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  2. I have listened to 2 albums and when I tried to start the next album, the ultrarendu was not seen by the LMS server. I did a reboot and the ultrarendu shows up. Everything is responsive except for the DAC diagnostics dialog. It won't shop up and after a while it shows an error 500 service unavailable error...
  3. You can download Mood with 4.14.92 kernel from below link.
  4. Hi Gary use only Ropieee without XL I want only a clean os for play roon. This I use only roon bridge to my nuc. It's plays fantastic 🎶 My Shanti I have no hum.. Only the first brake in with power on. Now it plays a couple of weeks,,.. Than must I must put my ear on it, before I it hear. I never turn the switch off for my Shanti or usb bridge,, it's only play 🎻🎶
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  6. Does Moode 6.4.0 is using kernel 4.14 ? (in case of a no answer what should you do in order to have kernel 4.14 ?)
  7. Thanks Cebolla, I will try when I find the time, and will report back how it goes with wavpack-ed DSD...
  8. So in general, should I always upsample using SoX in 3.5? if so, in which mode: power of 2, maximum of the DAC or what and why? Mine supports 24/192 pcm at max, having also 88.2 and 176.4kHz.
  9. One more observation on Shanti . near AC inlet , you have a fuse (you can see the symbol next to AC inlet) try removing and reinserting the plastic (make sure your Shanti is not AC powerd) , it might be the one making noise .
  10. @Gary, I use both Moode and Roipeee XL (DNLA, AirPlay, Spotify, but not Roon) and Roipeee doesn’t sound worse than Moode. My Shanti hums too but I can only hear it a couple of feet away in a quiet room. It’s not audible from the listening position or during the day when there is ambient noise. The hum did not decrease noticeably during “break in” except perhaps for the first few minutes of use.
  11. Hello GarryL83 if you have some pops/clicks please switch to Moode using kernel 4.14 . That should remove any clicks you hear On the WIFI/BT ports , please do not use anything thats noisy (and yes that means some keyboards)...this is why we marked as wifi/bt. If you have to use them please remove them after usage. You can use those ports without a problem on wifi/bt dongles . Shanti is a transformer based linear psu. As such , some noise will be made by the bulk transformer . In out test setup , I can only hear the "hum" if I have my ears close to the casing . We also found that it slightly decreases after a few days.
  12. Thanks, I did the update and saved the squeezelite settings. So far no problems and no music hickups.
  13. Outlaw

    HQ Player

    Thanks just got it to work.Late night.
  14. Miska

    HQ Player

    Please send me email on any license issues...
  15. Hi All, Received my USBridge Signiture and Shanti yesterday. Firstly the Usbridge Sig was nicely preinstalled in the case I bought, which was a nice touch! I wish to use it for Roon end point only (at this stage). I had it installed with Moode via SD card. I tried to install RoonBridge for ARM v8, however this failed as the architecture was incorrect. I took a look in the properties and this was reported as ARM v7l. I thought that the Signiture was based on the RPI Compute Module 3+ (hence ARM v8). @allo.com what is going on there? Installed RoonBridge for ARM v7 and this installed. Initial thoughts, compared to Oppo 203 optical out, both into an Anthem STR preamp. I have not done this blind yet, so might be biased. The sound using the Signiture appeared warmer, deeper and there was more space around the different sounds. This was subtle but I felt (subjectively) it was there. However the USBridge Signiture had added pops and static style noise randomly to the track that usually appeared at least every 30 seconds and to varying degrees. Played around with the settings, and after a quick Google, I found an article on Roon Knowledge Base, saying RPI is well known for this, and not really a hard and fast solution. I updated Moode which failed and needed to re-image the SD card, this didnt help. Setting the CPU to performance (I.e. always 100% power), the problem decreased but was still present. I swapped to using Ropieee, the pops appear to have disappeared. I would say the sound quality (minus static style pops) was less than that of Moode. However at this point it was 2am and I was getting grumpy, so this may not be doing Ropieee justice, will try again at the weekend and report back. (Note for non IT people Ropieee is lot easier to set up for Roon). At one point I connected a keyboard with a backlight to the usb marked as wifi. The backlight on the keyboard caused humming in my centre speaker (Note using stereo preamp into 2 channels on 3 channel amp, the noise appeared on the 3rd channel). Changed the backlight settings on the keyboard, brighter the backlight more noise appeared. I have not connected the Usbridge Sig ground to shanti ground yet but @allo.com shouldnt the clean USB be isolated from noise from the noisy usb ports, I thought that was where the added value over a stock RPI was coming from? Next and final issue the shanti, after about 3 hours of running I noticed an electrical hum coming from it (sat over 6ft away) in quiet house it was still easily audible at over 15ft away. This was audible during quiet parts of music. I turned it on this morning, and the noise was still there, albeit slightly less, but still more than audible from my listening position. @allo.com is this normal, does it need to break in, or is it faulty? It's set to 230v (I'm in the UK), the noise is coming from inside near (ish) to the power socket. It sounds like an aged florescent tube trying to start. Thanks, Best Regards, Gary
  16. If you have ever installed third party interface plugins, this one is no different. What specific issue do you have?
  17. I would not say that in a system with full Entreq wires and grounds... not for the bits of course, but for the grounds. Is your Entreq picture just for fun?.... But to be honest, I personnaly use a small Belkin cat5e form my Waversa switch to streamer, that make the music flow naturally with more air in the top end than all 200 to 800$ ethernet cables I tried (sotm cat6 / cat7, acoustic revive....). The Belkin has here proved to be a little more liquid, less harsh sounding than other general purpose cat5e or cat6... https://www.belkin.com/us/p/P-A3L791-S/# And when I read some use the supra cat8 that is a bottleneck, and then make a jssg360 shield next to this bottleneck.... I am very surprised Maybe the good side from etherRegen to streamer won’t be sensible to shielded ethernet cables, I’ll see that in january, with the Waversa Smarthub / etherRegen comparison But don’t forget to put a small cat5e near the Supra, because this ethernet cable is only good when you have nothing correct to make the ethernet road clean, it round off sharp angles in a noisy network, a coloring power to summarize. When the road is clean, try to simplify, it cost nothing and can reveal some real transparency if the audio gears and room can give that of course.
  18. Tubes in your amp may tamper them a bit IMHO.
  19. Outlaw

    HQ Player

    Jussi.Did fresh install windows.Reinstalled HQPlayer 3.Trying to register with my key.cant get it to accept.Am doing something wrong ? What are steps ?
  20. No doubt expensive ethernet cables are "wasting time." I would never spend more than a few cents on a cable through which the famous "bits are bits" pass.😉
  21. I,ll have both cables. The standard one and the Level 2 silverwire. The last one sounds more owerfull and refined. The tops are smoother. Definitely a solid improvement.
  22. Do you happen to know what sound dampening is on your private jet?  I saw a video saying that Singer uses sound dampening for private jets on their cars...  and like I said, I'd like to strip one for parts.



  23. I presume that the Wavelet is connected to the M1SE analog outs? If so you are directly shorting out the moat by powering both from the same JS-2. The negative outputs of the two outputs are directly connected. Neither is connected to power cord safety ground, but they are connected to each other. So you have a situation where the A side gnd is directly connected to the B side gnd through the M1SE power connection. We need to work on that first before worrying about Ethernet connections. John S.
  24. What FW version did you upgrade from. I am using 4.22 because it is known to be stable.
  25. I suspect that these “anomalies” are probably frequency response aberrations, if they exist at all. The logo on the package is if a silverback gorilla, So I guess that’s where the “silver is”.
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