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  1. I have had my Fluke for easily 25 years and 90% of my troubleshooting with it is for either continuity or simple DC voltage measurement. It has other features? 🙂
  2. I tried bridging the two ports on the Femto card and that worked for getting the fiber link up. Sounds great. I may still try switching back to the on-board NIC to see if I can get it to work and if taking that load off of the Femto is worthwhile. Thanks Marcin. Great product.
  3. Thanks. My JCAT is running off an LPS on my Topaz also, as is my server. I will try using both JCAT ports and see how it goes.
  4. I was wondering if you were using any method of isolating your audio system grounds and power from the rest of the LAN and AC wiring. I use an large isolation transformer with all audio equipment plugged into the same AC power strip. I use fiber to isolate from the connection out to the LAN. I did note that you were not using fiber and I agree with or at least understand your reasoning. Thanks!
  5. Thanks. I do have the link set to 1G. Probably time to start rolling back my JCAT tweaks one by one!
  6. Thanks. That is what I have been doing since the FMC route failed. Works fine with a regular ethernet cable and the FMCs work fine to my laptop, just not FMCs to server.
  7. I have my server configured with a network bridge. One copper cable goes to a Roon endpoint and the other goes by way of two FMCs to the LAN . This has been working really well and adding the bridge was a big hit. Unfortunately in the course of tuning the network settings I seem to have stopped my ability to communicate across the fiber link. I am using suggestions that came with my new JCAT Femto NIC card. Among other tweaks it suggested unchecking all networking properties except "Internet Protocol Version 4". It also makes some changes under the bridged network adapter settings. Previously I had this working with my old Intel NIC which was bridged with my on-board port. Something has changed but I do not know what it is. I was using the FMC's to isolate my audio "clean side" which the server is part of. For now I have to use a regular ethernet cable for this connection. If I hook up my laptop to the fiber connection as a test it links immediately. Can anyone think of a setting or property or protocol that is essential for communication across two FMC's?
  8. Based upon Marcin's recommendation of only using one of the JCAT ports when bridging I am doing that and using my onboard NIC for the LAN connection. I was using FMCs to go from my onboard NIC to my LAN switch and powering the clean-side FMC from an LPS. That worked fine until recently but for some reason I cannot get my FMC's to link up. Are you isolating your network bridge on the LAN side?
  9. I have the new card installed in my Roon Core server. My Roon endpoint is a NUC running AudioLinux(AL). Out of the box the card offered an improvement. I spent some time tweaking the NIC settings in my network bridge configuration and then listened for a while. At some point I had a Oops! moment. I had forgotten to hook up the 5v connection to the card from my HDPlex LPS so I had been running on PCI bus power. Once connected, there was a very clear change. "Clear" is the best word to describe it. I will not go farther into sound quality changes now since the card is too new but I can already say that the card is worth it. One caveat or rather a pointer. I have an ethernet cable going directly from my NUC to the JCAT NIC in my server. The JCAT is bridged with my onboard NIC, which is connected to my LAN. When I started making the suggested changes to my bridge network settings, each time I made a change(s), and then saved it, the connection to my NUC would drop briefly. It would return quickly but Roon would stop on the endpoint and the NUC would stop showing as available in Roon. The fix was easy but it took a while to find. With a connection established to the NUC using Putty, all that I needed to do was to stop audio services in AL and the restart Roon Bridge. I had to do this multiple times while making and testing the network config changes.
  10. The card did arrive! I guess that UPS has issues with international hand-off for tracking? It was extremely well packaged and looks great. Impressions to follow after some break in.
  11. Thanks for checking with UPS. Sounds like their tracking is not so hot for international orders. Very much looking forward to your card. How was the Munich show? Best, Paul
  12. There is definitely a price/value curve for audiophile equipment. It starts off very steep with big increases in SQ for relatively small increases in expense. After a while the curve levels out to being very flat. Big bucks for small changes and lots of bling-laden cosmetics. At that point it becomes very subjective and only you can determine if the price is worth it. The Mutec +3 USB is on the steep part of the curve: a big increase in SQ and value for a relatively(in the audiophile world) modest increase in cost. The REF10 lives where the curve starts to flatten. If you can afford it and enjoy true refinement in tonality and realism then it is still a good value. I think that I can safely say that if you can find comparable equipment of equal or better quality at a lower price point we would all be interested.
  13. Thanks Dutch. I am curious. I am in the US. Are you? My tracking information still shows the card still in the UPS warehouse in Poland. It arrived there 4 days ago. I know that the tracking could just be off but it is consistently updating the location daily. I wonder if any others have their card stalled there? Marcin said that he will look into it on Monday...
  14. The cards seem to be stranded in a warehouse in Ozarowice for the last three days...
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