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  1. There's a switch in the preferences to sort playlists using the same criteria as for tracks. Don't know if that will help or make things worse in your particular situation.
  2. Jud

    NPR First Listen

    My new fave on First Listen is the latest by Steve Earle's son, Justin Townes Earle: https://www.npr.org/2019/05/16/722786018/first-listen-justin-townes-earle-the-saint-of-lost-causes
  3. Jud

    NPR First Listen

    New Brad Mehldau now available on Qobuz - Sublime is $10, otherwise $15. On Nonesuch website, hi res available for $11.
  4. Remains to be seen. Have you provided your information to this spreadsheet? This will be appended to a complaint being submitted in the near future (apologies, as I'm at least somewhat responsible for the delay while the people working on the complaint wait for my suggestions) to the Attorney General of California. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vE7_LByDDY6w8J-E-l4njfkvXcggTasrG90z11swJww/edit#gid=0
  5. Jud

    NPR First Listen

    Once a recording becomes available for purchase, it's no longer available in full at First Listen. Let's see if we can buy through Qobuz when availability through NPR sunsets.
  6. A long time ago I was watching a DownBeat magazine annual awards show. Kirk had won in the "multi-instrumentalist" category (of course), and Hubert Laws had won for flute. They had one of those jams at the end where everyone is playing. Laws was standing next to Kirk as Kirk put one, then two, then three instruments up to his mouth at once and played the living hell out of them. Laws looked over at Kirk, his jaw dropped, and he forgot to play his flute for a while. Fond memory!
  7. Jud

    NPR First Listen

    The new Brad Mehldau sounds good. https://www.npr.org/series/98679384/first-listen
  8. I don't like carrying out data operations on a "moving target" in general. I have a couple of hard drives, each with a copy of all my music, that I sync with each other, and I don't play music from them or carry out other operations on those files while syncing. It might work out fine, but I just feel there's no point taking the chance two different operations might hit the same file at the same time and potentially cause corruption. The database is set to sync every time I turn on Audirvana. I don't have that many tracks, relatively speaking (about 10,000, perhaps a little over 1 TB), and maintain the database with Audirvana's tools pretty regularly, so it might take 20-30 seconds to sync, if that.
  9. I would be happy to help, but I looked at your previous post regarding Audirvana and saw your question was about using it with iTunes, which I don't do. So unfortunately I'm unable to provide any suggestions. You're certainly not wrong for wanting the application to work conveniently for you, and I hope someone who has it working well with iTunes will be able to help you.
  10. Is it a bug that syncing with a database/library that is in use at the time causes corruption? My own feeling is that this isn't a bug and syncing should be done while the database is not in use. But I am not Damien,.
  11. Jud

    HQ Player

    I have no questions or argument about your pricing. But I thought this was not your "day job." Perhaps I was incorrect, or perhaps you work at another full time job as well as treating HQPlayer like one. Just curious, I guess.
  12. At least have the courage of your convictions. Presumably you raised the point for a reason. Are you saying you think it influenced the coverage or not?
  13. If you want to add the album tracks at the end of a current play queue, select all the tracks, hover over one to bring up the button with 3 dots, click on it and select from the drop-down to add them.
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