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  1. I am using JRiver music player just so you know. ☺️ Most my flac files are 24/196 and 24/192.
  2. Greetings. I run a Win 7 PC as a source to my Audioengine A5+ speakers paired to a Topping D50s DAC to stream FLAC music files. Wondering which option I should select from the given sample and bitrates.
  3. Can you recommend a good powered speaker with no DAC? Budget $1000
  4. I have doubled my budget to $1000 Sir. Can stretch to $1500 for a speaker with built in DAC and Bluetooth just as good as an external DAC. Any suggestions?
  5. Speakers such as the Audioengine HD6 and Klipsch The Sixes have in built DAC for HiRes music support and Bluetooth 5.0 for HQ streaming. Anymore speakers as such under $1000? Specifically looking for a built in DAC better than the Topping D50s! Thank You 🙏🏼☺️
  6. Cool cool! The s3000 pro has treble and bass knobs. The current speakers I use don't have them so I don't know how to tune em. Leaving them in place and playing a track will give me the default audio with no Equalization right? Also, if I am buying the S3000 Pro, I don't need the DAC? Or can I get one if I can stretch my budget? I don't want to buy an external DAC if it is useless.
  7. I forgot to ask, what about the AirPulse A300?
  8. Can you suggest me some good speakers under $1000? My current speakers are the Audioengine A5+.
  9. Suggestions for a better DAC? Since the topping D50 isn't as good as the inbuilt speaker DAC? Is that what you meant or did you mean the Topping D50 would be better than the inbuilt DAC? Apologies! English is not my first language.
  10. Now connecting using rca however willing to switch to SPDIF Toslink. So I don't need the Topping D50 is that what you're implying sir? Because the speakers have built in DACs that are better? Or can I get a better DAC to pair with the speakers for maximum sound quality. For reference: http://www.tpdz.net/products_detail/productId=41.html
  11. Thank you for the additional tips sir. However, my question was mainly about the built in DAC in the speakers and the Topping D50s I am about to buy. Does the built in DAC in the speaker mean that I don't need a external DAC OR I can use the DAC with the in built DAC in the speakers and get great sound quality? Thank You! ☺️🙏🏼
  12. Looking for a speaker upgrade for listening to high quality lossless music. (FLAC, AAC) I currently own the Audioengine A5+ and they are working fine however I am looking for an upgrade. My room is a medium sized room with 20ft on each side! (estimated) Which from the following two speakers have better specs and which one should I go for? I read the Klipsch sixes has a inbuilt DAC so does that mean I won't need a DAC for high quality audio or I can still use a DAC with the speakers and get better SQ by combining both. Currently planning to buy the Topping D50 DAC. Apologies if the questions ar
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