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  2. Thanks Jud, ddetaey, and Doc, You have provided me with exactly the information that I hoped to see in responses when I asked the original question. JC
  3. Well, they do manage to put an awful lot of crap in their catalogue, like Pear Jam for Babies.
  4. At this time they've only launched the service in US, UK , Germany , and Japan: https://press.aboutamazon.com/news... Maybe by the time they come to your region they'll have worked out the technical issues we've been discussing here. Meanwhile I think most of us would say don't worry about it, you're not missing anything.
  5. This card is now on sale for $149.99 at EVGA and major US retailers like Amazon. Luckily, my Citi card price rewind is good for purchases made before 9/22. If you find an item online at a lower price within 60 days of your purchase made with an eligible Citi card, you can get a credit for the difference.
  6. Today, two Tidal playlists have had multiple skipped tracks. Right now, listening to Gerald Wilson's "In My Time", and none of the first 6 tracks have played through other than the sixth track. I have emailed for Tidal support, but it's mostly happening on Audirvana (version 3.5.20), but all they have done is asked whether I have the latest versions (yes I do). It does happen with the Tidal desktop app (version, but it REALLY happens with Audirvana. Using the HiFi/Master level of streaming. Would really be great to get some support from Tidal or @damien78
  7. Saw on another forum that it should be out this month.
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  9. By the way, can we expect the new USBridge to come out this or next month?
  10. Don't bother joining Amazon Australia no Hi res files here and may never be. Australia not known for bothering with Hi res anything. I didn't try other sites but thought they may not work as does Quobuz not, etc where they don't have music permissions or can't be bothered with small countries. Robert from New Zealand next to Australia.
  11. LEDs will be a boon for room lighting... Last time I purchased some 'light bulbs', I had 4 choices of color temperature. Before, a 'light bulb' with a non-red color temperature/smooth spectrum would burn out more quickly (such as bulbs used for photography.) But, it *is* possible to tune the colors fairly accurately if really desired. LEDs are really cool & flexible nowadays... In the old days, it would be difficult to even see a RED led in daylight, now we have wonderfully powerful flashlights built with LEDS. Even traffic lights use LEDS quite often. John
  12. Airplay is limited to 16/44.1...
  13. I think you're right. I have seen some people get a much closer color to the way it was by using that paper with the LEDs.
  14. Well, I'm streaming from the iPad app to the mRendu via Shairport. The iPad will only do 24/48 .. sounds good anyway.
  15. It's something we are looking at but to soon say if and when it will be supported.
  16. @mcPlease fallback to firmware 11.4 and check whether AirPlay to DSD128 upsampling exhibits the same behavior in your setup. This may be caused by WiFi speed irregularity. I'll retest it with current firmware in our setup, hopefully some time next week.
  17. There *has* been some notice that the blue LEDS with their short wavelength output might be a bit damaging to vision over a long period. Blue was so cool because it was hard to do and seldom seen, now you can get semiconductor UV lasers if you want (at least, UV leds), so blue isn't so cool anymore, gotta be UV!!! :-). Some of those UV leds are actually immediately dangerous and should be treated carefully -- luckily, they tend to be fragile, so the few kids putting together 100's of them into a flashlight won't be blinding people or causing skin cancer. (I am more worried about stupid adults -- well, also the higher power UV LEDS still tend to be insanely expensive.) Those things can do the just above 240nm range without playing games... That is serious stuff. John
  18. The PCM layer of an SACD is red book only. What discs have better redbook layers than their 64x DSD masters? Those must be a mess (assuming a credible DSD converter).
  19. I remember Marantz being pretty much blue green back in the day.
  20. Hi Jussi, Report back tried Debian Buster 4.11.2-36 by installing it over 4.11.1-31. It works great also no more error message on systemctl status hqplayerd No more stuttering too 👍👍👍 Thanks !
  21. I think some of the green color in the green-blue Marantz units with original lights is actually due to the yellowing over time of the paper/vellum backing of the lights. The original color, I believe, was not quite as pure blue as LEDs but was notably bluer and less green than a lot of unrestored units now appear.
  22. Before I sent my Marantz 2230 to my Nephew, I replaced the lights with LEDs that are more blue than the green-blue the incandescent lights it came with, were.
  23. Has anybody figured out how to get Amazon HD Music to the Rendus? From what I have read, It does not look possible yet. Did I miss something? I would like to try it from my Win 10/64 machine. I also have HQPlayer on that machine but I don't see a way to get it to that either.
  24. This has been my observation as well. I’ve occasionally found myself preferring the PCM layer of hybrid SACDs over the DSD layer. I’ve been pulling the discs out again to rip the PCM as I had previously only ripped the DSD layer assuming it would always be superior.
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