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  2. Hi Guys, I have a problem, if you can please help me. I have a Spring Level 3 WILDISM mod, it has an USB version 30.08. I succefully updated the driver to 4.67. Ibut can't upgrade my firmware to 3.12 or 3.14 becouse I have an error message that this time there is no available firmware. I copied the files into the driver folder as it is in the description. I tried with my Sotm card and also with the onboard USB port as an admin, I have no more ideas... Can it be the Entreq Atlantis the problem or am I doing somethng wrong? Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks Jussi. Maybe that's why it works for me on Windows (on same Mac, with same networking chain) - it's only using IPv4 on Windows? How would I be able to double check this on Windows?
  4. macOS has always been a bit tricky with the IPv4+IPv6 dual protocol stack. On HQPlayer I already migrated away from the dual stack mode because it was too much pain on macOS. I'll probably do the same on networkaudiod also, but it'll take some time since it takes quite a bunch of changes.
  5. I guess you have to order a new 3.5 license key here: https://audirvana.com/upgrade-3-5/
  6. Miska

    HQ Player

    Keep the limit set set to 44.1k x128 and make sure you have not enabled "Adaptive output rate". You also need to pay attention to which filter you have selected. Not all filters can convert between rate families, so take a look at the table in the manual and only use filters that say "Any" as possible conversion factor.
  7. No, fairly recent news about the topic: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Linux-exFAT-2019-Discussion Another option is to mount a network share (SMB) which was discussed previously here and is now supported by the HQPlayer OS image. I may add also server side in next image release so that sharing the HQPlayer OS side content would be possible. This would allow managing content stored on HQPlayer OS server from the network side.
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  9. If you have to have the longer run, I would recommend Grimm TPR if you do not want to take on the high expense of superior audiophile cables (which are very expensive in longer lengths): https://www.grimmaudio.com/wp-content/uploads/Grimm-Audio-TPR-leaflet.pdf This is a good source in the US: https://www.proaudiola.com/XLR-grimm-TRP-s/563.htm And almost certainly it is better for the long run to be from the preamp to the amp. You want the component capable of driving the most current to drive the longer cables, usually that will be a preamp.
  10. Good luck with that I didn’t get a response to mine and others click problem above or the one I posted ages ago about A+ not syncing all of the albums in my iTunes library which I think is or was bothering other people as well you pays your money.........
  11. Check the McGill study. (If you don't have access to the paper, let me know.) It was well done, and varied only MQA. The result was the there was no significant difference. I expected people to have a preference for the PCM, but they didn't. Mansr thinks the test was flawed, I disagree, but the paper is available to read and everyone can form their own opinion. I you still think that MQA vs PCM comparisons are irrelevant, then I guess we would just have to agree to disagree. Which is really, no big thing to reasoning people. Given that, I think it is probably just as valuable to identify instances where one to one comparisons are not possible, as the ones that are. -Paul
  12. By definition, vinyl is also much worse than digital. Still many people think vinyl often sounds better than the digital version. Sometimes, it really does, despite all the distortion, clicks, pops, and other issues that may arise with vinyl. I will take a good sounding vinyl cut of a song any day, over a glaring, compressed, bad digital remaster. I suspect the same think applies with MQA. A good mastering in MQA will sound better than a poor mastering in high res PCM. Of course, MQA will blame the labels for any problems or mismatches, the same as HDTracks or other services do. So document it and complain to the labels, loudly and a consistently. If it ain't documented, they will ignore it though. And the labels will blame MQA of course. Fortunately, if the masters are not the same between MQA and PCM, then it is fairly easy to show and document that they are different. If they are the same, then determining a preference for how they sound is not that difficult either. It's effort much better spent than what is happening now. It all speed the end of the MQA nonsense, both in the audiophile world and here!
  13. AnotherSpin

    HQ Player

    Yes, this is NAA image. You may burn it on a usb stick and boot your mini.
  14. I mostly agree with you. There are a few spectacular MQA tracks, but not so spectacular as to make me rebuy them, if they are for sale. Look on Bandcamp for some really spectacular MQA. Want to buy a used Merdian Explorer 2, cheap? It's replacement is an iFi iDSD Micro BL, which makes just about everything sound fantastic, but has some annoying features. I would say that I have spent some serious time working with people who were amazed by the MQA sound, only for them to realize that the MQA sound is a bit less amazing when compared to say, a good mastering in DSD or high resolution PCM. Of course, there are the people that say nothing can sound better than Redbook for whatever reason. I would say that, except it would generate such a spewing from the hide behind an anonymous handle idiots that it is not worth it. Or from the few who are just mad dog crazy. IN any other subject thread, those types would have been ejected from here a long time ago. The unreasoned hatred of MQA seems to make them acceptable. I even, as much as I despise Tidal, paid several months of service with them to be sure I could access MQA files the other people were raving about. Still agree with you. Shrug - there are too many nasty types in this forum thread to share much anymore. It is getting old hearing the hate, the rationalized justifications for the hate, listening to people prate about how how well connected they are, and having Tom constantly raging at me for no discernible reason.* When it comes down to it, the basic thing most audiophiles I know are concerned with is simple. How does the thingamajig make their music sound? Not much else counts. When people do the work to counter the "Wow! It sounds Amazing!" comments instead of acting like a bunch of middle school juvie delinquents, the MQA nonsense will fall apart. With luck, this thread will self destruct, and maybe we can find more interesting and valuable things to talk about. What's the next great thing to come down the pike anyway? -Paul * (Just pulling your leg Tom, rage away if you want. I won't hold it against you! Lets go biking on the beach sometime and I'll buy the beer and cigars. )
  15. Come on Paul. Your request is ridiculous. You can't get an MQA version except from MQA. And then you have no way to verify the master is the same or any of it. There are good reasons to think MQA, straight from how it works, is by definition worse than high res PCM or DSD. MQA is at best lossy in the ultrasonics vs high res PCM. It sure isn't going to be higher fidelity that way.
  16. Thank you Tom! I have the classic A5+ speakers and its a living room environment with my desktop PC. Currently aiming for the Topping D50 or the Schiit product. Once again, thanks for all the help! ☺️🙏🏼
  17. No - I am not the one with the avowed intention of driving MQA the company into the ground. Let's be clear here - that is your intention, not mine. There is an easy way to get Audiophiles to abandon MQA. Postulate MQA sounds worse than a high res PCM or DSD copy of the same music, preferably from the same master. Then prove it. Do that, MQA is dead in a month, because only audiophiles are interested in it, and pretty much audiophiles are only interested in what it sounds like. Shrug, but you need to do it. My music is either high res PCM, DSD, or redbook. And I doubt very seriously if I will be rebuying any of the thousands of albums in my collection. I don't even fall for the many of the new super deluxe remastered releases. It's your war, you fight it. Just don't lie to us audiophiles, or try to hide in the shadows and convince everyone how well connected you are. -Paul
  18. Not to mention the comfort of seeing that blue light to let you know that everything is better.
  19. Virtually no one on planet earth has ever heard what these gentlemen have heard (MQA or not). It baffles me how these aging gentlemen, usually with age-related hearing loss, manage to do it. They've got to will those ears to the Smithsonian.
  20. Did you get permission from the subjectivists to use their language? ☺️
  21. From the Elac website: • DSD 1x Ethernet (Roon Ready), 2x Via USB https://elac-content.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/2019/01/F.r1_Elac_AlchemyDDP-2-DAC_3.20.19.pdf
  22. This is the case as per my listening experience too!
  23. Can you please login through ssh and share below command out puts aplay -l lsusb lsusb -t dmesg
  24. In Roon you can bring up the signal path, then you can see whether you're sending bit perfect audio to a streamer. Generally, if you turn off DSP Engine and disable volume levelling, Roon sends bit perfect audio. If you like to keep Roon for library management, you should look at Roon Ready streamers.
  25. With some benefit of hindsight, I view the early demos of MQA a little differently. In essence they were trying to show us, that a lossy format that presents itself like 96 khz can degrade the sound of a CD less than converting it to an MP3 does. So it wasn't really a lie, let us say, there was some blurring involved. Let us say it was the amount of blurring encountered by 10 meters of air. Maybe air like this.
  26. Ernie

    HQ Player

    Miska--This solution is no longer working. Even with limit set at 44.1X128, any file with higher res than 44.1 results in 192 PCM showing in the dac display. Hi res files downsampled to 44.1 work fine, but obviously I don't want to do that. I am not sure why this problem has reemerged. BTW...I have given up on the NAA thing, but I would like to solve this upsampling issue. It was my primary reason for purchasing thanks again
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