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  1. More like $24,000. Plus tax. If I spent that much money on a network player, I would seriously, strongly, did I say seriously, hope, a $640 switch could not possibly make a difference.
  2. Negative? I merely reported to what I read in there. You can read it for yourself.
  3. The good thing for you @EVOLVIST is that you did not lose anything. You are still within the return window. I am sure you returning your unit will make someone else happy. Thanks for making everyone at ASR very happy. You have proven them right. They are all gushing over your post, it’s like a party over there.
  4. Hmmm... it works fine with me. Worked from the start. Issues with yours could be: 1 - What are you feeding it with? Gigabit or fast speed? How is the connection done? 2 - Are you using a matching fiber cable? From EtherRegen user manual: —— Only Gigabit LC-optical or copper interface modules are compatible with the SFP cage of the EtherREGEN. They can be SX multi-mode, LX multi-mode, or LX single- mode, as long as they are Gigabit and match what is used at the other end of the optical cable. The modules at each end can be from different manufacturers as long as their type and mode specifications match. While some manufacturer’s switches work only with special “branded” SFP modules, that is just an ID code stored in the module. The EtherREGEN ignores this code so any Gigabit SFP module can be used regardless of manufacturer code. —— To recap: that SFP module works with EtherRegen. Confirmed. Something else is going on
  5. No that's not what they are asking. They are not asking anything at all. They are simply dismissing it without even owning one. And even before it was launched. Read the thread. The phrase below (copy / paste) sums it all (from one of the industry participants on the site): -----It's a con. We don't need to see or measure it to draw an accurate conclusion.-----
  6. Measurements are always helpful. But they only tell one side of the story. Over the past 15-16 years I have been in this hobby, there have been many times when I heard stuff that I could not explain at that time, and later on, yup! it was explainable. So my (hypothetical) questions are: 1 - How do we know we are measuring the right thing? How do we know what we measure is relevant to the quality and sound of the device? Say for example, we can easily measure the sperm count. But how useful is that data in determining the heart condition of that individual 2 - Assuming all these people have their own measurement device / instrument, how can they be sure that instrument is sensitive enough to provide a full explanation of what is going on 3 - Maybe there are other things that can really impact audio, but we don't know yet about them, so we are not measuring? All I am saying is that we as humans don't have an answer for all the phenomena in the universe. To claim that we have figured out everything there is to know is foolish. We have not. As one famous person said (not sure who the original was): there are known unknowns, and there are unknown unknowns
  7. A few more listening impressions now, day three since the EtherRegen arrived: I am 100% sure that EtherRegen has an impact on sound. In other words, it changes the sound. I am pretty sure even the hardcore Amir ABX types would be able to tell. I have been listening to some of my favorite albums, stuff that I have probably heard dozens of times (not exaggerating), and I kept getting stunned how different something sounds. A drum beat for example, an acoustic guitar line, or (don’t laugh) banjo. I have found myself startled a few times. Is this really how this is supposed to sound. I do like the “new” sound however, and only wonder why I did not hear it this way before. For stuff that I am very familiar in live, not amplified music (I.e acoustic guitar), I am 100% sure what I am getting is closer to the real, natural sound. I notice a not-so-subtle separation of instruments. Easier to identify what plays to the right, to the left, to the center, height, front, rear.... not making shit up. And all this without suffering on image. Phantom sound is untouched. I read some comments about sounding a bit harsh / elevated, and I get it, what they mean, but to me it’s simply that, the separation, that we may perceive as elevated, but it’s simply detail, more “information “ that was perhaps hidden before, or muddled in the “noise”. Most importantly (for me), I love the subtle changes, improvements rather, that it brings to timbre and tonality. Nothing huge, just something I am happy I did not lose, but got better for me. I am a sucker and picky for MY timbre!
  8. I can do better than that: I can sell my EtherRegen I received yesterday for $4,000. Which is $1,000 below the manufacturer’s asking price above 😂😂
  9. It does not come with SFP module. It was clear all along. I was personally prepared. I had bought this (need to scroll down) for $20 plus shipping
  10. ‘Thanks! That’s an interesting test. Did not think about this. What I did think of testing was removing the opticalModule completely. No optical, just EtherRegen. In any case, I won’t be able to do any experiments until Saturday or Sunday. I will let it on the loop for burn in until then, and listen to music here and there in the evenings.
  11. I received my EtherRegen today. Someone was home to get it inside, open the package, and let it at room temperature for about five hours. It’s cold here in DC area today. I left work a bit early. Plugged in and left it working for a couple of hours. Still too early, no real burn in, but I am so excited of this purchase, that I could not help it, but post here. And perhaps my post can help some people that have already implemented some type of optical isolation. I was already using dual opticalModules (both powered by separate SGC linear power supplies). Fiber between the two. Then Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Reference Ethernet cable from the downstream opticalModule to Innuos ZENith MK3 (server and Renderer via Roon), USB out of the ZENith to my DAC (MSB Discrete). Left the upstream opticalModule as is. Replaced the downstream opticalModule with EtherRegen. Stock power supply. Had already purchased the SFP Module for EtherRegen (the Sonore one Alex had posted). Everything powered up and worked instantly. I have already only played five tracks from my Test playlist. I am thrilled to report that EtherRegen works! I was a bit skeptical, as the opticalModules already provided that isolation with good results, but EtherRegen brings things to a new level of satisfaction. First impression: everything opens up more by a good margin. Sound is deeper, more “organic”, and everything sounds just more natural. Acoustic guitar like the artist is in my room. Timbre and tonality to die for. Stuff that I don’t know how to explain, as I don’t know they existed. You have a winner here Alex!
  12. So the opticalModule is out of the picture now? Correct me if I am wrong, but replacing it with EtherRegen was the only “relevant” change. And you were still hearing improvements? If so, that would be extremely important in terms of “mere” optical isolation vs. what EtherRegen is supposed to do.
  13. I understand that. And it’s out of my control. I was merely pointing out that these are my Tidal albums missing on Qobuz. Same country. I only checked first 100 albums on my Tidal library. I am sure there are more in the rest of my Tidal library. I will do a full inventory in the next few weeks. I may keep both Tidal and Qobuz for a year
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