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  1. Point well-taken! imo - In SQ perception, as in life abroad, the truth may lie "in between". e.g. #1 - Formal arguments may be presented reconciling "free will" and "determinism" - proposing that subjective experience of "control" is illusion/vanity (evolutionary advantage maybe etc) and that what actually happens is our resistance or acquiescence wrt the countless "invitations" that life throws at us moment by moment. e.g. #2 - Women are brighter (better) than men vs. men are brighter (better) than women. Actually the average IQ is 100 in both sexes. Statistically the "normal d
  2. I for one am very, very sorry to hear this. I have the first production SR7T (ser. # 1) and it is a marvellous piece of kit. Dealing with PHD Ltd. was more than satisfactory. In so far as this has had much to do with temporary conditions, do you suppose there will be any kind of re-incarnation. Too early to say no doubt. What a deep, deep shame. Just a polite fyi ... As of right now, the web site looks live with Order Forms, payment links etc.
  3. Wall Of Death Richard & Linda Thompson from 'Shoot Out The Lights' (1982) R.E.M. from 'Beat The Retreat - Songs of Richard Thompson' (1994) I had a (mutual obviously) "James Blunt moment" with Christine Collister at a concert once.
  4. Quick research suggests (very approx): Linear Solution LAN cable $200 AQ Vodka $400 Supra Cat 8 $50 SOTM Cat 7 $500 Is this about right? What have you got on the ER A-Side? You have the Linear Solution on the B Side right now? wrt ER B Side it would be very interesting to rank the AD Constellation SQ in your hierarchy. We can conclude what we will about SQ/$. imo the Constellation cable ($150 approx.) is very high SQ/$. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets many great reviews.
  5. What will it replace? Against what might you be able to compare it? I'm very impressed with the Constellation cable. Miles ahead of an AQ Cinnamon in body etc. Won't need to buy a 2020 Sablon to match my ER A-Side. I'd love to know what qualities make the Constellation shine. The 4-wire (2 pair) config? Insulation? Shield/Grounding design and g wire option? Wired plug end mates with ER! ['AFTERDARK' at device/endpoint end]
  6. I knew Ian & Sylvia rang a bell, but couldn't recall immediately. Then I got it. They wrote "Four Strong Winds" which I guess, like lots of folks, I know from Neil Young's 'Comes A Time' (1978) {Nicolette Larsen voc.} On the temporary theme of "Four", I am lucky to live on the edge of The Yorkshire Dales (UK National Park). The first river crossing upstream is a footbridge 5km at the next village. There and back makes for a nice 10 km (7 mile) walk. I'm sporadic about it (sometimes daily for weeks - then not for a month or two)- but I do it many, many times throughout
  7. Couldn't find this on Youtube - but here it is on bandcamp. Darden Smith - Place In Time from the Album 'Darden Smith'. Must have been 1988 - between the birth of my first two sons. Never forget the day. Walked into a record shop in York [UK]. This was playing over the shop system following its release, and I bought the LP without hesitation. Been trying to get my Hi-Fi system to sound like that ever since. Kinda wish I could go back and have a word with myself. https://thedardensmith.bandcamp.com/track/place-in-time
  8. Day 5 Any lingering doubts about mist on the window to the music have pretty much evaporated. Depth of soundstage developing noticeably over 24 hours. Fantastic detail. Amazing energy. The music is emphatically more relaxed - I see what AfterDark means by "smooth". I think this was pushing thru since Day 1 but seemed like something else. Female voices replete and vibrant. Digititis waving the white flag. Hooray
  9. If burn-in is a non-issue, then differential should remain stable in the coming days. But differential there is. If you get to be able to quantify it better (in qualitative terms of course!) please do post. We'll take it that that phase noise matters! A mantra for our times! Thank you for posting so promptly. Enjoy it!
  10. johnjen at Head-Fi put me on to Leonid & Friends. omg talk about tight. I'm not crazy about Chicago myself. But look at the skill and discipline here. Enjoying themselves too ...
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