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  1. Fun to listen to is a great way to describe the sound of Antipodes latest servers.
  2. Congrats! The blue LEDs look awesome.
  3. These outdoor zones - are they connected over wifi? RAAT has struck me as awfully brittle. Delays anywhere along the path will cause playback to stop. The error messages tend not to be helpful either. But you know that already.
  4. I was looking to upvote Chis’ post with a sad face, but it’s not an option. I bet it would have received a lot of sad votes. Total bummer to hear this news.
  5. I honestly felt that the improvement I got from powering the EtherRegen with a Farad Super3 was nearly on par with adding the EtherRegen in the first place. It’s a no-brainer move if one plans to stick with their ER for a while. But should it be your next move? Hard to say without knowing even more about your system including cables, power distribution, resonance control and room treatment. I have had great success by successively addressing the weakest link in pursuit of trying to arrive at the point where everything is at a commensurate level. You’ll get a great bang for the b
  6. Yeah, I believe it is shown when playback is disrupted for any reason. It is very generic for sure.
  7. No Aurender never made my shortlist. I listed my selection criteria in this post. Aurender didn’t check enough of the boxes. It was a leap of faith to go with the K30. It really exceeded all expectations and continues to do so.
  8. I got kind of lucky with MPD as I already had the app Glider on my iPhone. This found my K30server and then allowed me to set the output to Antipodes. I haven’t tried MaximumMPD so really can’t help there.
  9. Saying Roon was “unlistenable” was a bit over the top. I do listen to Roon/HQPlayer for music discovery. Switching back to MPD or HQPlayer alone is like a breath of fresh air though. I resisted trying MPD for months despite some friendly arm-twisting from @Fourlegsas I suspected Roon would be ruined for me once MPD laid bare the harm Roon had been doing. I was right. But Roon remains a great tool for music discovery, but I wouldn’t want it to be my only option. I have found Roon/HQPlayer on my K30 to convey less of the harm Roon was doing with Roon Experimental mode on my Zeni
  10. Excellent reply! I was careful above to say that it was MY criteria. Portions of that came from hoping to not repeat some prior mistakes. I can easily see someone having a different list. I am actually delighted to hear that you are delighted with the Grim. It’s wonderful that there are a number of great options. In my case K30 alone was better than Zenith Mk3 plus HMS. I sold the HMS to help pay for the K30. But PGGB factored heavily into that - as did reducing the box count. K30 playing PGGB’d tracks is really something special. Interesting about the upcoming M
  11. Yeah I did say that. I had laid out MY selection critical for buying a server. I wrote the following. Sever should be capable of dynamics and transient speed - music must come to life. Low power CPUs are not good at this. Two-tier architecture seems like a great way to keep noise further away from the DAC - but it must not sacrifice the ability for music to come to life. Upgrades should offered to help keep a server investment reasonably up to date. The upgrades should be transparently communicated. Numerous software options should be offered. HQPlayer should be one
  12. You should be very pleased with it. It gets even better with a better power supply - like a Farad Super3.
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