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  1. Beautiful setup. My question is whether the EtherREGEN will reduce the need for such a sophisticated server. I'm hoping.
  2. That's the first thing I got right today. I'm about to brave a birthday party for a 4 year old girl and her friends. It gets worse ... it's at Chuck E. Cheese's. I've learned it's best to let her Mom make all the critical decisions.
  3. How are you bridging on the i7 NUC, are you using a USB ethernet adapter?
  4. rickca

    New HDPLEX 200W LPS

    Looking forward to your feedback. Your project is a lot more ambitious than my 200W LPS/400W DC-ATX setup. I'll be doing a writeup once I've finished testing a few more ideas. I don't get into DIY cabling.
  5. rickca

    Album of the Evening

    An old album I keep coming back to. Listen to the Carmen Fantasy (5 tracks) and see if you can stop smiling. Ann-Sophie Mutter can get more different sounds out of a violin with more nuance of expression than I can believe. This is real artistry. This sounds particularly exciting if you have really good tweeters.
  6. rickca

    Still better SQ from CD.... Help..

    I'd rather have a good LPS for the NUC than the iFi micro iUSB 3.0.
  7. rickca

    Still better SQ from CD.... Help..

    The only NUC model with an i7-8559U and room to accommodate a hard drive is NUC8i7BEH which is 28W TDP. As I said, the 28W TDP NUC8 Bean Canyon series has thermal throttling issues that degrade sound quality. The NUCs that people here have been happy with have 10W (like my NUC7PJYH) or 15W (NUC7i7DNHE) TDP. These NUCs have Akasa fanless cases available, so some people have transplanted the motherboard from the original Intel case to get rid of the fan. I don't think there are any fanless cases for the 28W NUC8 series ... they generate a lot of heat to dissipate. So the first thing I would do is to disable turbo boost and speed shift in BIOS. Also, the i7-8559U has a configurable TDP down of 20W. So I would also look for the low power option in BIOS and enable that. These steps will give you a much more stable CPU frequency. This will yield better sound quality. It also significantly lowers your power requirements. You will be a lot more satisfied with a good linear power supply for the NUC instead of the stock supply.
  8. rickca

    Still better SQ from CD.... Help..

    Johan, the NUC is very sensitive to its power supply as @davide256 mentioned. If you are using the stock power supply, getting a good linear power supply for it would be my first step. I use a Paul Hynes SR4 on my NUC7PJYH and it makes a really significant difference. You say you have a NUC i7 8th gen, but what is the exact model? When I hear 8th gen, I think of NUC8xxxx not NUC7xxxx. The NUC8xxxx have problems with thermal throttling that is sure to degrade sound quality.
  9. rickca

    XLR/RCA Splitter

    The DAC I'm considering does have balanced outputs. The problem is that it doesn't also have independent unbalanced outputs for my subs.
  10. rickca

    XLR/RCA Splitter

    Hmm that's a problem. My amp has balanced inputs only.
  11. rickca

    XLR/RCA Splitter

    Yes I checked and my subs can change the phase up to 180 degrees. The brand/model is in my signature.
  12. rickca

    XLR/RCA Splitter

    What do you mean 'invert the sub' and why is this required?
  13. rickca

    XLR/RCA Splitter

    My current DAC has both unbalanced and balanced outputs. They are independent and can be run simultaneously without sound quality degradation. So I run a pair of subs off the unbalanced outputs and connect to my stereo amp with the balanced outputs. I don't use a preamp. I'm considering a new DAC that has only balanced outputs. The dealer suggested I could use a Y-cable to split each balanced output into two legs and then use an XLR/RCA adapter on one leg for a sub. The dealer claims there would be no degradation on the balanced outputs to my amp. Another dealer says this will screw up the impedance and is a very bad idea. Who is right and why? Is getting a preamp the only good solution?
  14. I tested this backup procedure today and it works perfectly. Although it copies the entire USB flash drive (not just allocated space) it is actually quite fast. On my i7-6700K a 64GB USB 3.0 stick took less than 10 minutes to 'create image from USB drive' and again less than 10 minutes to 'write image to USB drive'. You can probably cut the time in half by using a 32GB USB flash drive. Note I got these results with a USB 3.0 Sandisk Extreme. Given the reliability of USB sticks I always make a backup after any significant changes that I want to preserve going forward. You never know when your USB stick is going to fail or get corrupted. Yet another reason to put your Roon database on an Optane SSD.
  15. OK, that kind of mod is way beyond my DIY skills. I'd forgotten that Roy mentioned that Addonics card.