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  2. Just swapping the connectors to 75 ohm is not sufficient, the output circuit has to be adjusted to also be 75 ohm. It may just be just changing a resistor, it depends on what the output circuit is. John S.
  3. Hi, i would like to buy 24 to 24 pin silver or copper after market cable for my server. thks
  4. Up for sale is a Bluesound Node 2 Streaming Music Player. Model: Node 2 Color: Black Type: Streaming Music Player with WiFi and Bluetooth Voltage: 100-240V 50/60Hz Condition: 9/10 The Node 2 is in great condition with only 3 small marks on the front. Functionality: I have tested the Node 2 and it works as it should. Age: unknown Repair History: None No. of Owners: 2 Tobacco/Pet Free: Yes Included are: Node 2 6' AC power cord (120V) 6' AC power cord (240V) 6.5' Stereo 3.5mm to RCA cable 6.5' RCA to RCA cable Optical-to-3.5mm adapter Quick start guide "Important" booklet "Spotify Premium" note Original Packaging Description and Specifications: Communicates with other Bluesound players via your home network (wired or wireless) Control the system with a free app for your smartphone, tablet, or computer (Android™, iOS®, Kindle Fire, Windows®, and Mac®) Plays MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, WMA-L, FLAC, MQA, ALAC, WAV, and AIFF files Supported sample rates: 32kHz to 192kHz Supported bit depths 16-24 High-fidelity Bluetooth aptX® audio coding for greater sonic detail with compatible devices Plays Internet radio stations from TuneIn Radio and iHeart Radio Spotify Connect lets you play Spotify's streaming music library through your Bluesound system via your smartphone or tablet (requires Spotify app and a premium subscription; firmware and app version 1.10.0 or higher) Plays streaming music from TIDAL, Rdio™, HighResAudio, HDtracks, Deezer, JUKE, Slacker Radio, Qobuz, and Murfie Play music in multiple rooms when you add other Bluesound players Top-mounted controls for volume and muting USB port for connecting a thumb drive with music files Combination mini-optical/stereo minijack audio input Audio output: RCA stereo audio, Coaxial RCA, Optical digital audio, Headphone minijack, Subwoofer RCA mono Built-in Wi-Fi (2.4GHz only) Ethernet port for a wired connection to a home network Compatible with Windows® and Mac® Operates on AC power (detachable cord included) 8-5/8"W x 1-13/16"H x 7-3/4"D Weight: 2.45 lbs. Review: Darko Audio: “A streaming DAC with a variety of inputs, outputs and features, all wrapped in a low profile package. No giant black boxes here! And even though the hardware has been on the hump for some years, Bluesound’s ongoing series of software updates slows the ageing process. And who doesn’t want that? It wasn’t so much the Node 2’s sound quality that led me to its purchase. Parent company Lenbrook’s pedigree with NAD and PSB means that was almost a given. It was Node 2’s broad feature set that tipped me over the line. Because function matters.“ I am asking $325 Take advantage of 0% Interest and No Payments for 6 months through PayPal Credit. Please check out my other audio gear bargains! Shipping: Shipping inside the USA is $12.50. International Shipping is Calculated exact by USPS. Shipping weight is 6 lbs and the box measures 14x12x4 Payment: I accept Paypal, Express CheckoutCredit Cards, Zelle, Cashier's Checks or Money Orders. When Cashier's Checks or Money Orders are used, the item will ship once the C.C. or M.O. clears. Please add 3% to the total when PayPal, Express Checkout or Credit card payment is used. International Shipping: When I ship International I am not responsible for any loss/damage during shipping and any Customs duties/fees/charges/taxes.
  5. I had a dealer demonstrate to me just how much sound quality is lost using a $150 interconnect vs. one that costs $1,200. I kind of felt sorry for him, crawling around on his hands and knees as he kept plugging one cable in and pulling one cable out countless times. But he switched back and forth enough times that there was no way that I wasn't hearing big "qualitative" differences. Actually I heard it the first time, but he thought I needed more convincing. This was at a much younger age than I am now, and I could not afford the more expensive cable without it setting me back too much. After that however, for years I looked for integrated amps, where you don't need an extra interconnect that loses sound quality to the tune of 35 percent or more in my estimation. Nowadays if you really know what you're doing, there are cables that don't cost a kings ransom that preserve your signal integrity pretty well, although you'd still like to hear that $1200 cable again.
  6. Comparing a bagpipe to electric guitar.... that's a reach. The electric guitar is as varied and fascinating as any musical instrument I can think of.
  7. Hi , is the clock still available?

    single 50 ohm output, can it be used with etheregen? That the only device i own with clock input...

  8. Hi! I'll tell you, every type of cables i've had before have been giving problems, especially at high volumes. Also i couldn't hear the peculiarities of my audio system, while with these cables, which, i remind you, are perfectly neutral, i can hear every detail of the songs even at an exaggerated volumes. My ears doesn't suffer anymore 😃 To those who say that cables are not everything in an audio system, well... Excuse me, but connections are everything in an audio system. I can perfectly say that this cables are the best currently available. Also, the producer (Instagram shat.audio) told me that this set of cables has been created with a Genesis One audio system as reference. But it works perfectly on every audio system. these are the links to ReMusic (in english), which is a specialized italian Hi-End magazine. This is what professional people says, and i completely agree with them!! https://www.remusic.it/EN/Liutanie-Audio-Olimpo-Gold-cables-Introduction-d0c6d700 https://www.remusic.it/EN/Liutanie-Audio-Olimpo-Gold-cables-Technique-5e8b3e00 https://www.remusic.it/EN/Liutanie-Audio-Olimpo-Gold-cables-Listening-test-8e5a1300 The last one i think is the most remarkable one. Sorry again for my poor english!
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  10. Please describe the SQ benefits that were gained by adding the additional shield connected to the other shield wires at both ends. Thanks
  11. Thanks Frank, That's what I hoped and what my wallet feared 😉 I'm all good thanks mate. Hope all's well with you. Looking forward to your impressions after more burn-in time. Cheers, Alan
  12. People who would spend that kind of money on gold plated speaker cables care more about the equipment than they do about the sound of music. No need to wonder how much their systems cost, Teresa, because I am confident that you get more enjoyment listening to yours than they do from theirs.
  13. Hi Alvane, The error you're getting in the log file tells me the source file/url you're trying to play doesn't exit in your file system or is not recognised. "May be a streaming URL" Can you tell me exactly what you were trying to play? Thanks, Geoff
  14. You're welcome. I used this functionality of Roon recently, so it was fresh in my mind.
  15. I will soon order opticalRendu with Sonore LPS, but it doesn't come with power cable. So which power cable I should go for? The Sonore power cable is over my budget.
  16. I'll wait for the Monoprice version at only 7100 bucks...
  17. If I had $71,000 I'd buy a condo, just saying. 😊 These cables are 20 times the price of my entire audio / video / computer system. It's OK if rich folks can afford them but I have to wonder how much their audio / video / computer system costs, perhaps close to a million dollars?
  18. Frank congratulations on the Phoenix , I found with some exceptional recordings , just a quick example ripped CDs of Tonian Labs Drums and Bells along with XLOs FORS Master Sound recording of Belanger & Bisson is eye popping for a lack of a better phrase, so realistic sounding I never heard before , not with my system not until the Innuos Zenith server and Phoenix were introduced into my home. Love it.
  19. ThankS @Nenon, all makes sense. I certainly wouldn’t want something that degrades the sound. Your testing is so valuable. I’ll take it back cheers
  20. The Signature Rendu SEoptical is for those customers who want the best unit possible: the Signature features: A very nice custom chassis, made in the USA, with solid thick aluminum panels, a beautiful chrome black finished front panel with laser etched graphics, and substantial vibration isolating feet. The chassis is much, much more substantial and contributes to providing a sold foundation and reducing the influence of vibrations on the circuitry. By including the power supply internally, there is much closer coupling between the supply and the main board, resulting in lower power supply impedance, increasing performance. The power supply itself uses a custom wound EI style transformer, which blocks much more AC line noise than a typical, much less costly, toroidal transformer. The power supply uses a "massive" amount of Mundorf filter capacitors (3 times more uF of capacitance than the Sonore Power Supply). There is also additional AC input filtering for noise, and the smaller value power supply filter capacitors are upgraded to the high quality film and polymer capacitors where appropriate (vs. the Sonore Power Supply).
  21. frd__


    Another idea: Assumptions: I have plenty of RAM - say 8GB+ /media/sdb1 is the memory stick with the music that I want to play my-music is the directory on that memory stick and it contains the music that I want to play. It's size less than half of RAM, say 3GB The commands go as follows:m mkdir /media/ram cp -r /media/sdb1/my-music /media/ram Now I can play everything from RAM.
  22. The accordion was my Dad’s instrument until we got him into keyboards in the 80’s with Roland and Korg. His Cordovox with a Leslie cabinet sure did have a sweet sound. He had a successful band in the Philly area for 40 years. If I had to do it all again, I would have stuck with the piano like my son, who is a better vocalist and songwriter than I could ever be.
  23. Thanks AudioDoctor, That is a great feature and one I did not know about. Daniel
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