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  1. They don't make covers like that no more😊.
  2. Great price for these superb recordings. It´s $ 7.50 for the ultimate speaker placement tool!
  3. Look at the session photos; Witmer Trio Liner notes and session photos.
  4. I don't like the idea of Amazon and music. That company is all about big profits. Musicians and composers watch out!
  5. Hi Mev, could you place a link? I can't read the title.
  6. Robert Glasper is such a talent. I believe he helps keep jazz young.
  7. True. But I still find their older multi mic recordings very good too. Check out ; these are some of their first releases and they do stand the test of time. So I think we should not underestimate the mastering skills of the head engineer Frans De Rond.
  8. Very interesting article indeed. Thanks for posting.
  9. I have followed both trios for years. Especially Marcin proves the importance of Bill Evans legacy´.
  10. Indeed that is how I experience the One Mic recordings as well and to a certain degree also the Witmer Trio, so it is not only the One Mic approach but also the mastering that Frans De Rond does, I guess.
  11. I am very happy that Frans De Rood with his golden ears and years of experience and know how That is why all those Sound Liaison recordings sounds so good. However, I would find it very interesting if they would release a couple of "pure" tracks for comparing.
  12. Thanks Joe for taking the time to write such an informative review, highly appreciated. I've been a fan of this label for a long time. Great there is still a few people left in this world who likes good and well played jazz. What I really like about these recordings besides the superior S.Q. is as Joe writes; These musicians plays with all they've got and there is no fixing it in the mix. That energy and realness really jumps out of my speakers. So in other words it is the ''imperfection'' that makes these recordings so fantastic.
  13. But to my ear these sounds very different, much better on speakers, compared to the Chesky, that´s for sure.
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