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  1. Yes it did. I cannot find Alex's subsequent post on this issue, a couple of months ago, but it is in this thread
  2. Incorrect! There is no "dirty" or "clean" site, as long as you go input / output across
  3. Hey Alex @Superdad any projected release date on etherRegen? Say April? Much appreciated!
  4. For the Fuse upgrade, did you do it yourself? I don’t even know where the fuse is located on my ZENith MK3
  5. The following genres are poorly covered on Qobuz: Metal Alternative / Indie Folk / Americana
  6. Totally agree! Every other streaming service has Metal as a separate Genre. Even Tidal. What is Qobuz thinking?
  7. I don’t know man. I am not watching TV wth you. Figure it out for yourself
  8. ‘Because yours is simply stupid comment. Nothing to do with IP data network. Even less (if there is less than nothing) with Audio. Have you tried it? Or you just KNOW? As an audio expert.
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