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  1. Right, so I picked up a couple of JSSG360 USB cables from Ghent, and I like them a lot. These replaced a couple of USPCBs, which were rigid, and I think the lack of "give" over years of use (including plugging and unplugging) had led to at least one intermittent connection. I preferred the USPCBs to my longtime favorite Mapleshade, and that in turn to an Audioquest Coffee. The Coffee was just under $300; the Mapleshade about half that; the USPCB and Ghent cables are in the $30-50 range. So my connectors keep getting cheaper, but I like the sound better.
  2. I've been impressed by Vivid speakers at shows, and I like the design philosophy of using non-resonant material (Rockport does something similar), so take that for whatever it's worth.
  3. Hi Chris. I agree Samsung NVMe is the way to go. (Not that either you or Samsung need my agreement, but just thought I'd say it.) Thanks for mentioning the Sabrent - nice to know if I ever need an adapter for an extra NVMe drive. Wondering whether the extra transfers have to do with files or file characteristics that may have been changed without your manual intervention. This can happen, as I'm sure you know, either when transferring between different OS filesystems (I feel that Windows in particular likes to throw "hidden" files into folders), or if something like a file timestamp is altered automatically. Maybe check using rsync/rclone set to leave out some types of files, timestamp changes, or various other things, and see whether it makes any difference?
  4. Or another reputable password app, such as LastPass.
  5. Any such "guidelines" aren't really (guidelines), in the sense of being guides for others' behavior. They're simply personal preferences. I've been in the audio hobby since age 14 in 1968 and have gone through phases where I thought cables were more or less important. Right now I'm thinking they're a bit less important. But that's only personal preference, and I could potentially change my thinking at any time. Meanwhile, rather than have this thread devolve into the usual cables do/don't matter arguing, why don't we keep it as a place where people looking for new USB cables can pick up on suggestions from others? For my part, after long usage I seem to have developed an intermittent connection in my system, and I've ordered a couple of inexpensive new replacements. I'll let you know what I think when I've had a chance to receive them and listen.
  6. Jud

    HQ Player

    Apologies for not answering your question, but I'm wondering if Channel does the conversion to DSD128 with HQP Pro. If so, the conversion is quite likely to have been done with optimal settings.
  7. I agree that overbuilding has had a tremendous negative impact. My reference to fair weather flooding was meant to emphasize a dimension of the problem where rainwater and drainage aren't involved. South Florida is a very thin layer of dirt and fresh water overlying porous ancient mangrove swamps and coral reefs with seawater flowing through it. The mechanism of fair weather flooding is that the seawater rises and pushes the fresh water layer above ground level. As climate warms and sea level rises, this is happening more often.
  8. There are now 30 days a year of fair weather flooding in Miami. There's never been any drainage, as the water table is a couple of feet below ground, so there's nowhere to drain to. (I used to experience this during storms when I lived there for several years.) Within my lifetime (I'm in my mid-60s), the number of days per year of fair weather flooding in Miami is projected to reach 150.
  9. Saw Clapton live back in the day. He was fantastic. Currently he's got some quite stupid political views (along with another favorite of mine, Van Morrison), so I won't contribute to his finances by streaming or purchasing. Fortunately I already own quite a bit of his music (and Van's), so I can listen 'til my heart's content without paying him any more.
  10. It *is* the Ensemble les Surprises, after all.
  11. Their first new album in 20 years, pretty much in the electric folk/alternative wheelhouse, and I love it.
  12. https://www.pbs.org/wnet/gperf/yannick-an-artists-journey-about/12848/
  13. @jos, sorry to hear about the continued stuttering. What we used to do to get rid of such things that puzzlingly persisted between builds was trash the database and start over. These days that takes a bit longer, but I guess it's still there if it comes to it. (You may already have done so, but thought I'd mention it.)
  14. Well of course who profits from corporate profit? Vastly greedy humans. I don't understand the distinction some folks make between corporations run by and comprised of individual people, and individual people when they leave work at the corporations and are sitting at home. Ethically, what is different? I disagree with Priaptor that government is somehow uniquely less competent and more wasteful compared to private corporations. But seeing the deregulation and weak governance humans have so far wrought, what makes you think people will suddenly change? Yes it would be so bad, unless by "we all" you include all living things on the planet, meaning humans would have been good stewards right along. Sorry not to be offering any quick solutions, but I'm not that smart.
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