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Found 14 results

  1. I must say I find this download very impressive. This really sounds as if being there. The label has a very good track record. Their previous releases has all been 96 pcm, and very very good indeed but this DXD takes it all up a notch. If this is exemplary for DXD recordings then that is what I will be searching for. DXD recommendations please! Sound Liaison; Carmen Gomes sings the Blues.
  2. This is a 2016 article that I just found about Capital Records archiving their analog tapes. Not too technical, but interesting with snippets from Bernie Grundman and Don Was. http://www.laweekly.com/music/master-recordings-from-abbey-road-to-born-to-run-could-be-lost-forever-without-archivists-help-7575450
  3. I note the extensive criticisms on engineering and business model grounds, but this is an audiophile site, so for me the real test concerns how MQA sounds to me. On the assumption I can borrow a decent compatible DAC for home demo, I've been doing some reading around in preparation. My interest is mainly classical orchestral, and I don't stream. While I don't buy in to the "vapourware" tag, what strikes me is that there does seem to be very little out there in the way of classical downloads. I count 47 titles on Onkyo Music and 134 on HiResAudio. I couldn't get into the 2l shop site, but I assume the latter include all 2l titles. Noting that these include all classical titles, not just orchestral, plus the fact that I already have some in DSD and that 2l covers fairly esoteric repertoire, my impression is that MQA, so far, is more a curiosity than a serious contender for my kind of listening. Turning to replay, I understand that there are 3 stages of "unfolding", the first occurring in the replay software prior to sending to the DAC for the remaining 2 stages. Again, there seem to be few current options here. As far as I am aware, I can't simply play an MQA file via my BDP or any of the various Win/Linux replay packages I currently use. From the MQA site it looks like I would have to use either Amarra or Audirvarna. Have I understood correctly, what is the MQA file format for example? I imagine I'll end up using the current Tidal 12 day no cc. trial instead (the BDP supports Tidal) just to satisfy my curiosity. But longer term, turning to streaming to get MQA would be, as we say, putting the cart before the horse. Am I missing something here? I also don't think the MQA site does itself any favours, I found the overview of the MQA process confusing (contradictory as to what a renderer does for example). If they really want to kickstart things, including a searcheable DB of MQA titles and a free download of replay software would get my interest.
  4. eClassical just announced lower prices on Naxos label recordings on their website. Here is the email I received below. Dear friends, we have been working with the people at Naxos for a long time and we sure like them a lot. Now we've been talking with them about our prices and after long talks (well...) we have reduced the prices on all our Naxos albums. Prices are down with almost 50%. You can find all their albums here: Naxos albums at eClassical We won't sit still. We make it happen!
  5. NativeDSD Music continues to release new albums in Multichannel DSD every month and in some cases every week. Today their web store reaches 900 albums in Multichannel DSD, the most among music download stores. This includes 93 albums that are not available on Surround Sound SACD disc - but are available as Multichannel DSD Downloads. https://www.nativedsd.com/new_browse/#channel=multi
  6. Channel Classics has launched their new web site and downloads store based on the new NativeCo.re software. To celebrate, they are offering a 10% discount on all of their Music Downloads with offer code NEWSITE through May 31, 2017. Also worth noting, all downloads of Multichannel Music Files will enable listeners to download the Stereo edition of the album at no added cost. https://www.channelclassics.com/ http://mailchi.mp/channel.nl/new-website?e=65916b9665 http://www.nativeco.re/
  7. I very much love the Vivaldi interpretation of Dixit Dominus by Negri in the (originally?) Philips recording "Sacred Choral Music Vol. 5: Dixit Dominus RV595, Sacrum RV 586, In exitu Israel RV 604, Introduzione al Dixit RV 635" CD released in 1990. I am really crazy about it. Its like a 300 years old, early fusion of John Coltrane and The Doors ;-). But the sound quality is just awful, spoiling the joy of listening to a loud replay. Any idea which forum I could use to gather some music lovers to join me and approach Philips for a remastering...? Money does not matter... (stupid to say this, but I would be willing to spend more than for another silly 10-20 CDs). Sounds crazy, might be rediculous, but never give up... Any co-maniacs? Any ideas? Thanks guys!
  8. Hi, I am from Ace Records. For those of you who don't know us, we are a UK based re-issue label specialising in predominantly american blues, soul, funk & Rock 'n' Roll from the 50s through to the early 80s. We have a huge catalogue and a reputation for high quality audio on CD. Whilst we are already selling digitally on iTunes etc and have 320kbps MP3s available from our own site, we are keen to explore making high definition tracks available from our site too. Rather than just jump into this, I thought it would be beneficial to ask people who live and breathe this stuff each day for their opinion. What I'd be interested to know is: a) Would you be interested in us making hd tracks available? b) What formats (wav vs flac etc) and bit rates etc would you be interested in? (Please be specific on your requirements) c) What suggestions do you have for how to get the word out to people who might be interested? Many thanks for anyone who would like to contribute. The bigger success this is the higher the chances of us doing more in this area. Thanks. Chris
  9. Greetings all, An article on the AudioStream website which might be of interest to those of you who enjoy high resolution 5.1 channel surround sound music releases: World's First Dolby TrueHD 5.1 Downloads Coming Soon! | AudioStream Regards, Mister Wednesday
  10. I just discovered this site which is based in the UK. They have 16-bit, lossless .flac downloads of zillions of popular albums for $1.95 as well as numerous 24-bit albums as well. I noticed they have a 192/24 album for $10.95 by Neil Young--Harvest, that HDTracks gets $24 for. Is this too good to be legal? I have bought some of their tracks and they seem to be legit.
  11. Digital-only label Oclassica offers classical music downloads in a lossless music format: FLAC file, 44100 Hz, 16-bit and 24-bit, stereo. At the moment selected albums are available for purchase in High Definition music format. You are welcome to check our store at www.oclassica.com Founded in 2010, Oclassica has been in the market of classical music just long enough to establish a good reputation and become a desired publisher name for young and experienced musicians, whose exceptional performance was not available to wider public since quite a few precious recordings had been neglected by bigger brands. Many outstanding artists were first presented to recording market by Oclassica.
  12. The end of the year is near. What was your top 3 best Hi Rez Download purchases in 2013,and where did you buy/download them? And why are those three your top picks. My top 3: 1. Carmen Gomes Inc.''Thousand Shades of Blue'' Carmen Gomes Inc.- SSS no.1 2. Doug Macleod.''There's a Time'' There's A Time | HDtracks - The World's Greatest-Sounding Music Downloads 3.Keith Jarrett.''Somewhere'' Somewhere (Live In Lucerne / 2009) - Top 25 Jazz Albums | HDtracks - The World's Greatest-Sounding Music Downloads To my own surprise, after careful listening, I do place both the Carmen Gomes as well as the Dough Macleod album above the absolutely excellent Keith Jarrett ECM album. Maybe it is the surprise that 2 relatively small labels,Reference Recordings and Sound Liaison, can produce such great albums,sound quality wise,that influence that decision. Musically the albums are very different: Macleod continuous the acoustic blues tradition with tales of modern life or life as he sees it. Gomes mixes up Jazz and Pop tunes with beautiful originals in a surprisingly fresh and unique blend of the different genres: jazz,blues,pop and world music,and what a voice! Jarrett's trio is in top form,keeping the Jazz piano trio alive,telepathic musical communication. All of the musicians are masters in their own right,and that btw. is a big contribution to the excellent sound of these albums,we are talking real musical instruments here. All three albums has sound wise a lot in common, in that they are all live or at least one room recordings with no possibility for overdubs.And they all have that ''gel'' to the sound that is missing from so many of the modern recordings. The Jarrett album was recorded live in a concert hall in Lucerne, the Macleod at the stage in George Lucas' studio with no bass,vocal or drum both,''just 3 musicians playing as if doing a gig.'' and Carmen Gomes in the legendary studio 11, in the Netherlands, in front of a small audience, no head phones, and the musicians playing very quiet in order to hear each other.
  13. Just got this email Why not? If they have the files, might as well appeal to as broad a market as possible. I still like to download my favorite albums. If HDTracks or PONO doesn't have something in hi res, i'd consider going to TIDAL for CD quality downloads.
  14. I know about Aix/iTrax, but very limited catalog. Desperately seeking more options, please.