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Found 46 results

  1. I must say I find this download very impressive. This really sounds as if being there. The label has a very good track record. Their previous releases has all been 96 pcm, and very very good indeed but this DXD takes it all up a notch. If this is exemplary for DXD recordings then that is what I will be searching for. DXD recommendations please! Sound Liaison; Carmen Gomes sings the Blues.
  2. Hello everybody, long story the shortest (...), I have a very vintage stereo system to whom I am finally going to add a DAC within xmas, got it as my present, the idea was to use an old MacMini as a music/movie server but found out that iTunes is very poor sound quality wise and the Mini is too old to run a recent software able to play lossless music (even tho there must sure be but I didn't look too much for one) and the Mini is a little bit noisy, no big deal but if I could take less space and less punch in the eye and being able to use a higher quality sound output software to then stream the music to the DAC I'd be happier. I know the Pi is a little powerhouse and saw many projects but the vast majority includes a DAC which I won't need so, to summarise, I only need a device capable to play music both locally (through a micro SD I suppose) and/or through a NAS and a software which can take advantage of high quality lossless music; I played with Audirvana for a little and I like it enough even tho some quirks, I haven't found a version to run on an old Mac OS but I'd like something similar whose interface can be run off a smartphone. Hardware wise, what does it take to arrange such a thing? Besides the Pi, which so far I seem to understand being on a Rev 3+, I guess a sound card with either optical/usb/output, is that correct? Any discussion to point me at so I can start and learn about it all? Grazie Giovanni
  3. I just received this from my friend Alex from the Netherlands and I can confirm that the code works. https://www.soundliaison.com/index.php/536-sound-liaison-dxd-music-sampler
  4. Dear fellow audio enthusiast, Today I published a first draft of mpd-monitor, a minimal load and realtime monitor of an audiostream as handled by mpd. A screencast says it all: Details and documentation are available at the gitlab repository: https://gitlab.com/ronalde/mpd-monitor/. When you experience bugs or issues, which will be the case, please submit those in the gitlab project. I would like to hear your thoughts. Happy listening and monitoring, Ronald
  5. Greetings. I run a Win 7 PC as a source to my Audioengine A5+ speakers paired to a Topping D50s DAC to stream FLAC music files. Wondering which option I should select from the given sample and bitrates.
  6. I recently started using my Sony HAP-S1 to play more music and have noticed an issue in which certain songs have late starts, I'm talking fractions of a second. For instance, a song that begins with a bass drum kick paired with a cymbal crash will instead begin with the resonance of that cymbal.I've messed with fade options, gapless playback, etc. I play flac files, and the native files play fine off of my computer and phone. I have the latest firmware.
  7. As a dedicated Apple user, which format should I select to download high-resolution music files? I have used other sites where the only option is FLAC. I have converted these files to use on my Mac and iPhone, but hate managing two different sets of the same songs. Often times I am in another location, non-mobile, but not at home when I am listening. I am trying out JRiver’s Media Center, which is a manageable price – streaming is not high on my priority list. If someone invites or wants me to listen to some songs, they are often provided in the FLAC format. Yes, I realize FLAC and AIFF are about the same, but iTunes still doesn’t play FLAC files. Hence, my trial before moving to JRiver. Any thoughts?
  8. Sound Liaison has released a handy sampler to test your DAC's preference. http://www.soundliaison.com/all-categories/6-compare-formats Test your DAC! Format Comparison sampler Which format is best for your DAC? Every DAC has it's own character, some sounds better using PCM files and some sounds better using DSD files...... Some people find the convenience of FLAC files more important. Here on this page is a list containing 2 minutes of a song in 11 different formats. The song is called 'A Fool For You' and is performed by Carmen Gomes Inc. It’s taken from the album 'Carmen Sings The Blues'. http://www.soundliaison.com/studio-showcase-series/276-carmen-gomes-sings-the-blues All the different formats have the same source file, DXD 352kHz (Studio Master). We used the AUL ConverteR 48x44 for the conversion to DSD and Wavelab for the conversion to the other PCM formats and FLAC. When you compare different sample rates always start with the lowest resolution. During listening don't focus too much, hearing is as individual as taste but hearing is also something which can be acquired, like the taste of good wine. You can choose from the following formats: 1. DXD 352kHz 2. PCM 192kHz 3. PCM 176kHz 4. PCM 96kHz 5. PCM 44kHz 6. DSD 256 7. DSD 128 8. DSD 64 9 . FLAC 352kHz 10. FLAC 192kHz 11. FLAC 96kHz
  9. Ever since abandoning the Apple iTunes/iPod world for a FiiO X5 and Roon life has been a heckuva lot better. I use a MacMini as a media server with Plex and Roon. The only hole is this nirvana is managing the files that I'd like to copy to my FiiO when I travel. In short... is there a Mac OS app that will catalog my music directories or (even better) read my Roon database and allow me to do iTunes-ish things when copying music to my FiiO? How do I come close to the iPod/iTunes experience with Roon (or a directory of FLAC, WAV, DSF files) and my FiiO? Thanks, Adam
  10. Hi, I am from Ace Records. For those of you who don't know us, we are a UK based re-issue label specialising in predominantly american blues, soul, funk & Rock 'n' Roll from the 50s through to the early 80s. We have a huge catalogue and a reputation for high quality audio on CD. Whilst we are already selling digitally on iTunes etc and have 320kbps MP3s available from our own site, we are keen to explore making high definition tracks available from our site too. Rather than just jump into this, I thought it would be beneficial to ask people who live and breathe this stuff each day for their opinion. What I'd be interested to know is: a) Would you be interested in us making hd tracks available? b) What formats (wav vs flac etc) and bit rates etc would you be interested in? (Please be specific on your requirements) c) What suggestions do you have for how to get the word out to people who might be interested? Many thanks for anyone who would like to contribute. The bigger success this is the higher the chances of us doing more in this area. Thanks. Chris
  11. Hi all, Brand new member here but I have been a "budget audiophile" for 20+ years. Starting in 2004 I began ripping my CD's to FLAC and since 2005 I have been wirelessly streaming music to my Cambridge integrated amp/speakers and separate headphone setup. My platform up until two weeks ago has been a pair of Squeezebox Classics and Logitech Media Server running on a Windows 7 computer. Two weeks ago one of my Squeezebox players died. I considered getting another one from the used market but decided that maybe it was time to move on. So, I am into the trial period of JRiver (which I like so far). I also picked up a WDTV Play on sale just to try it out and it works OK when feeding a signal through optical to my DAC and headphone amp. My other Squeezebox is still connected to the Cambridge amp. I am using BubbleUpnp to control things and it works fine with the WDTV but not so well with the remaining Squeezebox. The setup works fine with Jriver's Gizmo Android app but there is apparently some BubbleUpnp conflict that I haven't been able to correct. I'd like to stay with BubbleUpnp as the controller because it has the ability to stream Spotify from my rooted Nexus tablet. So, I guess I'm looking for a budget friendly replacement for my remaining Squeezebox that could possibly stream gapless (the WDTV doesn't). Here are my questions that I'm hoping to get some feedback/input on: 1. Is there a way to correct the apparent incompatibility problem with BubbleUpnp and Squeezebox/LMS? If so that would allow me to keep what I have, at least for now. 2. If there isn't a fix, is there another UPnP android app that can get me access to Spotify that I'm not aware of? 3. What are some possible streaming boxes, other than WDTV that can handle FLAC (gapless a plus) and have optical out to a DAC. I'm willing to pay more than the $50 I did for the WDTV but I'd like to keep it under $300 if possible. I don't need any DAC capabilities, just an optical out. I'm not opposed to DIY if it's not too involved. I know my budget is pretty tight but I thought I'd pose the question anyway. Thanks in advance for the help!
  12. My system (so was my relative mania) was laid to rest for several years. Since my (once was reference, very expensive) cd player refused to wake up, I turned to computer based audio (using my MBP Retina 15”). I used to hear differences based on the cleaning fluid applied on my vinyls (cleaner grooves are wider grooves; i.e. the bass extension provided by Smart - Premier Pre-Cleaner, even on brand new records, is amazing); I could not resist exploring sonic impacts in the computer audio realm. Here are my findings: Respect endianness (relates to file/processor interaction ; further readings might be : The FLAC Audio Format | Start at Zero and aiff). Apple discretely turned AIFF little endian: it matters. FLAC is big endian while Intel processors are little endian. WAV is the uncluttered little endian file format: convert your files to wav just before playing (store flacs for size & tagging). It takes seconds with XLD (Mac) and it’s free (though we should all donate). Yes FLAC offers lossless compression and all your bits are there; but it doesn’t sound as good as AIFF-C and WAV is even better. Because of endianness. To exit any process that can have a hold on a file, including the Finder, seems best practice. Minimize CPU load Yes, you already know that and quit all unnecessary applications etc, but… Using Audirvana +, I heard horrors when streaming audio files from my Time Capsule, because of longer processing times keeping the processor highly active while the track had started playing. Google “RFI” and you will know why it sounds awful. Now I first import on my ssd and wait for the cpu load to come back to zero or so before I launch a track. I wish Damien Plisson would implement an option allowing us to preprocess and load a whole album in RAM, ahead. I think that the sequential processing from track to track is a major design flaw that defeats part of the “Full memory play” promise; in the “Tracks loading, decoding, format conversion complete before playback to ensure best Sound Quality” claim, there should not be a “s” to (more than a few)tracks. Check your Activity Monitor. For the same reason of almost continuous cpu load and thus, RFI, playing isos was also unbearable to my ears. Take the time to extract dff from your isos with sacd extract. EQ & deess I love my music scary, to involve my whole skin in the listening experience. I can comfortably enjoy the 2 drums + 2 basses interplays in Daft Punk/Moroder’s Georgio and be worried for my things and walls by the deep electronic notes at the very end: I don’t listen through headphones. And thus have room interactions. I enjoyed Amarra very much, over Audirvana, until I could go further with a Audirvana 1.54/iZotope Alloy 2 combo. My eq is based on Amarra’s setting for classical with an emphasis of the deep in the 800 Hz region, maybe because of my room. Amarra’s : My EQ : My deesser setting : the whole idea is to apply a dynamic eq that never interferes with acoustic music (never saw my deesser triggered by any kind of classical music). Do I interfere with the original mix, the artist (engineer) intention etc ? oh yeah ! So do you anyway by the mere simple act of playing back music on your system with its idiosyncratic characteristics. I feel perfectly comfortable, subtly and surgically, smoothing vocals when they are shrieking on a reference grade system because of a mix/mastering for cheap record players years ago or smartphones nowadays. Give it a try: you will crank the volume up and get a much more concert like, realistic, playback. Think twice about DSD Especially if you’re a Mac user. I purchased the TEAC UD 501 partly because of its DSD capabilities. However, I now convert to PCM through Audirvana (cleaner to my ears than Audiogate, though with a loss of bass weight). Mainly, it allows me to benefit from iZotope Alloy 2. With a slightly different eq to compensate for the loss of bass weight : Furthermore, though Audirvana can feed the TEAC via DoP (and bits are preserved, OK) it does not automatically detect the device as DSD native though it is. I wonder (read : I doubt) if the global process is optimum. Anyway, I never liked what I heard feeding the TEAC with DSD from the Mac (DoP mode); I enjoy very much my converted eqed dff files… Choose the right filter There might be a rational for playing back pcm through the TEAC with a sharp filter for redbook, a slow filter for 96 K, and no filter above… Well, now we get bored, don’t we ? I turned the upconverter on and the PCM filter off and am happy… ("Minimal Phase filter", see : Archimago's Musings: MEASUREMENTS: Digital Filters and Impulse Response... (TEAC UD-501)). Cheers , Le Concombre Masqué P.S. : I have long been an analogue enthusiast and record collector. I have been blown away by what Paul Stubblebine did on Waltz for Debby for HDtracks (I own a test pressing of the Acoustic sounds 45 rpm ; always found it much inferior to its SatVV sibling though) or by what Kevin Reeves did on the Velvets for HDtracks (I own an unbrushed Eric Emerson cover very first pressing).
  13. Hi all, just letting you know that Uncle Art's new 2016 album of retro games music (remade) from games such as Starglider, Frontier Elite II, Carrier Command, Beneath A Steel Sky and Geoff Hammond's F1 Grand Prix is out now. I've heard it and it's terrific! Especially the live orchestra for Frontier's theme. The tracks are available on MP3 and FLAC format (to satisfy the HiRes audiophile within us) > A TEMPORAL SHIFT MP3 / Flac - A Temporal Shift
  14. Indian Summer Sale at Sound Liaison and a generous Blue Coast offer Sound Liaison has started their sale with 33% off on all files and BlueCoast has a 50% off offer if one spends more than 40$. The 2 labels have a number of highly recommendable files.... https://www.soundliaison.com/ http://store.bluecoastmusic.com/
  15. Hi all, I own some DSD files encapsulated into FLAC container. I do not know who is the author of those files but they play well on my previous Lumin Music player. Today I've tested those files in Jriver 18 but It don't play them. Jriver perfectly read tags of those flacs but if I listen to the sound I can hear only noise. I've some other .dff files that jriver play well. So my questions are: 1) there is some way to play those flacs in Jriver? 2) there is some tool to extract .dff files from those flacs ? thank you all.
  16. I've been keeping all of my music files as APE for years but I'm considering converting them all to FLAC as FLAC seems to enjoy better support. Any recommendations for a program to mass convert around 100k files?
  17. Anyone know of any good sites that offers buying DSD/FLAC files from abroad ie. outside the US? I tried to order from AcousticSounds.com and they don't allow it where I live.
  18. Andrew Everard's heads-up : « This afternoon's 'back to mono' experience comes courtesy of the gorgeous Applewood Road set from Linn Records – single microphone, straight-to-tape, and amazing harmonies. linnrecords.com/recording-applewood-road.aspx »
  19. Ok here is skinny: I'm going to take Holst The Planets, Telarc 20 Bit CD, featuring Yoel Levi and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and rip track one (Mars, The Bringer of War). The rip will be with EAC and full 1411Kbps (16/44.1). I will then make 9 more copies of the original ripped file and all the MD5 checksums will match. So a total of 10 files. This will be stored in a folder called round 1. I will make another folder with another 10 copies called round 2. For both folders one file will be randomly chosen. Then converted to FLAC, then zipped, then unzipped, and converted back to WAV and maintain the same MD5 checksum. I will post a password protected zip with a key to which one of the 10 in round 1 and round 2 are the wav/flac/zip/unzip/wav. All file creation / modification times will be the same. This is open to the first 3 respondents. PM me for the FTP site and credentials. You'll have 24 hours after I send the login information to evaluate and PM me your results. I'll screen record the entire file creation process and make it available on youtube after. It's time to put this absurd notion of MD5 identical files sounding different due to conversion or compression to pasture.
  20. Hello, I'd love to know what, if anything, I could do to improve the audio quality of my setup. Not that it doesn't satisfy currently, but, you know, with the addiction and all...I'm just curious if there are any obvious places where I could look to improve. What could my upgrade path look like? Here's how I listen to music: 1) Rip the CD to FLAC using Max 2) Put the files on an off the shelf Buffalo something or other wireless NAS that has DLNA built in 3) Connect the NAS to an airport extreme 4) Connect a separate airport express to my Marantz SR7005 via LAN (The Marantz reads the NAS off the network) 5) Take the digital optical out of the Marantz into a Rega DAC 6) Rega DAC RCA out to a Primaluna Dialogue Two integrated tube amp 7) Out to a pair of Quad 22L2 floor standers and a pair of REL R205 subs Any weak points in the system? I'm not really looking to swap out speakers, I'm more thinking about the source and signal path. Are there better ways of doing this? My computer and NAS are in a different room and I need to keep it that way. I don't know much about digital audio...I always thought it's ones and zeros, sound is either all there or not, but apparently there's other factors at play... Any suggestions? Thanks a million!
  21. This is my first post so bear with me. I've used mp3 on cell phones etc for years but recently ripped all my CDs to both mp3 and FLAC using dB Power Amp. I am looking to setup a high quality 2 channel FLAC audio system using a NAS. I have an older high end Yamaha receiver which lacks HDMI. A Schiit Modi 2 is in my near future as is some 2 or 4 bay Synology NAS. Q1. Are those DAC and NAS a reasonably good choice? Will they just boot and play nicely together? Q2. In Synology Audio Station I would set the NAS to playback on "usb speaker" in order to get the FLAC out the usb port and into the DAC. When playing a NAS video presumably the audio portion of the video still goes over the eithernet [don't care if this also goes over USB port]. Q3. There seems to be so many Synology NAS models, including last years models still available from some on-line sellers. What do I need to look for in order for this setup to work? Is there a series that I should be looking at? [+, +II, j, se, play, etc] [I also have a 2016 55" 4K HDR TV but I don't think I will be trying to use the NAS to upscale to 4K, or even 1080p]. [on the TV side; the TV, Blu-ray, android box etc will play their audio via a HDMI switch with analog audio breakout connected to receiver input] Thanks John
  22. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has tried any of The Rolling Stones FLAC albums from the Stones Archive? Here is the link: Stones Archive The Brussels Affair | Rolling Stones - The Brussels Affair - FLAC Download | Shop the Stones Archive Official Store Are they any good? Is there one that is better than the others? Thanks
  23. I got this album from http://www.highresaudio.com as download. My first impression is that i am missing the whole fundament, it sound as if the subwoofer is off duty... - remastered by Jimmy Page himself. Did i had a bad day or am i dreaming? any comments appreciated.
  24. My main music library is mostly FLAC, but I like to have AAC copies in iTunes. I found an automatic and free utility to do this, which although not updated in a long time, works fine with High Sierra and iTunes 12. https://github.com/cbguder/FLAC2iTunes
  25. Just incase you missed it, Apple has added FLAC playback in High Sierra and iOS 11. This will make previewing music libraries much easier. Hopefully FLAC compatibility will be coming to iTunes soon too.
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