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  1. Listening now. It is very good indeed. Juraj Stanik is a superb musician.
  2. Will buy soon...but isn´t all solo piano recordings more or less a One Mic recording?
  3. Kohashi is also on the https://trptk.com/shop/elegy/ label, very nice album;
  4. They just released another ´´laid back´´ jazz album. Vibraphone, piano and upright bass, delicious music and SQ but indeed very laid back. I like it but it is jazz ,and very well played jazz as well. Born to be Blue
  5. I remember that Linda Ronstadt album. I like Simple Man. It still has a reasonable SQ by today's standards.
  6. I think they probably will release it in the near future. The youtube film is only just released on their youtube channel. check the notes when you press ''show more'' underneath the video;
  7. The 24/96 was only $10 when the introduction offer was on, just like the Witmer Trio album is now as we speak.
  8. strange this is on you tube but it is not on the S.L. site...
  9. Very nice indeed. One mic is getting a trend. Those Cuniberti recordings are most welcome. And forum member ''HIFI'' just reminded everybody on the DXD recording thread, that Sound Liaison asks for feedback on the Carmen Gomes one mic recording. So everybody lets encourage them to continue: https://www.soundliaison.com/index.php/contact-us
  10. I agree and I have responded, yet I must say that the new Witmer Trio album, sounds incredible as well, a friend of mine called it 4 dimensional 😊 not surewhat she meant but anyway, I'd prefer if they will continue with the traditional approach as well as the phenomenal one mic recording.
  11. What about the clock? Isn't that also very important? https://www.soundonsound.com/techniques/does-your-studio-need-digital-master-clock
  12. Yes very very impressive indeed. Good old multi channel sound quality😊
  13. I thought the original format was 16 bit? Great sounding 16 bit indeed.
  14. I just commented on another thread about how good the bass and drum sound is on this recording. Unbelievable that you can achieve that with only one microphone. I wonder why that kind of recordings are so rare.
  15. It´s a fantastic recording. On the louder pieces the vocals are indeed a bit further back, but on the softer songs like ``Where Can I Go Without you" her singing is as good as ever. And I agree with Joe that it is the best single mic recording I have ever heard. Drums and bass especially sounds superb. The biggest problem I have with this recording is that when I put on a normal ''multi mic'' recording after having listened to this one, it sounds so unnatural 😊 I sure hope they continue with this way of recording.
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