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  2. From the NY Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/08/well/music-therapy-treatment-stress.html?campaign_id=34&emc=edit_sc_20210413&instance_id=29168&nl=science-times&regi_id=137764409&segment_id=55460&te=1&user_id=e7ce617addfc9551bcae3b7539221c8d Music therapy is increasingly used to help patients cope with stress and promote healing. From the article: The healing power of music — lauded by philosophers from Aristotle and Pythagoras to Pete Seeger — is now being validated by medical research. It is used in targeted treatments for asthma, au
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  4. i have audiophile optimizer 3 on server 2012 i set cpu affinity and priority manually with great improvement in sound quality what would fidelizer offer over what i do? thanks
  5. Hi! JonD, Thanks for your good feedback. Please let the Giesemann EVA burn in for 7 days, the music will make you smile. The vocal will be so sweet and soundstage will be much wider. The specification on Giesemann EVA (-121dBC/Hz) is much higher then REF10 is (-114dBC/Hz) on Phase Noise. The Allan Derivation is amazing low at 1s = 2.277 (measure of short term 1 second frequency stability) The Phase Noise is reaching limit to the highest level at -121dBC/Hz The power supply on Farad Super3 can improve the performance on your Giesemann Clock.
  6. Quite a strange response since I didn't mention price.
  7. Something that you wrote sounds interesting... Let me give an example -- even though the decoder gets rid of some gain control modulation distortion on the Nat King Cole stuff, that amount can come from DolbyA mismatch. What I am trying to say, there is SOMETHING wrong with the Nat King Cole Story decoding, I am relatively happy with the results, but somehow defective. Given the NatKing Cole story being a recent production, it MIGHT not have been touched by an FA encoder -- I am in betwixed and between on that. But older recordings, that might not be true. Old stuff on t
  8. Hello! LEO SOUND, Thanks for your interested. The master Clock Emperor Triple Crown in 75 ohm require to made to order in limited supply every month. This version is in sine wave. The mini filter is designed to work with sine wave Giesemann, connect directly to EtherREGEN or Mutec MC3-USB. This filter is quite amazing tweak, which can improve the vocal and details. Have a nice day. Best Regards, Adrian AfterDark.
  9. GUTB also considers price to be the only indicator of what is, and what isn't, high end enough. In my opinion, it's an attitude guaranteed to drive people away from audiophilia. You know what the number one thing I hear from people immediately after they tell me that they want better sound? "I'm not an audiophile or anything." And its because of exactly that attitude. A good friend of mine recently bought a Rega turntable and he was really excited about it. What do you think would have happened if I had come at him with the attitude of, it sucks because it's not expensive enough?
  10. What is going on then -- listen to the evidence -- it is real, something good is going on. I am not that much of a genius :-).
  11. there are nothing wrong on your Mac mini nor Sbooster, I have a Mac mini had the same issue ... unless the LPS 12v is greater than "5A", otherwise, Mac mini can't power up ... or shut down after a minute.
  12. I don't know, what is the GUTB school of audio?
  13. Hmmm... released in 2014. http://www.standard-audio.com/stretch.html https://www.musictech.net/reviews/standard-audio-stretch-review/ John: Regarding your thoughts on where in the chain it would be done, my comments still stand - it wouldn't be done outside of the mixing / mastering studio. It's all digital from that point on and I don't see any label / distributor spending the time=money to do a real-time process. It was invariably quality checked too, a copy of the pressed CD was compared against what was mastered. There's no place in the workflow for a label or di
  14. Listening to music while the titanic sinks around me...
  15. A disciple of the GUTB school of audio?
  16. High end audio is not a reletive term. It is reserved for the pinnacle of music reproduction.
  17. I dont' think that it is in the studio -- it has to be somewhere in distribution -- I don't know WTF is going on. All I know is that the parameters need to be precise, and there is nothing 'even dBs' in a DolbyA unit. Everything in the decoder is 'even dBs' and 'standard freqs'. EVERYTHING that I know comes from my own experiments. Even if what you are concerned about, that the process only happens once in a while, the decoder would likely suck on non FA materials?!??? How to encode -- two ways, the 2nd is most practical, first is to sequence through 7 DolbyA units -- NOPE.
  18. My picture of this is of recordings long since made and sitting in labels' "vaults," so to speak, and one or more people coming up with an automated process or processes to run them through. Very obviously processing that substantially altered the sound of old recordings was taking place at virtually all the major labels. One look in DR Database at re-releases of older recordings will tell you that.
  19. I can DEFINITELY accept your opinion. It definitely won't float every ones boat -- however I started with virgin, hearing that is not used to consumer recordings (between 1990 and 2012 , I don't think that I had heard a CD through high quality heaphones, or maybe all messed up on FM radio in the background.) In fact, consumer recordings sounded like hash to me. However, it is PERFECTLY valid that the opposite might be true for you. One frustration I am having right now, that the lows are still a little muddy, and I am analyzing that tomorrow. IMO, the narrowing is basica
  20. Thanks, John. Even assuming that someone did build a compressor using cascaded Dolby A encoders, it can't be in common use. If it was as widely used as you believe, they would be ubiquitous - found in almost every studio. A secret that big could not be kept. And because they would be analogue and work in real time, they would be time-expensive to use, especially when working from digital masters. Knowing what you do about the processes involved, how would you go about building / coding such a FA encoder? Returning to the non-flat response at high levels, can you cl
  21. @Nenon, All, I really would not want this pass into forum folk law, without putting an alternate view and note of caution forward. I think using higher current headroom as key parameter to select a power supply is akin to using amplifier wattage alone to compare sound quality of power amplifiers. It might not be a very good idea. Here is some of what I found designing supplies for c621 servers and why I say this. Important to remember first that there isn't anything mystical about c621 boards, they are just incrementally slightly larger then previous Xeon architecture
  22. Make sure you’re not clipping your headphone amp by accident. Some amps can only handle 2V or even 1V output so you can always try setting Qutest to a lower output voltage and see if it makes a bigger difference to your headphone sound. As for making Qutest work with Windows JRiver, I’ve attached a screenshot of my own setup with Hugo2 that works for JRiver settings
  23. Yesterday
  24. on a fairly quick comparison of several snips the difference is quite real to me, the raw sounds more dynamical across f.e. a whole instrument, which in my experience usually means there is room for improvement as there is a 'gray and veiled' character to those events. Most, and definitely analog, instruments have a leading edge, a ground note(s), overtones and a trailing edge. This is a simplification of course as those sounds will mix in time and space and will interact, and each component has its own time/space trajectory....yet the basic principle is how I envision sound. When I
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