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  2. A thought experiment, Peter: can you change frequency domain without changing the time domain? Mathematically speaking.
  3. thanks. Will give it a go. But having to change hqp sample rate manually is a big put off.
  4. Isn't Exact Audio Copy a CD grabber, not burner? I stopped playing with CDs years ago. Anyway I remember using XLD and Max. Actually I still use XLD for conversion.
  5. Are you under the impression that noise won't be seen in the time domain?
  6. Seriously? Time domain isn't just about jitter. The point was that FFTs don't see quickly changing signals. Hence the use of deltawave to make comparisons in the time domain. Again mo significant difference was found between the PC at idle and full load.
  7. Anyway, you said yesterday that this thread "was a waste of time" and "you were done with it". What changed?
  8. How would that work ? Nobody is changing the time domain. So IMO this can only about jitter and DeltaWave does not deal with that, does it ? I think it does deal with drift, but that is something else.
  9. Maybe this is not fully OffTopic, as I realise that I only need to hook up my own and apply all the stuff I normally apply in order to see (hear) what happens. And, If I could describe SQ changes, would you be prepared to believe that (say initially) ?
  10. Indeed it's all hand waving about "noise", the possible causes, the possible mechanisms and precisely zero evidence to show this. This is why I'm analysing dac outputs to see what's actually happening. Regarding FFTs they are superb for digging into noise floors for seeing spurious tones, distortion etc. However I also used planes deltawave software to look at the time domain at sample level.
  11. Ah, OK. I see that you planned some more testing with that DAC - if I see correctly, could you do it at ~ -3dBFS ? I think I saw you writing an in between the lines reason to have that way more low (something with noise IIRC), but wouldn't it be better to have all full scale ? at least that should give others a more normal reference (like where the noise line really is). N.b.: I came to this because I did not trust the (low) noise line of the RME. But since this is with loop-back I now understand. Still it is not realistic within the normal playback environment. That is, *if* t
  12. On the first test yes, obviously not with the second test using a Gustard x16.
  13. No evidence is needed. The assertion by others is that pc activity makes noise. Considering that PCs don't stop operating, the busses keep whizzing away, the disks keep being accessed, the memory keeps being refreshed and accessed, the CPU speed and load keeps going up and down and dozens of processes are still running. Therefore the noise that people make claims about is still being generated. However I can put a spectrum analyser to show you if you want. You just need to look at the OP to see there is no negative affect with a decent dac.
  14. Today
  15. For Intel Sandy Bridge or later model of CPUs, there is a RAPL MSR (Running Average Power Limit Model Specific Registers) CPU registers to read DRAM energy consumption.
  16. @PeterSt - well, let’s see what he has to say shall we? your friendly neighbourhood idiot
  17. Funny, how you changed this post in two places at least. Funny=good in this case !
  18. I used to do two sets of pggb files 32bit and 24bit when i was deciding how to feed the Dave but now all my pggb processing is in 24bit to go though the SRC-DX. I am the guy who makes WAVE Storm bnc cables so obviously i use those because i think they are best 🤣. (The bnc cables used with the SRC-DX do make a difference so it is worth trying a few different ones). One big sound quality improvement for me was stopping using Roon. For the PGGB files I use MPD with my Antipodes or the Innuos 2.0 beta app with my Innuos. Both sound great. Answering your final questi
  19. @PeterSt - the point is, it’s a memory that needs refreshing. If you don’t refresh it, it “forgets” what was in it. The fact this is by charge leakage is a detail, which I’m sure is going to somehow come into @manueljenkin big reveal. Which, unfortunately won’t help. your friendly neighbourhood idiot
  20. I have been thinking about the virtues of this, given by the fact that I could possibly do all myself just the same. So I only now checked and see what could be happening. Thus: The DAC and the ADC is one and the same box, Yes ?
  21. It doesnt matter. You are investigating the wrong thing. A PC doesn't stop working. Busses are still whizzing away, drives are still accessed, as is memory. CPU cycles up and down in load and clock speed. Dozens of processes are still running. That will continue throughout playback whatever you do. What matters is what appears in the dac output. Trust me, you are not teaching anybody anything 😉
  22. And the sum effect if you don’t refresh is…? Your friendly neighbourhood idiot
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