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  1. Good luck finding that big stiff 14AWG Belden for sale by the foot! But next best will be the new Belden 16AWG 4794R. It is available by the foot at: https://www.markertek.com/product/bl-4794r-ft-bk/belden-4794r-12-ghz-4k-uhd-75-ohm-16-awg-rg7-precision-video-cable-black-per-foot And on Amazon you can find it preassembled: https://www.amazon.com/UHD-SDI-Cable-12G-SDI-Custom-Connection/dp/B076JLSDCF Even in lengths as short as 1 foot!
  2. Hi David: Thank you again for your order. When you placed your order on October 5th, both the EtherREGEN web page and the order acknowledgment e-mail that was sent promised a ship date of October 29th. It is going to be tight (the circuit boards have yet to arrive), but we are still on track to ship on time. If it looks like there will be even the slightest delay an e-mail will be sent to everyone that was promised that date. We appreciate your patience. —Alex C. P.S. October production is all sold out, so new orders placed now will ship b
  3. Hi: Welcome to the Audiophile Style forums! Can you tell us what USB device you are trying to connect to? We don't see very many USB DACs or DDCs with 'C' inputs. And I don't know of too many USB A to C cables. Thanks, --Alex C.
  4. The SiTime MEMS oscillators do not offer very low phase-noise performance at all. Even the SiT5711 favored by some (probably for its 3.3V input, small footprint, programmability, and fancy gold color) is only -109dBc/Hz (at 10Hz offset for 10MHz unit). For comparison the $10 25MHz Crystek 575s we use are running about -108 to -112. Compensating for the 2.5 octave difference that -110dBc/Hz average equates to about -119 if that 25MHz Crystek was a 10MHz clock. So why pay $150 for just unneeded long-term frequency stability. For these applications it does not matter at all if the freq
  5. I would not bother with any of those C-W clocks you linked to. Phase-performance of those is far worse than a good Crystek $10 XO. All you get with a $58 OCXO (besides a current-hog for the oven and a huge footprint) is a bit of frequency stability—something which matters not at all in the application. To get decent low phase noise from an OCXO you either have to pay $350+ (and that’s at 200+ quantity) or scavenge particular clocks off of retiring 4G cell tower boards (that’s what the Chinese ham guy BG7TBL does; in fact the -125dBc/Hz at 10Hz offset 10MHz units he offers for $90 i
  6. Thanks for all the detail Chris. Not to be pedantic (and I am sure it is just the way I am parsing "either"), but please confirm for us that logged-in "members" who are not paid "subscribers" do still see all the ads.
  7. Probably will not help. And from some reports I have seen, putting a cheap extra switch before the EtherREGEN might be slightly worse. But no harm, and little cost, in experimenting!
  8. Hi Chris: So what is supposed to be the difference between the themes "AS 2020 (Default)" and "Premium 2020?" The only difference I can discern is that just one banner ad (seemingly always for Aqua's LinQ) appears at the top when I switch to "AS 2020." If you mean for that theme as a way for people to see all the ads and sponsor logos, then that's not working. Also, can you tell us what theme options are given to non-paying forum members? [Especially with regards to what advertising the do or do not see. You already know how I feel about advertisers not being seen by the
  9. Uh, not sure what you have going there because the SOtM sMS-200 series do not have WiFi capability built in.
  10. Are you asking us to believe you live in Antarctica?
  11. LOL. Well I am hoping one of them is a time machine--to make more hours in the day to get stuff done. That or a cloning device. But seriously, this is a very fertile time for John and I. Things are inching forward on four, possibly five projects concurrently. I really don't know which of them will enter production first--at least three are jockeying for position. Still, all are months away and it is too soon for any bean spilling. It is very fun. For me at least. John is doing all the really challenging brain work...
  12. Well once they deliver Roon Bridge capability to Emerson it should be expected they will offer that to eRED-DOCK OEM clients. Or they will have some rather unhappy clients. It is just a software/firmware change after all...
  13. You are in the wrong thread for that... I thought this thread was about the $2K+ Melco switches... What I find surreal is your ongoing fixation with UpTone. Earlier you referred to (your own misunderstanding of our claims) as "borderline criminal" and claimed we are "either trying to put one over on people that don't know any better or it is a staggering lack of technical understanding." That's quite rich given: a) John Swenson's decades of chip and circuit designing; b) The thousands of extremely happy customs worldwide--for John's designs b
  14. Since the others here seem not to have stated it plainly enough to avoid confusing you, I’ll take a crack at it: While one can order special dual-rate SFP+ modules that will work at 1 Gigabit in a standard SFP port, standard SFP+ transceivers are 10Gbe (or higher) and will not negotiate down when plugged into a 1Gbe SFP port. However, one can use 1Gbe transceivers in SFP+ ports. So the obvious and reasonable question still remains: If you buy two of the special type, specifically dual-rate SFP+ transceivers and install one in a 1Gbps-only SFP cage (of say, you
  15. Just to be clear: The original UltraCap LPS-1 can not be used to power either an EtherREGEN or a BG7TBL clock. The current generation UltraCap LPS1.2 can be used with either. This is because while both UltraCap models are capable of delivering up to 1.1A at any of their output voltage settings, the highest output voltage setting for the original LPS-1 was 7V. And: a) The BG7TBL clock requires 12V; b) An EtherREGEN run from 7V draws about 1.35A—a bit over the limit for out UltraCap units (whereas at 12V the EtherREGEN draws just 0.8A). [And yes I saw that @R1200CL sai
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