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  1. Pardon the OT: If you care to ask folks to do something illegal, however silly you consider the law, it might be polite to look for one friend to ask and communicate outside of our host's website. Just a suggestion.
  2. I found the Hoffman master of Aja on eBay using the Hoffman forum ID info. (Didn't buy it if anyone wants it - was about $17 as I recall.) I assume you can do the same for Gaucho. Let me know if you think it's better than the SACD, which I have also.
  3. Maybe. I'm pretty amazed at some of the Redbook too (check out Cassandra Wilson if you haven't already).
  4. Jud

    LH Labs. No delivery after 2.5 Years

    I got an actual Pono. Works great. Even better deal. So even with all the changes Pono went through, they still managed to ship a fine product timely. Amazing how so many companies manage to do that.
  5. Jud

    Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    I thought I remembered seeing somewhere that 64-bit plugins should be used, but I'm not certain about that.
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    This is exactly why I said I would hesitate to do business with any company that reacted so aggressively to criticism. In my experience, this shows they have a lot of practice with such criticism and are to be avoided.
  7. Jud

    5G - Are We Safe Or Insane?

    For *exclusive* control/licensing rights? 😆
  8. Jud

    5G - Are We Safe Or Insane?

    Folks in Dane, Wisconsin apparently like it for some reason (if you read the linked article).
  9. Don't know about anyone else, but I don't mind this particular "technical intrusion" at all. I'm supposing you haven't found one or more of these small devices (particularly those with Intel CPUs - @jabbr loves a good challenge, but I'm getting old and don't especially want to play around with Linux distros for ARM) that do have good layouts for audio?
  10. Not for audio, but this guy put it on a test bench. (Perhaps you've already seen it? Not to worry, the hard-hitting headline turns out to be about Arduino, which I'm assuming you don't much care about.) https://www.mickmake.com/post/lattepanda-alpha-the-big-mistake-review
  11. Fun to read about (and to poke around in eBay seeing who wants a lot of money and who may have undiscovered treasures), but since I picked up the entire "Citizen" set for $3 in a used CD/record store, I guess I'm sticking with that.
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    Indeed. http://www.turnigy.com/?s=graphene&x=0&y=0
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    The same as I said above, with link: they have advantages and disadvantages, just like anything else (see link for discharge behavior, for example). The same as I said above, with link: these aren't as advanced as the Samsung developments everyone is excited about that may be coming later this year.