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  1. Did you ever get your problem resolved?
  2. I would like to update progress with my new LS50W Mk2's. I will not go down the Roon Ready rabbit hole except to say that Roon and Kef have really dropped the ball here. KEF should remove their marketing wording until the end is in sight. I love these speakers. I replaced a DAC, pre and amp, and a pair of crossoverless Alnico towers. I kept my front end and two SVS SB2000 subs. My front end is an Intel NUC running Audiolinux with USB out to a Mutec +3 USB with coax out to the speakers. A Mutec REF10 clocks the Mutec USB and an EtherRegen. Most pieces powered by HDPlex linear suppli
  3. Actually I was referring to the cable that connects your primary and secondary speakers. Also you might try doing a factory reset.
  4. Perhaps it is losing it's connection to the primary. Is it connected wirelessly or wired? If wired then perhaps try a new cable?
  5. Sounds like a power supply or protection circuitry issue, especially if it literally reboots with all lights going off as opposed to just dropping signal for a moment. I would definitely give KEF a call. Good luck!
  6. Does anyone have a pair of the new LS50 mk2's and are using the SPDIF input? Supposedly you can change a setting in KEF Connect called "Second Wake-up Source" so that if the KEFs sense a signal on the RCA SPDIF input(or another input of your choice) they will turn on or come out of sleep. I made that setting change but it does not turn them on when I start music in ROON. Once I power them on manually they pass the signal perfectly. Any suggestions?
  7. I bought a pair of Mark2's this week and am working to tweak them for best performance, testing various inputs etc.. Currently I am using the RCA SPDIF input from my Audiolinux/Mutec USB/Roon front end. Even though the speakers are still settling in they sound very good. I am still looking forward to Roon completing their "Roon Ready" certification so that I can use their RAAT protocol and really simplify my system. I also have a pair of LSX's that I have owned for a year. They started life as my desktop speakers but got little use so I moved them into our upstairs TV
  8. It sound very good. The speakers have only a few hours on them so I will have a better idea later on. Lets put it into perspective. I am seriously considering selling off everything downstream from my Mutec. $3K for the KEFs with stands vs $18K for the DAC/Preamp/Amp and speakers. Not to mention cords and cables. Using these with Roon/Qobuz is pretty great.
  9. Ok. It turned out to be an ID10T error. The LS50s have an RCA subwoofer out jack also. I had the coax cable plugged into the wrong jack!
  10. Thanks for the reply. The Lock LED MAIN REF is on, as is the LOCK RE-CLK REF and Audio LED. The top three REFERENCE lights are on. For MODE I have EXTERN and Re-CLK
  11. I have been using an MC3USB for several years in my main system. USB in and AES out to my DAC. Mutec REF10 as master. I am trying out a new pair of KEF LS50W-ll's and want to feed their coax input from the Mutec. I thought that it would be as simple as disconnecting the AES cable from the Mutec and then hooking up the coax but I am getting no audio output. I have not changed any settings on the Mutec. I have chosen coax as the KEF input and switched the Roon app to point to my Roon Endpoint which feeds the Mutec. Any ideas?
  12. I bought a pair of these this week along with the Kef stands. They are not able to be recognized properly by Roon yet, as in Roon Certified". They do however show up as available in Roon as "LS50" as AirPlay. So you can still use them with the Roon app. The KEF Connect app in IOS does allow you to steam Qobuz to them, which I subscribe to. KEF has not been too straightforward regarding using the Roon Certified verbiage in their advertising and manual. If you do not read carefully it seems as if they are already there. My understanding is that the KEFs are already capable but it is up to Roon t
  13. We started out with many posts for great tweaks that were not necessarily expensive and nearly always remarkably useful. It was Spring Time! The thread has definitely moved in a new direction. I would liken it to our space program. It can be argued that the program has produced many discoveries that have trickled down to help tax payers in everyday life but it is very, very expensive. Perhaps that will eventually happen again here... You may need to look at either earlier posts in the thread or at some of Chris's seminal posts for dedicated audio PC's. Those servers wer
  14. Assuming that you own an ER. Have you had any problems related to heat with your own unit?
  15. Thanks for the link. Blue Jean Cables got back to me and confirmed true 75 ohm Canare BNC plugs.
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