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  1. Same evaluation here! I am feeding my router with a HDplex. Even the PQ of my WiFi Apple TV have improved. 🙂
  2. Got it yesterday. Everything runs ok. Roon running in the Zen. I tried Spotify, squeezelite and HQP (running in my STi5). Didn’t experienced any SQ improvement but I was not counting with it. Just a clean os update, ready for futures apps. Thank’s Jesus
  3. Merci Jean-Michel, Not surprised at all. :-) I often visit hifi expositions and despite the room deficiencies one can notice, my "humble" system defeats many other sets costing thousands dollars more. Bien à toi, Jorge
  4. jean-michel6 What Kind of box are you using? From the web page it seems that they are just selling the logical plate + circuits. Thank you
  5. https://www.soselectronic.com/memory-modules?query=Apacer Just ordered from them to use with my Zen MKIII. It will arrive next week. cheers Jorge
  6. I don’t think so. Probably Jessus didn’t see the question.
  7. Following some scam advertisement from PriceBlaze (despite saying that APACER memory is available, they send you another brand - please see https://www.priceblaze.com/75-c93e2-g040b-Apacer-Memory-Laptop-Memory), I finally managed to order from Slovakia the right one (I HOPE). It will arrive next week and I will be posting any SQ improvements from my Zen MKIII & Apacer. Cheers Jorge
  8. Ohh yes. Definitely:-) Even with the additional cost of an extra LPS.
  9. Currently using: Jensen VRD- iFF > Router (HDPLEX) > Pink Faun isolator > Ethernet copper > Zen MKIII > Ethernet copper > Optical module (LPS 1.2) > fiber > Etherregen (Sbooster + ultra) > Ethernet copper > Ultrarendu (Sbooster) > USB > Isoregen (LPS 1.2) > USB > (OPPO 205 modded).
  10. I replaced my Gtek FMC with an optical module and there was a notable increase of SQ. Cheers Jorge
  11. I totally agree with you. I've never seen such a professional and friendlier service as the one provided by Uptone! And yes I am grateful to Alex for proving the audiophile community with so many quality products at a reasonable price. Indeed "best bang for the buck". Thank you Alex :-) Jorge
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