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  1. ‘Yes it is. From EtherRegen to my streamer / server (Innuos ZENith MK3). As for alternatives, I don’t know with regards to EtherRegen. I had it way before the EtherRegen arrived. I have not bothered with alternatives since then. This is one of the subjects I am no longer curious in experimenting with
  2. ‘Me too. And I gave it a chance. I owned it for about three months. It did nothing. Maybe because I have a dedicated power line? And their cables mostly come with a ground plug that can simply be plugged to wall, making the ground block redundant? I don’t know... I simply report my experience
  3. I was only joking. But I am guessing you already know this. Thanks for your explanation. Time for me to do further research on these tweaks. If I may, I can share my experience with Synergistic Research. The following worked great for me: Power Cords (Atmosphere X Excite then Euphoria) Atmosphere X Reference USB cable and Ethernet cable PowerCell 12 SE power conditioner ‘’Euphoria XLR ICs, and speaker cables The following made zero difference: HFTs Active Ground Block SE Again, in my system, my house.
  4. ‘LOL! Very funny! One cannot be called Snake Oil lover without Synergistic Research in their system. Guilty as charged 😂🤷🏻 Can you elaborate more in what you did, and the outcome, in there? I really need more snake oil LOL!
  5. You guys keep talking about a Cisco 2960 router, with SFP cages, but they are so many models with that number, and a bunch of letters, I have a hard time locating one.
  6. Excellent condition UpTone UltraCap LPS-1.2 linear power supply, with all accessories and original packaging. Asking $350. Includes shipping (CONUS only) and PayPal fees In addition, I can throw in an after market DC cable for only $50 extra ($100 value): Ghent DC-7N16C---Oyaide Plugs DC(JSSG360) Cable Type: 2.1G---2.5G Length: 0.5m The cable is extra and only upon request. You will need to specify it before purchase, so that I can adjust the price. Of course, the Uptone original DC cable is included, so you don’t need the Ghent cable to work. It is optional Free shipping in CONUS only. PayPal fees on me
  7. 😯 Wow! This is a huge endorsement for sure. And without even break in!
  8. Thanks for sharing ! As far as I know, you are the first non-dealer with a Phoenix. Can you please describe your current digital chain? Thanks
  9. Great. Congrats! Are you in US?
  10. That “review” was written about a year ago. Way before EtherRegen was launched. Yes, this is a joke, but a cheeky one 😉
  11. There are reports in other sites that Phoenix USB is being shipped. One buyer in Germany received it two days ago. A US based dealer said his units are shipped and en route to California
  12. Yeah... Roon, then everything is taken care of. What’s all this fuss?!
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