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  1. Tks. But I was not aware that Sean was also selling NUC's. Would you mind sending me the link and if possible the NUC's price? Tks, Jorge
  2. Would you please share the model you ordered? Tks, Jorge
  3. The Game of Thrones will arrive sooner! I will wait... Courage :-)
  4. From you reply I am not sure if you understood why I post the link.
  5. Unfortunately no Rajiv, but as a user of Sboosters since they start making LPS (I am on their 3rd version), I would save some space and get rid of all the spaghetti... :-) Jorge
  6. Just to remind that if you prefer you can order sboosters with up to 3 rails: https://www.sbooster.com/OEM/
  7. For selling (I am getting an OPPO 205 modded): Chord Qutest sBooster 5V MKII (new model) Pangea 14 SE MKII All in mint condition (10/10) 1600 $
  8. I am quite satisfied with the synergies between the STi5 and the uRendu. Why not consider a second hand STi5 ? Cheers.
  9. Have the same, currently connected to a step up transformer (to 220v). It did improve things a little comparing to the plastic ones. Never used a conditioner before, but planing to buy a new one when returning to Europe. A couple of year ago I listen to a kemp and they were great: http://www.kempelektroniks.nl/en/201/kemp-elektroniks/products/line-conditioners/power-source Not sure if they are available in US.
  10. Thank you so much. I guess that someone else will test and report back. Jorge
  11. Yes I have the full picture. Thank you Alex. Pretty ugly device, but I’m sure it will make me happy 🙂 Cheers. Jorge
  12. Have you tried the zenith with the rendu feeding the DAC? Just curious on how it could affect sound quality. Thanks, Jorge
  13. Hi Alex! Are there already any picture you could share? I know... anxiety :-) Have a great weekend! Jorge
  14. Thanks Matt. Let's see if someone will try the Zenith with a ultra or optical rendu. Kind regards, Jorge
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