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  1. I had a look at the site and all the way at the bottom I found this brand new One Mic recording. Very enjoyable New Orleans inspired album. And the sound is exquisite.
  2. And that's why we have to keep supporting the small independents like Reference Recordings , Native DSD and SOUND LIAISON Those companies still care about those kind of 'minor' details.
  3. Yes and what a lovely recording. D. Gordon was one of the great balladeers.
  4. Very nice album. Bass is a bit boomy, but it does have that one mic quality, no phase cancellation?
  5. The new Carmen Gomes DXD bespoken in Joe Whips fine article; https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/sound-liaison-one-mic-recording-r957/ should be mentioned here, if not for the music and the excellent SQ then at least for the 27hz low bass note opening the album. Talking about bottom! This is what I wrote about the RedBook CD version I bought from Carmen's CARMEN GOMES BANDCAMP site. (DXD and other formats are now available from SOUND LIAISON site.
  6. and check out 19 year old Danish bassist NHOP, playing with Bill. At that time maybe the closest anyone got to Scott.
  7. Check out Bobo Stenson's ''Goodbye'' featuring Paul Motian the drummer from the first Bill Evans trio. It is a beautiful album that shows how Bill's ideas has influenced a whole generation of players. And bassist Anders Jormin follows in Lafaro's footsteps. https://www.ecmrecords.com/shop/143038751751/goodbye-bobo-stenson-anders-jormin-paul-motian
  8. Got the CD this weekend and listened last night. What a trip. Finally a band that dares to make a concept album. I am big Robert Johnson fan and have all the covers of his songs made from the likes of Elmore James and Eric Clapton to the Rolling Stones and what have you, but Carmen Gomes Inc takes first place in my top 10, why? They have made the songs their own. In no way do they try emulate Robert Johnson, instead they seem to have looked at each song and explored the song it self, so not Robert Johnson the artist but Robert Johnson the composer. So refreshing.
  9. One of my all time favorite albums, music and sq is in perfect harmony.
  10. and by the way on Spotify there is a 100 best versions playlist; https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6mzfMqApHhK6bh9FzYDfs1
  11. original version with Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto was in Db most musicians plays it in F.
  12. Just get The Visual Sound from SOUND LIAISON. It has a great variation of superbly well recorded tracks. Gary Galo wrote a very interesting article about it in AUDIOEXPRESS Audioxpress. recording-review-taking-a-listen-to-sound-liaison-s-dxd-music-sampler
  13. The Carmen Gomes was a pre-sale. Their ''real'' Black Friday sale has just started. All albums are down with up to 50%. these are some of my personal favorites.
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