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  1. Have you selected the Qutest in the Innuos GUI? I think the default setup is to autodetect the DAC. Have a look at the GUI at myinnuos.com and make sure the Qutest is selected. Your USB2 cable is fine. This is likely a software/configuration problem.
  2. OK. Wow, 10% off opticalRendu already!
  3. @vortecjr that link just brings you to a COMING SOON page for your Shopify store.
  4. Good seller. I ordered it on 6/12 and received it on 6/14. I haven't even had a chance to plug it in yet. For $22 I expected something totally beat up. It looks brand new. It will replace a ground shunted Netgear GS105.
  5. OK I bought one. For $22 on recommendation from @lmitche and @Superdad how can you go wrong? I still want an EtherREGEN.
  6. Price reduced to $79! Brand new in sealed package.
  7. Price reduced to $129! Brand new in shrink wrap.
  8. I've had both a Zenith SE Mk II and an LPS-1.2/UltraRendu. The SE sounded much, much better. No critical listening required for that conclusion, it's immediately apparent.
  9. They are just called Focal Diablo Utopia. Here they are in my living room paired with Focal subwoofers.
  10. How would you describe the character of real HiRes sound compared to redbook?
  11. It would be a lot more productive for me if I didn't have to experiment. For example, does SSDP get disabled?
  12. Could you please provide a list of the drivers and services disabled by this feature? I've always been hesitant to use it because I'm unsure what gets disabled.
  13. @marce and @PeterSt I respect the fact that you guys have your differences, but this is not the place for continuing this exchange. I will delete any further OT posts.
  14. I waited 8 months and all I got was this freaking orange light.
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