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  1. @Pinkfaunrookie in the first post there are much information, often long threads here on this forum have the first post updated with information so you dont need to look all over the place. @brad225 no preorder yet and I think the price target is $625 7-12V and I think time will tell if a LPS-1 will power it, depends on how many LAN ports/SFP you use as that affects the current draw.
  2. Review of the Network Bridge up on Darko. Darko dCS NB
  3. I think @JohnSwenson already answered how it is in the etherREGEN So if you dont use any external 10MHz connection as I see it wont be able to make any groundloops to other equipment if you would (by accident or intentional) use a LAN cable with the screen connected to the plug in both ends (I dont plan to do it) but I might be wrong about this, I am shure John will fill in if I got it wrong
  4. Well of course it is. Perhaps I should have written it different and as you write it involves any type of modifying a class 2 unit with a PE. Yes of course but the idea of class 2 products and metalcases was good until they started using SMPS.
  5. Class II equipment has reinforced or double insulation. As well as the basic insulation for live parts, there is a second layer of insulation, either to prevent contact with exposed conductive parts or to make sure that there can never be any contact between such parts and live parts. The outer case of the equipment need not be made of insulating material; if protected by double insulation, a metal case will not present any danger. It must never be connected with earth, so connecting leads are two-core, having no protective conductor. The part "it must never be connected with earth" often fails in a normal hifi system. For example if you connect a double insulated component with a RCA connection to a component with protectiv earth the case of the double isolated component will seek earth through the sheild of the RCA cable.
  6. dCS Mosaic allows a customer to enjoy streaming music from a number of different services and sources including UPnP, Deezer, Qobuz, TIDAL, Roon, Spotify, Airplay, internet radio, podcasts, and locally-attached USB storage.
  7. Roon is building a new internet radio software that might come in the next firmware. "We are hard at work on our next release, and one of the most exciting changes we’re working on is a full-fledged Internet Radio Browser, to replace our current “paste the URL” approach." https://community.roonlabs.com/t/roons-new-internet-radio-directory-curators-wanted/74319 Anybody with a Network Bridge compared streaming Tidal/Qobuz in Roon compared to directly with Mosaic?
  8. Just a thought when looking at the picture of the PCB the RJ45 port on the "B"-side it looks to be a Pulse Electronics J0G-0003NL with integrated magnetics will it be beneficial to actually have a ground connection to the streamer (lets say it is a streamer with AC voltage input and the chassi is grounded to the AC protectiv earth) in the LAN cable going from etherRegen to streamer? Just me thinking where the magnetics shunt away any noise on the "B"-side or is this not something to bother with?
  9. I assumed this but better to ask. Is the metal shroud on the ´B`-side not connected to anything? So if I were to use a screened cabel from streamer to etherREGEN with the screen connected to the plug it would just end in the metal shroud on the B-side is this correct?
  10. @JohnSwenson a question regarding the metallcase around the LAN port on the B-side how is that connected to other parts of the etherREGEN? Is there a connection to other metallcases (RJ45 A-side) and to the groundconnection or is it floating compared to them for example? My intrest in this is rather hypothetical, if I were to use a sheilded ethernetcable (with screen connected to the plug) from the B-side to streamer would this make a connection from upstream on A-side cables to the b-side streamer cable "if" they have the screens connected in the plugs on both sides A and B on the etherREGEN?
  11. @dctom good to know. I use a 120mm fan to cool my PSU as all my network equipment is in a cabinet,think I will keep using it.
  12. I hope to get my new PSU tomorrow (replacing the old 200W) anyone here using all four outputs on it with modest loads (NUC, router, switch etc.) and how hot does it get?
  13. If you use a linear PSU to supply it will it be the same result regarding recomendation of the use of grounding? My system will be SFP in from router, one rj45 on A-side to server, B-side to streamer and a linear PSU powering it (negative side not grounded by default).
  14. Perhaps to early to ask and in the wrong thread so feel freE to move it to etherREGEN.... At 12Vdc using the SFP port, one RJ45 on the A-side and the RJ45 port on the B-side to streamer what do you think the current draw will be (I think you wrote max 1A at 12V but I suppose that is if you use all the ports on it?).
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