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  1. I was responding to the question about the JCAT Femto NIC.
  2. They send you a list of settings after you order the card. I am sure that most of these are generic best practice and can be found in other threads here but since the settings are really part of what they sell I feel like I should honor their work by not passing them on. Perhaps you could email Marcin directly to see if he is open to sharing them.
  3. I checked the web site and looked for a recent thread here but could not find out if there is a discount on AO for existing users. I have happily used AO for several years and will gladly pay full price for the new version but would not turn down a discount if available 🙂
  4. Does anyone know why Qobuz in CarPlay only works with files locally cached on your iPhone? If I play the Qobuz app on my iphone through my car system it works fine with streamed music.
  5. In many ways your system is a like mine. I have not tried Euphony yet due to lack of time. It seems as if at a certain level of system refinement and investment one arrives at the flattening section of the curve. The recording quality starts to be the limiting factor. One now moves into the territory of personal preference rather than obvious improvement. Increasingly I find that system changes simply sound "different", not necessarily better or worse. I have a Roon server/endpoint setup with AL/ramroot on the endpoint. In some ways this is better than my previous Dante/AOIP/Win2016 system ...but not in all ways. I often find AL to be a little dry or even bright. Perhaps this Fall when I get a bit more time I will try Euphony. I would really love to make a one-box solution work. I look forward to hearing any detailed and blatantly subjective impressions of the SQ differences that others have found between AL and Euphony...
  6. That is a lot of power but I would be concerned about support from a relatively unknown overseas (depending on your location) company. Also it uses a fan and probably does not have a third-party fanless case available for it. Personally I am more concerned about fan electrical noise than storage type. Having dealt before with companies with no tech support within my own country I am increasingly focused on companies with a local support/service presence. The one exception for me is Ghent Audio. They are great.
  7. Thanks for the troubleshooting suggestions. The on-board NIC is enabled and still works fine when bridged and using a regular ethernet cable to the switch so I do not think that it has an issue. I briefly had the previous bridge set to 100Mbps to test that for sonics and it worked. With the new bridge I tried setting the FMCs for both auto and forced but that did not help.
  8. I received my JCAT FEMTO card, and at Marcin's suggestion, bridged the two outputs and used one to go to my FMC. That works fine. Not sure why my internal NIC stopped working with the FMC. Sound great, especially once I hooked up my LPS to the JCAT card.
  9. I have had my Fluke for easily 25 years and 90% of my troubleshooting with it is for either continuity or simple DC voltage measurement. It has other features? 🙂
  10. I tried bridging the two ports on the Femto card and that worked for getting the fiber link up. Sounds great. I may still try switching back to the on-board NIC to see if I can get it to work and if taking that load off of the Femto is worthwhile. Thanks Marcin. Great product.
  11. Thanks. My JCAT is running off an LPS on my Topaz also, as is my server. I will try using both JCAT ports and see how it goes.
  12. I was wondering if you were using any method of isolating your audio system grounds and power from the rest of the LAN and AC wiring. I use an large isolation transformer with all audio equipment plugged into the same AC power strip. I use fiber to isolate from the connection out to the LAN. I did note that you were not using fiber and I agree with or at least understand your reasoning. Thanks!
  13. Thanks. I do have the link set to 1G. Probably time to start rolling back my JCAT tweaks one by one!
  14. Thanks. That is what I have been doing since the FMC route failed. Works fine with a regular ethernet cable and the FMCs work fine to my laptop, just not FMCs to server.
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