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  1. ‘It does have a DAC built in, but it’s very basic. You might find it sufficiently good
  2. Not sure if it’s final, but $600 was mentioned a few times here recently
  3. I bought a ZENith MK3 about 5-6 months ago. I used to have an ultraRendu powered by a SOtM sPS-1000 power supply. The ZENith is much better even as a streamer only. Not sure why. And it’s a great server too, with SSD storage and CD ripper to boot
  4. I am struggling in deciding what to purchase for good & isolated ethernet streaming. My router / switch has no optical module or any type of FMC. My streamer does not have optical either. So my three choices: 1 - Get the opticalModule bundle (about $800) for optical isolation. It has two opticalModules, two SGC LPSs and the optical cable 2 - Wait for the etherRegen when it launches. Use it without any optical cables / FMCs 3 - Get the ether Regen, use the optical port on it, plus one opticalModule for optical isolation. Thoughts? Thank you!
  5. My recommendation: 1 - Sell MKII and get MKIII, then 2 - Get the USB reclocker when it launches
  6. So if A "measures" the same as B, they sound the same? And what do you measure?
  7. They better be better given the cost of the separates vs. the Integrated. What worries me for Mola Mola Tambaqui is the resale value if I were to upgrade to something else down the road, given the brand name is not that popular in US
  8. Or maybe you can add an option #3 --- The Tambaqui + Luxman L-509x Integrated ?
  9. Anyone has compared the Tambaqui with the MSB Discrete? With dCS Bartok?
  10. ‘Thanks for sharing! How exactly do you do wireless with ZENith? I use Roon, and my iPad Pro is only the controller. I have implemented electrical isolation on my wired network via FMCs powered by a SOtM sPS-1000 linear power supply. Nothing on switch “front” yet. Waiting for UpTone ‘s etherRegen
  11. I just got this exact same cable last week, for my ZENith MK3 to my Ayre QX-5 Twenty DAC, and it works wonders! Whatever magic Synergistic Research is applying to it, and the grounding of the shield, it’s working!
  12. IMHO the ZEN is the sweet spot on the MK3 line when it comes to value / quality per dollar ratio. I personally own the ZENith MK3, simply because I could
  13. Where does Chromecast Audio stand among all these? There is huge group of scientists that believe bits are bits and anything that streams stuff, as cheap as a Chromecast Audio would do, and will sound the same that any streamers out there. Key word: "bitperfect"!
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