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  1. I am using a 10gteck (fiber) + LPS 1.2 with my modded Buffalo + Sbooster + ultra and I felt a notable sound upgrade. From there it goes to an opticalModule + LPS 1.2 and then eR + Farad. Amazing sound 😅
  2. I tried the Sbooster 12 v with the Sbooster ultra and you could definitely hear a better SQ. Probably not enough to justify the price. They are feeding my Buffalo 2016 modded. I use a 10gtek fiber with it. It’s a notable improvement with the extraordinary eR. Tomorrow my Farad willl arrive and I am looking forward for a significant improvement. Let’s see... 😊
  3. I am sorry Michael, but I didn’t find the Sablon page. What’s the price of a Sablon 2020 panatela reserva? It’s this cable isn’t it? Thank you Jorge
  4. Hi Mikey. I use a Jensen VRD- iFF . It improved things a little bit both sound an image. But this was a 3 years ago. Meanwhile I made lots of upgrades to my system. You can give it a try. I think I spent about 60$.
  5. I was not discussing Sonore here. That’s fair. The other product that can’t be mentioned was announced at the Sonore forum. Not sure who designed it. I just mentioned because as far as I now the 2 companies are working with John. And in my view, there have been trying to launch products for different markets: UpTone with usb reclockers, LPS designed by John and now the etherregen; Sonore mainly with endpoints). Hope I made myself clear!!!
  6. Dear Alex, While I understand your point of view and will respect your guidelines, this issue would not have been raised if you would not have announced new products by the end of this year. 🙂 Almost every people that follows the thread are quite enthusiastic about your company and grateful for the extraordinary products that you have launched over the years at an affordable price. So it was expectable to receive some comments on this issue. Kind regards, Jorge
  7. This is the Sonore ‘end point’ isn’t it? If yes it’s already available. And you’re right the upgrade to 1G is also a strong possibility as Alex ( if I am not wrong) confirmed that the chips are already available. Looking forward to the end of the year. 🙂
  8. My 3 guesses: i) A single box combining an etherRegen and a LPS ii) A new IsoRegen iii) A clock for the EtherRegen and or the new IsoRegen. I am almost certain on the first two. Some doubts on the 3rd one looking at the difficulties already shared by John. I am already saving some money... 🙂 cheers Jorge
  9. Strange. It’s been a while since I last use HQP but I don’t recall any problems. Will try any time soon. Cheers Jorge
  10. Tks for sharing. But have you ever compared my setup (oM + eR + uR) against the eR + oR? In what concerns LPS it’s understandable the they might improve SQ. I have ordered a Sbooster 12v + ultra and a Farad 3 7 v to feed my eR. Ideally they would have the same voltage to have a fair comparison but I need the Sbooster 12v for my Bufallo 2016 modded. In any case I am curious about the results.
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