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  1. That is strange I have done the upgrade from 4.58 to 4.59 a couple of times in Eunhasu with no problem. The downloaded file before unzip is 2.77Gb and after unzip 2.8GB so there are something wrong with the downloaded file, this also happened to me using Firefox. After I downloaded it in Microsoft Edge the file is 2.8GB and unzips to 7.7Gb so that should work. I use WinRAR to unzip.
  2. You are not the first one that I see have problems with SOtM and Kii. Something with the USB connection to the speaker looses the handshake. When you restart the sMS-200Ultra the connection is re-established. My dac does the same but it re-connects as soon as it is powered on. I dont have any solution to the problem.
  3. The 4.59 version I downloaded fails the verify so I burnt 4.58 instead and upgraded to 4.59 from Eunhasu.
  4. This has happened to me also. Only thing that fixed it for me was to re-burn the SD card and after that Eunhasu was available again.
  5. I have zero problems with 4.59 and Roon. I run Roon ROCK on a NUC i5 and that is connected to a Netgear GS108 switch my sMS-200ultra Neo is connected to that also. 100BASE-T network speed and settings in Roon is 0.5 buffer time and 0.2 (I think this is the original settings). Cant remember anything else that I have changed and I stream the native resolution to my TAD D1000mk2 dac (usb goes via a tX-USBultra).
  6. My 4.59 shows the change log for 4.59. Version : V0.4.59 - Date : 27-3-2019 - Fixed up system upgrade time out error - Fixed up kernel check time out error - Fixed link speed setting bug - Improved special charector USB ID recognize bug The blinking light on the front are still there with Roon active (dac and core switched of).
  7. I find 4.59 to be faster in Eunhasu than others but also it seems to be from different from time to time when entering. Going from main page to setings took around 15 seconds today (using Firefox on PC). Having owned other brands of streamers before I got SOtM none have had perfectly working software so I am not particulary surprised that SOtM dont get it right everytime but the 4.5X releases seems to be much more unstable (not with Roon as I have had no problem in my setup).
  8. I dont know if I wrote I get an orange light but my switch a GS108 have two LED for indication of speed and that indicates 100BASE-T. On my SOtM sMS-200ultra Neo I have one solid green LED and one blinking orange LED below the LAN port. I run Roon and 4.59 right now and zero problem. Cant say I have had any problems with any of the 4.5X and not much difference in sound either between them.
  9. I use a regular Netgear GS108 and that works with both 100/1000BASE-T as the LED on the port changes when this setting is changed. What switch are the modded SOtM based on?
  10. @lasker98 Version : V0.4.58 - Date : 27-3-2019 - Fixed up system upgrade time out error - Fixed up kernel check time out error - Fixed link speed setting bug - Improved special charector USB ID recognize bug
  11. Well I really dont know what might be wrong with 4.58 as I have been playing with it for 5-6h (mostly 16/44.1 and some 96/24 from Qobuz no dsp on in my Roon ROCK).
  12. I run 4.58 with Roon without any problem. Only thing I have changed is buffer time to 0.45s and 100BASE-T.
  13. Well I usually uses Firefox as web browser but after downloading 4.57 in Chrome the extracted file is now the same size as yours. Cant remember having problems with Firefox not being able to download files correctly.
  14. I have tried different web browsers but still the same outcome, tried different programs for extracting and still the .img file is not bigger than the download.
  15. Well that is the problem that after I have extracted it with winRAR it is still 2,8GB...strange have never encountered this problem with other .img files that I have extracted.
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