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  1. Thank you for your hint PJ, looking for a solution adding both coaxial output and DC insulation, also, a nice case suggestion would be welcome, those horrible ones off the Allo website are uuuugly Grazie
  2. Hello, my busiest working season is getting to an end, I will soon enjoy again my music and reading, last year I added a Raspberry Pi3+ which is playing through Volumio either online radio (...) or FLAC files, I am using an old Apple 5Vcc power supply and streaming via USB to a Beresford Caiman SEG DAC with the dedicated Dorado power supply. I would like to go a step above and improve audio quality, was thinking to add a HAT for coaxial output (since the DAC got 2 x Toslink, 1 x USB and 1 x coaxial and the USB would serve an old MacMini which I am thinking to dedicate as a music server as an alternative to the Pi) but also at other improvements to the Audio Quality, any hint which doesn't break the purpose of cheap streaming off the Pi? Grazie
  3. Ok, my first experience with a Pi as a music server, just got the basic board, on the mSD there is Moode installed, I casually listen to web radios and, so far, not too bad but when I play FLAC music off an USB stick it sounds ugly!!! The Pi is connected to the internet via ETH and to an external DAC via USB, I understand the ETH and USB sharing the same channel, I read about "missing bits" because of this but I can't find a reason why lossless over USB sound so much worse than radio 🤫 My intent was to use the Pi as a music server to retrieve music either off a NAS or with local storage and add a HAT to provide coaxial output but I am rethinking the whole thing, I am sure that by adding a HAT to provide separate output other than built in USB gotta work better but before jumping with two feet in (idea was the Allo DigiOne Signature but now thinking that close to 300$ bucks is a big amount of money to risk a disappointment) I better read from you guys who already went through. GRazie Giovanni
  4. Ciao @franz159 by reading here and there I also came to the conclusion that the Allo DigiOne Signature seems to be "the" solution I am looking for but the investment is quite heavy and can't even be split into an upgrade cause of the in between board begin part of the deal and not possible to split the buy into two parts like an upgrade so that one can first buy the clock and spdif board and then the other one making it less heavy to the wallet. To be honest I don't yet know the potential of the Pi and as such to go for an almost 300$ expense to then maybe find out it is not that suitable leads me to re-thing the whole Pi situation, I am listening with the board only through USB and whilst I enjoy the web radios and find some of them being enjoyable the lossless music played through a usb dongle is not that exciting, even less the fact that Moode (which is my sole player at the moment) doesn't allow to build playlists and the fact you have to manually add to the queue each and every tune makes it less relaxing that listening to music should be in my opinion. I know that getting rid of the USB output would make things so very much better I still doubt on what to do, maybe start with a cheaper spdif board to find out if the quality increase makes it worth to go through the hassle of manually adding each and every tune to the queue or if to give the Pi a whole different destination and look for a different route to listen to liquid music. Thanks for your input Giovanni
  5. I just got my Pi and it's fun to play with, it's running Moode and so far, from what I read and see online all the players look almost the same, of course I can't know how they sound if there is any sound difference among the the various ones (you are free and appreciated to post your personal experience opinions, grazie!), I am trying to figure how to create playlists if there is a way but the next add-on I am looking forward to is a HAT to give me a coaxial output so that I can use the two optical on my DAC (a Beresford Caiman SEG) for the TV and CD player and leave the USB free for on the fly connections like laptop or other devices, question is, since I already own a DAC and don't want to spend a bunch of money on such a device, which one would you advise me to look at taking into account that I want to also add, if I like the whole experience, a board to add a 2.5" drive with a S-ATA to USB adapter so that I don't have to recur to USB dongles or to the NAS (which I still have to figure how to connect since I have some issues with SMB connection). Also, a board with a stable independent clock generator would be welcome to overcome the shared USB-ETH issue of the Pi (ver. 3B+). Thanks for your suggestions and have a nice week end Giovanni
  6. It took less than 30 min to have it up and running even tho just with online radios so the questions are: - I inserted a FAT32 formatted dongle in one of the USB ports on the Pi but Moode doesn't show it among the sources, which file system should be used? SOLVED - I'd like to use my NAS as a storage for lossless music but so far it seems I don't know how to access the folder where the music is stored, I can use both a SAMBA or an FTP connection off the Pi but am pretty new to this, problem being I don't know how to access a specific folder onto the NAS, when I log onto it I simply type its IP address followed by :8080 and then through the graphical interface I navigate the various options and the file manager with the various folders but dunno how to access a specific folder without the graphical interface, any hint? The NAS is a QNAP. - I would like to add an SPDIF coaxial output so that I can use the coaxial input on the DAC (so that the two optical can still run the TV screen and the CD player whilst the USB remains available to, say, connect the laptop), which one would you suggest not being a multimillion dollar one? Mind you, I am running my own external DAC (a Beresford Caiman SEG) so I only need a better output than the Pi's USB, reading about clock being 19.2MHZ on the Pi and as such not a multiple of the 44.1Khz needed, is this big issue into choosing the right HAT? This is to begin with, once I figure how to connect the external music source I would eventually evaluate a board to host a 2.5" memory storage (either a spinning disc since I have a couple here at home or an SSD) and a case to have a cleaner look and a linear power supply to give enough Ah to power both the Pi and eventual HAT + memory storage in the future. Grazie Giovanni
  7. Going to somehow partially reply to my own above post re input voltage for the Pi, it gotta be 5V, period! So no other voltages are allowed but I just found out I have an Apple A1357 power supply which is rated 5.1Vcc 2A max, given to begin with I would only use the Pi as a music server with no HATs would it suffice? Seems so from the Raspberry website but I rather hear from you if I can delay adding a dedicated PSU. Grazie
  8. @franz159 Ciao Franz, buongiorno. This Canadian project sounds like able to add a lot of improvements, I'll try and read more about it, the interesting bit to start with would be the IsolatorPi to check if separate power supply can really add improvements, I think that no matter how good it can be it always depends on the rest of the chain if differences might be audible, at least dunno how would it be in my case since my chain is pretty old with JBL4311b at the bottom of the chain and Audio Research SP9 at the top with a Beresford Caiman SEG as a DAC and almost only main input source since my beautiful and improved Sony CD X505ES sees little to no use at all and the fabulous Michell Gyrodec doesn't have room to constantly sit next to the preamp and as such does it as a beautiful (and bulky) dust collector. I found the Twitter page about the Canadian boards, do they also have a website to read specs? I actually use a QNap to serve as a file storage so I can stream movies to the AppleTVs, I would then move the FLAC music onto it to stream to the Pi and then to the DAC. Isn't it any of these players having ain iOS app and not having to use a browser instead? The thing which does a difference is the possibility to use a sound equaliser, especially when playing electronic music (...) I often have to pull down the lower end of the audio spectrum, I think they believe that the boom boom makes music (...) more attractive 😎 It sounds Italian but it rather is Neapolitan 😉 Well as usual there is a lot of room for improvements but I'd go back to the limitations of my sound system and ask those who, like you, have first hand experience which are the ones which would add evident improvements; I tend to avoid overcomplicating (with no results apparently...) things so I'd like to hear from you guys once I get the Pi (gonna order it within couple days because a tube off of my power amp is gone and have to get a couple new ones so I'd place just one order for it all to have toys to play with onto delivery...) and the power supply (please confirm it gotta be 5v, would an extra volt make damage?) what would be a tangible improvement to add to it to give me SQ my ears would notice? Also, since I am also buying mSD card to host the OS how many different ones would you advise to test, I understand from your experience Moode would make it but I also read a lot about Volumio, is there any other I should give a try and which size mSD would make it, 8GB or what it the minimum to host the OS? Well, weather forecast was pretty spot on, nice bright and sunny day but freezing cold wind blowing from North which also smashed one of my plants vases on the floor so as soon as it cools a bit I will power on some music and take care of the plant. You all have a great day!!! Giovanni from the gulf of Naples (that's not the view out of my house, I wish...)
  9. @chauphuong that's an interesting point so either the wall power supply or the multimillion-dollar one won't give much difference for the stock Pi, is the removal of the converter an easy DIY thing? @franz159 @chauphuong The IanCanada projects are very interesting but since I already got a DAC (and didn't read the whole thread on the DIY forum) would it make sense to get the Pi with a normal power supply and then, eventually, upgrade by removing (if DIY feasible by a noob) the converter and upgrading to the IanCanada board? To me the idea of the Pi gotta be simple, if connection with the NAS or memory device to store music is simple and reliable along with a way to control the player through an iOS device (ideally the iPhone) and the sound is equal or better than the MacBookAir connected via USB to my DAC then I'd sure evaluate dropping the computer and investing in an upgraded Pi but simplicity and audio quality gotta be on par of the MBAir at least and upgrades not costing like a high end piece of equipment. Your hints very interesting and fun to find an Italian member on here (as well as on the Italian boards where we met ? ) Please go ahead with your suggestions, the Pi project is gonna take place somewhere after second week of the coming new year so if you give me hints at where to start from it would be greatly appreciated. Best Giovanni
  10. @franz159Hello Franz, good morning, I understand the Pi not needing that much power at all that's why the thought of a power bank but rather than to add another brick I'd prefer to save space and cables, already too many around and with the arrival of the DAC (the Caiman SEG) and its dedicated power supply it is getting too complicated with too many cables but, unfortunately, whilst the DAC needs 12-15v the Pi only needs 5 and as such two adapters are needed. I don't expect a cable to "increase" sound quality so go figure a power supply, I mean, they can sure detract if not properly made but to increase quality I see it hard of a duty for a cable or a power supply, at least in my case where the remaining part of the chain is not what you would probably call "revelatory". This said I don't even want to fork out 100 bucks to power a 35 euro tool given that will be its only use so forget about branded stuff still made with Chinese circuitry (and probably also built in China and rebranded) so the choice will sure fall onto a linear PSU but nothing "audiophile" and maybe will be my first attempt at buying through Ali ? Back to the Pi I was reading the 3B+ needing 5.1V, I understand a .1 won't make a difference but just to make sure I eventually get the right tool, 5Vcc and 3A should do pretty well uh?! I got a radio HAM license when I was in my 20s and used to play with radios for quite a while, I still have a power supply from that age, what a monster, 12v variable and 30Ah output, it took 20 years old age strength to move it around, when recently I got again the idea to play with radios I didn't want such a heavy (and expensive) thing and got a switching one, it sure is small but noisy, very very noisy and if I am gonna get a Pi rather than my old Mac mini (which would be perfect for the intent) is because I don't want to even hear the cpu cooling fan spinning... Grazie Franz, wishing you to jump straight into a better new year than the one we are saying good bye to, not sure Italy will be doing better than the past year but let's keep fingers crossed and enjoy music (till it's free ? ) Giovanni
  11. Hello, I wouldn't want to start a new thread so I try to continue on this one, I am evaluating to order a Pi 3B+ (or whatever is called the newest one) along with a case and a couple microSD to try different players, the DAC is already home so no DAC HAT needed, the only other thing I'd need is a power adapter and I am running short of AC outlets ? I will of course get another multiple AC adapters (I don't know how are they called in English but you know what I mean) but I was thinking, does it make sense to get a power bank to power the Pi or just go ahead with a wall PSU (does a linear one make so much of a difference? I guess not but I rather hear from who has first hand experience). I know a power bank will be an extra expense and also need a wall charger so one extra brick which I'd rather avoid so what would be the best (and cheapest) way to power it? Grazie and happy new year everybody
  12. Well, I thought so, I will try with a thumb drive and then move onto the NAS hopefully if I manage to make it work. Grazie
  13. Just a question, is it possible to also have music files on the SD card along with the OS and transport software? Grazie
  14. @left channel I was referring to the fan's noise not to mention the SQ out of iTunes isn't that great, not worth to keep that much space occupied to get this much frustrated, I do sure want to play with a Pi and you'll sure see me back asking a ton more questions about it.
  15. I'm giving up the idea of the Mini as a music server, too noisy, a Pi "disco" will be the path past xmas then eventually HAT boards to add cleaner output or being relegated to something else if even this solution doesn't fit. Grazie
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