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  1. Don't know how close the nearest Costco is, but last time we went they were enforcing a one-pack-per-membership policy, and there was plenty. (We don't buy our TP there, but for anyone who does....)
  2. It seems reasonably clear @Seraph wished to stir something up, and I'm quite surprised how eagerly so many otherwise intelligent people have accommodated him in what is supposed to be an objective thread. Everyone who bought the ER knew the "backwards" situation (that a product was being sold prior to measurements being done of its efficacy). That is still the case, and it's fair comment to point that out, though not however many times @Seraph has done so in an attempt to have fun with those who rise to the bait. I think that pretty well wraps it up unless/until we have more measurement data. I'd suggest anyone offended by our friend's repetition let it echo into emptiness, or let anyone who wants to repetitively state agreement do so freely.
  3. Yeah, not sure what everyone's finding worth discussing in an objective thread without new data.
  4. As you say this is due to the Web browser and (mostly) the OS. In my spare time(!) I'll try to see what can be done with Linux to allow higher resolutions, unless a Linux aficionado would like to post here first.
  5. Howdy - you quoted before I edited. I looked at my Windows settings and an OS update had reset max resolution to 32/48. When I went into Windows' sound settings and set max resolution back to 32/192, then I got the yellow light on my DAC when playing Qobuz 24/192 files just as I should. But with Ubuntu and Manjaro, using Qobuz with Nuvola Apps, the light remains green regardless, indicating as you say that Qobuz is very likely producing 44.1kHz resolution on those OSes. My Linux knowledge isn't much, but I'm wondering if there's not an OS config file or files that can be changed to resolve this.
  6. Looks like you're correct. With up to 24/192 resolution selected in settings, the light on my iFi micro-iDSD shows green whether a 24/96 resolution recording is playing (correct for 44.1 through 96kHz resolution) or 24/192 (incorrect, should be yellow). Edit: Well now this is interesting. Same (green light playing 24/192 when it should be yellow) with officially supported Windows Qobuz app on my desktop. And I checked the DAC with 24/192 from another software player, and got the correct yellow light. Further edit: re Windows, never mind. Was an error in Windows sound device configuration (latest Windows "upgrade" reset max resolution to 48kHz). Works correctly now.
  7. I'm sure they know. I'm sure they would like to. As @firedog pointed out, they just don't have the economic leverage vs. the labels. As @The Computer Audiophile pointed out, if you would like to have a better chance of seeing this, the way to do it isn't to tell Qobuz, since they already know, but to contact the labels and let them know you'd be more inclined to purchase their products if this happened. Only if they think it might accrue to their economic advantage do the labels have an incentive to agree with Qobuz to do this.
  8. I figured one more OT might be forgiven. If you can stream it over Airplay/Airplay2 (maybe others, though I don't know), just go into Apps on a microRendu and choose Shairport. The mRendu will show up as a selection for your Airplay streaming. I assume it works the same with other Rendus.
  9. DJ D-Nice hosts a dance party from his kitchen that gets over 100,000 daily listeners!
  10. I have one that I still need to get around to putting up (holdup is that the thing I neglected in working with the contractor and electrician is a power supply on the roof for the antenna rotator and amplifier, but luckily it should not be difficult when it comes up in the priority list after all of my wife's landscaping projects). Happily it's a pueblo style house with a flat roof and all the radio and local HD stations I want to get are on top of a 10,600' mountain nearby, so no problem hiding it.
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