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  1. I got a Synology DS218+ for Christmas. I have a large iTunes library and currently use ITunes Match. I would like to use the Nas for backing up my music library. Time Machine and watching movies. Did I buy the correct device? What else would you recommend?
  2. I got a Synology DS218+ for Christmas. I have a large iTunes library and currently use ITunes Match. I would like to use the Nas for backing up my music library. Time Machine and watching movies. Did I buy the correct device? What else would you recommend?
  3. AJ4Value

    Bit perfect copying to my NAS

    I recently built a NAS -- Synology Disk Station 1618+ with 6x 8 TB disks. I have 15 TB of music to copy on to it. In the past I have used Tera Copy to move my music files but, this software doesn't seem to work to copy the files onto the NAS. What is the best way to copy the music over? These are largely uncompressed high def files -- I would like to keep them in the best shape possible. Thank you,
  4. Looking for advice on how to proceed with Audio Server setup. Here is the current status: 1. My house is wired with CAT6 going to a 16-port Gigabit Switch. I also have the house fully wired with RG-6 for video (and possibly audio, see below) 2. I have just acquired a Synology DS218+ NAS which is to be used as storage and back-up. 3. I have an almost new Denon AVR-X1500H Receiver and do not intend to replace it. This what I know about it: The receiver has a Digital Audio (Coax) input The receiver has an Ethernet port. Can receive audio (in my case FLAC files) streaming from a DNLA compliant server. 4. I also happen to have an Intel NUC7i3BNH with 64GB SSD, 8GB Ram and a built -in 500GB HDD. I could use that and also keep my music (about 25,000 FLAC files) on it. I have been thinking of using Roon ROCK on the NUC but I’m not sure yet due to the fact the software license is almost $500. I understand there are other Media Player software out there that could serve me well and cost less? Q1. I assume if I use the NUC setup that I can stream my music directly to the receiver via Ethernet and using any compatible device such as my Android tablet to select music and view music information? Q2. I’m also contemplating getting a Raspberry Pi3 Model 3 and connect with an ALLO DigiOne Signature so that I could connect to my receiver’s digital coax input via my CAT6 coax cable. Cost is very reasonable for this hardware at $239! Is this a better idea? Q3. Or could I perhaps use the NAS (installing the music files there)? If so which Media Server software will work well on my NAS and does not cost a fortune. Q4. Which of the above approaches would you recommend? Q5. Which is most future proof or flexible (I do not wish to make a lot of equipment changes later)? Q6. Which one is most flexible in regard to selecting and providing information on the music played to a portable device and/or perhaps also showing it directly on my TV screen (a brand new LG OLED)? Thankful for any advice/ Bjorn
  5. I have been reading a lot here and learning both from the forums and about myself. I have used my 2012 Mac mini in my system before and I have decided to jump back in for a winter swim! I have a new PCIE SSD based Mac mini on order and my JS-2 is on the way. I will have one side of the JS-2 wired to my Mytek Brooklyn DAC + and the other side to the MacMini. I have several idea threads to run through. Here is a partial list: Digital music delivery process ideas: USB direct between the Mac and the DAC and with an ISO-Regen + LPS-1 and maybe more.... Ethernet - USB with my SOtM SMS-200 ultra. (several threads of setup here to test) Test with the DC grounded NetGear GS105 switch to the network. Using an LPS-1 Start with High Sierra in the default Apple configuration and work through reducing processes. I want to listen to Apple Music with this DAC. I use Apple Music for discovery and mobile listening. I use Audirvana and Roon: How does optimization in Audirvana do before we even tweet the OS. I want to figure out voice control for music. "Hey Siri" or the like..... SOtM clock testing since I already have it! Other possible / probable testing and learning Do I play with Isolation transformers on the AC side? Do I make other cabling improvements? Will I l test with my Rotel power amp to see how it compares to the Mytek Amp? ..... more .... So in summary my music will be stored on a Synology NAS outside of the stereo system so there is no SATA stuff going on in the MacMini. Attached is the basic layout of the stereo system for reference. I am building a few more pages with test outlines. Eventually I want to make an FAQ/WIKI/KB of this as finding stuff in these threads on the forums is really time consuming and I want to make this simpler. So the goals are as follows: Reduce operating complexity. (I dare. you to teach a non- audiophile how to switch inputs on a Mytek DAC +) Improve sound quality Have fun and listen more ???Simplify??? the systems design (I am not sure if changing power supplies and edit Mac processes is simple) Share my experience to help others. Stereo Overview.pdf
  6. I have had a WD My Cloud NAS with 4TB (2 x 2TB drives) on a RAID 1 configuration for years and it's worked wonderfully. All I need this for is really to store my collection of movies, music, etc. and to be able to read it from my different local network devices, like Kodi on my Fire TV devices, etc. The disks are now full, so I decided to buy another NAS with more storage. After minimal research and based almost solely on Amazon reviews, I bought a Synology DiskStation DS216se diskless NAS and two Toshiba X300 7200 RPM 6TB hard drives. I was able to install this all in a heartbeat and I do like the Synology interface and features a lot, but I am not after the bells and whistles. My only dislike is that the NAS sits next to my desktop and it has a fan (something I didn't look into before buying). I haven't had other NAS with fans before, so I am not sure whether this is considered loud or not, but I am not liking the constant hum next to me as I work. I am now considering returning the Synology and replacing it with a WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra for about the same price. Like my My Cloud, it's fanless. My only concern is that these Toshiba hard drives are 7200 RPM instead of the WD Red drives you get with the My Clouds when you buy them from WD (those are 5400 RPM) and I am not sure having faster drives that weren't really made for a NAS in a fanless NAS is a good idea. Thoughts?
  7. I'm considering going to a NAS based storage (Synology DS218j with their matching HDD) for music files vs my laptop with an internal 1TB SSD. Are there any compelling reasons for me to change? Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Melco N1A ($1999) ...the level of transparency is in another league to that I have encountered with streaming servers in the past, it’s one of those rare components that makes you feel as if the truth is within your grasp. The mythical absolute sound is just a whisker away!" -Jason Kennedy (TheEar.net) Streaming. Solved. Nothing is hotter than streaming audio. It promises instant access to your entire collection of music at the touch of button. Unfortunately, streaming audio also comes with the configuration of a home network and associated equipment. Almost every bug or quirk associated with streaming audio relates back to the dreaded network... So, what is an audiophile to do? With purpose-built Melco servers,we finally have a plug-n-play music storage device that requires no network configuration or computer. It plugs directly into your streamer or USB DAC, and provides 4TB of storage with UPnP operability. Simple, elegant and high performance. Melco - Audiophile Engineering High grade power supplies with audiophile grade components. N1A - 60W x 1 Dual high grade power supplies. N1Z – 30W x2, separate supplies for external data interfaces means no pollution of sensitive internal data and clock supplies. Audiophile grade capacitor bank for absolute stable supplies (*N1Z only) Solid Aluminum front fascia (N1Z) rigid metal chassis. High stability noise eliminating H cross-frame construction for mechanical integrity (N1Z) Specialist audio isolators (Japanese TAOC brand) Melco - Simplified Installation and Operation No PC required for setup and installation - no specialist knowledge needed. Specific IP port for Streamer / Player with additional Network port for Control and Ethernet. Simply creates robust network for streaming high resolution music and control even on complex networks. Pre-installed media server - no configuration required. Supports multiple specialized media servers - currently shipping with Twonky 7 with DSD support. Informative OLED front panel display - displays current streaming track data, system status, and setup. Simple menu navigation structure and track selection Simple front panel on-off switch - just like Hi-Fi. 15 seconds only to full power-on. 5 seconds to full shut-down Safe against unintended power down - no requirement for UPS Melco N1ZH ($4499) "The Melco buffaloed my MacBook Pro + Synology NAS. It destroyed them, embarrassed them, and gave them a good schooling to boot. Music sounded frighteningly obviously comparatively more refined, more spacious, and more natural. End of story. I cannot imagine anyone in this universe who listens to music as an activity unto itself making the same comparison and not hearing the difference." - Michael Lavorgna( Audiostream.com) To purchase, arrange for a home trial or for more info click here
  9. This is my first post so bear with me. I've used mp3 on cell phones etc for years but recently ripped all my CDs to both mp3 and FLAC using dB Power Amp. I am looking to setup a high quality 2 channel FLAC audio system using a NAS. I have an older high end Yamaha receiver which lacks HDMI. A Schiit Modi 2 is in my near future as is some 2 or 4 bay Synology NAS. Q1. Are those DAC and NAS a reasonably good choice? Will they just boot and play nicely together? Q2. In Synology Audio Station I would set the NAS to playback on "usb speaker" in order to get the FLAC out the usb port and into the DAC. When playing a NAS video presumably the audio portion of the video still goes over the eithernet [don't care if this also goes over USB port]. Q3. There seems to be so many Synology NAS models, including last years models still available from some on-line sellers. What do I need to look for in order for this setup to work? Is there a series that I should be looking at? [+, +II, j, se, play, etc] [I also have a 2016 55" 4K HDR TV but I don't think I will be trying to use the NAS to upscale to 4K, or even 1080p]. [on the TV side; the TV, Blu-ray, android box etc will play their audio via a HDMI switch with analog audio breakout connected to receiver input] Thanks John
  10. Hi; this is my first post (after the loosin' Bio data from... that time...) (Sorry for my English and... thanks to all of you) Well, after many digital sys over PC, I -finally- found the sound I like, with no differences (and if there are, they are better listenings than... CDs) from any other digital front end, I mean my transport/DAC Simaudio Moon 750D. My goal was to put away PC from the audio chain, so... NAS (QNAP TS251 fanless)... router (Fritzbox)... renderer (MiND 180 by Moon, Simaudio) and through AES/EBU_XLR 110-Ohm cable (Apogee Wide Eye) to DAC. All cabled with Ethernet CAT 6a shielded. Because "the game" to improve the sound but without spend (so much) money on other gears, even changing "the tonal balance", I was surprised when I add the "linear power supply" to router/NAS/renderer. Very good for my ears! But... "more": I want "more"! Waiting for MQA (Moon website writes... 1st quarter '18), I wrote to "iFi audio" to know if there are in their big catalogue some "good stuff", some "iSilencers" and so on: they gently said to me that over Ethernet there is nothig so significant at the moment because Ethernet is a very good place to stream direct to DAC! I also read this very interesting article about, on SoS: https://www.soundonsound.com/techniques/ethernet-audio So, my "QUESTION", without talking about PC's and USB's, is: what do you say about? Is there only a chance to change devices to improve the sound over Ethernet? And... What about the UPnP AV music server??? I use the "MinimServer" and it flows very good, but I heard about Roon Sever just few days ago: is this a better choice? The only way? Any advices for me? (Are you informed for something like Roon Server competitor? Free?) Thanks and sorry for the long post: I will read you. Bye, Luca from old EU
  11. Hi everyone, I'd like to know if I'm getting what I can from my FLAC files - CD rips and HD - while listening at work. My setup: Synology server at home (wired connection-5 meg upload) -> work pc (wired connection-huge bandwidth) -> Audeze Sine headphones. I log into my Synology through FireFox and use Synology Audio Station. I've been considering getting a DragonFly Red usb DAC for my headphones. Am I missing anything else that would improve my listening experience here at my cube? I lock my headphones up at night and could do that with the DragonFly, too. Should I get the JRiver media player? I appreciate your thoughts on this. Aaron
  12. I have a Synology drive with LMS containing stored music, I now have another 3tb drive with more music on how do i make the Synology NAS drive see the new external drive?? (is it a matter of just plugging it together?) and how will the LMS on the Synology process the new files?
  13. I have a Synology drive with LMS containing stored music, I now have another 3tb drive with more music on how do i make the Synology NAS drive see the new external drive?? (is it a matter of just plugging it together?) and how will the LMS on the Synology process the new files?
  14. Westlower

    Alternative to lms with tidal??

    Can you stream Tidal with Jriver or similar? I use Logitec Media Server, piCorePlayer/LMS on a small synology NAS DiskStation DS115j (not enough processing power to hold Roon) at the moment with Ipeng as a controller. It's great and works and sounds wonderful..BUT...it will only show the first 500 items in your favourite Lp / Artist list from Tidal. It shows ALL the my stored local files but as I say only 500 items from Tidal.. Any thoughts to an alternative, without, at this point, setting up new hardware PC? or is there a work around for LMS? Can you stream Tidal with Jriver or similar or do I have to have a new stand alone server and have say Roon? Help Please
  15. I'm currently seeking out solutions to this problem: I currently have a growing number of 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB external drives and it's becoming a pain to manage. I've been storing everything manually in duplicates (1 copy to drive A and 1 to drive B as an example). I'm trying to find the best and easiest solution to having at least 2 if not 3 copies of my entire music collection, and I would like one of those copies to be off-site. I am trying to decide between: 1. several large external Hard drives (4 to 6 8TB external drives - I have about 16TB's of music so 2-3 copies of 2 8TB drives). 2. A USB or thunderbolt external Raid Box ? 3. A Synology 916Play with 2-4 8TB drives 4. Any of the above but copy number 3 being stored in the cloud (G-Drive, Amazon Cloud) - Note: I have a G-Drive now (only with about 1TB of files stored) and I find that the upload times are sooo slow, I could not imagine how many years it would take to upload 16TB's to it! 5. As another person posted here, sounds like a better alternative to cloud storage for backup may be to purchase 2 Synology 916 NAS, on on-site and a second as backup at my brothers or a friends house? What are the advantages to a NAS vs. an external RAID box? Is a raid Box or NAS superior to several external hard drives ? (8TB external HD's are the cheapest option for certain vs a NAS or RAID box). Thanks for any suggestions !
  16. Hello CAPS Zuma experts, I have a CAPS Zuma 3 with two linear power supplies, running Windows Server 2012R2, AO, Fidelizer, Jriver, Roon with Tidal, that I am currently using as a server with USB as the output. I am leading towards purchasing a new DAC that has a streaming board, so I would have to purchase a NAS. Can I use the CAPS Zuma as a NAS? How could I do this? Thank you.
  17. Hello fellows on Computer Audiophile, I hope that you can help me, to chose the right hardware for me! Today I have a old pc laptop that runs Roon, Signalyst HQPlayer, TIDAL HiFi, (mostly MQA because I have felt in love with it's sound), a NAS with ripped CDs and DSD. But I need new hardware for this, because my laptop singing on it's last chorus! So I wrote to you on this forum, because I believe that here's a lot of experience and knowledge that I shall buy! That full files my needs and can be upgraded when it needs! I can handle a old pc laptop and little more, but I'm not a computer genius . I now how it shall sound! Because I'm a professional musician and studio producer, studio/live engineer so when it comes to sound well we're I'm not lost . But unfortunately for me today, so changed I my "tape boy" against a "computer boy" when the computer, started to be used in the studio . So please come with suggestions on hardware for me! I wish all fellow, well in my case (Computer) Audiophile's a great Sunday. Greetings from String in a sunny ☀️ Sweden.
  18. I'm trying to get my Logitech Transport to get acquainted with my QNAP TS 419 P+ I cannot get either device to register on my Wi-Fi network. The Transport works if connected to a Cisco router via RJ/E, but that does NOT work for the QNAP. I am now attempting to connect by RJ/E to the NAS; QMusic recognizes the NAS and creates a db. BUT, I am connected by USB to Toslink (Cambridge X3) from NAS to Logitech, then by Toslink from Logitech to Arcam DAC. Silence. The VU meters on the Logitech are deflecting, and the display correctly IDs the music stream from the NAS. A Sonos and a cd player both work via Toslink/USB, through the Cambridge with the Arcam. The Transport does NOT work streaming Tidal (yes, I do have a subscription) via the Transport's analog out (RCA) connection. What's up? Do I need to face East and genuflect? Swearing is not effective.
  19. Hi: I'm new here, having been successfully using my new microRendu for around 3 weeks. Currently I am streaming music over ethernet to the microRendu in my living room from my iMac's LMS files in the back of the house. To simplify the music streaming setup, I am interested in getting an NAS unit to add to the network, and locate it next to the microRendu in the living room. I am considering NAS models from SYNOLOGY, WESTERN DIGITAL, and perhaps QNAP. I use iPeng 9 on my iPad currently to access and control the LMS files on my iMac. Having read the User Manuals and internet reviews and articles for them, it is not fully clear to me which of these three mentioned NAS companies' units work best and most reliably with SqueezeLite and LMS on their NAS streaming to the microRendu. Please help me by offering a reasonably detailed explanation of which of these have worked best for you and why. Thank you.
  20. Hi All, After 2 frustrating attempts I've finally conquered Roon Attempt 1 - core installed on Dell XPS months ago. Could not get it to see my renderer for the life of me and threw in the towel Attempt 2 - installed again on XPS because my new DAC happened to be Roon Ready so figured it was worth a shot. Sound quality terrible tho and kept cutting out. Probably due to many factors including laptop noise, Windows not being optimised and sending over busy WiFi rather than wired. Saw enough in the whole Roon user experience to warrant attempt 3 and to my shock found it very easy to install it on my QNAP HS-251+ (2GB) NAS (running a 1 TB Samsung SSD). Setup is Roon Server on the NAS. Ethernet to the DAC via a switch. And using my Android phone as a control point. Sound quality is great! I'm also looking to add optical isolation to the ethernet path as per my previous post: So I've read all the stuff about Roon needing 4GB RAM. And clearly a lot of people here go to serious effort and expense to optimise there setups for Roon. So I guess I'm wondering if I should call it job done and sit back and enjoy. Or whether I'm missing anything. In terms of Roon functionality with just Server and Control point am I missing any UX? In terms of the all important SQ. So far it's sounding great to me. I've streamed my own Hi Res PCM Flac files flawlessly and Tidal Masters MQA. And this is on a £600 NAS/SSD option. So I'm wondering what a £1500/2000 dedicated server / fanless computer brings to the table? Same question for the Innuos / Melco and those sort of audiophile servers? Is it a pure SQ thing where on paper at least they outperform my QNAP? Or is it more options like being able to push via USB rather than pull via Ethernet? For the record I'm most likely to stick with the NAS. Unless of course you knowledgable folks can convince me there's a night and day difference and leave me with a dilemma Cheers, Alan
  21. This is a somewhat complicated issue; I've always run my iTunes Music Files from an external hard drive because I have an extensive music library (more then 1 TB). As my library has grown so have the number of iMac's and MacBooks in my office studio. I purchased a Drobo 5N NAS box and decided that since I work at different computers doing different tasks at different times, copying my ext h/d iTunes music files and library file to the NAS, all computers regardless of which one I was working from could play music. I setup the music library the same way on my NAS as it was on my ext h/d identical to the way it is setup on my MacBook h/d, (Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music). When I tried playing music from my MacBook with iTunes pointing to the *.itl file on the NAS, the music started skipping intermittently. Disappointed ( didn't allow for the NAS time to optimize, my fault). I moved my library back to my external drive off of one of my MacBook's. I rebuilt the *.itl file all over again. But what happened, with the NAS turned off, when I brought up iTunes, iTunes would open up a dialogue box stating the NAS was not mounted. I would close the dialog box and search for an album, and try to play it and get another dialog box saying file not found. After looking at my MacBook h/d and my external h/d, I realized that the *.itl file on my ext h/d was in kb and the *.itl file on my MacBook h/d was in MB. In other words, altho I pointed iTunes to my iTunes Media folder on my ext h/d, it was updating the *.itl file on my MacBook's iTunes Media Folder instead and this was the current iTunes Library File. To add to my own nemesis, I continued seeing a lot of duplicate music files. I use TuneUp as a support utility to keep my library clean and ran the "find duplicates" function. Lucky for me, it archives all duplicate files to a specified folder. When the utility finished running I continued to see duplicate music files and files not found in many albums so I did a CMD + I on the files and realized that it was looking at files in my ext h/d and in the NAS. Keep in mind that my NAS has been turned off all the time during this entire exercise. So 2 problems occurred. First I thought the *.itl file on my ext h/d was the current library db when it was the one on my MacBook that was being updated. So was I suppose to be pointing iTunes to the ext h/d *.itl file and not the iTunes Media folder? And second; I some how combined the the *.itl db on the NAS with the one on my MacBook *.itl drive and need to fix this. With all this explained, my problem is how to I go about fixing my iTunes Library (itl) file. And could I follow the initial concept of running my iTunes library from the Drobo NAS?
  22. Hi all, Im thinking of using a NAS RAID storage device for my audio. I want to choose a raid setup that will protect me against drive failure. The most appealing is RAID 5 considering i can take 4 drives, use 3 of them and the 4th is used to for the indexing and rebuilding of the data. However, a simple RAID 10 mirroring system is the safest bet, but i don't get the most out of the RAID system. My confusion is, How can one drive (6TB) successfully rebuild 3 other drives (18TB)? The math doesn't make sense. And if it does recreate the missing data with some type of stored index of data, how will it rebuild the files? It seems like it will most likely affect the sound quality of the files if it has to manually rebuild them and add 1's and 0's Any insight into this would be much appreciated.
  23. Hi I have ripped all my CDs into Apple Lossless format and stored on a Synology DS409 NAS. I have updated all latest S/W on this NAS. This is connected to a Mac Mini (10.6.3) running latest itunes. The Mac is then plugged into my amp via a Benchmark DAC. So far so good. Most files play fine except there are always tracks within some album that itunes complains not finding the file. I deleted and re-loaded all the files into itunes. I have tried physically linking missing tracks to the itunes library but sometimes it losses the location info again. If I look into the file info, the non-playable tracks will always have this location file://localhost/volumes/music/itunes/...album and track name. While the error free racks will be music:itunes1/...album and track name. I connect the NAS using Connect Server at boot up and since itunes can find most tracks there is no reason to think it is the file or directory problem. What am I missing?
  24. Is there a reasonably priced option to hook your NAS directly up to a wireless streaming solution without effecting sound quality? I would like to control the music still through a laptop, possibly an ipad too. I have a Line Magnetic DAC in the mix as well but am either getting too old for cables running across my living room or just not wanting to pay $550 for 4 meters of blue heaven usb cable. Yikes maybe it's both! Any thoughts or point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
  25. Some questions about upgrading my Synology NAS, now 3.5 years old (DS213). The immediate problem is that the 2TB discs are getting full. I can buy either 4TB or 6TB replacements (8TB would be overkill). IIUC manufacturers make higher-capacity discs by squeezing the tracks closer together. I imagine that this makes larger discs more prone to failure, but don't really know. The 6TB units would of course go longer without filling up. On the other hand, my offsite backup system has been to rotate two portable WD Passport drives, which have a maximum size of 4TB, so I would need to find another solution if I went with the larger drives. I have used WD Red discs with good success and will probably get them again unless someone knows a specific reason not to. Comments? It looks like digital audio and I are in for a long-term relationship, so I would like to move to a file system that provides better protection against file degradation (bitrot). Since I have to get new discs, this might be the time to invest in an updated NAS, although my DS213 is still working well. I've been happy with Synology, both hardware and software, but would consider a different brand. Synology offers the BTRFS system on their DS216+II. This unit would meet my needs, although there are a couple of odd things about it (no USB 3.0 port on the back, mainly). The fact that Synology has upgraded the DS216+ to a Mk II suggests that there may not be a DS217+, but I don't know. I can wait 2-4 months until my discs get too full for comfort, and I would hate to buy a new NAS soon only to see a better one appear right after. Does anybody know about this? Anyone have experience with a DS216+? I'd be happy to consider other brands in the same price/performance range as the DS216 if they offer a more secure file system; suggestions?