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  1. Hi Bernd. Try first an opticalModule with a decent LPS first (please note that accordingly to my experience it sounds best with 7 V than 5 V). You will feel the difference.
  2. Thanks for your input also. RUR = W4S Recovery Reclocker. I put it aside when I bought the iR. Concerning the oR please disregard my signature. I still need to upgrade it. On my earlier post you will see that the oR comes after the eR (fiber) before the RUR and the iR. The differences are substantial when you change the oM for the eR before the oR. Merry Christmas 🤗
  3. Same findings here. My setup: Router>Rj45>oM>SFP> Buffalo2016>SFP>oM>Rj45>Zen Mkiii>Rj45>eR> SFP>oR>USB>RUR> USB>iR>USB> DAC. What surprised me after so many efforts to clean the signal, is that the RUR still managed to improve a little bit the final SQ. It was forgotten in a box for a couple of year and I decided to give it a try. This is of course consistent with some reports cascading 2 isoRegens. By the way the iR sounds quite better than the RUR. Also while the use of the oR instead of the uR improved SQ the “wow”
  4. Same problem here Jesus. ‘32’ is a magic number. It is working now!
  5. Not sure if it will help, but there is this guy ‘coris’ that does some Oppo mods and also repair oppo equipment. If I am not wrong he is based in Norway. You can look for his contact here at audiophile style. From all I heard in several fora he is quite competent and serious. Good luck. Jorge
  6. So no hope to save money as a PF clock by its own will improve significantly the SQ but will not make redundant the whole range of devices before it. Gosh... Well thank you so much for all your views. I think I will first the uR and sell my uR and hopefully the iR and later consider the PF. In any case I’ll report back on the comparisons between the eR and uR and the eR and the oR. All my best, Jorge
  7. Thanks for sharing. Do you’re saying that even with the PF mod, the eR and an extra Buffalo make a difference?
  8. Thank you for your views. Following your reasoning that I also share the oR might improve the sound. On the iR I had different results with different setups including the cumulative ones with several devices in cascade. Here it was not so clear as in one or two situations the iR become redundant with a smaller number of devices. With the current system it makes a different, so it’s not a clear cut.
  9. Well Barrows, at least with the uR and with my configuration I feel that the iR delivers more meat to the sound. So probably a Phoenix will also improve things and in a much larger scale. It would be interesting to also know if there is any difference (SQ wise) between an eR + uR and eR + oR. That’s the one million dollar question. 😂
  10. Hi Alan! There’s no space here to be offended, just grateful for all your kind inputs. Agreed that if I decide to to upgrade the Buffalo I won’t need so much spaghetti! 🤗. But for the time being it’s one or another. Can’t really afford to have it modded and also buy a Phoenix! 😃 Tks again! Jorge
  11. Hi Rajiv! Sorry for the late reply. I truly appreciate your suggestions, but I am unsure if it will be a better configuration for 2 reasons: the first is the Zen - at least in my system the uR delivers a better SQ than the Zen; the second is that the eR s also delivers a better SQ (than the Buffalo). So replacing these with a Phoenix won’t probably achieve the same SQ. Perhaps with a Zenith I things could be different, but again I think the eR would be essential. It really transfigured my system. I (and also my wife) would love to get rid of the spaghetti but the truth is that each device o
  12. I see your point. Thank you for the clarification. If I am not wrong, there’s a 30 money back policy, so I won’t risk anything. 😊 Kind regards, Jorge
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