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  1. ooops... right... forgot about that (but I did read the manual: swear it 😛 ) was also misleaded by the ground terminal being on B side, sorry 😔 thank you Alex
  2. I have a spare LPS-1.2 but before trying using it to power my EtherRegen... - Lumin U1 Mini connected to B port - Lumin is powered by a Vinnie Rossi ultracaps LPS (complete isolation from mains... I believe!) - Lumin is connected via USB to a Metrum Adagio DAC but there's an ISORegen (powered by an LPS-1.2) in between question: will I need to ground the etherRegen? 😐
  3. firmware update installed (Mac user here: no issue whatsoever) definitely need a screwdriver with "large-ish" handle to apply the necessary force (tried a thin one, first, but couldn't unscrew those bolts) I do confirm too both an overall clarity increase and tighter bass thank you once more John and Alex
  4. Italy (Milano) here and... might be something with your ISP. and maybe just temporary try using Cloud Flare's DNSs: and instead of your provider's
  5. might just be the result of... you know... turn everything off/wait/turn everything back on sometime engineers are right 😛
  6. let's see my eR connects all of my music gear (dedicated NAS included) but... fiber comes from a TP-Link switch (other non music stuff plugged in there by copper, including a wi-fi repeater) connected by copper to a Netgear one (even more non-music stuff plugged in there), three stores upstairs, connected to the TP-Link router, connected to my ISP's modem with fiber coming in 😛 I believe (might be just a sensation: we're talking 10th of a second) connections (to my Roon core and to the NAS) are snappier with the eR than they used to be with my previous setup: TP-Link MC + Cisco switch EDIT: wait... connections are snappier indeed: I also have a Pi+AlloDigiOne connected to the eR (for a secondary system) that... used to take ages (5~10 seconds) to connect to via a web browser when I needed to change RoPieee settings. now it takes 1~2 seconds
  7. exactly what happened here couldn't get the fiber link up but after removing/reinserting the SFP a couple of times all was fine
  8. please be more explicit as "crappy endpoints" doesn't help/educate/give any clue to potential customers: which endpoints are you calling "crappy"? make/model, please: purpose of this forum is helping people make good choices, isn't it? or, at the very least: what do you suggest as the bare minimum of "good enough"? again: make/model!
  9. ok... my turn, now got my EtherRegen delivered a couple of hours ago. let it regain room temperature then... - listened to three/four tracks (both local and streaming from Qobuz) with my old setup (fiber to a TP-Link MC, copper to a Cisco SG100D-08 (all music gear plugged in there) - turned everything off - replaced Cisco and TP-Link MC with the EtherRegen (struggled a bit getting the fiber link up, no idea why, but got there in the end) and got "a little" mad because of my short and very stiff ethernet cables 🙄 - reconnected everything: Lumin U1 Mini to B port, Cirrus 7 (Roon ROCK) and Qnap HS-251+ to A ports - rebooted Cirrus, NAS, Lumin - started playing those very same tracks and... OMG! no... wait... I mean... seriously: OMG!!! Overall greatly improved "clarity" is the first, *immediate*, difference Then... focus, finest detail, deep bass tighter than I ever head it from this system (in signature) EtherRegen powered by its stock SMPS (Cisco and TP-Link were both powered by an HD-Plex 100) Will try powering it from an LPS-1.2 later. Or maybe not 😛 thank you so much John and Alex for yet another little jewel
  10. "is there anyway to move that post to here with me having to retype it all out again" <- copy/paste just works
  11. nope: that was by Royal Fail (as the brits call it ) DHL on its part... once took 15 days from Germany 😡
  12. "An expert doesn't need to think: he already knows" (sorry: can't remember who wrote it)
  13. aaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!!!! my EtherRegen delivery, due today, has been rescheduled to Monday 😡 😢
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