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  1. Thanks. It’s really a marvelous device. I connected it between my Cisco 2960 (fiber) and my uRendu. The uR is fantastic, but I was really surprised with the SQ improvement from such a tiny box! Best Jorge
  2. FMC Gigabit Ethernet Multi-Mode LC Fiber Media Converter (SFP SX Transceiver Included), up to 550M, 10/100/1000Base-Tx to 1000Base-SX Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0716XT1QT/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_fFLdDbT94VD0P This allowed me to connect an optical module to my Cisco 2960 (fiber). No configuration was need it. Cheers Jorge
  3. Are you sure you’re using the right spf? I had trouble using the Cisco with fiber because of that. Now with an optical module connected to my ultraRendu I got music on steroids...🤗
  4. Most probably. I felt a difference with my TV when first I used a Cisco and then when on top of the Cisco I used an oM. I guess the least sophisticated a TV is, better will be the results...
  5. Thank for sharing your set up with us. Just to say that using a LPS I had an improvement in my set up (sound & image). Cheers Jorge
  6. Thank you so much. It worked!!! I take this opportunity to share with you what I've just post in the FB page "Innuous Owners Group": "I’ve been testing it in several configurations and with additional equipment notably ultraRendu, Sonic Transporter i5 and opticalModule connected to a Cisco 2960. So far I haven’t take a final view on the best configuration for SQ purposes. So I will reserve my comments on that. What I can say for now is that if you aiming at getting still more satisfaction from your Innuos, just consider buying a Cisco and an optical module. The Cisco internet switch had a price (new) of more than 700 dollars. You can find it now for 50 bucks (used). The opticalModule costs around 270 dollars. Of course if you want to get the best from your oM you need a good LPS. I am using a LPS 1.2. These additions really made a difference. I will further report on the coming weeks, but it is not easy as there are so many possible configurations both from a software angle (i.e. HQPlayer, squeezebox, etc) as well as the hardware I currently use in my setup. Cheers. Jorge"
  7. Yes, in my view more than everything the copy protection killed the new format... so non sense...
  8. I am also quite curious about the results using my OPPO 205. I recently bought an oM and I was quite surprise with the improvements I got when connected to my uR that feeds the 205 USB input. However the SQ delta I got using Ethernet was far less than I was expecting. And this with the same files. So let’s wait for the eR... cheers Jorge
  9. Oh thank you so much. That’s what I was looking for. I’ll give it a try tonight. Cheers Jorge
  10. soares

    HQ Player

    Yes, Tks. I’ll wait a little bit. In any case, as I will be using the etherregen before, I am not sure if I would need the signature... choices, choices and more choices....
  11. Thank you for the explanation. I was aware of that :-) The issue is that I don't know how to "point" the storage location... It should be something using "\\...\...", but I have no clue of what should I indicate. Tks, Jorge
  12. soares

    HQ Player

    Thanks Jussi! :-)
  13. soares

    HQ Player

    Thank you Jussi! I'll probably use an easier route, as it was pointed out by Yviena. I also see some SQ disadvantages in connecting my STi5 to my Dac due to USB jitter! In any case, where can I find a bootable NAA image to download? Thank you, Jorge
  14. soares

    HQ Player

    Thank you so much. Oh this seems to be rather inspiring! A single box plug&play? Too good to be true. Is this the link? https://www.allo.com/sparky/usbridge.html So, if I connect this device to my network (ethernet) and then to my Dac (USB), I will get HQP upsampling on my STi5? Cheers, Jorge
  15. soares

    HQ Player

    Thank you so much Jussi, but I'm afraid I really do not totally understand the concept. Again I am so sorry for my ignorance. I am an old guy and I don't even now how to install an OS without a CD player! :-) As such, I have a couple of additional questions: i) It seems that the the Nuc doesn't come with an OS. How can I install an OS, and which one? ii) What is a NAA image? Is it an app? If yes, where can I get it? I have an new embedded HQP license on my Sonic Transporter, and another one on my old Mac. iii) If the NAA image is an app, why can't it run in the sonic transporter that also runs the HQP server? Thank you so much and my apologies again for these questions, Jorge
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