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  1. No, I use LockRattler, which pulls XProtect, Gatekeeper and other security updates down pretty easily. LockRattler also shows version and date added. So, my apps are always updated. I think Apple needs to employ a method that tells users when XProtect, etc., are updated. (Of course, for those who care!) I have used the Terminal commands in the past, but LockRattler makes it a lot easier for me. I always download load the Combo update and security updates from Apple Downloads page, which I can use on other computers as well.
  2. Kirk, I totally agree with you that I believe not all the software was being loaded. I like to know what is being downloaded, so I have turned off automatic updates and use LittleSnitch to limit other functions as well. Maybe turning off some of the automatic functions prevented my system from receiving the respective download. However, if Apple is breaking up iTunes, I long for a Sync app. Currently, I only update apps when I install the latest iOS update. Hence, my phone frequently sports a high badge number over the App Store icon.
  3. Ralf11, I understand, but no, you go first! Since I haven't been able to sync properly for a while, I will wait for a week to see if others take the plunge and how it goes for them. And if you don't do it by then, I will give it a shot. To get around some of the syncing issues, I have an external drive that uses an older macOS. Maybe I will bring that drive up to 10.14, if all goes well.
  4. Along with the macOS 10.14.5 Update, Apple also released iTunes Device Support Update. Has anyone used it to update their iPhone? In the Mac software update mechanism, Apple did not provide much information about it, saying it “ensures proper updating and restoring for iOS devices using iTunes for Mac.” I will probably wait until the weekend before I try it. Too bad it’s not a stand-alone app.
  5. Sometimes I use it to “group” a bunch of music files that are of various genres. For example, usually for SXSW, NPR releases its Top 100 bands that play in Austin during the event. NPR titles the zip of files, something like NPR Music's The Austin 100. In the group field, I put “NPR Music's The Austin 100 (and the year).” I can easily use the group designation to create a huge NPR playlist or a couple of NPR playlists divided by year.
  6. coke


    "Does anyone have any Quiche Lorraine?" A favorite line of mine! The band's Party Mix album is awesome dance fun!
  7. Hello Taz777 You can start with 7digital or bandcamp, which both also allow you to download single tracks. I would start there and see what you find and like. You would have to pick your preferred format — FLAC, AIFF, etc. There are a bunch of other sites that specialize in one genre or the other. For most of them, you may only download albums. To find other sites, read the question I posted in April: https://www.computeraudiophile.com/forums/topic/39202-any-good-paid-sites-for-downloading-music/?tab=comments#comment-817678
  8. Taz777 -- I'm sure many here can help you, but you need to say the type of genre you listen to. Do you like classical, rap, country or pop? Or something else ...
  9. Just what it says: Apple released 12.6.5 for those who use iTunes to update iOS. Did you read the text after following the link? With iTunes 12.6's you can use iTunes to update and maintain your iOS apps on your iPhone. Some people — like me — only update through iTunes. In addition, many people assigned iPhones through their employers cannot update their iPhone OTA. Surely by now, you've noticed 12.7 and 12.8 removed Apps from iTunes? 12.6.5 was just released on 12 SEP 18 — so it's not old, it's quite possibly the youngest version of iTunes! Plus, there really is no need for a link to download a new version of iTunes, Apple will readily notify all users of that through the various update methods.
  10. Apple released 12.6.5 for those who use iTunes to update iOS. I can't vouch for it, but it's available here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208079
  11. Eventually, I couldn't even backup my iPhone to iTunes. What I ended up doing was deleting about all of the .plist files related to iTunes. I held my breath during a reboot and through a Terminal Spotlight reindex. These actions seemed to solve all the issues I had in relationship to iTunes. Yeah, it might be thought of as drastic, but it saved me from doing a macOS reinstall. Now, it allows me to download new app updates via iTunes, sync them to the phone, and reduce the badge number for apps available to install. I can also backup to iTunes without problems. I did try iMazing, but thought it required more access to than I wanted to allow. Maybe in the future I might be willing to use iMazing instead of iTunes. However, right now, the ball is certainly in Apple's court.
  12. While transferring music to my iPhone works well, some of my apps transfer over and some don't. It always seems to go thru the motions. I check by looking at the current version in iTunes, and compare each app's latest release with the version found on the app's "Get Info" tab. Either way, it does not reduce the number on the badge. Concerned friend: "Hey don't you ever update your phone? You got, like, 20 updates to do!" Me: Yeah, yeah!! (Yes, Kirk, I will try with iMazing!)
  13. Wow! I didn’t think I would get this many responses. Thanks. On Friday evening, I checked my post and have been spending a lot of time on ProStudioMasters. ProStudioMasters seems to have a pretty nice selection of out-of-print CDs. Many thanks for the response new_media! A little more about me: Last September, I finished ripping all my physical CDs to mostly Apple Lossless. I want to stop doing that. I hated ripping, and then storing the CD. Hopefully, with lossless, FLAC and the other higher-quality files, it will be easy to convert to the newest cutting-edge format. For a couple of years, I really did not want to purchase physical CDs, but wanted a better quality than an mp3. Yes, in my area, the only places to purchase CDs are the small sections of Target and Walmart. We did have a big FYE, but it downsized and sells more T-shirts and movies than music. Basically, since I am have been Mac based, I downloaded aiff files from bandcamp. With aiff files, I don’t have to do a conversion to something iTunes friendly. Unfortunately, living in the States blocks me from using some high res sites. I am still waiting to see if Qobuz sets up shop in the U.S.
  14. Hello All I'm kind of new here, coming over from Kirkville... I did a search, but I didn't find a good previous discussion, sorry if this is a sort of rehash post. I am a bandcamp member, and I like it. However, there are some popular artists who don't use that site. First and foremost, I am looking for higher quality files, at least FLAC files. I am basically looking to download a couple of singles from some artists whom I probably would not buy their whole album. Mostly, I am finding the various sites cater to a particular type of genre. Since I am in the States, there are some sites I cannot access. I am familiar with beatport. I haven't tried 7digital yet, but I know that they have started a U.S. version. I'm still waiting for Qobuz. Can anyone think of any other reputable sites? Much obliged.
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