are saved (*written to preferences file*!) when closing preferences instead of when quitting the app? this "issue" (ok: it only is an issue if/when the app crashes) is there since... forever btw... privileged access for 3.5 owners ends July 31: why? 😢 (given all the bugs/quirks and the long time it took for Remote to be released)
  11. I wasn't, obviously, blaming it on you πŸ˜‰
  12. ... can't search local files only in AS? 😳 πŸ™„
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