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  1. Good for you! I’ve been trying to do the same, but haven’t yet been able to completely kick the habit. Getting closer though.
  2. Same with my K30, so I was surprised to hear that it was possible on the CX. I sure wish Antipodes’ current models weren’t stuck with older applications. It’s like we’re second class citizens relative to those who own their former products.
  3. PGGB was able to process an entire SACD's worth of music with only 16 MB of RAM in my Mac Pro. I'm sure it wasn't an apples-to-apples comparison to the case where out-of-memory errors were occurring, but I am thinking that the issues there were due to the layer that allows Intel-native code to run on the M1. The maximum taps value capped all the tracks to 512 million taps. This appears to have kept PGGB using a very reasonable amount of virtual memory. The first chart shows the size of the paging file over the last 24 hours. The second shows the memory pressure over the last
  4. It's been chugging away slowly. I must say that I've been impressed by the memory handling thus far. Fingers crossed that it will continue just humming along. I'll share some graphs tomorrow after the album completes processing.
  5. I just started gargle-blaming a DSD album with only 16 GB installed in my Mac Pro. I'll report back later.
  6. Memory pressure is what I think might cause the swap file size to grow. I use iStat Menu to keep an eye on this. If you see memory pressure pinned at 100% with the swap file not growing then maybe something is amiss. If memory pressure stays below 100% then that points to macOS not wanting to allocate more swap file because it doesn’t think it needs it. It does seem though that the macOS may be putting a cap on how much it allocates. I also have a MacBook Pro with 16 GB of RAM. Let me fire up PGGB on it to see what happens. The 120 GB limit may have something to do with Matlab
  7. I used to pull out fuses and clean all contact points as part of my annual contact cleaning endeavor. I use the ProGold products - first using their cleaner, then applying their contact enhancer. I always hear a slight uptick in sound quality from doing this. Or maybe I imagine it as in the scheme of things the impact is very subtle - probably because I do this annually. On a scale from 1-10, I’d say the sonic impact of cleaning every metal part in my system is a 1. Swapping in an Orange fuse - I’d rate that an 11 - maybe even higher for other fuses, like even the Blue or Black
  8. I’ve purchased quite a few MoFi SACDs. I had found them to be pretty good but not to the point where I would give a strong recommendation to any of their reissues. (Only exception is one of their CDs, The Yes Album, which gets my highest recommendation). I’ve been gargle-blasting many of my MoFi SACDs. I have been consistently arriving at the conclusion that these MoFi masterings are freaking awesome. PGGB has been the missing ingredient, at least as far as my gear goes. I don’t know how well the reissue of the album that’s pictured below compares to all the other versions. B
  9. It’s not his money to give back. The money was paid to PHD as I understand it.
  10. One of my favorite PGGB features is the ability to have it read a list of folders from a file called pggb_to_process.txt stored in the input folder. I usually create my batches by pasting the paths to the folders into this folder. My last batch was only a single folder but the effort to do that was pretty easy.
  11. It can take a few weeks to burn in. In addition, sometimes dissimilar metals put in direct contact with each other don’t play nicely with each other. I’ve always aimed for keeping all metal parts the same material as best as possible. I use Shunyata power cord and they have recommended avoiding rhodium and I think that’s the right call. But with other brands that use rhodium, matching this with other rhodium pieces is a good way to go. As far as the HiFi Tuning fuses, the SR Orange and Blue are a lot better to my ears. And yeah the Orange is better than the Blue.
  12. The improvement from PGGB was evident to me within 15 seconds of the first track I heard. Pretty easy to hear with my TT2 - even when I just scaled up to 8fs. My point simply being that it shouldn’t take “exhausting testing and comparisons” to hear the benefits of PGGB with a DAVE.
  13. 8fs and 16fs at 32bits. Noise shaping on. It was by no means subtle - else I wouldn’t have quickly arrived at the conclusion that the MScaler was a goner. I wish it hadn’t been such a loss because I would have kept the MScaler as I love it for streaming. But no way was I going to repeatedly swap cables around for when I listen to PGGB.
  14. Agree with this. M-Scaler on pass-through robbed the music of a good chunk of the PGGB magic in my system.
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