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  1. my only experience with clocks is the Cybershaft 13. From that limited experience I concluded that the folks at Cybershaft work very hard to provide an excellent, well-built product and useful manual. In short, they know what they are doing. My user experience is that a linear power supply for the clock is necessary to get the full performance (even though with an SMPS the performance of the eR is enhanced significantly by the clock).
  2. In my system, hifi and physical, adding fiber has been beneficial. In case you missed it, everything you wanted to know about the eR:
  3. Andreas, Cybershaft OP13 clock Evidence Audio - The Melody clock cable (0.5 meter; 75Ω) (purchased from Geistnote LLC) UpTone JS-2 (can be ordered with one 14.5 v output to feed the clock) Regards.
  4. Will be interested, as always, in what John says. I can confirm that the Cybershaft makes a significant improvement to the eR's performance in my system. Right now, the SQ is very, very good. Wouldn't want to be without the eR! Waiting to make the right purchase, as we know, will save you from cycling through gear. Enjoy the search.
  5. returning to the Tambaqui...for some folks, myself included, the goal isn't just great (that is, good approximation of live) sound, but also aesthetics, energy and space efficiency, WAF, maximum compatibility with one's other gear and getting the designer's best effort in that category. If you can get all of those at a lower cost, that is great. I've lived with four DACs previously, all much less expensive than the Tambaqui. I enjoyed them all, but it very clear to my ears that none came close to the level of the live sound experience that the Tambaqui provides. And we have t
  6. The Tambaqui is $13,400. It includes a Roon endpoint streamer and preamp function. It costs less than the Soulution 760, that has the same functions, and costs $72,000. Of course, if you are looking for only a DAC, there is always the Wadax reference DAC, which costs $145,000. And if you are an analog guy, there is the TechDASAir Force Zero Turntable at $450,000 (according to one source, the median cost of a house in the US is $200,000).
  7. the video should come with an advisory. I would think "Mature Audience" given the violence done (and to a perfectly innocent piece of gear). I wonder who did the mod - maybe a "friend" who is an "expert." If not, am curious how much it costs to kill a quality component these days. That said, honestly, I've added a few things to the inside of equipment I owned in my earlier years in this hobby. Always followed a couple of rules though: do no harm, do nothing that cannot be easily reversed, always apply the tweak after the equipment was thoroughly settled in and the sound wa
  8. U.S. Stimulus deal includes raft of provisions to fight climate change: https://www.washingtonpost.com/climate-solutions/2020/12/21/congress-climate-spending/ "It will cut the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), chemicals used in air conditioners and refrigerators that are hundreds of times worse for the climate than carbon dioxide. It authorizes a sweeping set of new renewable energy measures, including tax credit extensions and new research and development programs for solar, wind and energy storage; funding for energy efficiency projects; upgrades to the electric grid and a ne
  9. To me, long-term listening pleasure is the best way to determine whether gear artificially enhances any frequencies, which may sound good at first but not over time. Having had the eR for more than one year, it is clear it enhances listening pleasure. UpTone done good, as we say in the Southwest. Thank you, Alex and John. I'm always grateful when my wife enjoys the changes I make to our system. Lately, she has been making Roon playlists for her favorite albums. That is my favorite example of why the little eR is a keeper.
  10. I never update immediately, but after checking that Roon would work I did just that. No issues (have a simpler setup than many on this thread). Response time to open apps and the like seems faster to me. I assumed that there would be more overhead for Safari (assumed tighter privacy settings), but it actually seems more responsive. Previous upgrades seemed to slow the iMac (2017) for a time (and then operated as usual), but not this upgrade -- immediate improvement. Given all the new music that Qobuz offers, haven't tried ripping via dBpoweramp. The cosmetic dif
  11. Don't know if this article will make you more optimistic, but this approach of imbedding climate change considerations into all U.S. executive branch agencies is one important step: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/17/climate/biden-climate-change.html Of course, the next administration after Biden could do what this one did -- give the appointed posts to industry insiders or folks who have no idea what the agency does, but moving the rulings to the non-political appointee level slows down any reversal. As others have said, this administration will have been one of the most environ
  12. interesting story about billionaires donating to causes meant to reduce global warming: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-11-16/creo-syndicate-is-the-secret-club-for-billionaires-who-care-about-climate-change?srnd=premium&sref=u0jApUg1 You might have also seen that Jeff Bezos has allocated nearly $800 million of what he says will be $10 billion to address global warming. In the US, if Biden can establish subsidies, which should be able to be done without legislation (that is, Congress), that will help move consumer choices toward sustainable sources of
  13. I never had harsh highs, but it took a month for the highs to sound balanced/integrated with the mids/lows. Of course, there is no typical system and YMWV. My new gear always seems to take a long time to settle in.
  14. And the eR itself is grounded? If not, that is easy to try. Unfortunately, I have no experience with your type of fiber (single mode) or SFP, so cannot help. @kennyb123 has tried several fiber/SFP options, so perhaps he can help.
  15. Do you have separate LPS for oM and eR? If not, have you tried grounding the eR?
  16. Understood. Just a little hard to laugh these days about our (U.S.) political "process." It is actually scary to witness.
  17. Doesn't this belong in the Objective-Fi forum?
  18. Gentlemen: why so much urine at this end of the pool? We have strong preferences for the type of equipment that sounds good to us. So what? Variety is good!
  19. and, to my ears, Blue Note has may excellent jazz albums going back decades. Blue Note (in general) has a certain full and organic sound that works for me.
  20. That is interesting. My own "method" is to put the new DAC into place and listen for a week. I'm not saying this practice is better, just that it fits how I listen and evaluate. If I start to enjoy the new DAC more than my current one, that indicates a positive change. Since small differences (that is, different, rather than "better") can be attractive in the near term, a week gives me enough time to hear past "different."
  21. Thanks for the clarification. That definitely wouldn't be the DAC for my family. The Tambaqui already has the startle factor (as I think of it) to the point of alarming our crazy kitten. Not sure what the totaldac would do to him, or us. All the DACs compared are clearly very, very good. As we all have said in various ways: Better is better to you, the listener.
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