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  1. Lately, I have no problems with AS anymore, especially the stuttering has stopped 🙂! A sizeble font would be a nice addition because of my eyes, the old fashioned stop button and some other things, but for now I am satisfied.
  2. I took the jump and has taken a subscription for a year for the reduced price old customers get. This because of the sound and some credits for Damien he has build up. Hopefully things will improve, but I trust on that knowing Damien.
  3. Off topic, but I just read this and perhaps of interest: 'Apple purchased the Shazam music recognition service a few years ago, and at WWDC this week, Apple announced that it is opening up the Shazam music recognition framework for developers. The Shazam music database is one of, if not the most, comprehensive music databases available. What this means is nearly instantaneous song / album recognition and automated retrieval of metadata (artist, album, etc.)'. I assume Damien is aware of this.
  4. Agree, but It would be gentle if Damien will appear on this site with a plan regarding the bugs and the steps in time he needs to solve them. Most of us are fan of Audirvana/Damien, but I think: we all have the feeling being left alone with our bugs.
  5. Still not working as in 3.5; can't remember this setting.
  6. After upgrading I still have stuttering problems. I also could not see the problems Damien solved in this new version.
  7. After upgrading I still have stuttering problems, but not with 3.5.46.
  8. That is weird; going back to Audirivan 3.5 I heard the same stuttering as with AS. I never heard this problem before with 3.5. Perhaps of the added metadata?
  9. Still having stuttering problems; now randomly. And my wife is not as patient as I am. But I don't want give up yet too. At first I was enthusiastic, but that seems to change now.
  10. I have the same feeling about it. In my case it was playing from the beginning (for days) without any problem and then, suddenly, it starts stuttering. At first I was thinking of a network problem but that wasn't the case. So, I think, Jud is right.
  11. Imac late 2013 with SSD and 16GB. I checked it again and I am sure now that this setting was the problem, although I didn’t had any problem with this setting before.
  12. Stuttering was solved by disabling r8brain (deactivate).
  13. Right now my AS is stuttering for the first time. I closed the program and openend again, but that did not help. I also noticed that if you want to mark a song as a favorite, you have to check it twice, because AS can't register/mark it well. Also: Saving the setting 'Group Album by Album Artist' is still a problem; not solved in the latest version.
  14. Perhaps when Pure Music will come to the table again, but I have my doubts about the long time they need already to develop a new version.
  15. Sorry, doesn't work for me.
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