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  1. Actually it turns out that the Singxer SU-2 (but not the more expensive SU-6) does support 768 (and DSD1024) over I2S. https://www.kitsunehifi.com/product/singxer-su-2-dsd1024-usb-digital-interface-femto-second-clock-interface/ Pretty good clocks (plus support for external 10MHz reference), digital isolators, and even lends itself to conversion to use of a high-end external LPS.
  2. Hi David: The Singxer SU-6 is well-liked and can output 24/384 via S/PDIF. https://shenzhenaudio.com/products/singxer-su-6-xmos-xu208-cpld-femtosecond-clock-usb-digital-interface You won’t find any devices doing 768 over single BNC.
  3. Clearly we are OT now, but for completion sake I can mention that the original Auralic Aries (not the mini which really does need 14V) runs great from as 12V. I don't recall if our (now discontinued due to global chip shortage) 1.14A UltraCap LPS-1.2 had enough current for the Aries, but the dual-rail 7.4A JS-2 certainly does. And yes, we can upon request adjust a JS-2 to have a 15V setting (trading away one of the standard 5/7/9/12V settings) on one output. Max current at 15V is 4.4A.
  4. So that's one species on this planet...
  5. We have not tried this heat sink kit so we can not report on its performance. I am sure it will be fine.
  6. Thank you for your very kind words Joe. I run a lean and tight ship over here--with so much focus on providing professional service to our clients that it often keeps me from attending to mundane accounting and product planning matters. That, combined with constant high demand for our current products is the reason new product releases are so infrequent. But we are working to change that... Nice. Very nice! 24/7/365 is totally fine for the JS-2. It will last nearly forever. Hey man, appreciative clients like you are what make this a
  7. Yes, back the day--when we could still obtain the specialized plain films for our film-and-foil MusiCaps (originally at Hovland Company in yellow and then under UpTone in blue)--Madisound used to blast through their Speaker MusiCap stock most months of the values sold to Magnepan modders.
  8. Not correct. We have been over this several times earlier in this thread and elsewhere. In fact, Jason Victor Serinus of Stereophile was asking me questions last week (he uses both Sonore and UpTone products in his system) and he sent me a photo of Finisar SFP+ transceivers (multi-mode) that he got from Andrew of Small Green Computer—as “systemOptique certified.”
  9. What folks seem to be overlooking here is that DAC chip cost and availability varies greatly. As a direct-to-consumer manufacturer--with a ton of stuff packed into the big Yggy box--Schiit prices their products VERY closely. Let's take a quick look: The TI DAC8812--which the LIM version uses 4 of per Yggy--costs (assuming the better spec'd 'C' version) is $12.45 each (at 1K/pcs.) direct from T.I. So that's $49.80. The TI DAC100001--which the MIL version uses 4 of per Yggy--costs $37.28 each (again, assuming 1K pricing direct from T.I.). That's $149.12. So that's $100 mor
  10. I have to be careful here because we are still under NDA with Merging. The pricing I quoted was for ZMAN modules at 100+ quantity and was from the October 2017 OEM price sheet. With the global shortages of silicon these days I would not be surprised if current pricing was double or triple that now.
  11. It can induce ground plane noise--and such is passed to downstream devices. Same for USB.
  12. Indeed it will ship on-time tomorrow (Tuesday) Joe. Configured, packed and labeled it over the weekend but I forgot that today is a national holiday here and that USPS, UPS, and FedEx are all closed. Your are sure to enjoy it when it arrives to you this Thursday. Best, Alex C.
  13. Yep. Two-channel DSD512 runs fine through an EtherREGEN for many of our clients...
  14. That’s cool. I know you appreciate a good clock. I was mainly pointing out that the ZMAN module does not allow for any but its own clock to be used. Can’t even put one on a baseboard for it to use.
  15. Not really. What I recall from the development docs we received was that PROMs on the board loaded the the Zynq with Merging's firmware at power on. The thing is pretty buttoned up. Plus it does not allow for a developer to run it from their own high-quality clock (on a baseboard)--not that you give much credence to such a desire...
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