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  2. I tried to issue the command, however it goes to the viewer. I'm confused. GentooPlayer-64 /home/gp # cpu-governor Available Governors for this CPU/kernel: performance powersave Press "Enter" to continue... Press the "q" key to exit this viewer). L i n u x C P U F r e q C P U F r e q G o v e r n o r s - information for users and developers - Dominik Brodowski <[email protected]> some additions and corrections by Nico Golde <[email protected]> Clock scaling allows you to change the clock speed of the CPUs on the fly. This is a nice method to save battery power, because the lower the clock speed, the less power the CPU consumes. Contents: --------- 1. What is a CPUFreq Governor? 2. Governors In the Linux Kernel 2.1 Performance 2.2 Powersave 2.3 Userspace 2.4 Ondemand 2.5 Conservative 2.6 Interactive 3. The Governor Interface in the CPUfreq Core 1. What Is A CPUFreq Governor? ============================== Most cpufreq drivers (in fact, all except one, longrun) or even most cpu frequency scaling algorithms only offer the CPU to be set to one frequency. In order to offer dynamic frequency scaling, the cpufreq core must be able to tell these drivers of a "target frequency". So these specific drivers will be transformed to offer a "->target" call instead of the existing "->setpolicy" call. For "longrun", all stays the same, though. How to decide what frequency within the CPUfreq policy should be used? That's done using "cpufreq governors". Two are already in this patch -- they're the already existing "powersave" and "performance" which set the frequency statically to the lowest or highest frequency, respectively. At least two more such governors will be ready for addition in the near future, but likely many more as there are various different theories and models about dynamic frequency scaling around. Using such a generic interface as cpufreq offers to scaling governors, these can be tested extensively, and the best one can be selected for each specific use. Basically, it's the following flow graph: CPU can be set to switch independently | CPU can only be set within specific "limits" | to specific frequencies "CPUfreq policy" consists of frequency limits (policy->{min,max}) and CPUfreq governor to be used / \ / \ / the cpufreq governor decides / (dynamically or statically) / what target_freq to set within / the limits of policy->{min,max} / \ / \ Using the ->setpolicy call, Using the ->target call, the limits and the the frequency closest "policy" is set. to target_freq is set. It is assured that it is within policy->{min,max} 2. Governors In the Linux Kernel ================================ 2.1 Performance --------------- The CPUfreq governor "performance" sets the CPU statically to the highest frequency within the borders of scaling_min_freq and scaling_max_freq. 2.2 Powersave ------------- The CPUfreq governor "powersave" sets the CPU statically to the /opt/.gentooplayer/script/governors.txt lines 2-71/237 25%
  3. Impressive pair, are you planning to compare them with the Transparent Power Isolator? (A glimpse on the right of the picture??)
  4. As a follow up to my post earlier this week, I can now report back after my visit yesterday to the Bristol Sound and Vision show. Personally I was going because GIK were exhibiting for the first time, and I was interested in taking a look at some of their products and having a chat with them regarding some ideas and questions that I have. This much worked out well, in fact I am very glad I made the effort to go. Lets put it this way, I can look at GIK products on their website and pick the style and colour that I prefer, but when I see the actual products in the flesh, it is a different colour and style that really like. The internet is great but it has its limitations, if I had selected products on line rather than seeing for real, I would not have made the best choices. Anyway, back to MQA. I drove to Bristol with a friend that was interested in going and listening to a couple of things that were on demo. When driving, we came up with a plan and some rules for the show. If we were ever in a room and an MQA logo was visible and a sales person was either on hand or actually pestering, the rule was that we had to ask the question "what is MQA". This was just a bit of a lark, and we thought it might be fun to see what responses we got. We made it all the way through the morning, past lunch, and to be honest had not seen an MQA logo, no posters displaying MQA capability or anything else. So as a general impression, I think is quite possible that someone could visit the show not knowing MQA existed, and leaving still not knowing. It was not being pushed by anyone. I even wandered into the Pro-ject room, knowing that they had MQA DAC / streamers at the show. What I had not fully realised is that they do not actually have MQA logos on them, so even looking at MQA capable devices you could miss MQA completely, you might just spot it if you read the little specification cards displayed next to some of the products, but nobody seemed to be making a big thing out of it. Then we visited the Hegel room. Hegel were actually doing a very interesting demo. They had a relatively small room, with the Hegel H190, H390 and H590 and a pair of KEF LS50's, they were playing a couple of tracks then swapping the amps for comparison. When I was there I heard the H590, then the H190, and for me it was very interesting to hear the difference between the two, even with the relatively modest, perhaps price inappropriate, KEF LS50's. As a off topic subjective comment, I have to say that the H590 LS50 combo was actually amongst the very best sounding rooms in the show, quite impressive. Back on topic, during the amp swap, it happened! The Hegel rep was running through the streaming options offered by the H590, so the normal stuff "It'll do AirPlay, UPnP, Spotify Connect, all your streaming services, it even has full MQA decoding and rendering". Bingo! That was it, MQA is alive and well, it was mentioned by the Hegel rep! Plus full credit to my companion for the day, straight in there with the key question, zero hesitation, "what is MQA"? I thought the Hegel rep's answer was actually quite interesting, he said something along the lines of "it is for when you want to listen to high-res material from Tidal, they use MQA to reduce the file size for streaming, you need the MQA decoder to bring this back to high-res". The point is, it was quite a dry and matter of fact response, no mention of deblurring, time domain accuracy or anything else, he just pitched it as something that might be useful to have if you want to stream Tidal. So based on what I saw at Bristol, MQA is not entirely dead. It does look a little sad though, like a withering plant that you don't think will survive the winter. Oh, an Qobuz has a stand there, pushing their new reduced price hi-res streaming deal. To put this in perspective, I noticed that on the Bristol Sound and Vision website, there are links to this year's show guide, and those from past years. If you search the pdf's, there are no references to MQA in the 2020 or 2019 show guide. The 2018 show guide has three MQA mentions, in iFi and Bluesound listings. The 2017 show guide has 10 mentions, from Tidal, Bluesound, Technics, Pioneer and Audioquest. Then to 2016, just the one mention, for the Pioneer XDP-100R DAP. The 2015 show guide is particularly interesting, there are three MQA mentions, but these all exist in press listings, for What Hifi and Hifi Critic. Then back to 2014, no mentions, basically MQA does not exist yet. So from 2015, you see it mentioned by the press, then listed for one manufacturer in 2016, by 2017 you hit the peak, then by 2018 there are signs of withering, and for 2019 / 2020 is has basically disappeared, or at least it has in terms of anything that manufacturers actually want in their show guide listing. The show guides are here if you want to take a look for yourself, I quite enjoyed seeing how the listings have evolved over the last few years: https://www.bristolshow.co.uk/showguide.lasso As a complete off topic aside, the weather is appalling in the UK at the moment and the driving conditions were quite bad at times when heading to Bristol on the M4. Nevertheless, I was surprised at just how quickly we got there. Not so on the way home, multiple accidents on the motorway, one was quite spectacular with overturned vehicles etc. We made it back safe and sound though (eventually). I am having a quiet day at home today!
  5. Iving This is what happens when a well respected member decides to resume posting again when the reasons for him ceasing posting here are removed. He simply found the atmosphere here had become on the toxic side, and no longer wished to participate here. If he had been able to at the time, David would have cancelled his membership. Yes, I do know David personally , and it was through this forum and our common interest in high quality audio that we met originally. Alex
  6. 我的无风扇系统(9900ks,无CUBA卸载,turbo 4.4g)无法处理,也许CUBA是必需的。
  7. Rpi4 Update -updated the entire system -updated firmware and EEPROM firmware (vl805) (temperature should be lower now) -updated uhubctl -added hub-ctrl.c -fix remove audio software @nbpf Web-interface: -added firmware update function -added cpu-temp real time (bcmstat) -added GP-version update (from this version on, it should no longer be necessary to refresh the SD to update the version)
  8. David What I have seen is the wear of the contact pins where areas of the thin plating can be seen worn off, and in a couple of instances looked poor to start with. I shouldn't have had to move to the next socket of the switch to keep it working either, even resorting to once getting it working again to use some adhesive tape to retain the cable in the " sweet" spot. It also suggests poor manufacturing tolerances of either the switch sockets , or in this case a fairly loose fitting plug to start with. Gently cleaning the pins didn't help either. Many 2.1mm to 2.5mm DC sockets and plugs are poor in this area too. Alex
  9. imo the last 2 posts in this thread are in a different league compared with everything we have seen here lately in the subj. obj. debacle. Way, way ahead of all the trolling nonsense. Potentially a platform for a debate worth reading. tbh I think the point about the academic space is uncomfortably true for this forum - although as I see it - speaking only generally - it's a lack of intellectual rigour and humility on the part of objectivists posting here that determines that need rather than subjectivists' "cultural" resistance to DBX.
  10. Talking about the JS-2 does anyone have any recommendations from their own listening experience of JS-2 or LPS1.2 to power the EtherRegen in preference to the rather good SMPS supplied?
  11. Hi Cazzesman, When I selected my current sub, a JL Audio Fathom F112, my criteria were more focused on Sub Type (ported vrs. sealed), percieved speed of the driver, and driver size. I believe that all of the manufactures you are referencing will be able to go low enough to compliment (or replace) the low end of the Kii's. Of course, when it comes to making a final choice, the best bet is to audition where possible and find the sw which matches your personal preferences. Have you read the sw integration info from Barry Ober (aka the Sounddoctor)? If not, it is very good, and although somewhat JL SW specific, highly recommended. Here the link: http://www.soundoctor.com/whitepapers/subs.htm In regards to bass management, I am using a Trinnov Amethyst which makes SW Integration much, much, easier. Really recommend investing in this type of solution given that a successful integration is key. There are many solutions out there. DSPeaker, MiniDsp, Trinnov, to name a few. Hope this helps.
  12. dctom

    HQ Player

    I have a licence for HQP 4 desktop, do I need a separate licence for embedded? how do I stream using desktop hqp 4 please?
  13. Good work, electrafixion! Learning from your mod, I did also on mine. Since I have caps around, I was able to fit a Kaisei 4700uf. The size is 25mm diameter x 35mm length. Link to the cap here: https://www.partsconnexion.com/ANKECAP-83880.html There is still about 3mm extra room at the diameter and about 7mm at the length so the fit is just right. I thought the capacitance is too big which is twice that of the Elna Tonerex that it replaced. I was concerned it will blow up because of the longer current load but after a couple of "burn-in" on and off cycles, everything is fine. I was ready to add a coupling cap just in case I lose my highs. Audio Note also does not advertise the ESR of Kaisei but, to my surprise, transparency is even enhanced. Highs are preserved and even provided more clarity and details. Mid is magical and sweet. Mid bass is now more pronounced. Bass is driven with ease and the unit is not even fully burned-in yet. Wonderful mod. Thanks, electrafixion!
  14. This is why there are more kernels in GentooPlayer, just because some settings change...
  15. Take a look in my new project 😉
  16. Today
  17. Alex, I think DeoxIT Contact Cleaner spray and DeoxIT Gold spray is the answer.
  18. Hello Antonello, i assume that few people are using some JACT NETCARD FEMTO to improve the overall performace. Marcin from JPLAY is providing some configuration of the card under Windows/Intel drivers (see document in the following link : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-IMMOInT8vwzlCyTENWwqjTuPazNfHO0 ). Do you think there is any opportunity to configure such parameters through Linux/Gentooplayer ?
  19. Thanks, it was just a curiosity... have you tried changing governors?
  20. All has been working well for several days after letting the Sig Rendu cool and following Jesus’ instructions. Thanks!
  21. Hi Antonello, The command has failed as the directory CPU0 was not found.
  22. Like you are pointing out vary few have outlets with more than 20A in their listing room. This type of mains power cleaner/conditioner are not working (biased) in class A, maybe not even in class A/B. If they would they would consume a lot of power and generate a lot of heat.
  23. What cpu can hand off DSD256 ASDM7EC upsampling and convolution for DSD128 and DSD256 sources at the same time.
  24. FWIW, I have used both Caig DeoxIT Contact Cleaner spray and DeoxIT Gold spray for years and have neither experienced nor heard of any long term deleterious effects resulting from doing so. Neither product leaves any grunge on connectors. Caig currently offers a wide range of products for electronic equipment and their website contains several product selection guides. Caig website
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