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  1. Hello, the Topping look they might do it but as well as the Schiit Bitfrost, which might do it for both clean front (I don't like whistles and bells) and connections, I don't need balanced outputs which I know add to the cost, any other decent sounding options which might do as well or better than my Caiman SEG but with a cleaner look? Grazie
  2. Hello, ok, summertime is the busy time here so music is just to entertain but I am looking forward to simplify this mess of cables running around here (preamp, power amp, speakers, cd player, dad + power brick, tv, appleTV... you name it!). I own this little thing the Beresford Caiman SEG is, I can't judge on sound quality since never had a DAC before (even tho I rather prefer the upgraded output off of my Sony CD505 player), it's a little box and I bought it after reading praises to price/quality ratio along with very satisfying input array (2x optical, 1x coaxial, 1x
  3. I used a Pi3 to stream lossless music to my stereo system through a DAC (a Caiman SEG for instance), I don't like all those many cables, the Pi with it's power supply, the DAC with another one... I got the chance to get a 2010 MacMini with a Core2 Duo CPU, 4GB RAM and spinning disk, it works on and off, sometimes it is smooth and flawless and other times there are sound interruptions which I realised not to happen with MP3 music. I also have a 2014 MacMini with a more powerful (...) i5 CPU even if running at, I seem to recall, 1.5Ghz so not really that much more powerful but this M
  4. I rather have optical, at this moment in time the MacMini streams music through USB, the TV and the CD Player trough optical even tho the CD player's own DAC sounds more pleasant to my ears than the so much praised Beresford Caiman SEG which i am looking forward to replace.
  5. I wanna get rid of my Caiman SEG, at the end of the day it's not the miracle many claim it to be, one thing for sure it is flexible with 2 SPDIF, 1 usb and 1 coax but sound wise I better like how my CD player sounds (an old Sony 505ES which I tested along with the DAC by either throwing the SPDIF output through the DAC or directly analog out to the preamp) not to mention I don't like to have too many cables around cause the DAC got its own power supply bric which also promised the sound to improve I dunno how much. So, 2 x SPDIF, 1 x USB and then whatever else is welcome, built in
  6. Yesterday I gave it a try by listening music through iTunes and it all was smooth, what still leaves me some doubt is the fact that these glitches are not showing all the time, many a times FLACs sound pretty smooth and then, all of a sudden... I have 20GB free space and nothing running other than Finder and Audirvana, no email, no iCloud, nothing and, still... The nice thing about the Pi and Volumio is online radios with nice and good quality music but too many cables to make the Pi work Buona domenica
  7. I have been trying a Raspberry Pi3B+ or something like that (why they make it so difficult with nomenclature?), got the USB output to my Beresford Caiman SEG DAC and that's it, software wise Volumio, all fine but too many cables and not always working at the same attempt. Left the Pi in a drawer and got an old 2010 MacMini which runs Audirvana, it's ok, the app on the mobile works well enough, the Mini is wired to a router and to the DAC, it works, once in a while it seems to suffer glitches which make e so very nervous, maybe time to swap the spinning HD for an SSD but all in all
  8. Long story short, got an old 2010 MacMini with Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz CPU and 4GB RAM, there is nothing running other than the music player (old version of Audirvana +) and after a little it starts to have interruptions every there and then, thinking of swapping the spinning HD for a 500GB SSD but wanted first to hear your advice, won't want to trash money to get the same result. Grazie
  9. HDMI got nothing to do with wifi, the mini connects through wifi as to be remotely accessible by the remote app on the mobile phone, that's the bothering part, need to turn on the TV which serves as a screen for the computer. thanks for your reply
  10. For instance, I am trying VOX (which I don't like at all for several reasons including the subscription and library handling) and no glitches at all...
  11. Trying to keep it short, MacMini 2010 with a Core2Duo CPU, 2.4Ghz CPU, mere 4GB RAM and 320GB spinning disk (I know, as soon as I can I will swap for a 500GB SSD), MacOS High Sierra, music server being Audirvana, no services running, just playing music, audio stream through USB to a Beresford Caiman SEG (which is starting to bother me) DAC and then to my vintage stereo system (AR SP9 pre, KT88 push pull power amp, JBL L220 speakers). Main issues are two, the computer is set not to go to sleep and is connected via HDMI to a TV screen, every next day I have to go to the c
  12. Hello, my Mini is connected to the DAC through USB, I read about it being the best option towards the SPDIF which, anyways, is dedicated to the TV and, eventually to either the CD player (whose converter sounds nicer, more analogue, than the DAC's). As far as startup that's no issue, I never switch my Macs off, no need for it if not for noise but even with a spinning HD the Mini does no bother since there is nothing running there other than Audirvana but, still, if it proofs to work fine I will upgrade to SSD and that's it. Point two same as above.
  13. That's what I thought, how boring, the DAC led's go dim enough, the dedicated power supply's led is as bright as a Christmas tree... With my budget there was nothing better and with the same connections as the Caiman SEG (two SPDIF, coaxial and USB), I would have liked a built in power supply to have less cables running around (you won't believe the amount of cables running around the same horrible Ikea cabinet... turntable, preamp, power amp, speakers, TV, AppleTV, MacMini, PlayStation, modem/router...), everybody rates it quite high so there I went... Grazie for your
  14. Hello, after almost a year playing with a naked Raspberry 3B+ or whatever the model I gave it up, I appreciated the high quality free radio stations available but too unstable to use on a daily basis, no complaints, for the price it is not good but great but to me too complicated, I like things being simpler at this stage. I was lucky to locally find a 2010 MacMini with a mere 4GB ram and a spinning disk, I can upgrade both on need since this old machine still didn't have soldered memory modules and also hard driver replacement is quite easy but first I have to figure i
  15. Thank you for your hint PJ, looking for a solution adding both coaxial output and DC insulation, also, a nice case suggestion would be welcome, those horrible ones off the Allo website are uuuugly Grazie
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