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  1. @seeteeyou and @bodiebill, Figuring since I was tagged in here, I should answer. From what I know of ECDesign's current offerings AND knowing the SDTrans384 fairly well, I think it would be challenging to feed the output from one into their current transports (as ECDesigns said, they don't even USE I2S internally) and even get a satisfactory result, much less one that bettered any other inputs. Why? - First, my take on how to best use the SDTrans384 is as a direct I2S or I2S-over-HDMI (PS Audio format) into an appropriate DAC WHILE taking extreme care to ens
  2. @tapatrick, An interesting result. On the LT3045s, my experience is that they are about as good as one gets from a single-chip commercial regulator for digital circuit use. I use them a lot. OTOH there are many parameters that determine how well a regulator works into a particular driven circuit, with some of them dependent on the needs and compromises in the driven circuit. I'm not technically competent to discuss them at length, but one is having a low output impedance, which helps the regulator keep the output voltage constant with varying needs by the driven circuit
  3. Gavin, Do understand the actual Ultracap parts used are rated for 2.7V max, which is why 2 are needed for a 3.3V to 5V supply. 12V would take at least 5 UCs. Having followed and used Ian's products for almost as long as he's been active on DIY Audio (and occasionally collaborated with him), my take is that he tends to develop products that he uses in his own DIY builds and when they produce results he likes, shares them with others via his group buys (for which DIY'ers everywhere are eternally grateful!). So while he might take up this challenge, I don't ex
  4. @Tapatrick, I have not and am sorry to sad I do not expect to do so soon. 3 reasons... first is that I'm REALLY happy with the sonics I'm getting in my 2 setups now. Since I wrote that comment in December 2019, I've: - Tried some alternate Ethernet cables after the EtherRegen and settled on what I liked at first... the lowly Cat6 cable that came with my Baaske isolators (which came with a ferrite core around the cable near one end), a single Baaske isolator (pre-ER I had 2), and a 6" flat Cat6 from Amazon into my USBBridge Sigs. I did try all of the low-cost favs and none bettered this c
  5. LOL... capacitors such as these weren't even available 8-10 years ago. Who knows what technology will be available in 8-10 years and if it will even be compatible replacements for the caps in the current Shanti? Maybe Dilithium crystals or zero-point energy? BTW, still loving my Shanti! I have 2 setups and a Shanti in each. Each powerw a USBBridge Signature with a somewhat modified Katana in one setup and a somewhat modified Ian Canada GB FiFoPi/Dual-Mono ES9038Q2M combo with a modified version of his IVStd output stage using a couple of NewClassD Ultimate discrete opamps in the ot
  6. Allo has very good regulators on their USBBridge Signature, but some are LDO's with <6V maximums. Feel free to try it with a 6V battery. You may get lucky. More likely you'll have to buy another. Greg in Mississippi
  7. @4est, Nope, it does not. Ian Canada's FiFoPi is a better bet for DSD/DoP source reclocking. I should add that the FiFoPi works VERY well on the USBBridge Sig. See my PM in a couple of minutes. Greg in Mississippi
  8. I've played with using ferrite core chokes (mostly the clamp-on type) since the late 1990's. Where I've found them useful: - On the AC cords of any non-audio-system household electronics and appliances... washers, dryers, microwaves, refrigerators, garage door openers, lamps (ESPECIALLY THOSE WITH DIMMERS!), phone chargers, laptop power supplies, computers & peripherals, basically anything plugged into your AC line in the house that MIGHT make noise! - On the AC cords and DC cables of any audio system pure-digital gear... NASs, USB drives, switches & routers, FMCs, source computers
  9. What I posted a week or so ago: On 10V vs 12V, I don't remember seeing any controlled tests that suggested a preference. Greg in Mississippi
  10. @Heckyman and anyone else interested, The SD Card Players such as the SDTrans384 and DIY'd ones based on inexpensive ones from EBay CAN provide a very good I2S source for feeding an I2S-connected DAC, either DIY or the few commercially available ones. In addition, the SDTrans384 includes a wired S/PDIF output and a PS Audio-style I2S-over-HDMI cable output for use with other DACs. AND with a bit of DIY work you can add those to the inexpensive EBay units. Benefits CAN BE a top-notch I2S feed for great sound. Of course that is all dependent on power supplies, clocks, good (and for native I2
  11. See this post in the Firmware update thread... I felt the author did a good job of describing the experience of the process. Greg in Mississippi
  12. I have 2 Shanti here in daily use, powering a USBBridge Signature in each of my 2 setups. I like them a lot and feel in that appication they compete with much more expensive commercial units and my over the top DIY efforts. See my comments on using the unit in posts 222, 258, and 594 of this thread on DIYAudio.com: https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/vendor-s-bazaar/337859-shanti-dual-lps-5v-3a-5v-1-5a.html I did compare them with some LPS-1.2 setups (LPS-1.2 singly and 2 paralleled via a dual-section MPAudio 3-paralleled LT3045 board) and found it was roughly e
  13. @Heckyman, No I have not. I use the Logitech Squeezebox architecture with the RPi endpoint with the PiCorePlayer distro/Squeezelite SW combo. Playing local files would require running the LMS music server software on the RPi and my experience has been getting the best SQ out of computer audio means the lowest SW load one can achieve on the player. SO I'd expect that to be a step backwards. BUT honestly, I haven't tried it. If you scan the Uptone Audio ER Listening Impressions thread, you'll see comments that the ER brought streamed source up to the level of local file-served source. BUT
  14. @matthias, Actually I already have. I have used the ER in 2 setups, both using a USBBridge Sig as the player endpoint. One has a somewhat modified Katana stack, the other a somewhat modified Ian GB FiFoPi/Dual-Mono ES90338Q2M/IVStd stack. Both benefited greatly from the ER. I strongly suspect the USBBridge Sig works synergistically with the ER. If you look at my last 12 or so posts on this board, almost all are raves about the ER in these setups. AND my emails to Ioan at Allo about this have been even more enthusiastic! Interestingly, I felt the Katana setup benefited more from the add
  15. @ray-dude, Thanks for that very measured, organized, and informative report. Honestly, after getting my ER in and through a couple hundred hours of run-time, things sound so good I've lost my will to try different things out with it and have instead been focused on listening to music and trying various options and tweaks on the downstream side to see where I can take my setup. I did do a couple of quick trials with lesser linear supplies than the 2xLPS-1.2 paralleled via a dual-section MPAudio 3||LT0345 board. They confirmed that the dual LPS-1.2 setup was superior, though I haven't put th
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