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  1. Thanks, Kirk! I will give it a shot and report back.
  2. I downloaded John Legend’s “Bigger Love” from Quboz. It looks normal in JRiver’s Media Center and plans fine as well. Then, I decided to transfer the entire album to my iPhone. I haven’t tried this using JRiver yet, but decided to use Catalina’s Finder. First, I imported it to Music. While it looks normal in Music, on my iPhone, for the track names, all I see is “R&B,” listed for all of the names. If I play a track, I can see the actual title. I have tried deleting it and re-synching, but get the same results. (Yes, I am up to date on iOS.) Any suggestions?
  3. I use dbpoweramp to re-rip my CDs. Stuff that I purchased from years of using iTunes from 128 kbps and all, I left in Music. No disc burning software. And I haven't purchased any tunes from iTunes or Music in years. I've never changed those system preferences for CDs & DVDs. Music is opening, but I am not using it. I thought I would let it update and that would be that, but it's a constant thing. I would be very upset if I was using Music and it actually updated the images. Today, I see it updating the artist artwork, which I imagine are those little images that are
  4. I am using dbpoweramp and Music always gets in the way. I stick a disc in, and Music "Apple-y" opens. I don't need it open and I don't want it open. However, even with the settings shown above, Music still opens. Right before I close it, I see it updating images.
  5. Hello Doug! No, "Automatically update artwork" is not checked in Music Preferences. For music CD, I have it set to "Ignore. Should I change all settings to ignore? I definitely see the Update artwork status in the lower-left corner of Music. However, I can't see or tell if it's doing anything?
  6. One thing I always see Music doing is updating images. Unless I purchased the track from iTunes (Music), I did internet searches to get, better high-quality images. (Yup, I’m one of those!) Is there a way to stop this within Music? Or should I find something else like Little Snitch? I am using the latest version of Music and still on 10.15.3 I am no longer using Music, it just opens when I stick in a disc to rip with another program.
  7. Before you spend $800 or more, I would try to take it to Apple, or an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician, to get it checked out before buying a new one.
  8. I will give that a try, Kirk, and see how it goes. Any help is worth a try. Thanks!
  9. It's probably trying to look at both for booting. I would take out the card, reboot and make sure the internal SSD works before using the card. It really doesn't seem as thought the card is working. Eventually, you will have to have your computer checked out by an Apple support or another expert.
  10. Why use an SDcard, instead of an external SSD? https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Portable-MU-PA250B-AM-Alluring/dp/B073H552FK/ref=sr_1_8?keywords=ssd&qid=1582945609&refinements=p_89%3ASamsung%2Cp_n_feature_keywords_five_browse-bin%3A7688214011&rnid=7688213011&s=pc&sr=1-8
  11. Yeah, I figured as much, but was hoping beyond hope… With the many different versions of some albums, and artists redoing someone else’s work, I wish Apple would make it easier to search. Provide some advanced options that would allow us to narrow down the search. When searching for Prince, the Purple One, I get Will Smith, Prince Royce and a bunch of stuff from other “Princes.” Hence, my gradual move away from iTunes (uh, sorry, Music) – JRiver Media Center, qobuz and an external drive.
  12. For iTunes, there was a script called iTunes PowerSearch. Does one exist for the Music app? I am trying to find particular remixes, but the search on Music is very clunky — at its best! (I did check Doug's AppleScripts, but didn't find anything similar.)
  13. I think Doug might be on to something. I restored and synced, but I still see nothing. I can easily play the music on the iPod, though.
  14. Today, I had some extra time to kill. I spent some of the time syncing an iPod shuffle to Music. While Music told me the iPod software was up to date, it also allowed me to drag some music files to the iPod. (I did not use the Autofill function.) I don’t see them displayed when I look at my iPod under Devices on Music’s sidebar, but I did play them and they sounded as usual. Has anyone else experienced the same results?
  15. Hello Kirk I guess I am mostly there? I checked every box you suggested, but nothing seemed to work. I moved the actual music files to an external hard drive. Then, I deleted the plist files while keeping the boxes you suggested checked. I rebooted and I can now add files to the Music app and they are in the Music folder. However, the Files preferences still has not changed. Yeah, I am wondering if this might work itself out in the future or cause further issues. Thanks for the quick responses!
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