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  1. I'm waiting for the new HDPLEX 300W LPS which will replace the 200W unit. Due to Chinese New Year, the factory is closed until 2/15 so it's going to be a while yet. The 300W isn't up on the HDPLEX website yet. I expect the 300W will cost more than the 200W. Changes from the 200W from Larry at HDPLEX: New customized chassis. Better heat dissipation. 330W transformer. 3A for LT3045 rail. Redesigned rectifier. No longer using the old rectifier for 19V and 12V. Protection is now in software and will be much more reliable.
  2. And we have the best people. 😋
  3. In capacity planning for any system, the peak/average ratio of the workload is a key concept so you make an important point. The measurements people are reporting from various monitors are likely indicative of the average (or maybe average peak).
  4. @Nenon here's just what you need to pimp out your new server. Just kidding. It's amazing what gamers will buy. https://www.anandtech.com/show/15394/all-of-the-rgb-lian-li-strimer-plus-same-sketchy-name-upgraded-lighting
  5. @Nenon I'm still curious about this. But please carry on with your build first. So far it looks beautiful.
  6. I doubt that 2A will be anywhere near enough for your EPS12V. But I see you already tried it! You must be running a really light workload on that 35W CPU. I'm mystified. I would expect better dynamics from 12V/10A with lots of extra headroom. But of course amperage is just one factor contributing to how a power supply responds to load.
  7. If you can buy or make an appropriate cable, try your HDPLEX 200W 12V rail for EPS (not going though the DC-ATX). I haven't done this myself, but I'd expect the sound quality would be even better than HDPLEX 200W 19V ==> HDPLEX 800W DC-ATX ==> EPS.
  8. Sure. Right after we bury MQA.
  9. And they were impeached. So they demanded to know the identity of the whistleblower in order to investigate his motives. Sound familiar?
  10. Can you tell us more about these regulators? That seems to be a large voltage drop for linear regulators. Is it a single stage?
  11. @Nenon how do those linear regulators work if you are feeding them 3.3V, 5V and 12V? Don't they need somewhat higher input voltage to be effective?
  12. Doesn't this void the warranty? Seems to me that you have clearly been more than reasonable and accommodative with this customer.
  13. The link between statins and loss of impulse control is about as well established as Roseann Barr's claim that ambien prompted her racist tweets.
  14. Can someone please explain why this unit would have a 400VA transformer if it can only do 5A continuous current? Even at 25V, isn't that way overspec? Clearly I don't understand enough about power supply design.
  15. Another article including some rather shockingly high prices. Intel will also have Quartz Canyon that will offer Xeon CPUs. https://www.theverge.com/2020/1/7/21051879/intel-pc-nuc-9-extreme-ghost-canyon-element-hands-on-teardown-ces-2020
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