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  2. This made my day: Bill Frisell Pipeline (live) „That's deranged! I have probably heard every version, every interpretation, and this tops them all. The personnel complement each other masterfully. Tone and effects are perfect, not overdone, just right.“ Greg Slivkoff
  3. Maybe it's time to put this one to bed. We all seem to be in agreement - is there anything more to be said? Now, about how power supplies could possibly make any difference.....
  4. Finally joined this club and I’m happy. Had a quick listen and first impression was really good, not overwhelmed though. Very clean and great instrument separation, great soundstage width and depth. Bass is a little shy, I assume break-in can improve that? Or because my PAD Diamond 30th Anniversary Silver USB cable? Currently my i7 6700 computer can only do ASDM7EC DSD128, I’m thinking, should I get a M1 chip Mac and use this computer as NAA or stick to this computer and upgrade USB Card/PSU? Anyway, this DAC is great.
  5. :-) Oops, yes, of course meant 900 Mbps (too late at night). What may have been a factor is that to get the higher speed I had to switch to a Docsis 3.1 cable modem instead of the Arris 2482 modem (that I had copied from Chris Connaker's configuration) which was only Docsis 3.0. In both of my measurements there was no other Internet traffic , I'm not using a VPN, and I have very limited neighborhood interference on bandwidth. So my guess is that there was something going on with port control that isn't happening in the updated system. Thanks for the feedback!
  6. I got in the Dynaudio Xeo 10 for review and they are fantastic in terms of sound, size, and appearance. https://www.dynaudio.com/home-audio/xeo/xeo-10
  7. The report is attached Latency_report.txt
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  9. I made several checks and the speed of my internet connexion or home network are not the culprits ... I rather suspect a bad implementation of DNLA/UpNp standards by Technics .... which generate some kind of incompatibility with Qobuz (or Tidal) Hi-Res streams ....
  10. It does, however, have a substantial turgescent member, fluffed by south african money, and it lives in a world where consent don't really matter.
  11. Synology router with double connection (4G + ADSL) to my ethernet (cat 6 wired) home network and to the RJ45 input of the SU-R1 through an AQVox switch. I try to control it through mConnect on my iPad but it doesn't work with Hi-Res songs. It works well when I feed the SU-R1 with Qobuz through a Mac Mini and Audirvana. My frustration comes from the fact that I should not have to pass by a Mac or anything else but rather stream directly the Qobuz flow to the SU-R1 streamer and control it only with mConnect
  12. Can I change back to 4.20.2.Worked perfectly fine before updating ?
  13. Some of the albums from the first decade of ECM featured orchestras. Three recordings permeated with ethereal beauty.
  14. If the DAC's ASIO driver crashes, you can try changing NAA to WASAPI backend instead.
  15. have you ever considered Legacy Audio Calibre? I think they have XD version with 500watts internal ICEpower or the ones I have the Studio HDs but are not a powered speaker?There is a review at www.reference-av.com
  16. ray, great reading, as always i enjoy your ability to describe what you hear and how you got there. can you tell me if this is the version you loved? https://www.amazon.com/Shams-Ud-Doha-Vol-114/dp/B07DKSB945
  17. try to find any cambridge soundworks towers and satellites Henry Kloss's last company mine are from 2005 and are really good sounding(still) on ebay/may be on audiogon
  18. My Dac requires a Windows driver.
  19. I give up! Now that I thought I had finally set my library up , I start Roon core it starts to mess up things badly! In the attached file you see the second album from Harry Allen/Jan Lundgren ,Quietly There‘. Roon now supplies a cover with Chet BakerI have never seen nor do I have it any where in the library! When I click on it, the correct album appears, though. Other albums are also affected: an album from Feenbrothers ,Play Dave Brubeck‘ is covered with the face of a Saxophon player, presumably Grover Washington, and Grant Green appears as Herbie Hancock!
  20. ...thanks gents. I dropped Jim a line. Honestly, if I had to pigtail it in, I would just run 10ga. I think the nature of that joint might un-do the value of the up-spec-ed run. Big help...thanks guys. Mark
  21. The subwoofer line array consists of a central custom built Infinite Baffle sub with four 15" drivers from Acoustic Elegance. Flanking the IB on each side are two Epik Empire subs with two 15" opposed drivers in each of the four cabinets. In each corner is a Klipschorn bass horn. The system is all controlled with a HTPC connected to a MOTU 16A audio interface. The three horns in the photo are PSE-144's from Red Spade Audio. All three front main speakers are tri-amplified with digital crossovers in the HTPC.
  22. You could just boot the NAA OS on the NUC instead of Windows.
  23. Miska

    HQ Player

    That or Prism (now called Spectral Measurement) dScope will do.
  24. Yes, Jim's custom outlet works and sounds great. When I had my dedicated circuit put in with Jim's 6AWG cable and custom outlet just over a year ago, my skeptical electrician (you're crazy to put in 6AWG, but hey, it's your money!) initially grumbled and warned about needing a pigtail, but as he worked with Jim's outlet, he was able to get the 6AWG conductors attached with minimal issues.
  25. Can someone elaborate what AMD CPU the PF is using? I'm currently on an older 5 1600 using Daphile as OS, am using the Apacer which does make quite a difference compared to the LPX Corsair I had previously. Next is tinkering with RAM settings, IF my MB allows (if not I'll get a different MB or even CPU and MB, as I want to ditch the graph card, using a CPU w graphics seems a good move)
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