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  1. That was a while back. Things have changed since then.
  2. Guys guys guys (and girls).... If you have EtherREGEN you will not need Sonore opticalModule at all. Sonore opticalModule is just simple FMC (copper to/from optical). This functionality is built into EtherREGEN. EtherREGEN has so very much more. There will be no advantage feeding EtherREGEN with optical. It will do for copper the same great things (true active isolation and reclocking) as it will do for optical. And..... there is no “clean” and “dirty” side. Both sides are reclocked the same (with separate clock synthesizers and separate Crystal CCHD-575 XOs). It that one side has just one copper Ethernet port, while the other side has 4 copper and 1 optical fiber SFP cage. So forget the opticalModule. With etherRegen, you DON'T need any optical lines in your network. I am gonna wait for etherRegen. Will not mess around with other stuff, routers, optical, and such anymore. Whatever time it takes. I am pretty sure it will be worth it!
  3. thyname

    Innuos Zenith SE MkII

    ZENith MK3 (and the MK2) can definitely act as both Roon Core and Endpoint. That’s how I am using it now with my DAC, Ayre QX-5 Twenty. It sounds better than using the built in bridge on my Ayre as endpoint.
  4. thyname

    Sonore systemOptique

    Hmmm.... like what? Nothing that I can think of. Maybe a single switch with optical isolation built in, basically copper Ethernet input and output only?
  5. thyname

    Sonore systemOptique

    ‘So you will put the etherRegen on the microRendu side, not on the router side?
  6. thyname

    Sonore systemOptique

    Very nice write up! Thank you for clarifying. From Chris here, we have the price on opticalRendu. Do we have a price for opticalRendu? I would assume we need two of these if we don't have an opticalRendu, and simply want to implement fiber optics isolation for our "regular", copper Ethernet streamer? Do you know if the opticalRendu would benefit from using a nice linear power supply? Thanks!
  7. thyname

    Sonore systemOptique

    You mean 2 (two) opticalModules to accomplish what he is wanting? And two nice LPSs for them!
  8. thyname

    Sonore systemOptique

    Hmmm... the linear power supply that comes with it?
  9. You can certainly use Innuos as Roon Core and Player simultaneously without SqueezeLite. One box to check on setting. Innuos will show up under RAAT on Roon settings.
  10. You will connect ZENITH directly to DAC. The ZENith becomes the streamer.
  11. thyname

    Sonore systemOptique

    The only switch I know with SFP port is the new future one from Uptone
  12. thyname

    Sonore systemOptique

    I don’t have an opticalEndu. I have an ultraRendu
  13. thyname

    Sonore systemOptique

    So I need two of these if I wanted to isolate my ultraRendu with fiber optics?
  14. thyname

    Sonore systemOptique

    Is the opticalModule Ethernet (copper) in and Fiber out? Or both Ethernet in and out, with the optical "conversion" stuff happening inside the unit?