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  1. I've always assumed this thread was just to chronicle - "here's what I'm listening to tonight." Not - "I highly recommend this album!"
  2. Necessary? No. But will it sound better? Yes. Is the cost worth it? You’ll have to decide! You’ll also need another good quality PSU for the tX. Get the SE version with master clock input, and feed it from the OCX10. Pay attention to which impedance ports you have available on the OCX10 after the sMS200ultra and the eR. Order the tX impedance accordingly.
  3. There are several reports of users (including myself) with both the ISO-Regen and the tX listed in the index of the novel thread in the first post. See https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/30376-a-novel-way-to-massively-improve-the-sq-of-computer-audio-streaming/ and scroll down a bit. If the question is specifically targeted to tX with a master clock, I'm trying to recall if I've written about it. I know I sold my iR before I got the REF 10, but I'm pretty sure I've had the iR back in my system from time to time for experiments. All these products are not in my cha
  4. My personal experience in dealing with SOtM on the rare repair issues has been outstanding. Now granted, as an influencer and reviewer, it's possible I've gotten atypically good service, but I currently have a friend who is working through an issue with his tX-USBultra, and his experience with Kamal at Crux Audio has been excellent so far. My friend - on my advice - bought a used tX-USBultra SE and as luck would have it, the unit was defective. While the sCLK-EX board LEDs would light correctly with and without his REF-10 clock, the source and DAC would not achieve USB lock.
  5. Hi Ade, I have written so many posts about PSUs and their comparisons, that I would have to do the same search I am recommending you do in this forum. Here is an example: https://audiophilestyle.com/search/?&q=hynes&type=forums_topic&author=austinpop&search_and_or=and&sortby=newest In general: the primary feature that improves/increases going from SR4/SR5/SR7 is current capacity. Additionally, the SQ of Paul's PSUs increase, going up from SR4 to SR5 to SR7. I have not heard the SR5 line at all. Turbo reportedly sounds better. I ha
  6. It depends on what the question is. If it is "would you go if HE 2021 were held today?" then my, and probably a large majority of people's, answer is "absolutely not!" But we are talking about what the situation could be in Sep/Oct, when HE, RMAF, and AXPONA are scheduled. We are all hoping and expecting that the downward trends continue to the point where in Sep/Oct, the prevalence of infections is low enough that attendance becomes viable. Also, a lot more will be known by then about the true risks still remaining to both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Exactly wh
  7. It’s not so much the show, it’s the overseas travel, and possibility of being stranded or getting sick far away from home.
  8. Same here. If I do go to a show, it'll much more likely be domestic - RMAF or AXPONA. Too soon for Europe. Not this year.
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