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  1. No, we did not use Toroidy. It's a Noratel transformer from a factory in Sri Lanka. Noratel has a lot of factories, but that particular factory is pretty good. I don't know why but in this application it sounded a little better than the Toroidy. Toroidy Supreme was my second choice. They were very close to a tie. For other applications I would have picked Toroidy but here the Noratel was slightly better.
  2. Informing people about products that are useful for DIY is very welcomed here Marcin. But you did much more than that and also challenged my integrity, twice. If you really want to know which parts were inappropriate, let me know and I will point them out. Otherwise, let's just move on. Here is the thread Marcin started: It will be a an interesting thread. Marcin has been doing those things way before me and I've learned from him in the past. In fact, he gets full credit for the Apacer RAM. And I am sure he has other tricks we can learn
  3. Yes, I tested many transformers and picked the one I liked the best. Emile placed a large order of them (there was a significant minimum order he had to do), and they are due soon.
  4. Speaking of DIY, I have managed to make the active MOSFET rectifier I was testing available to us to use in the unregulated LPS. It is designed by Taiko. More details on that to follow. There are a total of 3 options I am considering. The first one is super simple and cheap - Transformer --> MOSFET rectifier. That's it. The second option is what I previously shared - Transformer --> MOSFET rectifier --> Choke --> 3 x Mundorf HC caps (each bypassed with a VCAP ODAM Film Cap) I am also testing a 3rd option that would be a cost no object solution. More t
  5. There is just no comparison. I've tried it. The AC to DC is pretty bad on the Corsair AX1600i. It was quite disappointing experience. While I am always interested in those technical discussions, can we move this discussion to another thread please? The last few pages here have been overwhelmed with the OPTIMO and why it's better than this and that. The Sean Jacobs DC4 blows away the OPTIMO 3 DUO in every aspect (confirmed by me and several users), but I never publicly said that, because I find it inappropriate. Every power supply I have heard that uses LT3045 r
  6. For those aiming at the lowest possible latency, why not try the Cisco Nexus 3548 (or 3524) switch. It's the industry standard for low latency (190-250 nanoseconds) switching without going to layer 1 switches.
  7. Good question. I do #1 at the moment but planning to go with #3 eventually. Be careful with the 6-pin, I think the Pins were reversed that. Just measure it before connecting.
  8. When everyone was crazy about low-powered CPUs, I tested some high-powered CPUs (with Euphony) and realized there is something special about them. That was before I knew about any high-powered CPU audio servers on the market. I reached out to several manufacturers to ask about a high current LPS (something in the 10-20A range). The only person who got back to me with a positive response was Sean Jacobs. He told me he had been working on a design but does not really know how It sounded yet. I was familiar with Sean’s designs having built a DIY version of his DC3 LPS for my computer and jumped o
  9. I've had quite a few requests to build computers for other people over time that I had to turn down due to my affiliation with Sean Jacobs, or lack of time, or simply not having enough interest in the particular build. But I have always been trying to help as much as I can. @dminches reached out for help some time ago. He has a pretty impressive analog rig. The complaint was that his digital system could never sound like his analog. He had a Lampizator Pacific DAC, which is certainly not the bottleneck. We started improving his digital source piece by piece. After trying some of t
  10. That is the case. There will be plenty of transformers, since the minimum order Emile had to place was quite big. It was the only way to get this transformer (which I liked the most in my tests). As for the shipping and ordering logistics, ETAs, etc. I will leave it to @JayM.
  11. Shipping cost for the Taiko ATX is a flat rate of 30 EUR to anywhere in the world. I suggest you get one as soon as you can as supply shortages may impact future batches. There will also be a transformer that Taiko would provide with the case. Perhaps the transformer can be packaged with the chassis.
  12. You will buy them directly from Taiko,. They will ship from the Netherlands.
  13. I am told Taiko will have the batch of ATX any day now. A couple of early units that were sent out last week. There might be another 2 or 3 left. If you want one ASAP, send me a PM (I will send you Taiko's PayPal account to order one if still available). If you want to wait until the production batch arrives, just wait a little bit more. The design is pretty much completed. I am waiting for the special transformers Taiko has ordered for this. They should be a couple of weeks away. Then I can find a case and post instructions on how to make one. Emile also told me h
  14. No, I don't. That's a proprietary driver as well that is only available to Extreme owners. But since I currently use a Chord DAVE DAC with Sean Jacobs DC4 LPS, the DAVE has an Amanero USB, which is not supported with the Taiko driver. My understanding is that you need a XMOS based USB interface for the Taiko driver to work. No, I had to use the Taiko ATX for the card. It takes 5V and 12V, and those rails need to be powered exactly when the PCIe slot is powered on. It might be tricky to use an external LPS, and I did not want to abuse my friend's USB card too much.
  15. I've had the USB card on the left running for over a week in my system and will be doing some critical listening this weekend. I asked Taiko if I could buy one of those USB cards, but I was told it was only available to Taiko Extreme owners. A friend of mine with a Taiko Extreme was nice enough to send me his card for evaluation since he knew he would not have a chance to listen to it for some time. Let's say that I am providing a free "burn-in" service to him :). More to come on this...
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