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  1. We don't supply a Torx T5 with the MMK because removal of the entire wifi board is not required for installation.
  2. Oooh... There was no need to remove the wireless card for the install. There is a chance that the uFl coaxial connectors got bent inside. Can you unplug them and take a close-up photo of the contacts on the ends of the cable?
  3. Yes but the conversation was veering into the timeless arguments about “how” to form a listening impression.
  4. I usually avoid such debates—and they really have no place in this thread—but what you describe is about how I personally make comparisons. Though I do give time for run-in of new pieces and I try to listen to a variety of music (mostly real acoustic instruments and voices recorded in real spaces—even though my tastes run broader).
  5. Yes, John is a total time-nut! He loves this stuff and has built some fancy GPS-disciplined clocks for his house—to tell time perfectly (me, I’m happy if my watch is within +/- 5 minutes ). In fact, John is a member of a mail-list-forum of scientists and hobbyists called Time-Nuts. http://leapsecond.com/time-nuts.htm
  6. It should work as long as the other device you are connecting to is NOT an SFP+ (10Gbe) port. EtherREGEN SFP port is 1Gbe-only so other end MUST also be 1Gbe. SFP/SFP+ transceivers are dumb devices (no clock or negotiation logic in them), so they will pass at the rate you put to them. But an SFP+ switch/router will sense an SFP+ module and will try to talk at 10Gbe. AfterDark has tested but UpTone has not tested that package. So support for it should come from them. There is no “new” EtherREGEN planned at this time. Please do not believe rumors. I
  7. Please take these discussions to some other thread guys. Thanks!
  8. Indeed there has been a bunch of muonvment in the field lately. https://www.wired.com/story/muon-observation-particle-physics/ As you have been noting to me this past year, a lot of scientific progress gets made during and after pandemics and other world-changing events. Perhaps scientists have more time alone to ponder. It’s all WAY over my head though. So I hope nobody actually expects an UpTone muonREGENerator! Unless John can both build one and explain it to me…
  9. Oh yes! One more test milestone to cross and we might start talking about the details of our new and very advanced USB devices. But I need to be careful not to reveal too much too early because our past successes and innovation has drawn the attention of our competitors...
  10. LOL! Hi Jerry: Great to see you here again. @MartinT is correct--lots of people are squeezing a bit more goodness from their EtherREGENs with an even lower phase-noise external reference clock. Degree of difference can be debated (somewhere between "subtle" and "huge"), but it's not smoke. Now as for why we are not offering a "superEtherREGEN": a) Our ideas for such go well beyond just an uber clock; b) Because of all we would want to do--and a required larger case, dedicated dual internal power supplies, etc.--the darn thing would be expensive, even using our
  11. Really guys? Gary made a whole thread dedicated to discussion or the little DX Engineering passive transformers, yet still you debate about them here... [I’d move all your posts over there but my moderator privileges only permit me to move posts between threads in our sponsored area—and I’m not going to bother Chris to do it.]
  12. Indeed. Likewise, many here are aware that if they are not looking to spend $2,500-$6,000 to get a high-current fixed-voltage supply, they can drop me a line for one of our venerable JS-2 units ($925). A carefully balanced, highly reliable, dual-rail, choke-filtered, 5~7.4A adjustable output linear supply in a beautiful chassis. We continue to build and ship—right here in the USA—about 250 units per year, so wait time is always only 1~3 weeks depending upon where we are in our every 3-week cycles. And I do not accept payment more than one week prior to shipment. Actually, scr
  13. For all the French-speaking audiophiles, here is a very nice and well produced video review (love the circuit board flyover and close-ups) of the EtherREGEN by a videographer (LittleBox Films) in France: [And for those of us who do not speak the beautiful tongue, you can turn on subtitles/captioning and with YouTube's Settings gear menu select English or whatever language you wish. I was surprised how good the YouTube translation was--and the fellow does a fine job of explaining in simple terms the concepts of the EtherREGEN.] Enjoy!
  14. Just moved a few posts to the more appropriate threads related to EtherREGEN and power supplies, cables, and external clocks. Please post those sorts of discussions in those threads, thanks! By the way, for the first time (ever?), we are done shipping all outstanding EtherREGEN orders (something like 240 units went out just in May) and we still have about 40 units left on the shelf uncommitted. Of course these won't last long, so I now have to begin again the process of locating globally all the silicon chips for a next production run. Not always easy with some of the only-
  15. You buried the lead my friend. The Sonore opticalRendu came out as #1 for sound, besting the must more expensive Innous Zenith MkII. Congratulations! (But forgive me if I do not act surprised.) --Alex C.
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