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  1. The real problem I have with ASR is not the measurements. Some of those can be useful even though they don't tell the whole story and don't correlate to all of what people hear. The problem I have with them--aside from the snide remarks, defamation, and follow-the-leader sycophantry--is the general lack of intellectual curiosity. Early in the thread over there I posted the same circuit board photo with annotated Technical Highlights that appears on our web site. Not one person asked about it; about the differential isolation and clocking and the idea behind it, or about anything. They simply started in with pages of ridicule and judgement. We went to a lot of trouble and expense to do something new, yet their minds are so closed that they completely dismissed it out-of-hand. Amir's own argument--which he showed tonight posting by switch error logs to prove there are no bit problems--makes it obvious he did not read a word of what we said about the issue and the mechanism of the EtherREGEN. And another manufacturer just wrote this, which really sums up the whole thing regarding the stance over there: "It's very simple. Anyone who has the slightest understanding of how ethernet works, how computers work, digital audio works, and is capable of just little bit of critical thought, will conclude there is no mechanism for this to make any improvement. It's a con. We don't need to see or measure it to draw an accurate conclusion. It's about not believing in fairies, not blindly believing the marketing claims and using existing knowledge to inform yourself." So while it is nice that Amir has an Audio Precision analyzer and likes to publish graphs of the gear people send him, in my view very little "science" actually goes on over at Audio Science Review. ===== Now back to those enjoying their EtherREGEN and reporting about our shared mass-delusion. Enjoy your fairies!
  2. I swear Chris, you like pearl jam so much I bet you put it on your toast in the morning.
  3. Darn it! I begged John to find a way to completely filter out banjo, but clearly he failed. Guess it's back to the drawing board.
  4. Looks like Amir is offering $10,000 to any of you who can tell the difference between an EtherREGEN and a $20 switch: https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/uptone-etherregen.9260/page-5#post-266813 Who will be the first to step up? Could buy a nice DAC or a lot of new music or some holiday gifts or just donate to charity. [By the way, the graph he is so up in arms about in that post is one he made with 23 feet(!) of three $4 Amazon USB cables chained together--with those he found a slight bit more "noise" picked up by an ISO REGEN. Of course he ignores what the device is about. Guess when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.]
  5. Hi Cedric: I’m out at lunch now (and shipping JS-2s) but very much want to assist you as soon as I get back to the office. Please send us a note with your telephone number via the contact page of our website and I’ll call you to see if we can sort out what is going on with your unit or your system. Thanks, ALEX
  6. Clearly we should charge triple for people with high-zoot systems. Speaking of Shunyata, I noticed that Caelin of Shunyata bought and received an EtherREGEN last week. He runs a busy business so likely has not had a chance to listen yet. No worries. Obviously you are not alone here...
  7. Wow, we are getting into rarified territory here! The MSB web page shows the Select DAC starting at about $84K, plus $20K+ of available power supplies and other upgrades, including the $2K Ethernet input module. And our humble $640 EtherREGEN was immediately an improvement for you? Nice!
  8. Thanks for reminding me of that old favorite. Unfortunately I only have it on original vinyl.
  9. Oooh... I think I may have that CD somewhere (looks Iike I never ripped it). Will be squinting at my shelves for it this evening. (One of these days I'll have the time to alphabetize my CD collection. ) Thanks for the recommendation!
  10. This thread is on its 7th page--with detailed and insightful first-hand reports from many people with extremely refined (and expensive systems (looking at you @stevebythebay). And there is also an active 7-page thread going on over at ASR where they can't figure out what this device could possibly do and are just bouncing around being dismissive and insulting. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/uptone-etherregen.9260/page-5#post-266563 Oh well.
  11. LOL. If I want my wife and kids to leave the room, all I have to do is (attempt) one or two dance moves.
  12. From page 6 of the User Guide: EtherREGEN LEDs: The green LED at left of the EtherREGEN’s DC input jack indicates that the switch is receiving power. There are two small LED indicators above each of the unit’s RJ45 Ethernet ports. The meaning of the colors and activity with cable connections are different for the four Gigabit-capable ‘A’-side ports than for the lone 100Mbps ‘B’-side port, as follows: ‘A’ Side Flashing yellow = Gigabit link with network activity Flashing green = 100Mbps link with network activity Solid LED (yellow or green) = Link established but no network activity ‘B’ Side (100Mbps only) Solid or Flashing green = Network activity Solid yellow = Network link established (should stay on all the time when a ‘B’-side connection is made)
  13. Hi Alan: Happy to hear that you got an EtherREGEN from Martin at AudioStore. I am puzzled at user reports of dropouts or disconnects with AudioLinux set ups as I myself run an AL Roon Core Server (Mac mini/JS-2) on ‘A’ side and an AL NUC as Roon Bridge endpoint on the ‘B’ side. It has been rock solid for months—with never a hiccup. And @lmitche, an AudioLinux maven similarly set up, was an EtherREGEN beta tester. The only two thoughts that come to mind at the moment (besides wanting a cup of coffee—it’s early here!) are: a) Someone else who had a “bridged” Ethernet AL configuration reported similar issues, so that’s one place to look; b) When I first installed my EtherREGEN beta unit I had also been running HQ Player Embedded on the Roon server machine, and at the time that AL server had been set to 100Mbps instead of Gigabit. I freaked out because I was getting lots of dropouts at the beginning of tracks—and sometimes throughout (my music files are not on the server, they are on some shared drives elsewhere on the network). As soon as we set the server to Gigabit the problem went away. So please check the LEDs on your ‘A’ side ports to confirm that you have Gigabit connections there. And look into the bridging as mentioned above. Let us know what you discover. Thanks, —Alex C.
  14. Where can I buy that pictured Toyota car for $12,000? Don’t think they come that cheap new.
  15. Great band name! Come close to a favorite band name for me—and a great band—the former Squirrel Nut Zippers. (They were where I first discovered Andrew Bird.)
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