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  1. not the way to ground neither Shanti or the USBridge if you really need to do it connection must be from a grounding terminal to the ground pin of a spare (wall) socket
  2. start by ignoring grounding and just putting everything at work then *if* you have issues... ask again
  3. yes! you can disable the flashing orange one in RoPiee pity the green LED, being so bright, is the really annoying one 🙄
  4. @wklie Peter: it definitely happens with "compositions" only: tried with a non-classical album and... all is working fine
  5. wait Peter... try just once more using a classical music album (or one with "compositions"): stop playback at the very beginning of a "multi-parts track" (eg. beginning of 2nd movement out of 3 or more, as in my screenshot) also... be sure, the following day, to launch Roon so it opens where you left the day before and, without doing anything else, just resume playback by clicking the play/pause button (bottom left corner)
  6. hi Peter yes, both: anyway... don't get mad at it: it's a very minor glitch I can live with as, usually, I stop playback and empty the play queue. only found it the time I forgot to do the above
  7. hi Peter so... tried once more and I definitely can reproduce the glitch Lumin U1 Mini as Roon endpoint, steps are: - let an album's track play completely - hit "Pause" as soon as next one starts (see attached pic) - let everything there overnight (Lumin enters sleep mode and display goes black) - following day launch Roon (control) and just hit "play" (from where it left!) - no track title on U1 Mini display 'till another one starts (see attached pic showing glitch only affects U1 Mini whilst RooPiee Roon Display shows track info)
  8. Flash RoPiee to your card, boot it up, set it up, forget about it and just listen
  9. same as yours and as listed in my first post, Peter basically: paused playback session at the end of day and resumed the following one only detail I forgot is... not a local album but one streaming from Qobuz
  10. 😶 only difference is... I resumed playback the following day I'll try again tonight and report tomorrow: might have been just a casualty btw... my RoPiee Roon Display was working fine: just U1 Mini was acting usually, at the end of day, I empty the queue instead of just pausing playback: this might be why it never happened before
  11. just found a small glitch: - stop playback (as Roon endpoint) at the very beginning of a track - let the U1 Mini "sleep" (display goes black) - resume playback from where you left and... ... no track title on U1 Mini display ('till a new track starts)
  12. so... you just don't need an Allo USBridge 😜
  13. ok: now powering the ER from an HD-Plex 100 and moved the LPS 1.2 to the USBRegen in my secondary system so far no issues (but took about a week for the ER to start acting when powered by the UltraCaps LPS)
  14. yes: set to 12v as per UG @Superdad 👍 oh... btw... are ER and UltraCaps LPS-1.2 chargers the same? asking as... I believe I was using ER's one to power the LPS-1.2 and, btw2... LPS gets really, really, really hot! 🥵 (Class A power amp here so... I know what hot means 😛 )
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