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  1. A couple of years ago when I was using a Focusrite Rednet D16 I removed the internal SMPS and put in two LT3045-A Ultra Low Noise LDO Voltage Regulator boards from ldovr.com. They were daisy chained to go from 7.5v-in to 6v to 5v-out for a minimum of voltage drop per regulator for low heat dissipation. It worked great and for some might be a less expensive and "in-stock" partial DIY solution, especial if you want to replace an internal SMPS. You also need to keep track of the current requirement of your device so you can pick the right boards. Bare boards are available up to 1.5A and are usually in-stock .
  2. mourip

    Corona Virus

    Could have been worse! 🙂 I previously suggested this to my first wife but found little support. I think that she was more inclined to push me out onto the ice floe...
  3. Same here. Thanks to Jeff Day! Duelund DCA16GA for speaker cables and DCA20GA for interconnects. Lightly twisted. Rewired my speakers with DCA16GA also. I tried the WE vintage wire first but the Duelund was much better in my system.
  4. Great system. Can you explain what your "shotgun" config is for your speaker wire? Do you use two different thicknesses of Duelund to each speaker? Thanks!
  5. To be honest I have not done any experimentation or even tried the provided SMPS. I am using an HDPlex LPS which uses the Linear Technology LT30451 regulators. I also hooked up the grounding wire to my clean side power strip. I have just been logging some warm-up hours and enjoying the remarkable improvement that is still increasing but leveling off now at probably about ~150 hours.
  6. Thanks. I could not have said that better! Things have improved. Chris has made some changes that have helped and some who have insisted on continually baiting others have moved on to the "Objectivist" forum where all of the answers are being kept. Fun is good and these days a real survival technique!
  7. I am certain that my Mutec REF10 makes a nice difference clocking the ER. The Mutec is very well made, has received many good reviews, and cost me roughly 5 times what the ER cost, not 50. The ER made probably 90%+ of the very big improvement. I would say that this speaks more to the remarkable value of the ER. By the time you get a system assembled which can even take advantage of equipment of this caliber you are probably entering the flatter part of the SQ improvement curve. Those on this part of the curve must weight what that 10% is worth to them. I already had the REF10 when I moved from AOIP/Rednet to my present Win16 Roon server/AL endpoint system. Would I buy one now after inserting the ER? Not sure...
  8. I have been using an ER for about a month and probably have about 100 hours+ of music on it. I have it clocked by a Mutec REF10 and fed from a JCAT Femto card in my server. This is by far the best my system has ever sounded: very clear, deep and for some reason more dynamic/taut. See my profile for system details...
  9. I usually do not get more than an hour a day, if that, to listen and I have tubed pre and amp. I leave my front end powered up including my DAC...and of course the ER. My tubed equipment sounds good after ~15 minutes and remarkable after ~30 so I try to turn those on in anticipation of my listening session. Not exactly a "green" scenario but it keeps the digital circuits warmed up and stabilized to optimize my session. If I am going to be away on a trip I power everything off.
  10. I am using ethernet from my LAN switch to my ER. In the past I have found ethernet sounded better in my system than when I used FMC's to connect my switch directly to my server or from my server to my endpoint. My ER has about 100 hours of music on it and has now moved from being a worthwhile addition to being remarkable. A few of you may remember old analog CRT based TVs with a gross and a fine tuning nob. Adding the ER is like finally getting the tuning just right. All of the sudden you are hearing what was really there all along. I am no longer listening to the system, just engaged in the music. That is about the highest praise I can offer.
  11. Please assure everyone that by "ex-user" I previously "used" a Rednet AOIP system 🙂 It definitely crossed my mind regarding how the ER would work with AOIP. I still use my previous Rednet system as a benchmark to measure my present system against. I feel that I have surpassed it now but it took a long while. My amps use tubes so I only turn them on to warm up for listening although the Berning design it notably easy on tubes. I will definitely circle back when as I reach significant milestones for burn-in.
  12. Burn-In... Yes. Do not underestimate burn-in with the ER. I left music running via Roon for the last three days continuously. On day one I was unprepared for the harshness it introduced. It triggered a relapse of my Audiophilia Nervosa. On day two I could see potential. ~24 hours On day three I was thrilled. Audiophilia Nervosa back in remission. ~50 hours. Music is still playing non-stop to DAC without pre and amp on... I have the B side going to my NUC with Bluejeans cat6. My music server and LAN connection go to the A side. I do have a Mutec Ref10 feeding it. My Audiolinux NUC auto-negotiated with the B side perfectly, having run at 1G previously. I disabled the bridge on my JCAT Femto server NIC as recommended. Even if it did not improve from today I would say that it was well worth it and perhaps even a highend bargain. Thanks Superdad!
  13. Any recommendations for the best voltage for the ER? I ran it first off the supplied PS and and then off an LPS. Runs quite hot. Hotter than my server. At 12v it must be dumping a lot of heat from the regulators? Better at 9v? Also any thoughts about what sounded best?
  14. My ER arrived this afternoon and I have it plugged in and warming up, but not in the system yet. Question. My system has a clean side and a "dirty" side. If I use the included PS should I just plug it into the dirty side since the "B" port is isolated from the "A" side? I have an LPS that I can use but I wanted to try out the various possibilities to see what differences there might be. Looking forward to tomorrow!
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