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Found 22 results

  1. i have engaged in a rip journey to transform the cd piles in wav files on a synology media server DSP214play now, the whole ripping and tagging process it is not exactly a breeze, it looks more more like a trial & error process or a steeplechase race... whilst consulting the fifth edition (2015) of robert harley's audio guide i read with amazement on p 220 'the downside of wav is that they have no provision for embedded metadata ... you could create a large music library as wav files on an nas drive ... only to discover that the metadata disappears when your drive is connected to another server... you can move your wav files to another server but the metadata will be unreadable by the new server...' is this true? am presently set on XLD (for ripping) and kid3 (for further tag editing) both on macbook also downloaded wav audio files from qobuz - including what appears to me as embedded metadata (??) is there somebody who can comment and expand on the statements of robert harley and explain what are in practical terms the limitations, constraints and risks of tagging wav files?
  2. Hello All, My first post here so firstly want to say thanks to all the members as I have learnt alot from you all. I am a novice in the area of computer audio so have spent some time going through the DAC and Disk Storage sections and find that my situation sits somewhere in between. I currently have a Synology 214Play NAS that I use to store my music which is connected directly via usb to my M51 DAC. The NAS come with a very good audio app that I use to play music directly without the addition of a computer. After reading many threads I find the general concensus is that a good USB to spdif converter will help to improve the sound of my current setup over direct usb. I have limit choices from where I am and want to have compatibility with my NAS. This narrows me down to the M2Tech HiFace EVO. Thanks to Elberoth for your review. My choice for the Evo is a combination of availability and compatibility. Finally to my questions as I have not found much discussion relating to this. How is the EVO's performance partnered with the accompanying Evo Supply in comparison to the power supply from Teddy Pardo? Are they the same thing or would Evo's own supply provide the better sound? Lastly as my DAC can automatically switch between my 44.1k and higher quality files, will adding the EVO between the NAS and DAC still provide the automatic detection? Thanks in advance for any advice or any alternatives. Andrew
  3. Though my Cambridge Audio 851N is specced to stream WAV PCM 16-24 bit 32-192kHz, problem occurs when playing back WAV 24 bit 192kHz; i.e. at beginning of track playback stumbles and stutters very shortly once - or twice. After that initial failing no more gaps further on. From NAS DS214play audio is streamed over Ethernet cable and Netgear JGS516 switch (16-Port 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit). LAN is not loaded apart from audio streaming. Problem does not occur with smaller files e.g. 24 bit 96kHz tracks is rendered without any hesitation. I have tested playback of same WAV 24 bit 192kHz files thru USB stick plugged in the 851N and they playback convincingly without stutter. I also did test rendering on other devices and the results are: a. Playback of identical WAV 24 bit 192kHz tracks from very same NAS DS214play through same LAN (id ethernet connected to same switch) on macbook early 2009 OS X 10.10.5 and UPnP media player VLC version 2.2.1 happens flawlessly without any stumble. b. Moreover, simultaneous replay - again id tracks from id NAS, through id switch and additionally router + wireless AP TL-ER604W from TP Link - on iPhone 5 with DS Audio UPnP app (from Synology), also very convincingly without hesitation - admittedly optimal location of iPhone 5 and no use at all on wifi other than subject streaming. DS214play is generously specced (see attached) and from testing it does not look like a NAS issue and points IMHO to an issue with the Cambridge Audio 851N streamer. What can be done to cure drop-out? Any experience, opinions, help, advice out there? Thanks in advance Eric DS214play - Products - Synology - Network Attached Storage (NAS).pdf
  4. Folks: I want to set up a NAS for my house for audio files only. This will be my first NAS. I currently have about 1 to 1.5 TB of audio files including a modest number of HiRes files and 44/16 in FLAC and a fairly large collection of ISO files (from SACDs). I am sure that my wife and I will continue to purchase digital files (both HiRes and 44/16) but we spend most of our listening time listening through Roon (our own files plus Tidal CD-quality). So, although we may need to expand later, I think one of the Synology ds216 models (ds216, ds216se, ds216play) with two WD Red NAS 4TB drives and a couple of WD external drives (WDBFJK0040HBK-NESN) for backup (one local one stored at my office) would allow me to serve our existing collection and to learn about the care and feeding of a NAS. Although broader advice is welcome, my primary question at this point is: Which model of the ds216? Thanks, Mike
  5. I'm currently seeking out solutions to this problem: I currently have a growing number of 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB external drives and it's becoming a pain to manage. I've been storing everything manually in duplicates (1 copy to drive A and 1 to drive B as an example). I'm trying to find the best and easiest solution to having at least 2 if not 3 copies of my entire music collection, and I would like one of those copies to be off-site. I am trying to decide between: 1. several large external Hard drives (4 to 6 8TB external drives - I have about 16TB's of music so 2-3 copies of 2 8TB drives). 2. A USB or thunderbolt external Raid Box ? 3. A Synology 916Play with 2-4 8TB drives 4. Any of the above but copy number 3 being stored in the cloud (G-Drive, Amazon Cloud) - Note: I have a G-Drive now (only with about 1TB of files stored) and I find that the upload times are sooo slow, I could not imagine how many years it would take to upload 16TB's to it! 5. As another person posted here, sounds like a better alternative to cloud storage for backup may be to purchase 2 Synology 916 NAS, on on-site and a second as backup at my brothers or a friends house? What are the advantages to a NAS vs. an external RAID box? Is a raid Box or NAS superior to several external hard drives ? (8TB external HD's are the cheapest option for certain vs a NAS or RAID box). Thanks for any suggestions !
  6. Hi, I just installed minimserver in my Synology NAS 216play. My config is minimserver in NAS -> USB -> DAC. No additional hardware streamer like computer to DAC. I downloaded the control point BubbleUPnP in my android. I can see the albums. However, I cannot play them. What else I need to setup? I am OK to listen music using synology DS audio, but the quality is not good. I don't know how to config minimserver so that I can output music (whatever formats, wav, flac, dsf) thru USB to DAC. Don't know which uPnP apps I can use in my android phone too. I tried BubbleDS Next, BubbleUPnP, Kinsky.....all can only browse minimserver's album list, but cannot select the DAC as the output device. As in the app, my DAC is not in the list.....just my AV amp/my phone are in the list for song output. Can anymore share the experience on using minimserver on NAS->USB->DAC setup?
  7. I have been offer Synology - DS411+II & Seagate 2TB SATA III Mod. ST2000DM001 - 7200 RPM 64MB for 1,300US$ in Spain. Any other models/configuration that would cost less? I need 6TB for storage. Thanks
  8. Hi Folks, My first post here - just got re-introduced to nice audio reproduction. I wonder if anyone has used a Synology NAS and its Audio Station app with an integrated amp, such as the NAD D3020, connected via USB. I own a NAD D3020, constantly amazed by it, and Sonos Connect to render music via coax. Sonos works pretty well with my crappy, almost useless, NAS (Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive Cloud Edition) for 16/44 flac files. A caveat of Sonos is its inability to render above 16 bit/44 kHz files. The DAC in the D3020 can do it but the stupid Iomega has no chance at bridging the connection. The ideal setup is to upgrade our NAS to Sonolgy and have it render music to the D3020 via USB because we don't want to connect/disconnect our laptop every time we want to play 24 bit files. NAD supplies drivers for the D3020 to function downstream of my PC. My guess is that USB direct from Synology to D3020 might not work without drivers for the Synology control software. Alternative suggestions or solutions appreciated! Plan B is a media server such as CAPS or other instead of Synology and adding Synology later. Thanks!
  9. I have a DS214SE NAS that I use as a FLAC files storage device with wired connection to my router, then router to Musical Fideilty CliC streamer, also wired. The set-up was very easy as one would expect with UPnP and I was streaming quality music in no time, using the MF control point app on my iPad. The problem is that the only control point app that does not clip 5 seconds off the end of every song is the Musical Fidelity app. All the other apps I have tried which includes Kinsky, Creation 5 (nice app) PlugPlayer and Synology DS Audio, the music stops 5 seconds before the end of the song and the next song (if there is one in the queue) starts playing. The same thing happens if I use my Macbook and Synology browser interface Audio Station. However, the strange thing is that if I stream the music back to the iPad or Macbook instead of the CliC, regardless of control point app, then the full song plays. Unfortunately, the only app that works properly (the MF app) does not have the ability to create playlists and is very basic in operation. I also installed MinumServer on the NAS and selected that as source, but the same problem exists. Any help appreciated.
  10. I am setting up a Synology NAS to store music files. It will be accessed by my Mac Mini. Any suggestions on set up? I'll be using itunes and probably Jriver and Roon.
  11. I have had a WD My Cloud NAS with 4TB (2 x 2TB drives) on a RAID 1 configuration for years and it's worked wonderfully. All I need this for is really to store my collection of movies, music, etc. and to be able to read it from my different local network devices, like Kodi on my Fire TV devices, etc. The disks are now full, so I decided to buy another NAS with more storage. After minimal research and based almost solely on Amazon reviews, I bought a Synology DiskStation DS216se diskless NAS and two Toshiba X300 7200 RPM 6TB hard drives. I was able to install this all in a heartbeat and I do like the Synology interface and features a lot, but I am not after the bells and whistles. My only dislike is that the NAS sits next to my desktop and it has a fan (something I didn't look into before buying). I haven't had other NAS with fans before, so I am not sure whether this is considered loud or not, but I am not liking the constant hum next to me as I work. I am now considering returning the Synology and replacing it with a WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra for about the same price. Like my My Cloud, it's fanless. My only concern is that these Toshiba hard drives are 7200 RPM instead of the WD Red drives you get with the My Clouds when you buy them from WD (those are 5400 RPM) and I am not sure having faster drives that weren't really made for a NAS in a fanless NAS is a good idea. Thoughts?
  12. I am Trying to set up a NAS. I have about 1TB of music and video right now, but will have more in the future. I currently have minimal video content, and don't intend to purchase too much stuff anyway - I am more of a rent and watch once kind of guy. I intend, in the future, to have a dedicated component to act as a media server such as a NAIM, CAPS, Linn etc. For now I will use my MacBook Pro and Pure Music. I only have so much money to spend, and figure it might be better to spend any extra money on the DAC, but also want some sense of future-proofing for the NAS, as it is an expensive investment. So, with that being said: I am looking at a Synology 213+ with 2 2TB WD Green internal drives. I am wondering if should choose something with more processing power--Synology 713+? Or is that overkill for my needs?? Is the 413+ better (would give me more future storage, and more processing power, but costs more than the aforementioned 713+, and not sure I need all that memory (by the time I do, the NAS will probably be outdated anyway) Would my money be perhaps better spent on a better Internal Hard Drive such as WD Red 3TB or Black 4TB?? I know enough to know that I dont know what I need, and seek guidance please. Thanks, in advance.
  13. I have a Synology DS412+ unit with my music. MP3s and FLAC files and currently separated in to their own folders. I had in the past used iTunes but with zero FLAC support, and the additional fact that iTunes sucks IMHO... I'm not sure how best to organize my music. Is there any software for the NAS that will help me catalog all these files, remove dupes, etc? Is there software for the computer that will let me access all of these files with a user-friendly interface (like iTunes)?
  14. I am considering getting this neat little device from Synology, called a USB Station 2 (Google it) - so that I can stream music from my PC wirelessly (the USB Station 2 does wireless if you add a wireless USB dongle), direct to the USB Station 2 then out to my async USB DAC (connected of course via the USB Station 2). I can see from the instructions that you need to install the Synology software on the source PC, and the USB Station supports connectivity to DLNA devices (i.e. media players from PC's, except that Spotify is not a media player). I was considering installing Logitech Media Server (LMS) which would serve as my DLNA compliant software, then installing the Spotify plugin for LMS - but there maybe other options and this might not work with Synology. Thanks for your help.
  15. This is my first post here, a site I just recently found but have already much appreciated. My apologies in advance if this particular topic has already been addressed. As the title suggests, I'm looking into setting up NAS, and can't decide between using a Synology product or a Mac Mini with Thunderbolt storage attached. In terms of speed, I think the MM/T setup would be far faster. For example, Synology lists the max read speed of a DS412+ as about 180Mbps, while daisy-chained LaCie 2big's supposedly max out at 670Mbps (using 4+ separate units and RAID 0, I assume). From what I can tell, those numbers are approximately representative of both Synology and Thunderbolt options. In terms of versatility, it seems the MM would be superior, simply because it's a more fully-fledged computer that can be updated and upgraded more easily and thoroughly than a Synology product. As a result, I'm guessing it would also be the better machine if, in the future, someone else was trying to serve video in one room while I was listening to music in another. Obviously DSM 4.1 offers a lot of functionality that doesn't come standard with OS X, though I'm not sure how much of that gap remains if one installed OS X server on the MM. Either way, I don't think that'll affect my choice too much. As I understand things, the Synology's major advantage (depending on the model chosen) is price. As I'm not blessed with infinite income, that will be a major consideration. Most fundamentally, I don't imagine that either will give me a noticeably different sound when I'm actually listening, but please correct me if I'm wrong.
  16. Upgraded from synology 1512+ to 1817+ and added a pair of 60gb ssd as raid 1 cache and noted the following. BTW, am using nas to store files and accessing it via afp from macmini running jriver mc23 to sotm sms200 to ayon stealth dac. 1. No difference in first 5 hours or so as the ssd cache started to fill up. 2. Noted hard disk physical access began to reduced thereafter as files are accessed from the ssd. 3. Less noise from hard disk activity and also less noise from synology fans as the unit also ran with less heat as hard disk temperature goes down. 4. Faster access time when choosing new songs. 5. Sounded better controlled especially with stacato notes with tighter bass and treble rather than leaky decay. 6. Background was also darker. SSD cache is activated per volume basis and i think you would need to have all your music in one single volume to enjoy the cache. cheers,,,,pete
  17. hi all thinking about putting together a: Synology NAS / MinimServer / FLAC / Aries for the NAS the rack mountable RS814 has caught my eye but I'm a bit concerned about the grunt of the CPU another thread warned that transcoding = a heavy workload most of my files are red-book into FLAC (level 6) but there'll be more higher-res files in time further, if at a later date I added an RX415 - would this increase the load on the main NAS CPU to impossible levels? so, would the RS814 (Marvell Armada XP / 1.33 dual) be 'good enough' or would the RS814+ (Intel Atom / 2.13 dual) be a safer bet? any thoughts appreciated - thanks!
  18. Hi, I am traveling and suddenly my JRiver apps on MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad cannot find my music files on my Synology NAS. JRiver connects to the music server, the iMac, and can see the library/albums/songs, but when i choose a track nothing plays and I get the error message: Audio Streaming Error. There was a problem playing the current audio file. : Yet I can connect and play music using Synology's audio station app. Has anyone experienced this? Can this be fixed remotely or do I need to wait until I return home? Thanks Bill
  19. I'm seeking to purchase my first NAS; likely a 2 bay Synology. I'd appreciate any specific model recommendations. And, are there any specific features to consider? For instance, the ability to upgrade RAM OR the existence of 2 ethernet ports? What's the advantage of the second port? THANK YOU.
  20. How can you tell that I've been sort of a disciple of Chris since the beginning? He makes sense so when he recommends items on his C.A.S.H list, I read his reviews carefully. Mac Servers, C.A.P.S. servers, DACs, and NAS devices. So I've just admitted a weakness but in my defense, I'm an experimenter with audio so I "try" a lot of great products. What I'm selling today is a marvelous NAS device (but with Chris to blame, I also own two Drobo FS devices as well--just wait, I'll sell one of those someday) made by Synology. If NAS devices can be sexy, this is "more sexy" than the Drobo's but perhaps my libido needs a boost/or not so I may be biased. As you will see from the photos I have all four bays loaded with the same drives that I will include an extra brand new one should you purchase this package. I think 1Tb drives were the largest that I could get for these little fella's (laptop drives). I honestly don't know what this is worth but will try to find my receipts from last December when I bought them. Make me an offer until I get my head around how much I have invested in this. You want to talk, respond this this forum or tap me an email at [email protected] I'll even give you my office hours if you want to set up a phone dialog. Re: use. I've used this device for less than 30 hours with one of my Mac Mini servers. The drive has (I think its ALAC file but could be uncompress as well). I think the used space is 1.7 Tb. You may not like my taste in music so I could send it to you with my files (is that legal Chris?) or erase them before shipping. Computer Audiophile - Synology DS411 Slim Network Attached Storage (NAS) Review Best -- Kevin
  21. Presently, I have a Squeezebox Classic connected by ethernet to my router and my Synology Server also connected to the router by ethernet. The Squeezebox Classic is connected by spdif to a Benchmark DAC1 (no USB), which in turn connects to Atma-Sphere pre and m60s. It is enjoyable, but does not have the presence of my cd. I prefer to keep things as simple as possible, and I have considered a Rendu, and possibly upgrading to a Benchmark DAC2. Other than the cost savings, will the Orbiter be a step up or down from the Rendu. Alternately, could I simply buy a high quality USB Dac and connect it by USB to the Synology NAS (the NAS is close to my music electronics. Thank you for your thoughts. Alan [email protected]
  22. Hi! I am going to change my setup and would like to know if anyone is using a Synology NAS to serve music to iTunes/Pure Music successfully. Currently I am using a Firewire dac and a usb hard drive, but I am changing to a new Firewire ADC and a USB DAC so in order to take the server off either the FW or USB ports, I thought I would try a NAS again. I use a Synology remotely for backup and it works well for files and is totally reliable. My concern is whether there will be issue in delivering the metadata from my ALAC/AIFF files and whether anyone is experiencing dropouts. My mac mini will be the only device accessing the NAS and my network, although CAT5, has a gigabit switch and appears to be pretty robust in moving large files. Much of my music is 24/192 files from ripping lp's. So does anyone have experience using this NAS is a Mac environment? Thanks for the help. Peter Truce
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