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  1. There is few days left of their sale SOUND LIAISON SALE on all albums but, as I've forgotten to do it myself, don't forget to fill in the coupon code; RAINBOWS
  2. Steffen Granly , the tuba player from Braskiri looks a bit bigger😁
  3. That is indeed a form of compression.
  4. New equally impressive one mic recording just released; Braskiri Live at MCO (One Microphone Recording)
  5. Superb! Beautifully written music and I just love those low Tuba bass lines!
  6. Yes and the compression is done very musical. Kick drum and bass guitar sounds so fat.
  7. ECM recordings are available as downloads and streaming at various places. I have yet to hear an album which have not been well recorded from that company. Music is maybe a bit ''difficult'' at times but SQ is always top.
  8. I think that album is the album that started many an audiophile.
  9. https://www.eclassical.com/conductors/litton-andrew/holst-elgar-the-planets-enigma-variations.html are having their xmas sale this month. and I can recommend the above album also for people not really liking classical music, but for speaker testing you need at least one classical album in my opinion.
  10. They don't make covers like that no more😊.
  11. Great price for these superb recordings. It´s $ 7.50 for the ultimate speaker placement tool!
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