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  1. When I saw "Morning Dew" I expected Bonnie Dobson! The ominous "All fall down" refrain of Graham Nash's "Grave Concern" has long lurked in my mind resonant (eponymously so to speak) of "All fall down" in the Nursery Rhyme "Ring a Ring o' Roses". That last Wiki entry argues against Great Plague (1665/6) roots for "Roses"; however, being an ostensible subjectivist and a marginal baby boomer (b.1962) I prefer to cleave to what I assimilated as a juvenile - no matter what I am told by internet or other authorities. (Reportedly Nash wrote Grave Concern about Washington during Watergate and, so, one could I suppose look to any impeachment apocalypse instead.) To keep me optimistic (I think it was to stop me moaning) my sister gave me the book "Factfulness" by the Swedish optimist Hans Rosling. I am no epidemiologist but what I recall from the book's graphs are: 1. Disease blips such as for The Black Death are not difficult to discern on graphs of human population; 2. Forecasts of human population are counter-intuitive for most people - with formal estimates reckoning on a peak some time soon (decades); and, 3. That peak has to do with trends in economic and cultural factors rather than catastrophic disruption by pandemic. Thank Goodness for that. I conclude that Wuhan will not be coming to my town.
  2. Don't get me wrong ... I'm a huge Chuck Berry fan ... and I know the homage Keith pays ... the OP alludes to "gap" between the "personality" of the original and the personality of the cover ... and whether the cover can or should be an "improvement" ... well I post this one in the spirit of appreciating that gap in favour of the Rolling Stones ...
  3. shout-out to Paulette Carlson
  4. Oh yeah I would never have made a good lawyer 😉
  5. Old adage to trainee lawyers ... 😉
  6. Susan Tedeschi for "Lord Protect My Child" - also "Security"
  7. Well I don't butt in often and this is just to mention Dante/RedNet as an "old best" alternative "endpoint". Having an offline ethernet-based system, I felt the ER was an unmissable opportunity - and it has proven to be a most worthwhile insertion between PC and DDC as in PC > ER > RedNet D16 AES > DAC. I've followed this thread with interest but never succumbed to NUC - not out of belligerence to myself - but because I wouldn't trade away CPU-direct PCIe for both Ethernet Card and Optane AIC (prn music storage). No need for anything else including risers in my handsome Streacom F12C which also accommodates any mobo I like (Asus Z270-WS works well for me) and tall copper coolers such as for my i7-6700. btw I have an SR7 [19V/10A and 12V/12A] on order for use with an HDPLEX 800W DC-ATX Converter and will report any worthwhile PC-related SQ effects.
  8. spot on must use correct stylus if 78 78's a bit fast yes i use the 45 speed setting on a rega deck
  9. I'm a lifelong record collector and have been an online dealer for over a decade having earned a great reputation. All vintage vinyl records - even babied ones - benefit from cleaning. Dampen a microfibre cloth with diluted vinegar (not alcohol) based glass or window cleaner e.g. Mr Muscle. Between finger and thumb clean the rim (run-in) - then wipe the whole surface of the record with a damp microfibre pad. Play both sides "wet". Repeat as required if the record is filthy. Crud on the stylus is the yardstick. Buff to a sheen with a dry microfibre cloth and play twice more. Any noise left is damage not dirt. I have several workhorse decks running as busy as I am trading and also as feeding my own archive requires. Yes it takes time and yes you need cleaning decks and expendable cartridges. Regas are amazing decks and carts and the motors are easily replaced. There isn't a better way and I would never use a record cleaning machine. Cleaned records must be stored in paper not poly or poly-lined inners in order to avoid scarring.
  10. Hi Paul, Yes - [as mentioned briefly on the Head-Fi AOIP thread] my system is now PC > ER > D16 > DAC. I could tell immediately that the ER is a worthwhile device. My listening impressions are here on AS. 2-300 hrs burn-in revealed further improvement. Firmware update intriguing since first impressions were that original was better. I relent now. Cables especially post-ER do make a difference. Better without a Cisco switch or anything else in the way. Better grounded (experiment!) even if not required per Uptone. I wonder what Bob would have made of it but he had moved on anyway. I wonder about @mhamel too ... and johnjen and the other aficionados on Head-Fi. I recommend the EtherREGEN. It's a great little number. Bang for buck easy satisfaction. Yes - surprised I haven't seen more on Dante/RedNet combined with EtherREGEN. I am NOT going back to USB! I'm more or less done [!] ... just gonna get an SR7 [19V rail for PC via HDPLEX DC-ATX 800W] and use a 12V rail for the ER. (Scratching my own head about DC & ATX cables tho' - may make my own or use Ghent.) Come back. You know you want to 😉
  11. Here are a couple of pics of my Snell Type A III. Re-foaming the midranges mid-2016 required removal of the black mesh covers to the upper sections. In e-mail conversation with Peter Qvortrup at the time, he remarked, "I own several pairs of the A/III, it is in my opinion the finest 3 way speaker ever made and will probably remain so for all time ... They always sounded the best to me without the cloth on, but [referring to a photo he had solicited of my speakers without the grilles] they do look pretty agricultural. ... Getting the [cover back on the frame] is a nightmare!!" His use of the word "agricultural" has rather stuck with me. I guess it could translate to "ugly and angry" (perhaps depending on your view of farmers). My system has changed a great deal in the past 3½ years. I would not consider recovering the frame now. I still adore these speakers. I just love them for what they are - and also of course for what they emanate. I appreciate music somatically.
  12. as someone on here said recently, where's the wtf button
  13. Great topic and thread The OP encourages a broad approach! And doesn't prohibit multiple suggestions in one post. Apologies for any liberties. Hopefully you'll understand. As a Brit I feel something of an interloper on Country & Western. In the mid-1970s as a 13/14 year old at a boarding school, I used to lock myself away to listen to seminal Rockabilly, when all my peers, if they liked music at all, barely thought beyond the charts. (OK maybe a couple of nerds were into Prog Rock.) A few years older, I used to sneak out (it was like escaping from and gaining re-entry to Colditz) to see some of the old guard still doing the rounds - Carl Perkins, Bo Diddley and the like. I've always had a guitar or two. I'm an online dealer in records and CDs with a good reputation. More than all of these combined I have an authentic appreciation of music including Country. How do I know? Goosebumps. That's how. My "take home message" about Country is that it's the most hardcore music there is. I mean we've all been to the candy store or lost a sweetheart. Country music is often stereotyped as twee or trite. But its narratives are oh so real when - what you never thought would happen to you - well - happens to you. It's like ... you just cannot understand "Sunday Morning Coming Down" unless you've been there - in the darkness. You have to have the T-shirt to get the full dose of emotional identification. You know you're lucky to be alive at all. Only you and other survivors understand. On of my sons died last year - of his own addictions - just before his 29th birthday. I'll stick to the Country music aspect of the story. I won't say that certain music got me through the last 18 months or so (the whole thing got stupidly protracted and toxified by the incredibly blunt and irrelevant Inquest) but some songs and their lyrics became so incredibly sympathetic that now they sit in my mind as Darling Companions. The first I'll mention is Iris Dement's "The Night I Learned How Not To Pray". Please - you don't have to understand religion or faith to understand the song. None of us chooses who lives or dies - not even parents in the matter of their own children. Iris writes as the sibling of the deceased. But you can imagine the parents' horror as the little brother is taken from the scene in the car. And you get the notion that adjustment is a process that takes decades - assuming you survive it yourself - and assuming it ever ends at all. It's a most subjective thing - losing a child. Only someone with an overlapping experience could understand - or so it seems - and how it seems is how it lands and counts. The second is Waylon, Willie, Kris and Johnny with "Born And Raised In Black And White". My lost son and his successful, independent, slightly older brother were like chalk and cheese. None of us can design the personalities of our children. Who would want to. Doesn't make it any the less curious how we all turn out. Or render any of us less lovable. So Country music can be a friend. Just lets you be with something. Channels the emotion. Is impartial. Has wisdom. Unlike the small brigade of deadbeat sociopath-crusaders here who assume a moral right to make you feel like you've got a dirty secret if you like a system tweak that sounds better to your own ears ... Explain yourself! I'm not afraid of truth - my own truth - my own subjective truth. Country music - like no other kind - can remind me that it's all I have. That's me done. Thanks for listening.
  14. The studio recording version is on the LP "Manifest Destiny". Lyrics on www come up erroneously as Eric's "Bad Love". Actually they are: You need help son You need help real bad Hey, let me tell you something daddy-o I used to be a sailor I been all over the world And I don't like nobody telling me what to do Nobody Not even you crackpot MDs Forget about it You ain't stickin' no more needles in me And you ain't gonna lock me in that room I'm telling you doc I'll get even with that sick broad if it's the last thing I do She knew about the curse she carried And yet she still led me on and on and on Until it was too late That doc is when I started noticing these strange and disgusting scales all over my body My brain pounds and pounds again My hands are not part of my body My body is not ruled by my brain And my eyes My eyes Great God in heaven I am diseased I am right I never made a mistake in my life But unwed mothers Have got my goat I used to be a sailor Getting by on a Ach-ooo Help me doctor please I think that I got disease Hong Kong flu Started talking funny when I knew Shanghai babe You look depraved I used to be a sailor Getting by on a Ach-ooo Help me doctor please I think that I got disease They ain't never gonna stick another needle in me They say it won't hurt - but I know what I see I don't wanna wear another nightshirt I don't wanna see another white shirt now No, no keep away Lepers got time They never have to make up their own minds They got scales To weigh their future I'm growing hair on my palms I'm into nozzles and schlongs I don't know what day, day, day it is I had a dream I was raised By some alien slaves I'm scared to say, say what it is Is it something I meet On a dead end street I'm going blind I wanna know if you really go crazy if you let it sit I don't wanna die But I wouldn't mind if I was an idiot
  15. Just an idea - and I'm not familiar with the deep history of the site ... Presumably @The Computer Audiophile and maybe others have thought about Guest Editorials from people who really know what they're talking about - I don't mean industry reps or journalists with vested interests - I'm thinking more "Scientists and Engineers" - especially audio specialists For me also Psycho-Acoustics people although of course they can be "Scientists and Engineers" anyway - Expert Psychologists too - Would it not make commercial sense to pay them a few bucks for their work writing an Article/Proposition and maybe a little time to respond to Comments for 7 days (not 24/7 obv.) - The Forum could provide impartial competent moderators from the get go and for the long-term (who could maybe get a few bucks too) - A bit like ebay will (or used to anyway) provide a selling service if you're not a dab hand yourself - This could really shake up the culture here - stoking up a lot of lurker and new interest - Contempt breeds Contempt. Dignity breeds Dignity. etc
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