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  1. Kunchur I believe comes out at about half the time of previous studies. But the previous studies IIRC identified a limit of about 10ns, Kunchur about 5. However, these aren't transients but arrival time differences (how small must the arrival time difference be between two sound waves before we perceive them as simultaneous rather than distinct). This is different from Shannon-Nyquist, which I agree works, as I said much earlier in the thread; and it is possibly different from the briefest transient sound perceptible to humans, as seems to be indicated by additional rea
  2. https://src.infinitewave.ca What happens when a low-pass filter is applied to a file with a sample missing?
  3. I've done some reading that seems to indicate reasonably reliable sources (a Handbook of Acoustics was mentioned - doesn't sound radical, though of course it doesn't have to be correct) state a missing sample would be audible as a "tic." Recall also that a single sample impulse is said to contain all frequencies. So we have to be a little careful about translating between the two.
  4. But it isn't necessarily how the ear-brain does signal processing, is that correct?
  5. Thought about that, but recall we are told any Gibbs effect ringing will be silent also, so all should be quiet as a mouse, eh?
  6. I propose a simple experiment. All we need is Audacity or similar software and a method to compare two files that is blinded. Compare two files, one with a steady tone, the other the same but with a single missing sample at 44.1kHz sample rate. As I understand it volume may need to be reasonably high. Can you tell which file contains the missing sample?
  7. If I remember correctly, when you're a paying customer the content is encrypted so that neither Degoo nor anyone else other than you can see it.
  8. https://www.huffpoststuff.com/sales/degoo-premium-lifetime-backup-plans-10tb?utm_source=huffpost.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=degoo-premium-lifetime-backup-plans-10tb&utm_term=scsf-328960&utm_content=a0x1P000004HOSZ&scsonar=1
  9. They aren't classical-only, but Qobuz, Nonesuch and Bandcamp all come to mind offhand.
  10. By the way, I haven't seen anyone refer to it here, but most music file sellers are very good about allowing you to re-download. (HDTracks wasn't, so I stopped using them.)
  11. It's what Time Machine does. Carbon Copy Cloner does too. And you can do it with your Windows machine also. It just means you take multiple dated backups or snapshots, so for example if something went wrong yesterday you restore from the 2-day-old version.
  12. Depends. As noted above, RAID 5 and 6 offer data duplication without impacting read/write speeds. And hardware RAID controllers run RAID arrays without significantly impacting CPU resources. But as you say, disks (and a good hardware controller) get expensive. And these arrays are subject to the various other hazards you mentioned. (Edit: Note FreeBSD and some Linuxes have filesystems that offer protection against data corruption.) I have unlimited online backup for $60/yr. I keep two duplicate sets of music files on external HDs plus a third duplicate on a set of SD cards. The lat
  13. Of the widely used types of RAID, RAID 2, 4, 5 and 6 provide extra protection. RAID 2 is slow and RAID 4 is slow with regard to writes. RAID 5 and 6 provide extra protection without much if any speed penalty. RAID 5 requires at least 3 drives and provides protection in case one fails. RAID 6 requires at least 4 drives and provides protection even if 2 fail. Edit: When I say slow, I mean relative to the typical speed of 1 drive. Also have a look at hardware vs. software RAID, since software RAID makes use of CPU resources.
  14. https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwjCkKmk3KzrAhXk_eMHHZ2VDhsYABAHGgJ5bQ&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAASE-Ropon4IEfakm6RofE27-rRKZQ&sig=AOD64_30xeKUAqHD3mCWTcVdAA10mniM8w&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwix0J2k3KzrAhXXB80KHXd5APYQwg96BAgOECI&adurl=
  15. HQPlayer is not shy about using cpu if you decide to go that route.
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