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  2. G’day @Bricki Exciting report! I received my non-ECC Apacer DIMMs from @Nenon’s group buy for my server a few days ago, but have not had the time to do the swap. Now I’m motivated!
  3. Wham Bam Thank You RAM😁 First of all, a big thank you to @Nenon for organising the RAM group buy. I'm sure he's helped many people get a nice sound quality bump to their systems. I replaced my standard Kingston ram stick with the new apacer wide temperature industrial RAM that @Nenon sourced. It is a non ECC sodimm. It was installed in my endpoint NUC7CJYH running roon bridge and Audiolinux 2.1 in ramroot. I have never compared any RAM sticks before and I had no idea that different RAM sticks could impact the sound at all. So I had no idea what to expect when I swapped my sticks. When I pressed play after swapping, the first few seconds I was confused because it sounded as if my amp had been turned down... Then a vocal kicked in and it sounded set back further in the soundstage than I remembered... Then I realised that there was a whole lot more space back there in the soundstage... This was in the first 30 seconds and things were sounding very fresh and not settled... As I changed tracks there was more space in every song I played... instruments weren't crashing into each other and each instrument was seemingly occupying more space. This was quite a big change and a lot bigger than I was expecting. In the first couple of hours the sound opened up more and I could notice a reduction in hardness that I didn't know was there before. The old RAM seemed to accentuate some of the more prominent parts of a recording and brush over some of the subtleties. The new apacer RAM set those prominent parts, like lead vocals, back into a more refined and larger soundstage that allows you to hear quieter instruments in the background and hear more subtleties and nuances in the main instruments. The images themselves have more of a 3 dimensional quality to them that makes them seem bigger in the front to back plane. The bass is also more rounded, tighter and has more impact. In the track "bass and drum intro" on Nils Lofgren band live, there is part of the song where the bass guitarist plays harmonics and those harmonics are very hard to reproduce properly on HiFi... I haven't heard them quite so coherent and realistic before installing the apacer RAM. On the Eric Sumo album "My Rocky Mountain" the first track "slow" has some amazing electronic sounds that have opened up enormously to fill a much larger space but also have a lot more texture and character to them in the reverb. I don't know if the Kingston RAM I was using was particularly bad or if this new Apacer RAM is significantly better than every other consumer RAM... What I can say is that the new apacer RAM completely obliterates the Kingston RAM on nuance, tone, realism, refinement, ease and soundstage space. I never would have thought I would write that sentence about a RAM stick 😂 It's very hard to quantify changes like this but as far as tweaks go I think this is a large one. My system sounds noticeably more refined with the apacer RAM. When you can hear small subtleties and nuance in your music more clearly, it makes for a much more enjoyable and emotional experience. I feel closer to my music and I'm enjoying every song all the more, and that's what it's all about 👍😁
  4. Thanks for the response. I don’t know what it means to update the unit but I followed the steps in the post above about unplugging the DAC and the unit in sequence. It is now working. I got got some funny issues with Roon losing HQP but got it to work when I changed the upsampling from 256 to 128. Fortunately, that is not a Rendu issue.
  5. well, i have multiple generations of products from both of you guys, so let me make one comment here. when i replaced my ultraRendu with an opticalRendu and ran fiber from my netgear switch, i heard a small improvement in SQ. when i replaced the SFP in the netgear with an opticalModule, the SQ improvement was large.............so, it is not just galvanic isolation even if we don't know exactly what it is. heck, why does running audiolinux in ramroot sound better than running it on a usb stick? why does the power supply at the NUC server make a difference with all the other stuff between the server and DAC? we just don't know everything that needs to be measured, therefore not measuring a difference is well short of conclusive evidence that something cannot be working. i'm REALLY looking forward to understanding the mechanisms involved here. reducing known measurable noise sources is a good step in the right direction though. also looking forward to eR in January batch
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  7. I know that, but the FAA appears to not know that. The sticking point it, while CBD isn't supposed to contain THC, there is no way to know how much THC is in it, and use of CBD isn't a defense against a positive for THC.
  8. No THC --> not hallucinogen ! Roch
  9. I am kind of boring in that regard.
  10. I think it goes without saying there was no suspicion to that end.
  11. That’s a great way to lose a Pilots License and a job I love.
  12. I can appreciate your point of view. In fact, in addition to disciplined A/B listening I also give extended listening time, which is what I'm doing with the eR now. However, it's really easy to make a mistake (I can speak from personal experience). Without using A/B listening, I can easily imagine a scenario where I'm excited about the eR (after waiting a year) plugging it in and fooling myself (unconsciously) that it make the music "better" when, in fact, I know that right now that it does not. I can tell you I'm 100% positive our A/B listening told us the truth-- in my system and in that particular configuration-- that there was very little, if any, sonic difference between the two. That's not a slam against the eR. And I may find after playing with different configurations that it does complement my system. I did, for instance, find a very noticeable difference (though not a totally good one) running the eR before optical-- but I don't know what that really means yet. I might be just the optical and have nothing to do with with the switch.
  13. My guess is that they are experiencing the effect of galvanic isolation. I have been hearing about the benefits of optical isolation since the early days of the mR. Anyway, I’ll make sure Adrian and Barrows get to try it out as well.
  14. Oh, okay, now I understand what you are getting at. Namely you are questioning how computer/streamer/renderer/DAC endpoints--that might not themselves have the very best (or any) attention paid to clocks and power regulation--can benefit from the EtherREGEN. Well there is a world of those devices out there, ranging from NUCs and Raspberry Pi, to Aurender, Lumin, Auralic, dCS (DACs and bridge), PS Audio, Ayre, etc. As well of course as your fine micro/ultra/opticalRendus. And already hundreds of people are using EtherREGENs with all of those and liking what they hear. Seems it might be time for me to send you one to check out first-hand.
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  16. You shouldn't feel threatened by the availability of improved sound, because there will always be the nasty status quo stuff available. Some of us desire something better, and believe it or not, my project (and those helping -- they deserve credit) is producing some initial educational benefit to those who see/hear what is going on. Our project DOES produce better results, even though you don't appear be able to perceive the benefit. (Vouluntarily holding fingers-in-ears saying nyah nyah nyah doesn't help the education process... Best to ignore what you don't want to hear...) We are having success where musicians who are very sensitive to sound qualities, and they are criticizing (constructively) without condeming, and allowing me to work towards improvement -- that is SO VERY HELPFUL. People with the chops -- I mean, really tough people are looking at what we are doing with credibiility. I have had previous personal history with very sensitive musicians -- they can detect flaws and criticize in constructive ways -- if they are willing. The most sad thing is the frustrated consumer who continues to try to purchase 'better' equipment -- but the equipment quality isn't where most of the audio problems reside -- the problem is in the mismastering. It breaks my heart that some people are so frustrated, and evolve into a hobby of attempted equipment perfection, when the real solution to better quality doesn't reside in the equipment alone. If everything was okay, there wouldn't be the need to spend much more than $2k for a system to try to achieve good quality -- doing so is polishing the t*rd. That t*rd is the status quo, ersatz-high-quality compressed recordings. Of course, better quality equipment is always nice... You are not protecting anyone by trying to suppress the truth -- deep down, you really have to know that the mismastering is a real problem. Trying to suppress improvment by keeping everyone else in the muck and mire -- misery loves company. I have a different personal goal, it is more related to opening up minds to actual reality. I don't need to condemn or downplay someone else's work to feel good... Please reflect on this. It IS starting to look kind of silly, when the results we are getting are so good -- and odd complaints are made.. If I was you, I wouldn't want to look silly... I want to help avoid this, and is one reason why I try to help explain -- is it worth it? I don't know. Is it worth trying any further to open your mind to the situation? Maybe not... Sometimes we are happy where we are, but other people might not be happy there. John
  17. At least using TimeMachine backup to transfer everything from an old Mac to a new one failed miserably. Although according to Apple it should work fine. Both had Mojave, so differing OS versions weren't the reason either. Afterall, transfer succeeded properly using Thunderbolt cable between the Macs (booting the other one into Target Disk Mode). But if the old Mac would have been broken, it would have been pretty bad thing...
  18. I was too busy looking at the X-ray tech..,
  19. I don’t take drugs that good... really strong Aleve basically is what I have.
  20. Do you mean what is described in this article? https://www.hifizine.com/2019/07/stream-qobuz-to-anything/ Did the BubbleUPnP app get updated since that article, such the you no longer need to run the server? Could you please explain the advantages of this with Qobuz? I am currently using Qobuz and the BubbleUPnP app (on my phone) without the server running on my PC, and it seems to be working fine with the renderers I've tested so far (a Sony BDP and Heos on a Marantz processor).
  21. I really can't believe you think it is appropriate for you to be carrying on in Alex's public folder. This is why these sites have private messaging.
  22. Are you using Loopback or Soundflower to couple Audio Hijack's output to HQP's input? If Soundflower works, that's a great free solution. OTOH, if you have to use Loopback in one leg of the chain, you might as well use it in both legs. Loopback can create an unlimited number of virtual devices.
  23. Since I'm using the ER behind my rack and there is so little space there, I've set it on its side and indeed that helps the heat dissipation. Using an old tube damper underneath which provides further air flow.
  24. Update the unit and reboot. Then go to Settings and the output you want to use and press Save.
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