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  1. soares

    Innuos 1.4.5

    Curious your configuration. Would you say that SQ is better using the Neo as end point? I am asking this be causing I am using my Zen as just core and an ultraRendu as end point and the SQ is much better. I was considering to upgrade to a Zenith and sell the ultraRendu or keep the Zen and buy an opticalRendu. Not sure what will be the best SQ. I am also using an etherRegen with an optocalModule. The sound I have now is fantastic! Thanks for any advice. Another optical would be an Auralic G2.
  2. Done that. The Zenith would sound much better. ” Nenon - What about if you have a Zen Mkiii (not mini) if you added an ultra Rendu and the signature LPS would: 1) adding the the ultra Rendu improve the sound, 2) would that get you close to the Zenith with no Rendu? The uR sounds better than the Zen MKIII at least in my system. I own both. I am currently using it as end point, the Zen is running Roon core + Squeezelite. Cheers Jorge
  3. I already sold my Qutest, but I can confirm the white noise issue. It effects several DACs incluindo oppo 205 with firmware 0118 or 0119.
  4. Hi Alex! No problems from my side using the bridged ports of my Innuos Zen MKIII. Best, Jorge
  5. I don’t have a single clue but I can confirm it works eR can feed an uR trough the b side.
  6. It happens. Not sure why, but I guess it is related to electric pollution. At night it happens rarely.
  7. Won’t comment. That’s above my paygrade... Cheers. Stay safe. Jorge
  8. So Alex and John, there seems to be an appetite for a clock from UpTone...🤪
  9. Excellent question! 😊 I remember that when I exchanged the SMPS (it was an iFi one) for the LPS 1.2 and than the sbooster + ultra I have experienced a noticeable SQ upgrade. I don’t have any SGC, so I can’t comment on that. In any case even using these latest LPS the sound differs between them, so I am sure that the “quality” of what you’re using to feed the oM will at least change the sound! Sorry if my reply doesn’t really answer your question! Cheers Jorge
  10. Yes yes I did, I am using a Hplex 200 (old model without the LT 3045) and it improved SQ. cheers Jorge
  11. I also felt some improvement from the burn-in process. But I must say that I felt immediately a jump on SQ, probably because of the level of my LPS’s. I used a LPS 1.2 with silver cables and a Sbooster with ultra. Sound is excellent with both! Cheers Jorge
  12. Happy that you are experiencing the same results there! 😊 Cheers Jorge
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