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  1. Fun to read all these posts that will be gone in the morning! Mine too, please, Alex.
  2. Here’s what worked for me: - delete old Qobuz credentials under Library > Credentials - reboot. Not sure why this was necessary for me - login to Qobuz again. Before we rejoice too much, I gathered from Željko this was a workaround for the time being, while a proper solution is being worked out. But for now, I’m enjoying Qobuz on Stylus, and realized once more how much better it sounds than Roon+StylusEP.
  3. This whole thing has been managed rather poorly by Qobuz. I can understand their panic upon discovering they were being ripped off by bad actors using their API. However, they seem to be taking their own sweet time to resolve it with their legitimate partners. Very frustrating for us users.
  4. I love Brahms, but seem to have ignored his piano concertos. This one is lovely. Alpha Records is really starting to grow on me, with their excellent SQ.
  5. As Stylus users know, Qobuz streaming through Stylus has been broken for the last 3 days, due to Qobuz revoking app_id's and requiring all API users (like Euphony) to revalidate their status as good guys, rather than "bad actors" with Qobuz. Last I heard, emails were flying, but there appears to be no resolution. I sure hope this gets resolved soon, because Qobuz access through Stylus is a critical use case for me. I'm sure that's true for others.
  6. The Euphony developer said he has reached out to the email addresses supplied by Dan, and is waiting to hear back...
  7. Thanks - I will pass this along, if they haven't already seen this.
  8. Is there a process by which music server manufacturers can certify that they are good actors? As a user, I'm locked out because the music server I use, Euphony, is locked out. Are these conversations/negotiations already happening?
  9. The initial problem was where authentication was broken, I.e. you couldn’t login to Qobuz due to invalid app_id. That got fixed early Friday, and worked for a few hours. The new problem since yesterday is that while content displays OK, it won’t stream. Meanwhile Roon still works fine with Qobuz, so it is app-specific.
  10. @David Craff any ideas on what client apps like Stylus need to change to fix this? We’ve been locked out of Qobuz for 2 days and counting.
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