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  1. @Superdad when the clock is 9.00 AM PST and the pre order open do you just have to get one in the basket to be secure or is it first when the payment have been done that you know you have one?
  2. There are many people here on Audiophile Style forum that power lots of network equipment with LPS (perhaps not lots of JS-2 but others) I use a HD Plex 200W (new version with four independant rails and two of them with LT3045 regulators) to power ISP fiber nod, Ubiquiti router, Netgear GS108 switch (this will be replaced with the etherREGEN, and a NUC that runs Roon ROCK. Made a little drawing of how my system will look with the etherREGEN in place (the fiber between router and etherREGEN might be regular LAN cable but I have SFP LX modules and Corning fiber cable laying around so it will be tested out).
  3. @Bernstein 9AM PST will that not be 18.00 in CET the same day? https://time.is/sv/CET
  4. Well that whats happens when you are all over the place
  5. The original one was 2200uF and the new one is 3300uF/25V if I dont remember wrong (did not take a picture of the new cap and dont remember the make and model as it is more than a year ago I did it).
  6. @audiobomber not that I have seen. It is not that difficult to take it appart you just need to be careful sliding the circuitboard out of the box as there are cableconnectors that needs to be disconnected. The capacitor sits on a smal circuitboard whre the DC connector is placed. I have two photos of the boards perhaps not much to see but it took perhaps 5-10 minutes to do the operation. On this photo you see the backside where the legs on the changed capacitor is placed.
  7. SOtM wrote this in the press release and some of it was audible in my system perhaps not the big change that @Confused felt it gave him in his system byt that is clearly system dependent. "SOtM is going to release the sMS-200 Neo and sMS-200ultra Neo. They are a newer version of the original sMS-200 and sMS-200ultra, and sound colors and sound characteristic are different from the original version. The Neo has deeper mid-range and better bass expressions compared to the original version. And the original version has little more dynamics and presents bright sound compared to Neo version. With such changes, the overall balance of Neo becomes richer and brings musical inspiration."
  8. I bought the cap (one single large capacitor) from the agent that handles the sales here in Sweden and changed it my self. Not very hard if you are used to do soldering and taking apart electronics. And was it worth it well it did not cost so much to do it and there were a small elevation in SQ but not by much to my ears. I decided a couple of weeks ago to sell it and go with another brand but that is a different story....
  9. @Cable Monkey I think you have to order a ER with 50ohm BNC directly from Uptone as I suppose all of the twenty Audiostore gets from the first run is the regulare 75ohm. Dont recall if Alex has written if there will be any 50ohm versions made in the first batch as the demand for the regular one will be high
  10. @JohnSwenson what is your recomendation regarding the LAN cable after the etherREGEN just use a regular CAT6 UTP or use some sheilded 6A,7,8 (sheild not connected in the plugs and some sort of the JSSG)?
  11. Perhaps I am thinking wrong here correct me @Superdad @JohnSwenson if that is so. If you use a two rail or more PSU that have a common ground and you were to supply both the ER and a endpoint after the ER that would loose the point of the isolation but if you use a PSU to supply perhaps a router, NAS and the ER the common ground would not mean so much as the isolation is intact to the endpoint (the endpoint would need a seperate PSU).
  12. Well I made the reservation a couple of minutes ago without any problem.
  13. Today there is 22 "in stock" at Audiostores priority list. https://www.vortexbox.co.uk/Uptone_EtherREGEN_priority_list/p317978_19934674.aspx I am still a bit concerned what will happen with Brexit if that occurs at 31 of October.
  14. If you are going to connect a external clock that "shoud outperform in theory" the internal clock you most certanly will have to use good quality cable with crimped (soldering is not a good way of doing BNC connections) BNC connectors so the cable and contact dont affect the 10MHz signal (this will still be hard to do as the external clock is connected single ended with a cable and BNC connectors) and the internal Crystek clock is connected as a LVDS signal on the circuitboard. @Superdad wrote this on page 43 #1043 But ALL clock lines on the EtherREGEN are differential (LVDS), and for the parts that take SE clocks we place high-quality LVDS>SE clock buffers within a few millimeters of the chips they feed. There are 4 on the board. And as mentioned before, EtherREGEN is a 6-layer board--which gives a lot of extra control over ground and power planes and impedance control.
  15. I really dont see that you can get away without extra costs buying from a company within the EU they need to pay TAX and import on the goods from the US. For example with the Uptone LPS-1.2 shipped to Sweden. Direkt from Uptone it is $435 and that is around 4250SEK and if it ends up in customs they add 25% TAX so that is 5300SEK (I dont know what the customs fee is so that will add more to the cost). Bought from Audiostore in England it is £435 and that is around 5200SEK so not much diffrences in the price for me where I buy it. Only way to get it for less money is if the package is marked with a lower value from the US so the TAX and fee is lower but not all companys want to do that when the ship it.
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