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  1. I am pretty sure that I used a part number that someone had posted here that seemed likely to work with my 3 year old system board that uses older DDR3 non-ECC memory. It does work without any issues however I cannot say that it improved sound quality in a noticeable way.
  2. I was able to find Apacer memory on eBay that worked for one of my endpoints and also my music server, both of which use the same system board. These were pulls but have run perfectly for months and were MUCH cheaper than any of the sources for new stock.
  3. Sorry. I guess that I was projecting. I thought that you were defending against my idea that there was not much innovation on AS these days. I sincerely apologize. I have too much time at home with my keyboard.
  4. I have been here over 10 years and have benefited from a ton of innovation. I check in almost daily to see if something interesting has popped up. I have already gone down the fiber route and did not find it to sound better in my system. Did you have reason to believe that I had not tried it? I am a network engineer by profession and usually watch for network related tweaks with interest. When I find albums on Qobuz that I like I cache them on my server which is isolated from my Roon endpoint by an EtherRegen so few files actually stream through my ISP and LAN. I do not use Wi-fi for audio. I learned about that years ago here. My audio chain is well isolated by a large isolation transformer with power coming to a single unfiltered power strip per John Swenson to form a "clean side". Only one audio device is not powered by an LPS but that was designed by David Berning who knows his stuff. See my profile if interested. Basically I look over AS and try what to me seems promising. I am certain that others may benefit from some tweaks that I dismiss but I am really happy with the sound I am getting now. I am grateful for all of the help that I have received from others here over the years and I try to offer help when I can. I did not say that there is no innovation on AS these days, just that I am not seeing as many true break-though advances as previously. I see the curve flattening which means that we have all done good work. Regarding the comment I made about Taiko. I am absolutely certain that it sounds great and if inserted into my own system would bring better sound but I will wait until details emerge regarding how to integrate the ideas found in it's construction into my own dedicated server which is already using many tweaks learned here, some from Chris's original ground breaking series on building dedicated audio servers. I spoke to one long-time member today who has promoted many excellent ideas here. He felt that his system now sounded so good that he was mostly inclined to listen to music. I feel the same way. YMMV.
  5. Well this is certainly encouraging. If tweaking the server OS brought magic back to the Taiko system then it seems as if magic does reside in Roon (or they have returned it) so we just need to understand what in our own systems can enable/uncover it (assuming we were dissatisfied with it). For many years I have used Audiophile Optimizer on my music servers. Perhaps that is why I have not found Roon lacking. I also need to admit that since adding the EtherRegen to my system I have lost a lot of interest in the "thrill of the chase". The music just sounds good to me. Guilty. I am certainly curious what tweaks or re-configuring was involved to bring the Taiko up to grade. This could benefit the other 99.9% of us.
  6. Thanks for identifying yourself as an industry participant in your signature. When I tried to go to your web page I got an error: "Unreachable IP". Can you re-post the link or share something about your professional audio life? As a "Pro" What exactly do you do or sell? I assume that you have no affiliation with Taiko or sell/develop your own audio software or hardware? Also your profile has no details regarding your own system. It would help us gain context for your expertise and opinions if you can tell us a bit about your own listening environment. Transparency is good here for industry participants. Everyone has an opinion regarding sound quality and also what they are willing to pay for or can be satisfied with. I do miss the glory days of AS(CA) when we had a flood of fresh ideas about how to improve systems that could be afforded by 99% of audiophiles. Perhaps this is a sign that great sound can now be had for an affordable price and a bit of careful research. BTW. I never said that Roon was the best out there. It is my personal opinion that it has very good sound plus remarkable utility and convenience for most audiophiles who do not have an unlimited budget and do not have DIY skills. Previously I got great sound using JRMC in conjunction with AOIP/Rednet but bailed on it when I found the Rednet software to drop connections regularly. I use Windows 2019 for my server and AO for my endpoint. Works exceedingly well. Could I do better? Possibly/probably... I assume that you bought Roon before the large "Lifetime" price increase and then passed on a savings to the buyer?
  7. I agree about Roon. I think that for most true audiophile systems it can give top end performance. Combined with Qobuz it is a gift. While I find the Taiko discussions interesting , given that it costs more than most true audiophiles spend for their whole system I think that it probably lives on a very flat section of the price/performance curve. I look forward to a bit of trickle-down tech for the rest of us. Learning of tweaks to Roon would be nice.
  8. Thanks Chris. I did not see them but can easily imagine 🙂 And thanks to those who offered their personal take on physical storage. If it were not for Qobuz I would not have tossed the CDs. @Confused. Thanks for the remark regarding format. If I had to burn an entire collection again I would not use ALAC either, I would use FLAC. Using ALAC was just easy and accessible at the time... For those who have not been drawn to use HiDef downloads in favor of CDs, I actually agree. Most of my favorite music came from a burned CD. Having said that, my music files sound better as a file played via Roon than from any CD player that I have ever had access to.
  9. Folks. I was just wondered if anyone else had decided to purge their music hardcopy. It was just a practical question. BTW. I must apologise. For those who were confused by finding the word "not" in the OP please substitute "now". Although English is my first language I am an execrable typist. For those who want to rail against the establishment: I am thinking that no one read this part of my original post: "I am not so much looking for a legal discussion, just wondering what others have done or are considering." Please consider starting yet another copyright thread. Thanks.
  10. I went for it and "recycled" all of my ~1000 CD's. Since they were already burned to files and backed up in multiple locations I have not lost the music. It felt great to get rid of the clutter. For the last ten years I have only spun a CD to burn it anyway. I can still do that. I just will not keep hard copy any longer. I mostly listen to Qobuz now which gives me a world of new music to explore along with my own burned files via Roon.
  11. This one is easy. I stopped buying CD's😉 Now that I have Roon with Qobuz I have a world of new music that I will never,ever work through in my lifetime. I still have close to 1000 albums in Roon itself but I now mostly explore Qobuz rather than just replaying my very small handful of favorite CD's for the 100th time. After looking through all of my physical CDs and verifying my several backups in multiple locations I tossed them. I did not sell them or donate them since I still have the files. I do still need to arrange for an off-site backup. This was a very freeing experience. Paul who is "Aging in Place"
  12. Does any know if you can run Audiolinux on the RPi 4 Model B as a Roon endpoint? Anyone tried it?
  13. Sweet. Nice to see these DIY "Howto" posts showing up again.
  14. I believe that he actually passed in April last year. He had some great ideas ...and strong ones! 🙂 I used to follow him on Head-Fi, first for his USB tweaks then continuing on to audio over ethernet (AOIP)
  15. How about saying Roon "sounds bloated to me" or "sounds bloated with my equipment"? It certainly does not sounded "bloated" on my own system and to me.
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