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  1. A gentle reminder gents: This is the EtherREGEN Listening Impressions thread. Please let’s not wander off into other topics... Thanks.
  2. I don't know if I can stomach that. Literally, as I am lactose intolerant.
  3. For the SonicTransporter i9 It is less a matter of voltage than current. The JS-2’s highest output setting is 12V (and can produce 7.4 amps continuous at that voltage). As with Intel NUC and Roon Nucleus (which is based on Intel NUC boards), the Small Green Computer SonicTransporter i7 and i9 models are labeled for a 19V supply but runs great from 12V as well. Dozens of SonicTransporter i7 owner, Roon Nucleus+ owners and even more Intel NUC owners are powering from the JS-2 at 12V. [Deep in the board specs for NUC logic boards it says 12-19V. None of the chips inside use even those voltages—it’s all 3.3V, 1.2V, 1.1; lower voltages but higher current. They label it for 19V so they can use a lower current external PS brick.] However, depending upon the configuration of the SonicTransporter i9 (the new ones are pretty loaded--including with an internal version of the Sonore opticalModule), the startup current demand at 12V may be more than what the JS-2 can readily deliver. Bottom line: A for sure "yes" for JS-2 with sT i7 models; an "I'm not sure" with regards to the current i9 models.
  4. Hi Gordon: Thanks for your kind words. I was wondering how you were enjoying your new JS-2 with your SonicTransporter. Now we know! All the best, --Alex C.
  5. Not to be confused with the origin of the other Milky Way: One might reasonably argue that this latter is slightly closer to the subject of cows...
  6. Well that’s just it: Audiophiles—many of whom have been critically listening and refining their home music systems for decades—are by definition not “average” music listeners. I could torture a few analogies—to cooking, wine, driving, or X-ray interpretation—but there is no need.
  7. Hi Michael: Thanks for going through the steps to confirm that your EtherREGEN is working well through all its copper ports. Since there really is not much to the SFP cage (its connector is just wired straight to the main switch chip (and there is a 3.3V power network dedicated to powering whatever SFP transceiver you insert), the most likely source of your issue is one of the SFP transceivers (could be either the one you insert in the EtherREGEN or the one upstream). You said you had a big power surge, so maybe one of them--or your TP-Link FMC has been damaged. Please experiment further with: different FMC, different SFP transceiver modules, etc. I'm sure you will discover the source of the trouble. Feel free to contact us directly for additional assistance. Best wishes, --Alex C.
  8. You are correct, though the one @JD123 linked to will fit the chassis recess of the Qutest. I know because that is the exact one we stock—to toss in free upon request—for UltraCap buyers with Qutest.
  9. I don’t think that is the case. The Belleson regulator based linear power supply that Barrows builds under the Sonore brand is an excellent 1.5A unit. This is the Sonore-sponsored forum area and it is quite appropriate for him to promote his fine piece. I spoke up only to truncate any diversion (by @R1200CL who can sometimes be provocative between UpTone and Sonore) and to clarify the roots of the sometimes expressed sentiment towards our original UltraCap LPS-1 model. That is all.
  10. Let's not go there please. It mostly stems from ASR's review of the microRendu with the LPS-1 wherein leakage was seen due to use of the un-ground-shunted Mean Well. Which of course was publicly litigated, dealt with, and discussed at length here at AS/CA. The UltraCap LPS-1.2 of course comes with an UpTone-branded, internally ground-shunted charger--which we have for several years offered to original LPS-1 owners, with full explanation and links here: https://uptoneaudio.com/products/uptone-branded-7-5v-4-8a-36w-smps-with-internal-ground-shunt Sonore themselves sold 50 original UltraCap LPS-1 units as part of a Black Friday bundle back in 2016. There are still hundreds of microRendu and ultraRendu users happily powering their fine streamers with original LPS-1 power supplies.
  11. I've always hated blue LEDs, and the intense ones may be a health hazard: http://texyt.com/bright+blue+leds+annoyance+health+risks
  12. Hey, I thought the EtherREGEN was an "audiophile" switch! Guess I need to dial up the marketing-speak on our web site...
  13. FYI: Just posted another production update and photos. https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/57340-etherregen-official-news-thread-locked-for-just-uptone-posts/?do=findComment&comment=1065135 Hope everyone has a lovely and heathy weekend, --Alex C.
  14. Friday, July 3rd, 2020: Obviously quite a LOT has happened in the world since my above February 25th post in this thread. My heart breaks for all the ills and tragedy experienced everywhere from Covid19 (and other events). While at times I have felt helpless to do anything meaningful from my remote residence, my wife and I have attempted to aid by making donations--locally, state-level, nationally, and internationally. UpTone Audio fans have made us fortunate--and in a position to give back amounts that we hope will make a difference in some way. Now onto the the update: EtherREGEN sales have continued to set records. (Even during a pandemic. ) In fact, I am not quite sure how many batches we have gone through since February. I know that we shipped a lot in April and May, and we are now in final assembly, packing, and shipping all the units promised for July 7th and July 21st. Domestic units are going first--about 65 today--because they are the easiest (no export paperwork drudgery), and overseas units will ship on-time this coming Tuesday. (Please do not e-mail me about when your order is shipping. We are not running late, and you will receive a tracking notice on the day of shipment.) Once all the current direct user orders and dealer orders are shipped this month, we should still have a modest quantity (maybe 50?) left from the current 250 unit run. And those are available--still now promising to ship by July 21st. I need to recount everything and to get more boards on order very soon. Many thanks to you all for making EtherREGEN such a huge success. Once this current batch is gone we will have crossed the 1,500 units sold mark! Below are a couple of pics from this week. Oh yeah, through all this, JS-2 sales have been a steady 25/month as well. The 15 in the photo all left here on Tuesday. Currently accepting reservations for JS-2 units to ship at the beginning of August (squeezing in an anniversary trip for a few days starting the 22nd). Now it's time to dash off to the post office and FedEx. Wishing you all a pleasant and healthy holiday/summer weekend! --Alex C.
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