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  1. Yes now that you don't have a bare board to deal with I consider this solution much better for non-DIY guys like me.
  2. Aha! OK now I get it. Are you running your i7-6700K full blast (91W TDP) but with turbo disabled, or have you done something in BIOS to further reduce the power requirements? I will still order a proper cable from Ghent since using the HDPLEX cables in this manner is a bit of a hack.
  3. Thanks, Larry. I wasn't even aware that Alexey now offers this DXPWR line of products. Is this the one you use with the Startech USB card? http://www.ldovr.com/product-p/dxp-1a5dsc.htm If so, I assume you specify 12V for output voltage. What do you specify for the pre-regulator out if you're feeding it from an adjustable voltage rail of the 200W LPS set to 15V?
  4. OK but that assembly is meant to go from the 200W LPS 19V to the 400W DC-ATX power input. So how do you power your DC-ATX if you're using those cables for the motherboard 8-pin instead?
  5. I don't see a 3-pin XLR to 6-pin Molex among the 400W DC-ATX cables I have, nor do I see one on the HDPLEX website.
  6. HDPLEX says it is 6A at AC inlet.
  7. Thanks, I just wondered if there was another source that Colin may have used.
  8. Where did you get a 3-pin XLR to 8-pin molex cable for this connection? What CPU are you running on the Asus motherboard?
  9. OK so the EtherREGEN is symmetrical except for the fact that the B side is the native side of the clock generator. I hope I have that right. It sounds like there's no point to going optical after passing through the EtherREGEN in either direction since it already takes care of leakage and blocks upstream phase noise. Is that also correct? So if you have an EtherREGEN, an opticalRendu would have to outperform an ultraRendu for reasons beyond just having an optical interface.
  10. I love Larry's experimental approach to everything. A while back, he told me he got a new outboard motor for his boat. I suggested he should try mounting it at the bow rather than the stern to see if it worked better that way. 🙄 Larry's unconventional methods have given us some really valuable insights. I just like to kid him about it.
  11. @Superdad and @JohnSwenson with reference to the Optical Isolation block in @mfaoro's diagram ... What if that block is a Sonore opticalModule sitting between the router and the optical SFP module of the EtherREGEN. I then connect my endpoint NUC to the port on the other side of the EtherREGEN (with its own power/clocking domain), and my DAC is connected to the NUC via USB. Do you expect that this configuration would sound any better than just going from the router into one of the non-optical ports on the EtherREGEN? Given the isolation of the EtherREGEN output port, is there any further benefit to coming into the EtherREGEN with optical?
  12. Maybe you can get John Atkinson to do a review of the JS GGB CTS. Sorry, but 'birth of a new world' is taken.
  13. I just got this email from HDPLEX. We have opened the pre-order and will start shipping on April 25th for Asia, AU, and Canada customers from Shenzhen,China. April 26th for USA customers from Los Angeles, April 30th for Europe customers from Germany warehouse. This new batch has the following improvements: 1: New internal heatsink for high current 19V and 12V rectifier to prevent potential overheat during overcurrent situation. 2: New line of ELNA Capacitor and Würth Elektronik inductor. 3: Gold Plated IEC Input and Internal Power LED indictor 4: Front Handle for the faceplate is now removable
  14. And now it looks like Intel will announce their 9th gen 35W CPUs on May 15. Do we understand yet whether it's better for a server to have more cores with a lower base clock vs fewer cores with a higher base clock? What's the best trade off? https://www.anandtech.com/show/14214/intel-9th-generation-core-35w-cpus-launch-may-15th-kikatek
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