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  1. This in particular is important to me, and I agree. Listening with the Windows version now; looking forward to getting a new MacBook Pro when Apple puts out the new line and listening to the MacOS version.
  2. Hah! Well, if we like more options, look at this: https://asti.ga (I haven't tried it yet, but curious.)
  3. It's interesting, if I hadn't already gone to the trouble of setting up my own remote access, I think Vox would likely win. But since I have, I've got a very robust backup solution (Backblaze offers unlimited backup storage for $60/yr, essentially the same cost as Vox - I use their slightly more expensive B2 service because it allows me to do some fun geeky stuff the unlimited doesn't), and then it's just $26/yr more for the Subsonic music server and a domain name. I guess that's one advantage of rolling your own that to some extent offsets the extra work to set it up: You get to customize t
  4. Am I correct in thinking that both Vox and Brio would be somewhat of a PITA to use as backup applications because Vox doesn't save artwork and doesn't maintain the usual directory structure, while Brio requires selecting albums for downloading one at a time? I'm tempted to try Vox due to the excellent pricing for remote access bundled with a kind of backup, but wow what a pain if I really did lose my local collection.
  5. Happy birthday! Now that I'm retired, I may get some time to rip more of my own CDs...fond dream. 🙂
  6. Hi jos - No, the stuttering went away for me several builds ago. It was only ever present in a couple of builds if I recall correctly. In other good news, I'd experienced AS "freezing" (becoming unresponsive) after perhaps 30 minutes to an hour of playback over UPnP with previous builds (direct connection never gave any problem), but with 1.5.7 that doesn't seem to be happening.
  7. Either HQPlayer or Audirvana would likely provide better digital filtering than you would find in any DAC in your price range (perhaps any DAC, period). Either one would also work with a microRendu, which would connect to your DAC with a specialty lower-powered computer that would address your concerns about good USB. This would leave $2100 in your budget for a DAC. This is plenty for an RME ADI-2 or ADI-2 Pro, both excellent DACs from what I've read, or perhaps a used T+A.
  8. I think I've been working from old news. See 2019-10-6 and 2020-12-08 news entries here: https://www.lesbonscomptes.com/upmpdcli/
  9. Yes, I know BubbleUPnP works. For whatever reason, it's just upmpdcli.
  10. Same with upmpdcli, a UPnP/DLNA renderer using mpd - Qobuz made it impossible for subscribers like me to use upmpdcli to stream Qobuz on Linux, though the Qobuz app's own streaming capabilities are still in development. (Another reason for me to use Audirvana.)
  11. For Qobuz integration I like Audirvana, but I'm guessing you've already tried it?
  12. I realize I'm in a Roon thread, so this may not be true of many of the folks here, but for $299 I think I'll do without Euphony. Already have 2 Linux distros installed, and if I want something headless and stripped down I can install one of the server versions.
  13. Needs the computer running the OS to be connected to wired Ethernet (mine's connected via wi-fi) and the DAC to be connected via USB (I run a microRendu to which I stream via UPnP/DLNA or NAA), so I'm not able to explore the joys of Euphony.
  14. The streaming solution is entirely separate from Backblaze, which I use for backup only. Sorry if I didn't clarify that above.
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