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  1. Are you following me rather than the Thread ? #134 sdolezalek, OP, wants the focus back on his situation, acknowledged his signature/invite ?
  2. Before she passed away, a lady I knew often played Damien Rice songs... Thinking of her :
  3. It's a public forum, there are people who understand the flow and importance of what have been in the last two pages. Your setup then, what does your everything entail ? Please detail us specifically some of your music choices, observations thereof. How's your listening-room since your album ? Still for 2 channel wide : Kept narrowed in AV mode :
  4. CA members want information for their own good, e.g. recent Thread : Tell us about your desktop system and listening please? Needless to define your agenda at me.
  5. It's North American humor... Lexical joshing, give and take... Okay, let's focus better, henceforth.
  6. Has Miska been previously proven a nag ? I rode but the conversation. However, it's you though who are proving him as your hobbyhorse to wet nurse.
  7. Get this : we want to look at how you, or another, listen (to examine if what you say you're hearing... can be replicated). Hilarious, tips being also defined as where the garbage are.
  8. In the CA context, what does your listen to others mean ? Especially when asked, others won't substantiate their subjectivity—how they're hearing. As you've listed your Audio System, how 'bout posting us a photo of it in your listening-room ? Let's see how your DSD comes through.
  9. Well, briefly, everyone who have read many, many past posts from Miska, he has just declared how music sounds to him—his setups don't mean anything to anybody else since [he's] the only one listening through those. It's mostly true, purchasing Hi-Fi, we've often, always on-our-own :
  10. It's 23:23 in New Zealand, let's continue this some other time Happy Sunday
  11. ∴ Miska, HQPlayer is a-solution but not the-solution ? DSD may or may not work great if... Are you but saying his answer has little to do with my question ?
  12. Re-reading your reply, is « DSD works great » your (and others) subjective or objective conclusion ? Many readers are not new Hi-Fi enthusiasts, they can spot troubling anomalies if you show them a photo of any setup practice. For example, random photo I previously nominated : Well, for people interested in your filters, will they subjectively experience the same sound as you ? Are you indeed limited to dominion over your software, everything from the point of its transmission to the DAC are beyond your control ? Thus, analogue sound itself is...
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