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  1. Here is my review - You can pry this new toy out of my cold dead fingers!
  2. Hope you have a blast on your vacation! Let us know when we can preorder.
  3. Using Tidal Audiophile plug in for Kodi (2.06), yes I get a playlist not found. (after logging out then logging in) since this weekend. Interested if anyone else having this problem. Thanks
  4. Add me to the list of people that love Tidal. Flac streaming done right sounds quite good. They will keep getting my $20....
  5. Btw - there is a windows version of this coming soon. Im hoping very soon. Now using Kodi + Audiophile Tidal plugin that uses wasapi wrapper. Sounds great - love that Tidal. Now listening to Mendelssohn Violin Concerto... Happy listening!
  6. Hello Today was the release of windows 10. Can I update my streaming pc from 8.1 to 10 and will Fidelizer 6.8 pro continue to work ok? Thanks!!!
  7. Murphy's Law for sure. As for your PS - how about a version with female usb? (5v) Thanks!
  8. Alex I can appreciate you viewpoint. How about marketing a better solution for us then????? Thanks
  9. My hat is off to ya Geoffrey. Many thanks for the Tidal audiophile plug in for Kodi. Using Kodi 15 RC2 and Jriver 20.0.131. Sound is much improved and so glad I revisited this thread for the latest version and instructions to use Jriver....
  10. Does this sound better than the native usb input??? Thanks
  11. +1 Also purchased the AR Lan isolator and installed Cat 7 to and from the switch. Less edge to streaming services. I listen to local station WDCB at 128k and Tidal via Flac both are improved and I would gladly purchase again...
  12. Have been enjoying Phil's AO software and it certainly works well. Glad to see it's getting some recognition!
  13. Lowest ripple I know of is the Super Flower Leadex: Super Flower Leadex Gold 750 W Review | techPowerUp Hope someone knows of something better!
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