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  1. Heartbreaking news. I’m going to miss his contributions.
  2. Which SFPs? Also my question about “plugged into” was aimed more at the power side. Mine is plugged into a Shunyata Denali v1. The V14D seemed to improve the Denali in the sense that it seemed better at dropping the noise floor. The noise reduction built into Shunyata cords actually filters what’s coming out of the cord so that the noise passed onto other components is reduced.
  3. I’m not aware of a 1321. Did you mean 1318? The 1318 gets awfully close to the 1324. I really think one has to hear both to decide which better suits their system and their ears. The 1324 was a bit more laid back, and that made it the better fit for me.
  4. I never heard bright and harsh from mine. I have 3 of these (but with only 2 in use right now). The V14D used with my Farad Super3 powers my EtherRegen. This actually brought a more organic and natural sound relative to a Nordost cord that I used prior to that. What do you have the V14D plugged into?
  5. That's true only if you live north of the equator. It's the opposite direction otherwise. (that was a joke)
  6. Woo hoo ... love it. Thanks!!!
  7. How can this be enabled?
  8. I jumped on those but found that I could hear the harm over saturation was doing. I was not alone. An attenuator was a must with these just to get that hard edge dealt with. I ultimately dumped these and am now using the Finisar 1324 also recommended by Taiko. Much better and no need for attenuators.
  9. Listeners have tended to prefer single mode over multi mode. 1000BASE-LX seems also been preferred, possibly due it’s longer wavelength - but also due to the fact that listeners aren’t finding the need to use attenuators with SFPs that meet this standard. There was a working hypothesis that the lower the power draw of the SFP the better the sound quality. That may have lead to attention given the Finisar 1324, which is my current favorite.
  10. I had tried to have Roon back up to DropBox, but unfortunately my free account didn’t have enough free space.
  11. The challenge with that is that fiber doesn't sounds its best right out of the box. @fuzzypoodlementioned that he found it "harsh and piercing". It could be that those SFPs need more time to burn in. Or maybe they were a sub-optimum choice. Or maybe that Meraki switch is causing it. If he were to instead have an opticalModule feeding the EtherRegen and was using the Finisar 1324 SFPs, I think there's a really good chance he'd prefer fiber.
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