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    Audiophile Style was launched as Computer Audiophile November 20, 2007 by Chris Connaker. Chris is an audiophile who has loved music and high quality sound for as long as he can remember. While taking his music listening experience to the next level with a computer-based system Chris discovered audiophiles everywhere were struggling to find answers about music servers and the technology in general. Chris started this site to fill this large knowledge gap in the audiophile community and show people that music servers can equal or better than the current state-of-the-art in any playback medium. The site brings together Chris' extensive background in Information Technology and his passion for music. Chris has over a decade of experience designing, configuring, and managing global IT networks. From desktop hardware and software to network disk / storage to switches, routers, and firewalls. Chris has experience with all of them. He has also designed and built many music servers from absolutely silent Windows based servers to high power Macintosh based music servers, and many using Linux. Chris has also used a majority of the "canned" music servers on the market and has very good knowledge of the graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and inner-workings of many of the servers.


    In addition to reviewing computer and audio equipment, conducting interviews, hosting events such as the inaugural Computer Audiophile Symposium, and writing how-to articles, Chris is a computer audio consultant to manufacturers, dealers, distributors, record labels, and consumers all over the world. He offers everything from one-on-one personalized consulting to group events covering the latest in computer and music server playback. Chris has a unique combination of Information Technology expertise and an Audiophile's ear that separates him from the stereotypical techies. Chris truly understands the meaning of audiophile sound quality. Chris custom built the silent music server used in the TAD/Pioneer Electronics suite at the Venetian for the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show. The sound quality from the TAD suite was mentioned by many audio magazines including one of the "Best of Show" selections in The Absolute Sound's March 2009 issue.


    In his free time Chris enjoys listening to many styles of Jazz. He listens to all of the Analogue Productions Jazz reissues by Sonny Rollins, Chet Baker, Thelonious Monk, and Art Pepper. However, Chris listens to every kind of music available like heavy metal, country, easy listening, classical, rock, Cuban, and even the 1980s - 90s hair bands. Chris' favorite band has been Pearl Jam since the day he purchased the Ten CD in August 1991. He now collects Pearl Jam vinyl and has almost every official vinyl release including every fan club Christmas single, the basketball version of Ten as well as every other vinyl release of the Ten album from around the world. His favorite Pearl Jam vinyl is the limited numbered edition Live At Benaroya Hall colored vinyl boxed set. The record he has been searching for since 1993 is the ultra-rare Colombian translucent blue vinyl LP for the Vs. album (91-474649).


    Chris currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife, daughter, one cat, three chihuahuas, and five chickens.



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