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  1. I have my two SR4 powersupply on 24/7 powering my SOtM sMS-200ultra Neo and tX-USBultra. The SR4 and SOtM:s are placed on four seperate small shelfs on top of eachother behind my rack (built in-wall so the backside is closed) and the SR4 are warm but not to warm. If I recall right when I measured my SOtM kit they only draw around 0,6A each.
  2. I have the old 200W modell (No LT3045 and the 19V outputs share the ground). I have encountered some problems with it. First: I run all four rails and power ISP fiber modem with 5Vdc, router with 19Vdc, switch with 12Vdc and a NUC with Roon ROCK with 19Vdc and all loads are small perhaps 1.5A on 5Vdc and around 1A on 19Vdc and it runs hot and by that I mean so hot I think it will be damaged by it so I cool it with a fan, no big deal but to run 10A on the 19Vdc rail I think it will have a meltdown Second: Twice after some power surge or something on the net it has shutdown and needed to be powered down and restarted to put out power again but this is normall I think as the circuits to keep it safe are working (fingers crossed that it will do this if something goes really wrong). Third: Both my 19Vdc outputs stoped working (both the 19V and the 19-5V at the same time). I contacted Larry and he directly told me it was the potentiometer at the back that changes the 19-5V output that was broken (it was broken as the ohm was really strange on it and this affects both 19V outputs) he sent me a replacement (not exactly the same one) and this new one was not made to be mounted through a hole so I bought one from Elfa distrelec that was the exakt same one that was originaly mounted and soldered yhis one in and it works as it should right now. If you look on forums there have been lots of problems with the old 160W and the old 200W so once again see this with the new 200W is a bit well not so good. To put four rails in this small box and the be able to draw this amount of power from them is perhaps not the best way of doing things.
  3. I also use Fing app to show my network devices. Usually my Ultra switches between two different IP adresses. Today I ended up re-burning the SD card with 4.56. Eunhasu was not working and after I restarted it on the front button it was not showing up on the network and no lights were blinking at the ethernet port. With a new image everything was back to normal (before I did this I could play music so nothing wrong before I tried to enter Eunhasu and did a restart).
  4. I use the IP adress of my Ultra to get in to Eunhasu and it works but Eunhasu is really slow today and looks kind of strange 🤪 SOtM clearly have problems that comes and goes over time this is the first time that it has looked like this to me.
  5. @Paoz open Eunhasu webpage, open Roon settings page (it is where you activate Roon) . Change buffer settings to higher value it might be 0.1s when you open the page I think I have 0.2s now.
  6. Have you tried to change the buffer settings under Roon in Eunhasu?
  7. That was not what I meant. Clearly SOtM have some problems in the code running Squeezelite or LMS in their products and Roon supplys the code for Roon RAAT and hence it is tested to work as it should with a Roon endpoint before it is sent out. I dont know what you mean with this as Roon RAAT is the protocol Roon uses between "Core" and "Endpoint" to communicate. SOtM uses Roon code to implement the RAAT protocol to act as a Roon Endpoint and Roon have worked as it should in every update since 4.22 so clearly there are some work being done by Roon to have this protocol working as it should. Perhaps I missunderstand your thoughts
  8. Perhaps it's just so easy that Roon writes the RAAT protocol that SOtM uses for it's Roon Ready and free of bugs as it's tested by Roon.
  9. Yep mine does that to, have not tried to get rid of that as it comes back.
  10. Firmware 4.56 available in Eunhasu GUI now.
  11. I also made the update, no problems with Roon.
  12. Some pictures from the inside. http://www.the-ear.net/how-to/power-supply-design-innuos-statement
  13. Updated from 4.51 to 4.54 in Eunhasu today without any problems took around 5 minutes. Roon works as it should.
  14. @Cloth Ears you need to download and burn the image to the SD card. At the bottom of this page is the link to download 4.5.2 http://docs.sotm-audio.com/doku.php?id=en:eunhasu:burn_sdcard_image I installed 4.5.2 yesterday and all was fine with Roon but this morning the blinking light syndrome was back 😡 will do a reboot later today to see if it goes away.
  15. Downloaded and burnt to my SD card. Roon works as it should but Eunhasu is still very slow and unresponsive.
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