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  1. This is VERY cool! I’m sure there are quite a few people who own both an original microRendu and perhaps an ultraRendu or newer. Looking forward to learning more about this.
  2. http://texyt.com/bright+blue+leds+annoyance+health+risks
  3. Hi David: I may have the perfect suggestion for you! http://www.soekris.dk/dac1321.html 5V in, same proven Soekris sign-magnitude R2R topology and same discrete output stage as in their upper models (which mostly just add so-so power supplies and balanced outputs). Two forum friends--who both have excellent systems and good ears--recently did a comparison between the Soekris dac1321(LPS-1.2) and a modified SU-1(LPS-1.2)>Holo Spring combo (which is what I run at present). The guy who owns the SU-1>Holo might be putting those up for sale... It was very close. I might get one myself. Would save a lot of shelf space. No true native DSD though.
  4. Well I’m 57 and I listen almost every day to a couple of albums made 4 years before I was born! Of course I also listen to a lot of music produced in this decade as well... I’m sure in the minority as I mostly buy CDs (I have 4,000+ LPs, but stopped buying vinyl about a decade ago).
  5. Exactly what @DavidL explained above. Sorry Jussi, the columns in HQ Player Client are not at all like what iTunes Column Browser fans enjoy.
  6. Glad you like it! It won't be too long. We expect to release the final production files to our PCB house this next week. Could receive the boards about 3 weeks after that. Plus a week or so to program, test, assemble, etc. So I am pretty comfortable saying we are about 6 weeks from first shipments. As for accepting orders, please refer to: Of course it now hits me that I need to focus on writing the web page so that once we can accurately predict the ship date we can open up to orders. (The Owner's Manual is the other big task weighing on my mind.) Sure. We would never want to impose restrictions on what/where people discuss and review our products. Don't let it bite you.
  7. Nice boots and belt buckle Charles. But you might want to ease up on the cervezas.
  8. Wow! Many thanks for those supportive and encouraging words. I may print them out and post by my desk.
  9. What a day... BETA-TEST UNITS HAVE SHIPPED!! Here's a pic of a few of them.
  10. That’s because the ISO REGEN uses 5VBUS on its input (which we dedicate an LT3042 reg to turn into 3.3V) to power the upstream side of its Silanna high-speed galvanic isolator chip. The SOtM tx-USB units do not offer galvanic isolation, so they do not require VBUS. That lack of isolation may also be why they sound better when VBUS is turned off. As far as VBUS on the output side, that is entirely a function of the requirement of a given DAC’s USB input stage.
  11. Yes, and then if you play a 16/44.1 track you'd best set AudioMidi Setup back to that--otherwise you end up with macOS Core Audio engine doing its poor-sounding upsampling! This exact issue is what drove the initial market for the apps Ammara, Pure Music, and Aurdivana years ago.
  12. Hi Jeremy: Thanks for sharing your very positive experience with the ISO REGEN and UltraCap LPS-1.2. There are quite a lot of people using an LPS-1.2 to power their Chord Qutest DACs—and they report excellent results. We even toss in—free upon request—a DC-barrel>microUSB adapter plug whose microUSB end is shaped to fit in the square recess of the Qutest’s case. The easiest way for you to get a sense of the improvement would be to temporarily take your LPS-1.2 away from the ISO REGEN (leave the REGEN out of the chain) and try it with the Qutest. (Be sure to adjust the output voltage switch down to 5V for the Qutest.) Providing the computer/streamer/renderer endpoint—a Rendu in your case—with broadband ultra-low output-impedance power is always highly worthwhile due to the bursty nature of the way such devices draw current. So no, I do not think your use of the ISO REGEN makes thee power supply to your Rendu less important. All this stuff is a matter of degrees of course. Four decades as an audiophile has shown me that each revealing step makes the next step more audible, not less. In audio there are very few products or techniques/technologies which solve something so well that improvements in other connected areas become inaudible. [Though from my first experiments with EtherREGEN, we may have a piece which breaks that rule in some ways; it seems not to respond to a linear PS and optical into it does not improve on the copper; see my recent report: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/38968-etherregen-we-are-getting-much-closer/?do=findComment&comment=990592]
  13. Yes, they have a surprisingly large selection of those--live. Strangely, none via Prime. https://www.amazon.com/Joshs-Frogs-Large-Banded-Crickets/dp/B01017L5CI
  14. The beta-test cycle is strictly about checking to be sure there are no weird network corner cases where usage might require us to make some last change to the programming of the switch chip. I will be speaking directly with the beta testers about this, and any such information would not really be relevant to the public (unless there is some issue that will remain in the final product which people would need to be aware of). As far as our stance on beta-users' posting their subjective impressions of EtherREGEN in their systems, that's where my thinking is a bit split. I'm disinclined to permit that. Not because we have anything to hide or any lack of confidence in the performance of the product. But because: a) I do not want a couple of users' impressions (even if they rave positively) to be the basis upon which folks decide if they want to try the EtherREGEN (sold with 30-day money-back guarantee) in their own system; b) I don't want those users to be peppered with a whole bunch of questions, requests, speculations before the launch. (And this forum is already enough of a time distraction to me during these critical busy weeks; I don't want to be drawn towards user test/experience discussions just yet.) c) It will be much more fun, and frankly more informative, to have a couple hundred people receive their EtherREGENs and report about what they hear and how the they use them--all at once in a new "Listening Impressions/Usage" thread. Fair question. I happen to plug the UpTone-branded 36W SMPS directly in the wall. My DAC is plugged into a 250VA floating-secondary 1:1 isolation transformer (a Hovland VoltAire: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/29662-discussion-of-ac-mains-isolation-transformers/?do=findComment&comment=594798). That video I made with the Entech mains noise tester and the Mean Well SMPS is interesting. And I repeated the test this morning with our branded 36W internally ground-shunted brick and got the same result of the SMPS seeming to quiet the line just as much as the Mean Well did. Fact is, the mains in most people's homes is far noisier than the extremely low-level, extremely high frequency spread-spectrum switching noise that a modern (standards-compliant) SMPS kicks into the wall. The real evil of an SMPS (aside from its DC output noise being not ultra-low) is the copious amount of common-mode AC leakage it transfers onto its DC output. John has written extensively about this in other threads, so I won't recite the details here. But the whole architecture of the EtherREGEN is such that it not only blocks the path of leakage from the supply powering it, it blocks leakage coming in via Ethernet cables from computers/routers/etc. that have switch-mode supplies. That said, we understand that some people are "allergic" to having any SMPS plugged into their house--or at least anywhere within 20 meters of their audio system. We accept that, even if I can't hear it. I know. Pretty stupid of me--especially since we ourselves produce a compatible, high-performance LPS in a case that perfectly matches the EtherREGEN! It will be perfectly okay with me if some users find that--in their own systems--powering the EtherREGEN with a nice LPS makes a difference for them. I was simply being honest about my assessment. It is not as if I don't hear the benefit of a great PS (and even of a good DC cable) everyplace else in my system. September 2018.
  15. Wake me when I can use Roon to browse and play/stream these new full-res Amazon tracks...
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