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  1. Lumin U1 Mini -> Metrum Adagio -> First Watt SIT 3 here... all SE connections and... can't even figure what the issue might be :)
  2. the MQA version has issues on Linux, not the plain one
  3. 4. 2v being *the* standard for RCAs... just don't bother ;p
  4. you must solder if you plan using those Oyaide DC plugs
  5. posting here as it looks I can't start a new thread 😶 Allo (Sparky) USBridge running DietPi with AlloGUI here Roon Bridge is all I need so every other "protocol" is disabled though... NetData (that doesn't seem to work, at least on a Mac) and Squeezelite are re-enabled at every reboot 😡 question: how I do I change Squeezelite and NetData status to *disabled* by default (at boot)? thanks
  6. non MQA is not affrected issue depends on the XMOS receiver chip
  7. https://community.roonlabs.com/t/topping-d90-mqa-ropieee/113073 look on ASR too
  8. though Allo's USBridge Signature is not affected in the slightest: it uses an RPi3 Compute Module whilst both USB and Ethernet buses are on the Allo designed board
  9. burn image to a microSD card, insert it in the USBridge, turn it on, wait a few minutes, open a web browser to set a *very* few things via a very simple, graphical, UI and... forget about it forever
  10. 👍 nothing better out there for a Pi based Roon endpoint get RoPieee XL: it also has HQPlayer NAA on board
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