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  1. Last time I saw a PDP series was college FORTRAN class in 1976.
  2. If you like opera, here’s my favorite soprano, 10 CDs less than $20 on Amazon, well worth it and only 1 left in stock! https://smile.amazon.com/Beauty-Voice-Complete-Early-Performances/dp/B00BBQD70W/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?keywords=anna+moffo+cd&qid=1573766352&sprefix=anna+mo&sr=8-3
  3. First album I ever listened to on Qobuz, and a real gem. Now I have to hear Come On In My Kitchen from Blue Light ‘til Dawn.🙂
  4. Back to the many-splendored pleasures of ER and music to enjoy them with, as I occasionally listen during shuffle play/burn-in: I like Iron & Wine (the name Sam Beam records under) and his album Beast Epic. The last song on that album, Our Light Miles, I’ve always thought of as just a sort of little throwaway outro. Last night it was jaw-dropping - Sam Beam right there in the room, emotionally stunning. Please do check it out if you have a chance, particularly purchase or Qobuz. Edit/P.S.: Because I’d paid relatively little attention to that song when listening to the album, I didn’t even recognize it. I knew it was Iron & Wine, but before I looked I was thinking “What is *that*?! What album is it on?”
  5. It certainly implies what you are saying. I have the service, so easy enough to do a download and check. Will provide results here. Yep, me too.
  6. I was able to pick up a few on eBay for something like $5 a piece, also coded to work with Cisco. I think that was a sale price, it was a while ago.
  7. Yep, 4 rubbery knobs on the bottom maybe around 1/4 or 3/8 inch high.
  8. The tones of cellos are so gorgeous with the ER in the system I could listen to Bach cello suites all day long.
  9. I believe the downloads from Amazon are mp3 even on the HD service, so not surprising streaming (even handicapped as Amazon has made it, with sample rates often converted) may sound as good or better.
  10. I think classical will probably be OK for the time being. It hums along without anyone expecting breakout hits. I wonder about the jazz demographic. I meet a surprising number of people into New Age type music (this is northern New Mexico), but I’m hearing far less Michael Hedges type greatness and way too much “easy listening.” For me personally not much of it is worthwhile, but perhaps there is enough of a niche market to keep it going. Reggae I’m afraid has seen its peak. Too bad, because I like it. World (of which I think reggae is a part) will probably do all right. Lots of exciting artists getting popular in faraway places (Europe more than here).
  11. What's the percentage for stage and screen if you eliminate the Frozen soundtrack? 😉 (Not asking seriously.)
  12. I was under the impression chips with sigma-delta modulation, which may produce DSD or other formats, originally took over from chips without because the chips with SDM enabled the total package, including hardware, to be less expensive.
  13. I know that's what you were talking about. But I asked a different question. How many of Spotify's genres (and which) would be unhealthy and failing by your definition?
  14. How many and which of Spotify's genres make up less than 10% of their available tracks? (I'm not saying this makes all hi res or CD-and-above streaming more than a nice lagniappe for the music industry, just wondering which genres we might think of as "healthy" that wouldn't meet your criterion.)
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