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  1. On time? More like 10 days ahead of schedule thank you! Either way SHOULD work. But you will want to try both ways. Sometimes the Lumin endpoints act funny when reawakening--depending upon upstream switch connections. I am assuming you are using Lumin's player s/w system and not Roon. Do report back once you have had a chance to experiment with the EtherREGEN in your system. Thanks, --Alex C.
  2. You have that EXACTLY correct! Because DC power to the EtherREGEN is to its 'A' side (the 'B' side is powered over an isolating regulator), "turning around" an EtherREGEN (running B>A) is a great way to overcome the fact that a JS-2's separately regulated outputs still share a common -VE/0-volt "ground"--allowing you to power a downstream device without defeating the EtherREGEN's special isolation. That's another benefit of our having gone to the extra trouble and expense to make EtherREGEN performance (data/clocking/power) symmetrical on both sides of its moat. The other two benefits being for people with more than one audio endpoint, and people who use an optical endpoint (typically opticalRendu). You may then wish to use the Ground screw of the EtherREGEN as the JS-2's output "grounds" are "floated" from AC mains ground (though we of course ground the chassis and center shield of the transformer for safety).
  3. Maybe post a picture. Doing things with nails and electricity makes me very nervous. Not going to condone any dangerous contraptions!
  4. Oh man, don't tempt me! We are down to just 2 rolls--with a household of 4 people--and there is none to be found anywhere in our town. Even told my assistant that we are now operating on a BYOTP basis.
  5. With 9V input the EtherREGEN draws about 1A (with some Gigabit copper connections). And an SFP module really does not add much to that. So I would be surprised if your original SBooster was not up to that. Still, one never knows. I am always surprised at how may power supplies are not able to reliably deliver to their rated current capability. LOL. And speaking of current, a JS-2 will be glad to crank out 7A at 12V all day long--while not even breaking a sweat (seriously, it gets barely warm at that load).
  6. Glad you got it working again! Doubt that it had much if anything to do with power supplies. Suspect your SFP module was not well seated. Sometimes the simplest explanation is the most likely.
  7. Hi Frojo: Aside from removing/reapplying power to both your EtherREGEN and ultraRendu, let's also check to be sure you have data crossing the moat. Try attaching your Mac mini--or other standard computer with a monitor--to the 'B' side port and check to see that you can get onto the internet. I would suggest that you also try a copper network feed to the 'A' side (to run out some SFP transceiver issue) except that you report the ultraRendu gets network connection with the same setup if you just move the cable to the 'A' side. Let us know what you discover. Best, --Alex C.
  8. Luckily there is no place for a fuse in our Ethernet switch...
  9. Objectively speaking, isn't that what this sub-forum is primarily being used for?
  10. Once again, show me one "generic" thing about it: It is about as far from "generic" as you can get. Not counting case or power supply, this board--in 500 unit qty.--costs us over $200 each.
  11. Hi Chris: At first I though you simply overlooked listing the price of the QB-9 Twenty--seeing only the $1,500 upgrade cost listed. So I went digging and found that the QB-9 Twenty is not a model that Ayre actually offers anymore. It is only available as an upgrade to original QB-9 and QB-9 DSD owners. You might want to make that more clear in your review. Of course I applaud Ayre for offering what is essentially an all-new DAC to the many existing QB-9 owners--and at such a reasonable price. Good company. (And I miss Charlie. We were friendly over two decades and he was always insightful.)
  12. Well I once thought about naming a product ISO TONER, but figured we'd get in too much trouble with the glove people.
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