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  1. Hi Peter: I received the same e-mail tonight but I knew it was coming 6 months ago when Gil B. left the company and we had a long talk. It's really quite okay as we have good supply, and if ever we run low we can call up the very nice Mr.Xuanqian Wang at Auralic. They bought 10K pieces and e-mailed me with an offer for some about 18 months ago. Of course we could move beyond into a more intelligent direction...
  2. It can be hard--and I have taken my lumps. The trick for me is avoiding posting about listening impressions and just sticking to the facts. Even then I mange to bother some people...
  3. Uh oh. If you are referring to Geir T.'s purchase of an UltraCap LPS-1 and LPS-1.2, the facts do not at all agree with your above assertion! Geir's original LPS-1 was delivered to him on November 15th, 2016. This giant thread was not started until January 1, 2017. Geir ordered the new generation UltraCap LPS-1.2 on February 20th, 2018. He was among the first 150 purchasers of the new model (excluding the 100 people who ordered LPS-1s at the end of 2017 and received the very first LPS-1.2s at no additional charge). Only a couple of passing mentions of the LPS-1.2 were made in this thread at the beginning of 2018. It would be a stretch to say those influenced him. And certainly no discussion of NUCs with our supplies were ever made back then as there was pretty much no discussion of NUCs in this thread at that time.
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    Opinion Rhapsody

  5. The GigaFOIL is a passive filter device. EtherREGEN is a isolating switch that puts the signal across active digital isolators with separate, ultra-low-phase-noise clocking on each side. It of course remains to be seen heard which device is most effective sonically. But it certainly seems that from a sheer parts & technology value standpoint people will be getting more for their money with ours at (approx.) $600 than what that filter offers at $550. And would it kill them to at least put a coat of paint on that unfinished, sharp-cornered box?
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    Article: AURALiC ARIES G2 Review

    Very nice review @LowMidHigh!
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    Amazing Music of the World.

    That is one of my favorite albums to listen to while writing. Can't remember how long I've had it or who turned me onto it.
  8. Terje: You ought to disclose in your signature that you are a member of the trade. That is a rule on this web site. And the fact that you are also a reseller of SOtM products brings questions of bias. http://www.andervikaudio.no/andre-produkter/ By the way, plenty of other comparisons between the SOtM sPS-500 and the UpTone UltraCap LPS-1.2 have been made and published--here in this thread and elsewhere--with quite the opposite results. So we invite readers to try for themselves. Regards, --Alex C.
  9. No, we have slipped a bit. Second-to-final round of test boards are coming in this week, but there is still much work to be done, so I am not going to speculate on a release date. Please know that we are working very hard on this, and I’ll be very happy to report new milestones as we hit them. Well that is very much our hope and expectation, but the truth is that we won’t know until the EtherREGEN is in production and in peoples’ systems.
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    LPS1 modified cable

    If music is now playing, then no, you did not damage your microRendu or your UltraCap LPS-1. Having seen the photo of your modified cable and understanding where you had it plugged in, I would say you are lucky not to have done damage to you units. The person who made that cable and advised its use was clearly misguided. Please use the DC cable we sent you—along with the new version charger and you will be fine.
  11. You're not the only one with high hopes my friend! It darn well better do both 'cause between development and first production run close to 6 figures in $$ will have gone into the launch...
  12. Hard to say. In theory having your NAS, etc. plugged into your normal router/switch and running one cable to the EtherREGEN—and one cable out to your DAC-connected endpoint—should be enough to take care of everything (leakage, phase-noise, etc.). Thus it is a currently unanswerable question as to if also plugging you NAS into EtherREGEN will be of further sonic benefit. I certainly don’t think it can hurt. We’ve been talking quite a bit about the two ultra-low-jitter isolated clock domains. But I also want to point out that a lot of care has gone into the selection of the main Ethernet switch chip and the magnetics of the 4-port jack module (it’s possibly the most expensive one made due to its number of transformer cores per jack). The particular way the PHYs of this switch chip are designed to be connected ensure exceptional port-to-port leakage isolation (of those 4 ports to each other).
  13. We are trying to avoid referring to our switch as having one super-clean port (see above—they are all very clean and well-clocked, just one is in its own domain). But indeed if people wish to purchase additional EtherREGEN units to use as LAN clocking-domain isolators/phase-noise reducers, they are welcome to do so. Could be useful (certainly to the UpTone bank account ). Yeah, that’s where you veer off. The optical is not worse than the lone port on the other side. They are simply on opposite but essentially equal sides. Possibly, but really we are focused and expecting the biggest difference to be for the DAC-connected or closest-to-the-DAC Ethernet device.
  14. That’s not the particularly polite tone I like to see here. But @R1200CL would be aided towards a better understanding by studying a bit upthread (just the prior page) regarding the ports and the two separate, both excellently clocked and isolated sides. All ports of EtherREGEN will equal or better those of any other switch on the market, but the separate, actively isolated clock domains will accomplish—in both directions—what no other switch or FMC can. This is the main (but not only) aspect of the product which gives us such confidence that it is going to be a smash success.