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  1. I found in my system that adding a Cisco before the Buffalo was detrimental to the overall SQ.
  2. I’ve got two clock, one sine (AfterDark EG) and the BTP. In both cases the filter improved SQ.
  3. Square or sine wave, the filter has became an essential add-on also for me. 👍
  4. Sorry for my ignorance but can this device be used to measure the clock phase noise? Thank you. Jorge
  5. With both BT7 and the AfterDark EG, the Mine-circuit improves noticeable SQ.
  6. Just to share with the community that the eR in my systems sound far better after the server than before it! This configuration also benefits the files in the HD and not just the ones that come from streaming.
  7. Thank you for all your replies! I probably also have the BG7TBL sinewave. Meanwhile I also received the AfterDark EG clock. It is also a sinewave. In both cases the filter did an amazing job!
  8. Speechless out of the box (Emperor Giesemann). The filter improves the sound. I will give it one week before reporting back.
  9. I will. Still waiting. Meanwhile, I am using a cheap 100$ clock. And In my case it was a nice surprise reinforced with the filter.
  10. That I can’t comment. I also considered that option but finally decided to go for the best AfterDark clock for my eR.
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