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  1. Tks for the exhaustive explanation. To be honest I never had a single problem with the experimental mode and SQ wise it was much better than Roon alone. IPeng for me was a no go due to its unfriendlyness. The only reason I think to keep Roon is convolution filters and HQPlayer, but support will probably came in the next months. Enjoy your statement and your Phoenix net! 🤗
  2. Thank so much for sharing! Have you tested Roon + Squeezelite in experimental mode? Interest to know if the SQ uplift is also felt. Warmest regards, Jorge
  3. With Roon you can do HQP with other computer. Just make sure that your end point has NAA installed or if you use your Innuos as end point ask Nuno to have it installed. It works great! From what I understand Innous doesn’t exclude to have that functionality later on. What I will be missing is convolution filters. Let’s see if it will be ever implemented.
  4. It worked even with the cheap Chinese clock. Currently using a Emperor Giesemann clock.
  5. Hi Alex, on my system I prefer the 7v with the oM. Just my 2 cents opinion! 🤗😂🤗 Jorge
  6. Chill out Michael, there’s a good explanation for sure and your clock will arrive soon, I am sure. Mine also took some time. Kind regards, Jorge
  7. I have looked extensively and didn’t find. I might consider selling my 75Ohms EG clock to buy a 50Ohms version... 🥸
  8. I’ve got the 50 version. It works great with both the BG7TBL and the AfterDark Emperor Giesemann. Both are 75Ohms as well as my eR. Couldn’t live without it. Will order soon the 75 Ohms to compare.
  9. https://audiosensibility.com/blog/products-2/power-cables-2/#!/Signature-Silver-DC-Cable/p/102469015/category=2595837 Here it is! Cheers, Jorge
  10. yes Martin. Totally agree. They really make a difference! Perhaps one year ago, I saw a good used deal on AS for a DC cable from Sonore (apologies Alex). I did the upgrade from a Ghent (don’t remember the model) and I felt a difference. By curiosity, I asked the former owner if he too had made an upgrade. He confirmed that he was using an audio sensibility silver cable and was very satisfied with the differences felt. So I decided to take the risk and I am now a happy owner of 2 of those cables and considering a 3rd one.
  11. I found in my system that adding a Cisco before the Buffalo was detrimental to the overall SQ.
  12. I’ve got two clock, one sine (AfterDark EG) and the BTP. In both cases the filter improved SQ.
  13. Square or sine wave, the filter has became an essential add-on also for me. 👍
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