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  1. Except for the total failure to spell your own name 🤪😉
  2. A few (higher priced) DACs that I believe would be significant improvements to your Yggy: 1 - Ayre QX-5 Twenty. Fully loaded version (with all digital inputs including Ethernet renderer) is about $9K. Often available for sale in used market for $5K to $6K 2 - MSB Technology Discrete DAC. MSRP of about $10K with no modules. If you add one of the modules plus the second power supply, it gets about $13K. Yes, pricey, but totally worth it. I don't think I have ever seen one in used market though And there is nothing wrong with experimenting. This is indeed a hobby, not life or death situation
  3. I confirmed with MSB that Discrete DAC does not have any filters to select. You must confuse it with something else, or an older model MSB DAC
  4. I don't have the Renderer module. My module is the ProUSB / ISL --- I can probably ask MSB direct. I have little faith the dealer would know anything
  5. Filters? My MSB Discrete has no selectable filters
  6. I second this! Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Reference is the best USB cable I have ever had
  7. Thanks @Superdad for the super informative post. You and @JohnSwenson rock! Literally So is September a reasonable timeframe to expect first batch of etherRegen to be shipped?
  8. ‘Email him directly. His email address is in the website at the bottom. He is pretty good at responding and identifying correct cable
  9. Alex: do you know whether SOtM sPS-1000 is floated? I asked them this question directly via email, and have not received a reply yet. I already have this lying around, and would prefer to not spend the money to buy a new LPS And if it floated, I would simply connect a Grounding cable from the etherRegen to the wall ground outlet? Thanks!
  10. Is there any benefit of getting this Cisco Switch if already using a pair of opticalModules already for optical isolation? In this case, it would replace one of the opticalModules, using its SPF port.
  11. Option B) -- Running copper to the oM, then fiber from the oM to the SFP of the EtherREGEN And thank you so much for your reply! I look forward to etherRegen!
  12. As we are getting close to the launch (crossing fingers), I was wondering is Alex @Superdad can answer a couple of questions: 1 - Would the following SFP module work for etherRegen? https://www.smallgreencomputer.com/collections/accessories/products/systemoptique-certified-fiber-sfp-module?variant=16612845781026 I am planning to use an opticalModule on the other end (upstream) into the etherRegen A side, where the SFP cage is. 2 - I understand it needs 12v DC power, but what amperage? 12/3? 3 - Is the DC input on etherRegen 5.5 / 2.1 mm? Or 5.5 / 2.5? I am planning for everything, and have everything else ready to go! Thanks!
  13. Are the two output rails independent? In other words, is the galvanic isolation preserved when using both outputs for two separate devices in JS-2? Thanks
  14. If anyone has an LPS-1.2 available for sale, please PM me. Thanks
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