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  1. This writ large - backing up peer-to-peer to other individuals' locations, a sort of BitTorrent for backup - is something I'd love to see take over from paid backup. But to be practical it will have to wait for everyone to have 6G or whatever the ultrafast connectivity of the future might be, along with cheap enough storage that people have multiple terabytes to spare.
  2. Hard for him to do unless he knows what's causing it, right? That's why I suggested some experimentation to try to pin that down. The alternative is to remain satisfied that the problem is Damien's fault, but not have a fix. 🙂
  3. Notice I'm not saying anything like "Oh yeah, this must be your problem because...." It just appears you've been 'lucky' enough that something in your setup interacts badly with Audirvana. Would love to know what it is (I'm sure you would too), since as you say the sound is really nice. Perhaps start by using only your largest music volume/directory with 3.5, and add until you have a problem?
  4. I'm thinking there has to be some sort of interaction going on with your setup. Now I've only got 10,000 or so tracks, and lots of people have many times more albums than that. (I've only ripped about 10% of my collection - the rest will wait until a spare moment or until I retire.) But using a mid-2009 MacBook Pro that's running a patched version of Mojave - so surely an underpowered situation compared to just about everyone else here - searches in 3.5 are instant. Scrolling is just very slightly hesitant (with local library, though not Qobuz), but I'm sure that's due to the ancient hardware running a patched OS. I assume you have more modern hardware, but might be dealing with more content. AFAIK, there are people with more than 100K albums running Audirvana without issue. Obviously this isn't helping your current situation. But I don't think the UI slowness is something inherent in Audirvana itself.
  5. It already exists. See the Backblaze unlimited tier.
  6. I personally like the results with an ISO Regen in my system, and I have an inexpensive DAC as well. But depending on how much you like to do on your own, it's possible to try to do some electrical isolation somewhat inexpensively. You can use a cheap NUC as a streamer, and feed it through a chain that uses optical Ethernet (converters and switches for this can be had for as little as the $20-$40 range, and optical cable is priced similarly). If you are careful to keep the power for these devices as clean as possible, that might have some effect on the end result (of course nothing like getting a better DAC or speakers, but that would cost significantly more). Or you could buy an inexpensive calibrated mic and use free software to see if your room setup could be improved. Both of these possibilities can be done conveniently with commercial equipment and software, but you pay for the convenience. So commercially sold isolators, doing it on your own, changing your room setup - lots of different ways to play with improving the sound. And of course you can do more than one.
  7. Though I am not using Audiolinux at the moment, I am upsampling and streaming at DSD512 quite happily with the last run of Ethernet cable coming from a 100mbps port. I would look at your network setup and/or hardware as one possibility.
  8. Well, the underside's a surface... 😉 Apologies for the OT, but just curious, have you ever seen two-sided SMD? If not, is there a very good reason not to do it?
  9. I won't have one to send. 🙂 Since the descriptions are identical, I assume it works just like the Red.
  10. Which is why I said I'd be interested to learn more. Since the AQ description doesn't say anything, how (without giving away IP) does the volume control actually operate? We (Chris) may not get a comprehensible answer, but it didn't cost anything to ask, so...
  11. This (assuming I was searching for Schubert) didn't happen with my search when I typed Schobert. Are you sure it wasn't just an auto-complete function?
  12. I notice it and the Red feature a "bit-perfect digital volume control," which I guess is the same as the "bit-perfect variable output" mentioned above. Would be interested to learn more. Wonder where the slow roll-off filter starts to cut, and whether it cuts lower, and that is what is supposed to dramatically improve sound from low quality sources; or whether it starts to cut at a fairly high point, and allows some aliasing/imaging that might sound subjectively better but measure less well.
  13. Except that I didn't set out to search for artists, I just typed the word Schobert. Then I chose "Artists" from among other possibilities, which, since Schobert doesn't have a huge catalog, worked nicely. For someone whose catalog is large (Karajan), there are ways to narrow things down. (Edit: For example, Karajan #NewRelease brings up as the top hits under Releases 30 or so releases in the past couple of months on Qobuz that have full albums or at least tracks conducted by von Karajan.) So far I personally haven't run into anything horribly inconvenient, though of course all searches won't be ideal for everyone. I feel this may be more a matter of Qobuz having arranged their searches in a fashion that doesn't suit the way you normally do things, rather than their searches being globally broken for everyone. Perhaps there may be suggestions for reasonably practical additions or changes that would suit you better that you might be able to make to Qobuz. As @The Computer Audiophile said above, "You suck!" is probably a poor way to try to communicate suggestions for improvement.
  14. For a search on "Schobert" in the Qobuz Windows app, I get a choice of "Artists," "Releases," "Tracks," "Playlists," and "Panoramas." When I click on Johann Schobert under "Artists," 8 albums come up. There seem to be about a dozen Johann Schobert albums in your Tidal screenshot above. That's more for Tidal, but not "not a single relevant hit," exactly, for Qobuz. Any thoughts as to how I wind up with 8 under "Artists" and you see none?
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