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  1. I'm waiting for the deluge of reviews saying I swapped out my previous switch for the EtherREGEN and I didn't hear any difference. Just because someone trusts the integrity of Alex and John doesn't mean they can't be disappointed with the device. Where are those reviews?
  2. The wireless radios in many of the ISP approved modem/router boxes are not very good. You can also do a lot of interesting things with a set of mesh routers like Eero or Orbi.
  3. Now that Lee is President, he can start denying he knows guys he's been photographed with at audio shows.
  4. Well, he won't be the first President with questionable qualifications and a talent for obfuscation.
  5. OK I have some better input for @EVGA_Lee and @Miska. I rebooted, then brought up HQPlayer with default output mode PCM. Then I simply changed the default output mode to DSD and without even starting to play a track the audio icon in the lower right corner of the taskbar got a red X and Nu Audio disappears from Control Panel playback devices. Interestingly, the Nu Audio GUI also immediately changed to ASIO active (DSD mode) even though I wasn't playing a track! With PCM, I don't think the Nu Audio GUI shows ASIO active until something is playing. So now I can't even play a single track in DSD mode. Stopping HQPlayer or quitting HQPlayer doesn't bring Nu Audio back to life. I have to reboot. After a reboot, if I bring up HQPlayer with default output mode DSD, the same things happen and I can't bring the Nu Audio back to life by changing HQPlayer default output mode to PCM. I have to reboot. @Samuel T Cogley I wasn't looking for audiophile nirvana with this card, just a simple way to try out HQPlayer 4 Desktop and see whether my machine could handle the new EC modulators. I have a fantastic DAC on my main system, but it is PCM only. Something is really broken.
  6. I've opened a support ticket with EVGA. I tried to change the HQPlayer settings after playing part of a track converted from redbook to DSD256 and the Nu Audio disappeared from Control Panel playback devices. I'll test some more but I think maybe just stopping HQPlayer (without trying to change the settings) might be sufficient to cause this problem. This is a real bummer because I was planning to evaluate HQPlayer Desktop 4 with this card. Obviously, needing to reboot after changing settings makes it a very unproductive exercise. I guess I'm going to miss the Cyber Monday 15% discount. I don't have another DAC that does DSD.
  7. @incus and @Ehsu very intriguing posts. So you're saying that etherREGEN allows your recordings and other components to show their true character. That is very high praise. I rather doubt that any kind of measurements would reflect your reported experience. Some of us don't worry about that and just enjoy the ride.
  8. What, so I can't just pick the DAC with the highest SINAD? 😋
  9. Things like this are not unusual in product development. I think engineers encounter similar things on most projects. The difference is that John and Alex are so transparent about their R&D process. And that's something I value a great deal.
  10. @Samuel T Cogley and @Miska what do you mean by crashing/lock up? I tried playing some DSD256 output (converted from PCM) but after stopping playback mid-track, the device just disappears and I have to reboot. Is this what you mean? I don't see anything in event manager to indicate the driver crashed. I'm using the latest firmware and driver. It sure seems like this card has not been rigorously tested with DSD using ASIO. I guess I will need to open a ticket with EVGA.
  11. Yet another network switch. This one is a modified Cisco SG110D-08 for $395. Anybody tried one? http://www.fidelizer-audio.com/etherstream-network-switch/
  12. rickca

    HQ Player

    You need to enter coupon code cyber19 according to signalyst.com website.
  13. rickca

    HQ Player

    @Miska if I buy HQPlayer Desktop 4 for Windows and later decide to run HQPlayer Embedded on Linux instead, is there any discount on HQPe?
  14. Thanks, Phil. The discounted upgrade price makes it a no-brainer decision.
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