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  1. austinpop

    HQ Player

    Wow, thank you @Miska The SQ jump in 4.90 for the NAA path is a lovely bonus!
  2. Hi Chris, Obviously, I don't want to create a ton of work for you. For my part, this is only a nice-to-have, not a must-have.
  3. Yes, Jim's custom outlet works and sounds great. When I had my dedicated circuit put in with Jim's 6AWG cable and custom outlet just over a year ago, my skeptical electrician (you're crazy to put in 6AWG, but hey, it's your money!) initially grumbled and warned about needing a pigtail, but as he worked with Jim's outlet, he was able to get the 6AWG conductors attached with minimal issues.
  4. @The Computer Audiophile Is is possible to publish the transcript of the podcast in addition to the audio? I certainly would love that option, and was wondering if there was demand for that.
  5. Search, and ye shall find: https://euphony-audio.com/hesk/knowledgebase.php?article=5&suggest=1
  6. @seeteeyou You are the Earl of URLs! Respect.
  7. Excellent as always, Ray! A riveting read. I’ve long been an advocate of modularity in DACs, especially when it comes to power supplies. This is an emphatic case in point.
  8. I know this is like saying “I read Playboy for the articles,” but I listened to this for the Gershwin! Still an outstanding recording.
  9. You need a safe word. Maybe Željko can recognize an event — like one press on power button — to abort and re-enable the network interface(s).
  10. This is a cataclysmic development. I suspect this will break the Internet today!
  11. I can’t overemphasize just how good this first volume of Jordi Savall’s Beethoven cycle is. I keep coming back to it. And what a sumptuous recording. Today it’s the Fourth, with a wee drappie of 15 year old Dalwhinnie!
  12. I love the direction this is going! I anticipate this being one of the most important threads on AS in 2021.
  13. The 2000s called. They want their SACD players back. I realize this article is geared towards people who still like to play physical discs (how quaint!), but just in case this is being read by someone who didn't know that an easy ripping option existed... it does! We have all the expertise right here on AS: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/28569-sacd-ripping-using-an-oppo-or-pioneer-yes-its-true/ Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled DSDs yearning to breathe free...
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