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  1. Hi there, Happy New Year and sorry for the 'late' reply! About the setup, that's actually not the case. The sound and effects both come from the iPhone/iPad phone socket, since we are setting the sound output on the PC as UM-ONE. As it goes my preferred sound device is the original MT32, closely followed by the SoundCanvas app. I think the Roland module and app both just produces MIDI sounds that are just that much more crisper sounding and more realistic than General Midi. For the old Sierra and Lucasarts games, their games were specifically catered to the Roland as first audio device c
  2. Well you were fortunate your SSD was able to be recognised by the GParted software. I've had cases where I've placed a used 256GB M.2 SSD into a small USB case to be formatted, only for the drive to fail rendering it totally useless because of some quirk in the setup. I'm not sure what the issue around the GParted non-reading of the drive is, but it sounds like its possible something akin to what we get when you have two of the same named volumes in a Windows PC which are direct copies of each other - only one ever appears on the desktop despite the 2nd being fully connected and working. De
  3. The reason it's not being recognised by Windows is because its likely to be formatted as a Linux drive under the Synology OS, possibly as EXT3 or EXT4 formats and possibly encrypted. It's a similar issue I have experienced with Zyxel's drive, which has their own proprietary format for their NAS servers, which makes it very hard for them to be cloned should issues arise even with a standalone drive cloning dock. But it could also be your SSD could be in need of a firmware upgrade or maybe is not compatible with some drive dock electronics. Some cheaper SSDs apparently can never be used properly
  4. I have 3 pairs of the Reference series Klipschs - the R-15M, RP-150M and the RP-260F and also a pair of La Scalas (at work). For what is supposed to be a bookshelf and desktop speaker, the R-15M is probably one of the sweetest sounding speakers I've come across in quite a while (and I've tested many) and could easily be replacements for a midsized speaker. They sounded as impressive as the larger La Scalas and still able to produce enough oomph and ambience that convinced you it was in fact, a speaker twice its size. In fact the R-15Ms performance was so good with my hybrid valve setup for my
  5. http://www.hifiplus.com/articles/charlie-hansen-1956-2017/ Charlie was the founder of Ayre Acoustics, and was also co-designer of Neil Young’s Pono Player HI-Res unit. Also mentioned in the article was the passing in December ‘17 of Arnie Nudell of Infinity and Dick Shahinian of Shahinian Acousics.
  6. Wonder if anyone here can help me. I am based in Asia and have a non-booting Pono digital player that needs repairs. I have checked the support groups online that I have to send it back to Pono in the States, most likely by Fedex with return packaging but also with relevant customs forms included for import & export. Question is, where can I find such forms, as noone on the groups I've been to has bothered to show them? Must mention the player also has a built-in lithium-ion battery.
  7. My PonoPlayer has suddenly stopped working. I am not able to boot into it at all, the device just hangs. I found out to get it sorted I need to send it back to the States to Pono itself to get it fixed, along with a prepaid envelope and export paperwork for US customs. Does anyone have any experience of this? What do I need to fill in? Also for the courier who should I use ie. Fedex/DHL? Thanks in advance.
  8. I just got word that Sony's latest update for the PS4 can allow it to play back HiRes FLAC files as well as upscale compressed audio to near HiRes quality. The update also allows it to work with the new PlayStation VR headset. Hooray for HiRes! Sony PS4 gets high-resolution audio support | What Hi-Fi?
  9. Hi all, just letting you know that Uncle Art's new 2016 album of retro games music (remade) from games such as Starglider, Frontier Elite II, Carrier Command, Beneath A Steel Sky and Geoff Hammond's F1 Grand Prix is out now. I've heard it and it's terrific! Especially the live orchestra for Frontier's theme. The tracks are available on MP3 and FLAC format (to satisfy the HiRes audiophile within us) > A TEMPORAL SHIFT MP3 / Flac - A Temporal Shift
  10. Guys I am happy to report I got my UAMP this morning! Although the package was slightly crumpled on the outside, everything was there - the unit, pouch, clip and cables. Above all the unit works. There was also a small card with the manual link download but it wasn't working yet at the time of posting. >
  11. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has received the UAMP portable headphone amps from the Kickstarter campaign. The UAMP team announced on their last Kickstarter update June 28th that they would start shipping a week after the end of last month, but noone I've heard of has received theirs yet, and its becoming rather concerning...
  12. Hi guys, Thought you guys might be interested in this cylindrical PC case, currently funding on Kickstarter >
  13. Dave Needle, one of the most legendary hardware engineers of his time, has passed away on 20th February 2016. Dave was instrumental in the creation and completion of the Amiga 1000 (Lorraine) introduced in 1985, an incredibly revolutionary computer for its time. Especially regarding its custom chip set which he helped engineer, which could produce 12-bit 4096 RGB graphics and 16-bit 4-channel PCM based polymorphic sound which digitised sound sampled from real instruments. Apart from this, he also co-invented the Atari Lynx handheld and with fellow ex-Amiga engineer RJ Mical at Epyx helped
  14. The Clarity Aura DAC I had ordered recently arrived yesterday! So this is my equipment. I have an iPhone 6S, Sony NW-A15, Pono Player and Cyberdrive Seiun Player. I've been putting it through its paces...and I have to say it is JUST SO GOOD. I was very surprised because at the price of $39 I didn’t expect the Clarity Aura to come so close that is almost overshadows the Pono Player in terms of sound quality. Using a pair of Grado SR80es as test headphones, I put the units to the test. On the Clarity Aura, the sound was quite amazing, in that it was not only de
  15. Hi guys, Just thought to let you guys know (if you haven't already) I also came across these recently, which are ultra-cheap portable HiRes DACs for smartphones and Macs/PCs by Seiun > Clarity Aura | Cyberdrive These will do PCM 24/192 and Native DSD up to 256. And at the price range (an amazing $39.99 excluding shipping) it looks like Seiun is now moving really aggressively in the HiRes and DAC market...
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