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  1. Hi Dirk: Welcome to the Audiophile Style forums! Like many of the photos on our web site, the picture of the ISO REGEN board where you see V1.4 is out-of-date. It was taken during the launch of the product years ago. There have been several in-line revisions along the way, and indeed V2.0 has been the current—and final—one for a couple of years. Regards, —Alex C.
  2. For a 10MHz clock, -120dBc/Hz at 10Hz offset is not very impressive--especially since that is likely the specified performance of the OCXO clock itself and not what will be seen either at the BNC (internal cabling in these clocks is usually poor) or at the end of a clock cable. For comparison, I'll quote myself from a couple of posts very early in this thread: "The Crystal CCHD-575 [used in the EtherREGEN] is one of the lowest phase-noise production XO available (about $10 each at 500 piece qty,), and our 3 original 25MHz (random production) samples came with plots show
  3. That should be fine. For a host of reasons the Directstream DAC with Bridge II Ethernet input (fed from 'B' port of EtherREGEN; and no USB cable simultaneously attached to DAC) should sound FAR better than S/PDIF coax fed to the DS from your OPPO. Thanks for pitching in Steve (Happy New Year to you man! ) But no, the temperature of the EtherREGEN will not vary with current capability of power supply nor with voltage level sent (within its 7~12V range).
  4. @MartinTis the person who started this thread and alerted A/S members to the BG7TBL bargain in the first place. Only after he and a raft of others (including myself who wrote the AliExpress seller a note about the usage by EtherREGEN owners) did the version with 75-Ohm and 3 square wave outputs appear. So I’m sure the unit Martin has predates that.
  5. https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/uptone-audio-etherregen-ethernet-switch https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/58910-etherregen-formal-video-imaging-and-audio-review/ https://www.threshold-lovers.com/2020/05/25/uptone-audio-etherregen/
  6. Thanks for the link! That review appeared in the December 2020 print (and digital subscriber) issue of The Absolute Sound, leading to a Product-of-the-Year award in the January issue (in the category of "Technology Breakthrough."). I am very happy to see the review is now available to all online. Now we can link to it on our website...
  7. Well with Roon Core on the Innous on the ''B' side of EtherREGEN, I don't see how the EtherREGEN can be responsible for the issue you are having. By the way, what sort of cable (shown as Nordost Red Dawn) is it that you have running from your Oppo to your DirectSteam DAC? And what is us with the light blue cable (Ethernet) running from your Netgear switch the DS DAC as well? Am quite sure you are defeating the active differential isolation moat of the EtherREGEN with one or both of those cables...
  8. Hi Frank: I am not clear about your chain. What connections on 'A' and 'B' sides of EtherREGEN? Where is your Roon Core Server? Are you using one or both of the Innuos Zen MKII SE's Ethernet ports? If so, how?
  9. Hi Phil: Sorry to hear you are having some trouble. Actual EtherREGEN failure is exceedingly rare, so it will be interesting to see what AfterDark reports once they receive your unit. By the way, there is never a need to reload the original firmware file. The file on our web site is the same as has been loaded on every unit since December 1, 2019! We have never seen corruption of that on an EtherREGEN. So your earlier success after reloading the firmware must have been due to something else. I state this because we really do not want a bunch of people trying to solve co
  10. The EtherREGEN has always supported flow-control/pause-packets.
  11. I did send John my BG7TBL as well as the AfterDark clock. However, he is right in the middle of two highly important development phases for the next two UpTone products and those have priority over him spending a day to set up, warm up, and run phase-noise plots on these clocks. Maybe in the slack time while waiting for next round of development test boards to come back...
  12. The normal high heat of the EtherREGEN is not the cause. I will be in contact with you later today. The supply shipped with EtherREGEN is 7.5V. Temperature does not vary (maybe a couple of degrees) with input voltage.
  13. I know! Every client of ours--domestic or overseas--who owns NADAC loves it. But the tech in it is not very new. That's of course okay, I have an old PCM1704 DAC with discrete output stage that conveys music terrifically. I am wondering about the new Merging+Player piece. I assume they moved to the small ZMAN Ravenna card for that model, but I have yet to see photos. (Unfortunately the promised Ravenna/ZMAN revolution has yet to take hold. But that's a whole other story... )
  14. Merging NADAC has always struck me as a strange beast--put together using the giant, created long ago Ethertube from Horus. So it seems that the clock going into the NADAC is not going to the DAC at all, rather to that Ethernet card, which ultimately generates (with PLL clock synthesizer) audio rate clocks. (The black coax/BNC cable in the photo below can be seen going directly from the "Word Clock" input BNC to old Horus Ethertube card.) There are a lot of NADAC owners enjoying their DAC powered by our choke-filter, dual-output, 5-7.4A JS-2 linear power supply. Given
  15. Hi Ross: Sorry you are having difficulty. Hard to fathom how the attachment of an EtherREGEN could cause your modem/router upstream to fail. Saw your e-mail from yesterday (Sunday) and I’ll be contacting you. Please be patient as today is my first day back in the office since December 18th and after triaging 200+ messages (a lot of junk) I am down to a still daunting pile of about 45 which require personal reply. Everything from JS-2 order inquires, to long messages seeking advice regarding EtherREGEN usage, to users with connectivity issues. I will reply to trouble i
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