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Found 14 results

  1. I recently started my trial for Roon - and love it so far. I also made the jump into Qobuz. CUrrently I have an IMac, running iTunes, running into a Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus into EMotiva powered Speakers. I also have several; Apple Airport Express routers spread around the house using toslink to cvarious DACs and amps-speakers or powered speakers. I have about two terabytes of ripped AIFF files on a local drive to my iMac. A few questions: AFAIK, AirPlay tops out at 16/44 - true? So - if I want to stream high res files - from Qobuz, or if I buy 24/96 tracks - my current setup will down convert to 16/44 because of Airplay/? Is there a way to stream to a WIFI-SUB/or Toslink endpoint that allows for hi-res WIFI Streaming? I see a lot of love here for various Raspberry Pi endpoint solutions. Since I already have amp/powered speakers and Dacs - is that a good option for me - perhaps with a hat that isn’t a dac or an amp, like some of the Allo solutions? Budget is an issue at present- so I’d rather not get one of the Blusound units, e.g. Can I do that with my current setup using the iMac as the Roon Core? With local files +Qobuz hi-res streaming, controlled from my iPhone? If I were to upgrade my equipment, and get a dedicated Roon Core - since my 2016 iMac is my main work machine - is a NUC running Roon Rock the best solution for the $$. Thanks!
  2. There's Nyquist, there's the actual bandwidth limited range in relation with the actual microphones range and arguments for 192 helping reconstructing transients. However there might be a better argument for using even more space disk : multichannel even for stereo. I'm convinced that what I discovered with MCH Electric Ladyland goes far beyond eventual differences in remastering talents or marketing strategies (Bernie Grundman signs the Stereo that is soso while Eddie Kramer signs the MCH ; the latter supervised the gorgeous Mono LP Axis signed by the former who delivers a soso Mono Mix in the recent SACD where the Stereo shines...). Fact is MCH is more than 2.5 x heavier than the Stereo and I bet it's better use of space than 192 vs 96. Maybe it is also due to LFE and engineers daring to go deep low but MCH downfolded into Stereo via HQP offers aural sculptures of the bass line and of the kick drum that are really reminiscent of live gigs impressions. Even soundstage is deeper that what I'm accustomed to. I'm thus starting a journey into MCH (to be played on my stereo) and suggestions and comments are welcome. As of Rock/Pop I start with https://www.quadraphonicquad.com/TabbedPollChart.htm Edited on December the 5th : I have not experimented with Classical or Acoustic Jazz but dig that when MCH aims at recreating natural acoustics, reverb, etc, down mixing to Stereo is a non sense. However, when reproducing (better, those who know say) the natural acoustics of the concert hall etc is not the goal, ie with Talking Heads, Steely Dan or Bjork, MCH to Stereo offers better bass delineation, smoother and more natural vocals and more noticeable soundstage vs the standard Stereo.
  3. Greetings. I run a Win 7 PC as a source to my Audioengine A5+ speakers paired to a Topping D50s DAC to stream FLAC music files. Wondering which option I should select from the given sample and bitrates.
  4. Can you point to any music recordings with more than 75 db SNR? Excepting purely electronic recordings are there any with this much or more signal to noise?
  5. Looking for a speaker upgrade for listening to high quality lossless music. (FLAC, AAC) I currently own the Audioengine A5+ and they are working fine however I am looking for an upgrade. My room is a medium sized room with 20ft on each side! (estimated) Which from the following two speakers have better specs and which one should I go for? I read the Klipsch sixes has a inbuilt DAC so does that mean I won't need a DAC for high quality audio or I can still use a DAC with the speakers and get better SQ by combining both. Currently planning to buy the Topping D50 DAC. Apologies if the questions are silly, I'm fairly new to this. Thank you all for the help in advance! ☺️🙏🏼
  6. I just ran this news through Google Translate and it does indeed say what I thought it says: the Qobuz hi-res streaming and download service is preparing to launch in the USA next year! https://www.rtbf.be/culture/pop-up/detail_qobuz-prepare-son-arrivee-aux-etats-unis?id=9772232 Many have signed up from outside the current service area via VPN (then streaming without VPN once set up), but this will make it official.
  7. As discussed in the thread, Qobuz will be soon offering full high-res streaming, with access to all titles at master resolution (probably still without our usual friends of ECM, Hyperion, etc. who don't support streaming in general) in a subscription program called Sublime+. Annual cost will be €349, or about €29 per month, compared to my current Sublime subscription cost of €219. It's really only €130 more, for unlimited highres streaming access to 60K+ albums. (Highres streaming already works right now, and quite well, but only for albums you purchased at that resolution). I'm seriously tempted on one hand, as I'm already spending more than that per year with them anyhow. On the other hand, I like to own those albums I really care about (I'm still unconvinced that the streaming model will have a long term future financially), so this would buy at least one album monthly at the typically discounted Sublime subscription prices for high-res titles (these significant 30-40% discounts on highres downloads also apply to Sublime+). I know many of you are not in Qobuz territory (which by the way will expand a bit in Europe, but I don't see them entering the US that soon), but I'd be interested in what you think about this model.
  8. I have two Naim albums by Antonio Forcione ("Tears of Joy", *Heartplay") in both 24-bit downloads and CD. The master used for the CD is noticeably inferior to the one used for the HD Downloads. The difference has nothing to do with the difference in bit depth and sample rate - I can downsample the HD files to CD resolution myself and they still sound much better than the rips from Naim's original CDs. In fact, even mp3s made from the 24-bit files sound much better than the CDs. Are they doing this in order to convince people that HiRes is so much better sounding than CD? I am not questioning this myself but maybe they do if they need to doctor the proof :-)
  9. Hi guys, Just thought to let you guys know (if you haven't already) I also came across these recently, which are ultra-cheap portable HiRes DACs for smartphones and Macs/PCs by Seiun > Clarity Aura | Cyberdrive These will do PCM 24/192 and Native DSD up to 256. And at the price range (an amazing $39.99 excluding shipping) it looks like Seiun is now moving really aggressively in the HiRes and DAC market...
  10. Hi guys, Just sharing with you some pics of my new Hi Res 24/192 Seiun Players/recorders which I managed to get today. Got them both together for an absolute bargain USD$65 from the Indiegogo campaign (excluding shipping), just thought you should know.
  11. Just came across this campaign on Indiegogo this morning, looks impressive! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/seiun-players-hi-res-audio-meets-4k-video/x/6426192#/
  12. I just got word that Sony's latest update for the PS4 can allow it to play back HiRes FLAC files as well as upscale compressed audio to near HiRes quality. The update also allows it to work with the new PlayStation VR headset. Hooray for HiRes! Sony PS4 gets high-resolution audio support | What Hi-Fi?
  13. My pono player seems to be stuck in balanced mode. After noticing the sound was not right recently I loaded a CD test disc and confirmed that the player outputs the left channel through the headphone jack and the right channel through the line level jack. Each output sends signal to both left and right earspeakers equally. So, if I listen with headphones using the headphone jack the left channel signal plays into to both speakers. Vice versa for the line level output. I have checked to make sure the balanced mode is switched off in the menu but that doesn’t make any difference. I suspect it’s a software issue and would like to try reinstalling the firmware. update: reinstalled v1.0.6 firmware and did not resolve the issue. Perhaps a hardware problem afterall? Would appreciate any guidance if anyone else has experienced this and fixed the issue. Cheers Gino
  14. Hi guys, Anyone seen this? It's Pioneer's first DAP and foray into HiRes and it looks like a killer device. Apart from being cheap and having FLAC/DSD playback it's also the first portable to sport Meridian's MQA (Master Quality Authenticated HiRes music format > Pioneer XDP-100R Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET
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