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  1. Here's a good article about DDR5 development at SK Hynix. https://www.anandtech.com/show/15699/sk-hynix-ddr5-8400
  2. This 300W LPSU has a completely new design for the 19V and 12V high current rails. Improvements to the 200W LPS include 1: 8pcs ST Micro TiP35C for 19V Rail and 8pcs for 12V Rail. This is a major step up from 3pcs for 19V and 12V rail on the 200W LPSU. (250% increase). Each TiP35C only need to take 20-30W load at peak unlike 70-80W in the 200W LPSU. 2: Side Aluminum Heatsink on the 300W LPSU is 50% bigger than the 200W LPSU and weight also increase from 7kg to 10kg for the whole unit. The new 300W LPSU side heatsink also features Fin in Fin design which greatly increase the heat dissipation area. 3: The diode bridge rectifier for 19V and 12V high current rail in the 200W LPSU has been replaced by Schottky Rectifier circuit. This is a major change and will eliminate the rectifier overheating/smoke issue from the 200W LPSU. 4: High precision over current and over temperature protection circuit is achieved by using TI LM2904 OP AMP and MCU control chip with customized software. This protection circuit is highly accurate, responsive, and reliable. 5: Super large 10000uf ELNA audio cap is used. One super cap for each rail. This design prevents potential phase distortion which could be the result from using multiple caps for a single rail. 6: Two LT3045 based adjustable rail max current has been increased from 2A to 3A per rail by adding two additional LT3045 for each rail. This is a 50% increase. 12pcs LT3045 are used in 300W LPSU compare to 8pcs in the 200W LPSU. 7. Over temperature protection is added to the 300W LPSU. The cut-off temperature is set at 80C. Based on our test, 300W LPSU board temperature won't exceed 75C when 19V or 12V rails runs at their max allowed 13A peak for a consecutive week. Further details at https://hdplex.com/hdplex-fanless-300w-linear-power-supply-for-pc-audio-and-ce-device.html
  3. Try re-installing the display driver for your laptop.
  4. I'm doing more listening just to escape the stress of pandemic news stories and financial market chaos. I was eagerly anticipating a Brahms concert next week with Emmanuel Ax and the Rotterdam Philharmonic. It's just been cancelled due to travel restrictions. The Ultra Music Festival (electronic music) and Calle Ocho (Latin music) have also been cancelled here. Music is a reliable source of joy in the midst of all this.
  5. This is an extensive interview with Intel CFO George Davis from a Morgan Stanley analyst conference. It's excellent if you're an industry watcher. The first part of the article (prior to the interview transcript) sure leaves the impression that AMD will continue to kick Intel's butt for quite some time to come. It sounds like the 10 nm process isn't meeting Intel's expectations for performance or yield at this time. https://www.anandtech.com/show/15580/intel-cfo-our-10nm-will-be-less-profitable-than-22nm
  6. You know things are bad when you see a headline like this. French official advises against kissing due to coronavirus fears
  7. @Miska I know you like the Fractal cases. Fractal just announced the Define 7. Just a few refinements over their previous cases. https://www.fractal-design.com/introducing-define-7-and-define-7-xl/
  8. rickca

    HQ Player

    Can you explain what you're calling a 'mixed domain conversion filter'? Are you saying HQPlayer and Holo Spring DSD are not a good combination, or am I misinterpreting? Thanks, I'd like to understand this.
  9. @The Computer Audiophile, please tell me you have no plan to invite Lee Scoggins back. All he did was try to promote his upcoming articles and continue the MQA obfuscation. I see no connection anyway between introduction of the Objective-Fi subforum and the idea of bringing Lee back.
  10. I'm one of the guys who was very close to abandoning AS. I don't mind people who think I'm delusional and like to poke fun at me in a good natured way. It's the mean spirited endless confrontational posts that derail threads that I find objectionable. So to me, it isn't really a subjective vs objective thing. It's about the vibe. I hope this tones down the unnecessary rhetoric.
  11. I bet even Emile can't give definitive technical explanations for all his design/component decisions on the Taiko Extreme. He has done a lot of experimentation, research and listening. That seems to be the most productive approach for making progress, as you have proven to yourself. Those who demand objective measurements or technical rationale for why some things sound better will continue to insist that we're delusional. I'm fine with that.
  12. That diagram indicates all the USB ports come from the H70 chipset, so they are NOT CPU direct. I don't think you can get CPU direct USB from Intel unless you use a SOC. Native support for USB 3.1 Gen 2 on the chipset just means that motherboard manufacturers don't need some other USB controller like one from ASMedia in addition to the Intel chipset.
  13. The Sonore website states (for opticalRendu) Mode #6 - Spotify Connect Output - This output can be controlled by your computer or tablet running the Spotify application. This application is based on librespot which is an open source client library for Spotify. The application is in Beta form.
  14. Stick with Manny's. Avoid these guys. I feel so bad for Angela Hewitt. https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/11/americas/piano-fazioli-smashed-movers-intl-scli/index.html
  15. Sounds kind of like Fox News. Or MSN. I can't watch either of them.
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