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  1. My Hugo TT accepts up to 384kHz via a single coaxial BNC. But you could be right that most other DACs only go up to 192kHz via coaxial BNC. A very nice improvement can be heard from just the half-million taps. I'm expecting a bigger bump though after my TT2 finally arrives.
  2. No I did not, but I did try the ISO Regen between Zenith and my DAC. While the IR did bring a significant improvement to the mR 1.4, it didn’t bring any discernible improvements to the Zenith. Given the quality of the USB signal out of the Zenith, I can’t imagine there’d be a benefit from throwing the mR back into the mix.
  3. Here’s what the Zenith Mk2 replaced: - Mac Mini powered by JS-2 running Roon - mR 1.4 powered by LPS-1.2 - ISO REGEN powered by LPS-1.2 The Zenith was a nice upgrade over all this. I’m very pleased with the move. The Zenith digs out more details, has less glare and sounds more musical. At one time I did power the mR off the second rail of the JS-2, but preferred the LPS-1. The LPS-1.2 was an improvement over the LPS-1, but made a bigger improvement with the ISO REGEN. I’m also really pleased with the reduction in clutter from the swap. While I have a greatest appreciation for the Uptone and Sonore products, all those little boxes and SMPS were something I was never able to properly situate on my audio rack. I am thinking of buying an EtherRegen, but wish it could be only a single box containing the board, an LPS-1.2 and charging supply. My audio rack as it stands now (pun intended). A Hugo M-Scaler will take the open spot next week. And hopefully soon I will receive the Hugo TT2 that will replace the Hugo TT that’s pictured.
  4. I had tried both a JS-2 and and LPS-1.2 on my mR 1.4. I got a nice bump in sound quality with the LPS-1.2. I think I might have also preferred the original LPS-1 on the mR as well. I'm now using a Zenith Std Mk2. This offered a really nice bump in sound quality over the mR 1.4 plus LPS-1.2.
  5. Cool to see this review and the conclusion reached I should be receiving my HMS next week and my TT2 next month. 😊 Really excellent job @austinpop!!
  6. I think this is good advice with one caveat. I decided recently to try to get myself off the merry go round - but only after taking one more step. I swapped a bunch of pieces for a single box: the Innuos Zenith Std Mk 2. The pieces included an ISO Regen, microRendu 1.4, several LPS-1.2s, a JS-2, and a Mac mini. The improvement to SQ was obvious and not at all something needing a careful a/b to sort out. Even more obvious was the reduction in clutter on my audio rack and the improved reliability. I have no doubt there are further benefits to be gained on the server side, but I am hoping I’ll be able to keep myself off that particular merry go round - with the exception of potentially pursuing the Mk 3 upgrade if that becomes available for a reasonable price. That merry go round will continue to spin at a high rate with the “best” choice changing often. But I’m now at the point where it’s easier to ignore all that because of how much I’m enjoying the music.
  7. It wasn’t too long ago that Rob posted that he hasn’t even started work on that. I believe his focus is on the DAVINA A/D and the DX amps. DAVE just got a huge upgrade with the M-Scaler. A new version of DAVE isn’t really needed now. As far as the Qutest, my dealer (who was a close friend long before he became a dealer) was blown away by Hugo M-Scaler (HMS) plus Qutest. I have an HMS on order and hope I’ll see it next month, It will drive a Hugo 2 initially, which is on order as well.
  8. I ran into this loop with another product (RealVNC). My guess is that this is Apple’s bug to fix...and Roon and others are simply waiting for Apple to do that. i used to work at Microsoft on the Mac Office team. We would occasionally be in similar situations where customers would complain about something not working on a new OS. The fix was not ours to make so it put us in a bad spot.
  9. Thanks for pointing that out. I did have a failure of the Jaybird X2. I had purchased the X2 from Best Buy along with their extended warranty. Best Buy allowed me to apply the purchase price for the X2 to the X3. Best Buy price-matched Amazon's price so I actually got the X3 plus money back for trading in my failed X2. I highly recommend buying these from Best Buy and spending the $30 on the 2-Year Geek Squad Product Replacement plan. I should point out that I've had my X3s for over a year and have had no issues with reliability. A review of the X4: https://appleinsider.com/articles/18/10/02/review-jaybirds-x4-sport-headphones-win-on-price-to-performance
  10. The JayBird X3 has been been working out really well for me. They get a lot of use as I wear them on my commute and during workouts. Battery life is great and the sound quality is really good. I prefer using the Comply tips with mine. The X3 was just replaced by the X4, which is said to be both sweatproof and waterproof.
  11. A few months back, I reported positive resulls from swapping an LPS-1.2 for the LPS-1 powering my ISO REGEN. Last week I received a second LPS-1.2. This got swapped for the LPS-1 powering my microRendu. This was another good really move. I’ll be hanging onto my LPS-1 in hopes it can power Uptone’s hopefully-soon-to-be released network switch.
  12. I prefer the MoFi of "The Yes Album" over the SW remix - by a large margin. The SW remixes of Yes albums are interesting for the perspective they bring, but I do not who considers them 'uniformly spectacular'. SW's recording chain seems to harden the sound IMHO. The best of the bunch is Fragile, but as my system has improved, the others have become less enjoyable. I have early UK vinyl pressings of Tales and Relayer. These trounce the SW remixes. The MoFi of "The Yes Album", on the other hand, trounces my early UK vinyl pressing.
  13. I wish. A good friend has one. He’s been a bad influence. ? I appreciate you making those files available. I wish I could play them. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a Mojo for portable use. Maybe I should use this as a justification. ?
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