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  1. Thanks Marcin. I did follow your excellent guide when I bought my card last May. Are there any new configuration changes that would apply specifically to WS2019? Thanks!
  2. I am still enjoying this card but feel that my server OS is holding things back. Has anyone used it with Windows Server 2019? Thanks!
  3. Do you see any difference between 2019 Standard and Essentials?
  4. Looking forward to hearing reports from early adopters and continuing users...
  5. Great. I have previously purchased several regulator boards from your website and they made a nice difference. Glad to have input from a member of the trade.
  6. Guidelines for this moderated thread are at the at the top of every page. Lots of space on AS for every type of exploration. Consider starting another thread for technical arguments or else contacting folks by PM? Thanks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "A word from the OP: We welcome your participation in this thread. Please note that discussion needs to stay focused on direct listening experiences with audio experiments discussed here. This is not an opinion thread. Most of what is discussed here does not have a readily available analytical explanation. Once we get into arguing about the why's, this thread is going to disintegrate. If anyone comes in here, makes no contribution, and attacks people, I reserve the right as OP to delete their posts. Further - this thread is about listening impressions. We do not: Demand proof Require a specific methodology Require measurements."
  7. Thanks. This is about where I am now also. My wired AudioTechnica's sound really great but are dying. I find the Sony's to be a bit "HiFi" sounding. I tried ATH's new Bluetooth phones but the ear cups are much smaller. I guess that I need to accept these as a good compromise for airline travel and use wired phones for music elsewhere. They are remarkable for ANC. Much better than my ATH's
  8. Where did you hear/read that? HDPlex recommends their own 200w LPS with it for audio applications and I can find nothing on their site that mentions needing 10A. The 12v and 19v outputs of the 200w unit are rated at 10A but that is their max, not a recommendation. Thanks.
  9. I just bought a pair also due to what looks like impending failure of my wired ATH noise cancelling head phones. I cannot really speak much to the SQ of the phones yet as I am sure they need break-in but the ANC is remarkable. It is like being in an anechoic chamber. My wife can be two feet from me speaking in a normal voice and I cannot hear her. My ATHs had excellent SQ but mediocre ANC, mainly good for typical airplane engine noise. I can't even imagine how good the 2.0 version was. How long have users found break-in to take? Currently the sound is a bit constricted and slightly muffled. The sound is also a bit bass heavy which makes them a bit "HiFi" for me. I prefer neutral, natural, and accurate to the source.
  10. This may have been covered previously but what is the story if I click on an album from a Qobuz curated playlist which seems to be available but once the tracks show it says that they are "unavailable" and trying to launch them confirms this.
  11. I have listened to this endlessly lately. Lively, upbeat, interesting...
  12. Thanks a lot. That worked! I wondered if there was a "trick". I am sure that in a Pro environment nobody cares about a few more LEDs but at home with the room lights off at night there is still enough light to cast shadows! With your 3 units you could have Disco parties 🙂 Very clean looking system there. I am limited to USB from my Roon endpoint to my M3USB and use AES out to my DAC. I have the Ref10 also.
  13. Have any of you successfully dimmed the LEDs on the M3USB front panel using the instructions from the manual which require you to push the two front buttons at the same time? I have tried this several times but what always happens is that I just end up changing the settings. Either perfect timing is required or this function just does not work. As far as I know I am at the most recent(not very) firmware version. BTW. The M3USB is still one of the best audio purchases I have ever made. Thanks! Paul
  14. Not trying to offend but actually there is a reason to ask. You would be surprised how many times vendors with few posts have popped up here without revealing their industry affiliation and then recommended their own products. It has been a very slippery slope. If you had not mentioned HDPlex by name I probably would not have asked... Let us know if you buy one of those Farad supplies and it is an improvement over the HDPlex. Sounds like a promising development.
  15. Thanks. Always nice to hear of new options. Do you have any association with Farad Power Supplies?
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