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  1. Soul Limbo - Booker T. & The M.G.'s (1968) [BBC Cricket coverage / Test Match Special Theme] Cowbell Isaac Hayes! Letterman (1991)
  2. Fandango - Herb Alpert (1982)
  3. Tijuana Taxi - Herb Alpert ('Going Places', 1965)
  4. Shouldn't have got to p.3 of such a Thread as this without featuring Dave Hum RIP of The Huckleberries. This is my favourite studio track (Speed The Plough/Mason's Apron from 'Jigweed', 1998). If the Thread continues there'll be plenty more showcasing Dave Hum. I first saw The Huckleberries in the street in Bath. Stopped to watch as long as I could. Here's Dave Hum/Huckleberries entertaining a happy young crowd in Oxford, 2008: Some nasty people try to stifle street music in the UK. My friend Jonny Walker RIP founded Keep St
  5. Wild Strawberries - The Strawbs (1967-07 recording [Copenhagen]; release on HALLMARK SHM 813 'All Our Own Work' [UK]) iow the wonderful Dave Cousins showing off:
  6. In The Mood - The Hawk aka Jerry Lee Lewis (1960) In Vancouver, Lewis wasn’t heard on the local charts until a brief appearance with a tune called “Old Black Joe” which spent only two weeks on the CKWX chart in April 1960 peaking at #39. Nonetheless, later that year Jerry Lee Lewis had a Top Ten instrumental hit under a pseudonym, The Hawk. The tune was “In The Mood”. The song went to #10 in Vancouver in July 1960, and elsewhere only had a significant chart run in on WITH in Baltimore, peaking at #11. “In The Mood” is credited with being composed by Afri
  7. Bumbershoot - Phil Harvey aka Phil Spector (1959)
  8. too late to edit ... I meant to say working towards fully *wired* in our home! [i.e. = *no* wi-fi] Still getting my head around DSP and its capacity for tuning everything all along the way to our ears. I just don't imagine our domestic environment will evolve to include distributed music. I'm getting too old to concentrate on music and whatever else I'm doing at the same time. I keep saying I'm old. I'm not even 59 yet. Yeah - I don't have teenagers at home. Makes all the difference. What was it one of the Linn guys said? Their children threatened him ... iOS [not Andro
  9. Spitfire - Bill Logsdon And His Royal Notes (c. 1957)
  10. A few notes of appreciation of this Linn podcast ... It’s long at over a hundred minutes! I started but had to abandon it some weeks ago. This time I managed the whole thing. Thank you for such a lively and "in the moment" conversation with the current Linn anchors. I have a fondness for Linn going back to the 1980s. David Prickett, who worked at The Sound Organisation in York, came to my then home in Selby to set up my first LP12. I want to say with customary British modesty that he probably wouldn't remember me. But I recall him as such a decent chap I sho
  11. Sliced Tomatoes - Just Brothers (1972)
  12. Drag Her Round The Road (Reels) - Dervish ('At The End Of The Day', 1996)
  13. your warning will suffice tyvm!
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