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  1. Opps. Perhaps not as I won’t be able to console it. I could nevertheless try two FMC...
  2. It deserves a try. :-) Perhaps this weekend. What adaptor do you recommend? Tks, Jorge
  3. Sorry Sandyk, I am just reporting my findings with the older HDPLEX 200 and my system. It is still feeding my ST and my router.
  4. Just discovered this topic. Being a firm believer on the improvements provided by good LPS, I was a little bit surprised not hearing any substancial SQ upgrade using the former HDPLEX 200. In all truth, my old RCA cables were not very good and they might had an impact on my findings. Also the uRendu that I am using might also explain it. Cheers Jorge
  5. No sure Jesus because I was evaluating some other components, namely a Schuman Ressonator and playing with HQP. It seems that there was a subtle improvement, but as I can’t go back it’s difficult to estimate the scale. Cheers Jorge
  6. Thank you for the explanation Jesus! I rest my case. No clue at all...🤪
  7. After reading in CA so many welcoming experiences from some software tweaks related to memory playing, I am wondering if it might be the case... resulting in SQ improvement....
  8. Congratulations and tks for sharing the update!!! Cheers, Jorge,
  9. Hi Jesus, Are you planning a wifi upgrade or something more sophisticated ( :-) ) around a new card as you did for the microrendu? Thanks, Jorge
  10. Well, I am based in Manhattan. At least I am qualified based on the country... For the rest, I have my doubts... 🙂 Cheers, Jorge
  11. Not sure yet, but my first try will be the CD ripper. I hope to get a pleasant surprise. Thank you for your hard work bringing us this feature. Cheers Jorge
  12. The fact that I introduced a Cisco switch between my router and my uRendu made a substancial SQ improvement. So I guess that such a innovator device as the Etherregen will I am sure bring a much higher SQ to my system. Cheers
  13. Thank you so much. Quite helpful. Kind regards, Jorge
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