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  1. To create a new library: Go to your Applications Folder Press and Hold the Option button, on the keyboard Double click the Music app. On the pop-up menu, click Create Library
  2. I wish the fields were a little bigger, but looking at version updates, and the quick response from Ben, I went with Meta! It's pretty powerful, easily adjustable, and does everything I need.
  3. Hey Doug Yes, it finally "just worked" — after a couple of reboots. I am using Music, and at first, nothing would happened. I'm not sure if, when I re-installed Catalina, I had to edit the .itlp track to get it to go with the music files. I know I have at one more with an .itlp file, but I can't remember what it/they is/are.) Thanks for your response.
  4. I have the iTunes Holiday Sampler, which contains about 20 Christmas songs. This was one of the many free offerings that Apple used to offer. While the music files still play as expected, I can’t get the itlp file to open. Did Apple drop support for these types of files?
  5. @md8232. Nope, no luck at all. I clean installed to iOS 14 and also performed clean and install to Catalina 10.15.7. No change! Using JRiver and the Mac Music app, every thing displays as normal.
  6. Bettye LaVette is my cup of tea! Thanks, I am just discovering this!!
  7. I have used both to tag, so far I think Metadatics works well for me. Usually, I don’t fetch anything from the internet with the tagging app. I generally use Album Art Exchange to find images, but Qobuz includes high-quality images with each file. If I use lyrics, I check out a couple different sites to find the closest match. I basically want the program to provide a wide range of features. I like the way Metadatics allows users to easily add custom tags. @Fridolin You pretty much hit the nail on the head: Right now, I really don’t have the time to learn
  8. Hi Marco I tried Meta and it seems nice. My only draw back is the display. I wish the tracks (files) were in the smaller window and the fields used to edit were in a much larger window. For $25, I wish the trial was longer. Thanks, Coke
  9. Which is best for Mac? I would like to include additional tags to music files I download from Qobuz. I am not tagging classical tracks, but I want more than just the basics. Yes, Kirk, I did read your review: https://www.macworld.com/article/2915528/metadatics-review-a-better-way-to-tag-your-music-files-than-with-itunes.html Do you have anything else you want to add to it?
  10. Thanks, Kirk! I will give it a shot and report back.
  11. I downloaded John Legend’s “Bigger Love” from Quboz. It looks normal in JRiver’s Media Center and plans fine as well. Then, I decided to transfer the entire album to my iPhone. I haven’t tried this using JRiver yet, but decided to use Catalina’s Finder. First, I imported it to Music. While it looks normal in Music, on my iPhone, for the track names, all I see is “R&B,” listed for all of the names. If I play a track, I can see the actual title. I have tried deleting it and re-synching, but get the same results. (Yes, I am up to date on iOS.) Any suggestions?
  12. I use dbpoweramp to re-rip my CDs. Stuff that I purchased from years of using iTunes from 128 kbps and all, I left in Music. No disc burning software. And I haven't purchased any tunes from iTunes or Music in years. I've never changed those system preferences for CDs & DVDs. Music is opening, but I am not using it. I thought I would let it update and that would be that, but it's a constant thing. I would be very upset if I was using Music and it actually updated the images. Today, I see it updating the artist artwork, which I imagine are those little images that are
  13. I am using dbpoweramp and Music always gets in the way. I stick a disc in, and Music "Apple-y" opens. I don't need it open and I don't want it open. However, even with the settings shown above, Music still opens. Right before I close it, I see it updating images.
  14. Hello Doug! No, "Automatically update artwork" is not checked in Music Preferences. For music CD, I have it set to "Ignore. Should I change all settings to ignore? I definitely see the Update artwork status in the lower-left corner of Music. However, I can't see or tell if it's doing anything?
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