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  1. Yes, I known, it’s off topic, but what kind of new product(s) we could expect from our UpTone Audio friends in the near future, or did I miss something?
  2. I reported the high CPU usage on the AS support site and hopefully they will give me some good advice.
  3. Playing with the latest 1.7 version, I noticed that my system is still crashing and that there is some kind of blurring in the right channel, so now and then. In the past I have send the crash information to Audirvana on there request and did some beta testing, but I never received an answer.
  4. Hi Jud, thanks for your compassion! I remember (slightly) that I have done this before, but I can try it again. I'm afraid doing this to lose my favorite tracks, or will they persist? I remember that I have to delete certain files, but cannot remember where and how. I also noticed that my CPU load is very high, almost to 100% when I maximize to 44.1/16. With this resolution there are no problems, so perhaps I have to buy a new computer to make 192/24 possible. I am using an iMac late 2013 with SSD en 16GB. For the rest: I am quite happy with AS now, especially the bigger font is nice to have with my eyes!
  5. Audirvana Studio 1.7.0 is currently the newest version available with a lot of improvements, but, unfortunately, I still have stuttering problems. Hopefully the crashing is over now. 🙏
  6. Audirvana Studio 1.6.4 is currently the newest version available, but stuttering still exist in my situation and some crashing.
  7. Unfortunately, stuttering is back home. 🤨
  8. Testing a new beta version for my Mac seems to solve a lot of my problems (stuttering, crashing and stop playing) 😇🙏.
  9. Audirvana Studio 1.6.1 is currently the newest version available.
  10. Thanks, but the latest bug is new to 1.6.0 and someone else noticed this too. It is not related to my stuttering problem, which I don’t have with other sources.
  11. I did send a log file to Damien…
  12. Sometimes it stops playing, I noticed.
  13. Still having stuttering problems, but not when I lower my bitrate output to 44.1. Damien is still looking into it… Any suggestions out there are welcome too… 🤗
  14. Audirvana Studio 1.6.0 is currently the newest version available.
  15. Unfortunately, stuttering is back today. I did sent Damien a new log file. Perhaps it has something to do with rBrain and my old Mac (late 2013/SSD/16GB), but I'm unsure.
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