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  2. Too difficult. I have a couple of (too obvious) ideas, but instead I say : Escher. Not that I have seen this one before ...
  3. That is correct, Rajiv. I'm glad this came up in my talks with Stephen and that he was able to accommodate. When I purchased these from you I had assumed they were compatible by default. This modification did come at a small cost as well.
  4. I had varying issues with the PF and the DAC8 Pro playing MCH which were dealt with various channel mapping settings but seemed to recur. They were all resolved by using HQPe. Sound quality was not affected regardless of those issues.
  5. I guess the confusion must be from the use of the Jaeger connector. Since @Exocerbought these cables from me with Jaeger terminators well before the build was complete, it look like Stephen was able to accommodate the use of Jaeger output connectors on the back panel rather than the standard XLR that the non-DR standard units normally use. Am I right, Rob?
  6. So far, the only one I know is Ingrid Bergman. See her radiant beauty in Casablanca, with Humphrey Bogart. From late 1942 - three years before I was born, when the war was very much in doubt. One of the all time great movies. Larry
  7. I believe that Pink Faun Streamer uses a version of AudioLinux, so you could contact the developer (Piero aka @hifi25nl) to help you out.
  8. Today
  9. Hi @Miska Not working. I made some changes to help avoid having same host names. I've also been more specific/clear about what each device is running, to help troubleshoot. Now I have: - 9900K running Ubuntu Focal LTS running your latest custom kernel and hqplayerd_4.20.0-54_amd64.deb - UpBoard Gateway running naa-4112-x64.7z - connected to Macbook via micro-B cable - microRendu running NAA 4.1.1 - connected to RME ADI-2 via USB cable So now there's no chance of issues with two devices running HQ
  10. Is there a thread for the netcard XE? If not, can we have impressions here.
  11. I did. The cable is very short, at most ~4 inches, and only doubled up on 5V and grounds. The other wires were not connected. Since the wire is so thick I did not feel the need to connect the others and have had zero issues thus far. @Nenon helped guide me: Pin 1 for +3.3v Pin 3 for Ground Pin 4 for +5v Pin 5 for Ground Pin 6 for +5v Pin 8 for PWR-OK Pin 9 for +5Vsb Pin 10 for +12v Pin 16 for PWR-On (Cheap wire here since this is just for the power button function) No JSSG360 since the cable is so short. Here is a pic (its not pr
  12. Spend your money on a better NUC PS. Or get a refurbished Cisco Catalyst switch with better behaved Ethernet ports to hang your NUC and streamer off of.. Ethernet cables aren't going to change/improve data packets already in flight but a better PS or Ethernet switch will make your equipment operate closer to ideal when handling origination and termination of data packets. Cables matter in the analog domain, if you feel the itch to experiment with better cables, Kimber Hero interconnects are a safe bet
  13. Here i am, test started. So far, no luck: i couldn't manage to get a stream to HQPlayer, both in local or lan-connected PCs and both in playing local filec or UPNP streams. I only get sound by local Kodi audio device just as supersonic addons was not active. At supersonic addon install i got no errors. In Kodi log, everytime i start playback i have the following errors: 2020-11-29 02:50:02.623 T:8748 ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : -->Python callback/script returned the following error<-- - NOTE: IGNORING TH
  14. That's fine as long as you don't consider a degree of objectivity to be an important characteristic of a review. I have been in this hobby for over 50 years and my experience over that period of time is the source of my viewpoint when it comes to assessing the value of a review. That's all. 🙂
  15. Did you make the 24-pin cable yourself? That's an impressive achievement using such thick wire.
  16. A NAD M33 is probably a good option. It only has on HMDI in, but there may a MDC module later. I’m not sure if you need one. Your TV must have a ARC HMDI. Still no HQPlayer for video.
  17. Wow. Looks great. Are these DR rails ? What will you power with them ?
  18. @OAudiolooks grt8. Are you trying to build a product to sell or is it for your own use only ? How about the chassis ? There is some interest in this chipset and the Asus sage c621 motherboard with some of us and hence curious what you are upto.
  19. CD track position is expressed using “timecode frame”, and 1 frame contains exact 1/75 seconds == 588 samples == 2352 bytes of PCM data.
  20. You have seen what good cables can do. That is not the core question in my mind. I have the speakers and the Hub and on the “side” have the AURALiC Altair G1 part of the system. The G1 is really amazing for the price. The G1 does double the total cost of ownership of the system. ($1500 in cables, $2800 for the G1 and $600 for 4TB of storage) For me the Question of the Day is Hub VS G1. The similarities between the two are rather interesting. The Hub will be driven by a Mac Mini using a Transparent USB cable until I can get UPnP working right.
  21. Hmmm...I was only joking when I posted that I was jealous...
  22. If mine arrived surely yours isn't too far behind . It is worth the wait! I am using the below cables + a DIY Mundorf Silver/Gold 15.5 awg 24-pin cable.
  23. Ahhhh where's mine! 😝 good for you! That was a long wait! What dc cables are you using?
  24. Hello. I'm new here, please do not judge if such questions have already been. I have a few questions. Dear Miska: 1.With what settings in rephase is it most optimal to build a filter for HQP? Do I need to consider the FFT length and the number of tapes? As I understand it, tapes should be taken into account when we cut low frequencies. 2. Is it better to set temporary time delays through tools -chanel ballance? Or are there other ways? 3. I am using VB -audio cable for audio streaming. Is it possible to count on the maximum sound quality in this mode? Or transf
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