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  1. I would consider better power supplies for those units before adding any USB signal “regenerators.” Search around for reports.
  2. Ha ha ha, not even close. Scopes and spectrum analyzers are not going to give a good look at phase noise (though with an expensive differential probe and a highly custom ultra-low-noise amp you might get a modest look at ground-plane noise). The best price/exceptional performance device for measuring phase noise presently is this one (which John owns): http://www.jackson-labs.com/index.php/products/phasestation_signal_source_analyzer About $19,000—and you still need to pair it with an OCXO that is better than what you are trying to measure. By the way, the above J
  3. Don't want to stray too off-topic with cables and filters (there is a dedicated thread for that), but I will offer that we strongly advise to not place any filter devices AFTER the EtherREGEN—typically the ‘B’ side—between it and your network audio endpoint. What comes out of the isolated side of the EtherREGEN is already as clean as can be! Depending upon the design some filters really mess with the signal integrity. They are filters after all. Might sound different but different isn’t always better. If you want to place them upstream somewhere that’s fine. As mo
  4. Hi: Rereading my earlier response to you I want to be sure that I did not hurt your feelings. I know and appreciate that you enjoy our products, and that you take seriously the never ending quest for musical perfection. My post was to address a complaint which we have seen before—and to dispel the notion that one must spend more money in order to realize the benefits of the EtherREGEN’s 100% unique design. We see see many other switches coming to market—some at reasonable cost, some at astronomical prices—yet when we look inside at the boards most all we se
  5. That seems a bit cynical. a) Show us another Ethernet switch with anywhere near the technical innovation and parts cost relative to sale price. b) As of today 2,200 people are happily enjoying the EtherREGEN in their music systems (including many with $100K+ invested), and only a small fraction of those feel compelled to add an LPS or an external clock. c) If we were to get fancy and situate an EtherREGEN (with further functional and performance enhancements) in a large case with power supplies and top-end clock, it would have to retail for about $3K (with
  6. Hi gents: Whilst I’m enjoying reading about all your experiments—with various SFP/SFP+ transceivers and cables with your EtherREGENs and other switches—out of respect for the OP @jabbr perhaps the EtherREGEN-configuration-focused discussion would best be carried over to a thread in our forum area. That said, it is really interesting what you all have discovered, and I think it is mostly consistent with what was postulated (by myself and Jabbr) a few pages ago. That being that 10GBe switches would really prefer to talk at that rate through their SFP+ ports, and if one wishes to
  7. Hard to know if the compatibility issue lay with the MikroTik switch or their preterminated active optical cable. We have no intention of purchasing lots of switches, cables, and SFP transceivers to test combinations. (Such an undertaking would bring our modest firm to a halt. ) Our Hong Kong dealer AfterDark has tested and confirmed EtherREGEN compatibility with the Finisar AOCs, and he sells those: https://www.adark.co/collections/uptone-audio/products/copy-of-afterdark-project-clayx-constellation-sfp-finisar-active-optical-cable-aoc or folks can order the same from Dig
  8. Can you confirm connectivity with an RJ45 wire feed to the EtherREGEN? Are you sure you have the Clock switch in the INT position? Please describe your network system more fully. Or telephone me. Really difficult to assist you in small Q&A bits here on the forum. Thanks.
  9. That sure sounds like you have a connection then. What happens if you then attach a regular computer with display monitor to one of the ‘A’ side ports. Can you then surf the web?
  10. Okay, then let's back up a little. Since there are no LEDs with SFP cages to tell you about connection, please tell us about what equipment you are connecting to which EtherREGEN RJ45 ports and what LEDs do you see above those ports when you do? Maybe the fiber connection is working fine and the trouble is something else. Since we do not know anything about your system it is hard to speculate further. Thanks, --Alex C.
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    That's sad Ted. But hey, at least you talk in bed. My wife mostly looks at her phone...
  12. Try pushing the SFP transceivers in harder/deeper. Both the models you list should be perfectly compatible with the EtherREGEN. In fact that 10Gtek ASF85-24-X2-D is the one we use during final board testing on our bench with EVERY EtherREGEN unit. I do admit that some folks have had intermittent problems with some of the TP-Link TL-SM311LM modules, but we think it is mechanical not electrical. Beyond that I would try a different fiber optic cable for test. And you did not say what is at the other end of that fiber feeding the EtherREGEN. Is is a switch or router with SFP cage or is it
  13. @Mops911: What @barrows says is correct, but it applies mostly only to equipment that uses linear voltage regulators for step-down of voltage. Less drop equals less heat to dissipate. However, in an Intel NUC, Roon Nucleus, laptop, general purpose computer, there is nary a linear voltage regulator in sight—certainly not at its DC input greeting the 12V or 19V from an external supply. Such computers are filled with DC-DC switching regulators, and those truly don’t care what voltage you give them—efficiency is the same at any voltage in their range. So this goes back to m
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