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  2. Yes, we listened to the S1 for two hours. Wednesday I will take the S1 to test other speakers.
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    HQ Player

    Does the DAC actually support it? What does the display say? It is mostly useful for getting double rates out of dual S/PDIF or AES/EBU connections, or two I2S buses. It is pretty standard way, where you operate one typically stereo channel in "mono mode". For USB as such it is not needed, as you can usually get the same rates without resorting to such.
  4. A friend came over this morning. He knows my system well, and has heard it with the R model. His impressions this morning are exactly the same as mine. The sound quality is so obvious that he did not feel the need to compare with the powerDAC-R + amplifiers. We simply enjoyed listening to music for two hours. Next test will be on Wednesday at a dealer's to hear another pair of speakers, with another friend who will be discovering the powerDAC S1 as well. Should be interesting. Will report back!
  5. Actually, I have tested my sw in the past with embedded and it did work. I just need to point out though that in the most recent version of HQPlayer, Jussi has introduced an encryption feature for communication between HQPlayer and other apps. This is a great feature, which I asked for myself. Unfortunately though, I have not had time to update any of my apps to take advantage of it yet. Because of that, if anyone's trying to use newer versions of HQPlayer with this feature, they probably won't work with HQAV. Perhaps @miska you could just post here from which version HQPlayer incorporates the encryption feature? My sw will only work with versions prior to t
  6. I just discovered on my (very old by now) exasound e28 multi-channel DAC, I can get 705.6/768 output by selecting 2 channels with the "Dual wire" option checked. Multi-channel capable dacs are still relatively rare. This is a great feature though, which I guess should be supported by all multi-channel DACs.
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  8. Hi Rajiv. When you tried Mitch's convolution EQ filters on the SR1a using your PGGB files, did you use a noise shaper as per Miska's comment?
  9. In Europe curren direction changes 50 times per second and I presume the flow must be the same in both direction, or? If fuses can make a clear and big sound difference to the better it should be a quick fix to upgrade all hifi products in the factory with a minimal engineering resource. Better sounding and possibly better reviews. What is holding them back?
  10. It's true, it only works on Windows. This is because when the guys behind J River ported it to Mac, for some reason, they left out the feature that allows you to offload playback to an external app (such as mine) by file type.
  11. Hi Richard, Usb can playback dsd files without downsampling .. not sure if it is one of your consideration. I am using the digione signature in my car hifi system and was using the usb signature in my home system since my car processor cannot handle dsd processing .. among other output format consideration. Many prefers spdif and avoid usb but it also depends in how your dac handles these formats but I am impartial to both except whatever is possible. Cheers. Richard
  12. In December 1964, members of the John Coltrane Quartet recorded the perfect album. Nothing superfluous, everything is in place, a unique moment of collective creativity that everyone can only aspire to achieve or duplicate, and almost always in vain. A few months later, Albert Ayler's influence would become too strong and reverse the direction of creative process in Coltrane's mind. Pharoah Sanders will be added to the group, perfect harmony and balance of classic quartet replaced by terror and ecstasy of shrieks and growls from the soloists of final line-ups. A few years later, Albert Ayler's band will play at Coltrane's funeral. Scary and symbolic.
  13. I believe Sony are distributing for other countries and I have been made aware that those versions are ok it seems it’s a Warner issue in Europe but Tidal seems to have got a clean version for all territories though which is the puzzling part
  14. Check again. Qobuz was like that till the 22nd
  15. I just thought of an acoustic CD that is exceptional, musically and sonically; Bill Evans, Waltz for Debbie. And of course Sunday At The Village Vanguard, which was recorded at the same time, although the some of the music is not quite as interesting to me.
  16. Maybe the mission of mQa Corp. is to diminish sound quality, otherwise next releases of old recordings could not be better. They need something - either propaganda or sound quality improvement - that people buy the same content again.
  17. Hello, thanks for that thorough response. I ended up going straight to the amp from the piano dac and matched the sub using some measurements from REW and my ears then created filters on the low end and implemented them with camiladsp and it sounds really good, I’m really impressed with this $50 item. Having a low pass and high pass filter on the dac has really cleaned things up below 100hz and the measurements show that. I’m using a digital volume control on the mconnect app and streaming qobuz. thanks again for your insight and suggestions.
  18. I have to add that I run an etherREGEN (with a Farad Super 3) before the U1 mini. I think many people would be happy for a long time with this setup. The etherREGEN is a bonafide bargain in high end audio. It just makes it so much easier to be drawn into the music.
  19. Fuses can take a long time to settle in. The SR orange fuse really does take 200 hours to break in. When I first installed it, I did not like the tonality at all, but I could already hear a big difference. When I put the stock fuse back, it sounded broken. Having said that, I have never heard the U1 mini in stock configuration. I went the LPS route and have never looked back. I think it is a fantastic streamer with an LPS, a good fuse, and power cord/power conditioning.
  20. Your ear my have been clogged with ear wax that came out or loosened during a hot shower. (headphones just a coincidence or maybe it was the angle at which you fell asleep) This can happen even to a person who showers every day, it's kind of random for those who produce a good bit of ear wax. It's happened to be twice over the past 30 years. The first time was quite scary until I went to the doctor. The second time I bought some ear drops at CVS
  21. Is there anything more beautiful than this?
  22. Tidal only appears to have one track? https://tidal.com/track/194646281
  23. Hello, So it appears that the McIntosh equipment mentioned is on the older side. In looking at the specs of the Amp I see it has an Input Impedance of 200ohms 😲 which by today's standard is very Low and not ideal. But...It appears that the Output Impedance of the PreAmp is also 200ohms so they match up nicely there. If I were a betting man I would say going straight to the Amp from the DAC would offer a large bump in SQ for you....BUT...only if the DAC and Amp play nice together. It's possible that you might run into issues going straight to the Amp from the DAC due to a few factors. One being that very low Input Impedance
  24. But ... even that last tweak is not enough, ... a couple of days running confirmed the general uplift, as per the last post - could it be improved ... Yes!! Disconnecting the neighbouring mains plug feeding the other entertainment gear allowed the SQ to very significantly improve - bugger!! Because, it means the decoupling from electrical noise is still not effective enough, necessitating further investigation ... . The good news - there has to be good news, yes? - is that peak performance is now very nice ... easily fills the whole house with the strains of 30's and 40's recordings, lacking any disturbing qualities to the experience. This is w
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