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  1. I think you gents are all arguing about how to dress up the rear end of the horse. We expect you’ll get to see its face—and the rear will mostly cease to matter—once EtherREGEN ships. True data, power, and clock isolation—that’s what the endpoint wants. The impenetrable moat.
  2. Same one that Ayre uses in their DACs: http://www.conversdigital.com
  3. Sorry but USB drive attachment on a DAC-connected Mac mini is the worst of all choices SQ-wise for music storage connection. Please read this report (which is readily corroborated by others and can be by your own experiments):
  4. @scan80269: Hi Sam. Great to see you back! Seems likes it’s been a year. You must be busy at work. I’m still using and enjoying the Singxer SU-1 you extensively modded for me. Tried taking it out of my system last week—running my NUC (finely built by @lmitche)>ISO REGEN directly into my Holo Spring L3. Took about 30 seconds to hear how complying flat and unengaging the DAC is without it. So back to the I2S input via the SU-1. Makes me think about experimenting with other HDMI cables (using a 12-inch Wireworld now—whatever model the yellow one is). Do call or drop me a line some time and we can catch up.
  5. I sure hope not. That would be majorly insulting to Sonore. Sonore always delivers on its promises. Perhaps people don’t realize just how much time it takes to develop great products. I’m really looking forward to putting an opticalRendu in my music system.
  6. In my comparisons #1 and #3 bought sound equally good. #2 and #4 had the same disturbing qualities. It was a long time ago, so I can't recall well enough to be more descriptive.
  7. Yes, on the Mac mini (2012 for sure), ports #1 and #3 give markedly better SQ than ports #2 and #4. (Calling port #1 the furthest to the outside of the case, and port #4 the one closest to the mid-line of the machine, next to the miniDisplayPort.) Compare them for yourself.
  8. That's normal, and nothing to be concerned about. Is this your first time using the UltraCap LPS-1.2 to power your ultraRendu? I guess whatever you were powering with the LPS-1.2 previously was drawing less than 0.5A. Our UltraCap supplies have two operational modes: Low-charge-current mode for output loads less than 0.5A; and high-charge-current mode for output loads greater than 0.5A. In high-charge current mode the unit will run noticeably hotter--and hotter still as your approach a 1A load. But at all times the parts inside the unit are never hotter than a bit above half their rated thermal limits. The UltraCap case is the heatsink for the whole product. Also, the 5VBUS load (if any) from the DAC connected to the ultraRendu will add to the overall load on the UltraCap supply. Sorry, that part does not make sense to me. Your ultraRendu and UltraCap power supply can not have any effect on the thermal state of a DAC (which in your case has its own internal AC>DC power supply).
  9. It is if you are dead. But then if you are, it is not.
  10. Superdad

    HQ Player

    Hi John: Thanks for writing that letter! It is near perfect, though myself I would have heaped in more praise for how feature-rich yet intuitive Swinsian is. Let us hope for a positive reply from them. I have not been able to figure out what country the Swinsian developer resides in nor his name. Since you mentioned me in your letter: Just to clarify, @Superdad is me, Alex Crespi, owner of UpTone Audio, and @JohnSwenson is my dear friend and engineering partner (shared also with Sonore). Again, thanks for reaching out to Swinsian. Do let us know if you receive a reply. And mahalo to you too!
  11. Sorry, but until EtherREGEN is done and shipping, we will not have time to experiment with Ethernet cables. We expect that the only cable that will matter will be the one coming out of the 'B' side lone port and going into the DAC-connected renderer. The whole point of the EtherREGEN's sophisticated isolated, dual-clock domain design is to make most upstream variables not matter. All that said, in general we prefer that Ethernet cables not have their shields tied at both ends. Even though all Ethernet ports have transformers (of varying levels--see my post elsewhere about those), I just don't see much good coming from connecting grounds between Ethernet devices via shield connections.
  12. Superdad

    HQ Player

    I think it does. Sure, something like this, and 100% customizable. This is Swinsian by the way:
  13. Superdad

    HQ Player

    @Jud and @Bob Stern: Thanks, I have had XLD on my machine for a long time. And thanks for the screenshot of your settings--I just saved that to my XLD folder! Cheers, --ALEX
  14. Yes, on the UltraCap supplies both DC-charger input jack and the pure, isolated DC output jack are 5.5mm x 2.1mm size.
  15. Superdad

    HQ Player

    Also... Can't seem to get HQP 4.x Desktop (macOS) to play a CD (inserted in USB-attached Apple slim drive and mounted on the desktop). HQP's "Content Source URI" bar can have its drop-down triangle clicked to allow for selection of "cd:", but that is all that appears. Can't figure out how to get it to play. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
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