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    @GoldenOnehave you tried gentooplayer to run the NAA? i've solved compatibility problems with my Sapphire Pure White E-350 board i use as NAA.
  3. If I need to place cables close to a wall or route them behind a rack I don’t want them touching the floor, other cables or picking up vibration from the rack. So I make up these little gizzmos. A piece of draft excluder foam, a cable tie and an adhesive thingamybob. Costs about $0.10 to make and looks very neat when you position to cab.tie lock at the bottom as you mainly see the end profile. The cable makes very light contact with the foam, travels freely back and forth and is isolated from vibration and carpet static I made this one with a white cab tie so you could see what’s
  4. Hi everyone I am not sure if someone raised the Aurender -Etherregen issues here, but I would like to share my problem which I raised in ER forum already. Maybe we have similar issues. I use Aurender N100H with Etherregen. I have Supra Cat8 cable at A side and Sablon 2020 ethernet cable at B side. Whenever I turn off /plug out cables from ER for any reason and try to reinstall everything ,there is a first a handshake problem. It takes some time that Aurender get IP address. I try many times (plug out cables/plug in again etc) to be able to have a proper handshake between Aurende
  5. Thank you @Pokey77 for the info. I am using Aurender N100H with ER. My cables are Supra Cat8 (at A side) with Sablon 2020 ethernet cable (at B side). As I said it is not related with cable. I tried also with other cables. Same issue. Maybe this problem it is related more with Aurender N100 model but I am not sure.
  6. Luca72c

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    I was not refferring to your experience, that, as i said, i respect and trust. The "fairy tale", that someone clearly is crediting and spreading, is that linux sound superiority is a rule that is valid for any configuration, as much as the fairy tale about windows sound superiority or mac sound superiority. Like any fairy tale, some people trust them and drop in a paranoia, forcing themselves to face problems and problems to get to a "better sounding OS" that is simply illusory, in my (and others') opinion. For what i know, HQPlayer does the exact same calculations on any OS and those cal
  7. Today
  8. All bit-perfect players (including free software) sound the same to me (at least in Windows). [I have Roon and Audrivana 3.5.]
  9. If you speak Norwegian and would be willing to help me with a Norwegian website I’d love to hear from you. I’ve been looking for some Magico ~SPODs at less than the insane UK price and there is a set for sale on a Norwegian hi-fi website, but i cannot find a way to respond to the advert. If you’d be willing to do me this favour, please send me a PM (personal message) and I’ll provide the details.
  10. Chodi

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    With all due respect to yourself and to this forum I was reporting on my own personal experience with my own computer and downstream equipment. This is why I haven't posted on the forum in years. In my own individual case using Windows 10 and Linux Mint on the same computer as dual boot I have the ability to play the same music files in either os using the exact same settings on the same version of HQPlayer 4. I reported my own experience, yours may be different. I do not stream music or use any naa. I don't think it is appropriate for you to report my personal results as a "fairy tale". I hav
  11. Remember the old adage -- "follow the money trail".
  12. Great news !!! Will it work only with the desktop app or also with the IOS/Android based phones/tablets ?
  13. Unfortunately, the idea of unreconciled (incompatibilist) free will fares worse than reconciled (compatibilist) free will, contrary to our libertarian instincts; that is to say, neither of these ideas are very satisfying. Likewise, acceptance that there is no free will is even less satisfying (due to it's implications for moral responsibility and human dignity). Nonetheless, I don't see how this is an example of where the truth may lie "in between" -- rather, you have free will or you don't (a binary condition).
  14. I have a problem with Snakeoil OS and ECdesigns. Anybody help, please.
  15. Miska. Just checked with the latest 4.11.0 update - that bug still seems to be there ... I can play dff256, but not dsf256. Can confirm ext3 is a no go with the M1, as expected. Will get to the SincMx later.
  16. Very sad. I liked the work Amir was doing and this kind of thing just takes away from it. 😞
  17. Luca72c

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    ... Many of us use windows for a reason... or more than one... I really can't understand what's the problem using the i7NUC (or x5minipc) with windows, if it works fine. I hope you didn't credit the fairy tale about HQPlayer sounding better on linux than on windows... Jussi himself once answered that on server PC there is no sound difference using windows or linux, the difference may only be in performance (in my experience no difference), but in your case this difference is clearly in favour of windows, so what's the problem? About NAA, there could be a difference maybe (i can't con
  18. LoryWiv

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    Thank you Jussi, Sinc-Mx sounds spacious and natural to me, perhaps a bit better than Sinc-M with equivalent or better CPU / GPU usagege in most scenarios. I may be too unsophisticated to fully understand your explanation above so I'll just ask: are the variable # taps with constant length at each multiple applicable to PCM sources whether they are upsampled tp higher rate PCM or output to SDM / DSD?
  19. View Classified Chord TT2 (Silver) Excellent condition, not a scratch as far as I can tell. Bought it a year ago and it has stayed on my rack ever since. Never moved around. Perfect like the day I bought it. I live in Greece, happy to ship it worldwide. Original case, remote. Seller TA75 Date 05/12/21 Price 4,200.00 USD Category Digital to Analog Converters
  20. Time Left: 29 days and 20 hours

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    Excellent condition, not a scratch as far as I can tell. Bought it a year ago and it has stayed on my rack ever since. Never moved around. Perfect like the day I bought it. I live in Greece, happy to ship it worldwide. Original case, remote.

    4,200.00 USD

  21. Is anyone running the HDPlex 500W ATX? Did a search but seems to be very little feedback on the sound quality. It seems like a nice unit that eliminates need for DC conversion
  22. Hi, It will apply boost when the measured frequency response is below the target, the maximum amount of boost is adjustable (on the filter magnitude page). I should also point out that the software determines which dips/notches are not minimum phase and limits to the boost to those areas even further. This gives a more optimal result in the time domain.
  23. So I havent really kept up with the MQA situation. After assessing it after release it was obvious to me it was not a useful product for audio and simply about monetising the distribution chain. I decided we would never waste time effort and money implementing it in future dacs. I confess after this I havent paid close attention. So apart from Tidal, has it made any further in roads into the distribution chain?
  24. Did you see yesterdays debacle where he said Sennheiser HD600 and HD650 sounded the same? Possibly the most measured and subjectively reviewed cans on the planet and he is the only person ever who thinks they measure and sound the same. When taken to task he just went into attack mode and banned people who disagreed, even after they pointed out loads of evidence to contradict him. Followed by thread closure.
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