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  1. Very interesting. Just a question; which headphones, if not these, would you consider ''giant killers''?
  2. I just received this from my friend Alex from the Netherlands and I can confirm that the code works. https://www.soundliaison.com/index.php/536-sound-liaison-dxd-music-sampler
  3. I will hold on to my Bose 25 a bit longer😀Thanks!
  4. These completely phase coherent one microphone recordings does it for me, they are so much better than anything else I have. It sounds very real but also very very good. Only problem is that all my old reference material some how falls short now....
  5. First of all, like Thelonious Monk: said, "talking about music is like dancing about architecture", but that being said, still to call the incredible Feen Brothers live recording "laid back"!?, OK compared to Nirvana or something not jazz maybe. But if Feen Brothers is laid back what does that make the Witmer album or to take it even further, Miles Davis; "Kind of Blue"?
  6. That is where the test files comes in handy: https://www.soundliaison.com/index.php/6-compare-formats
  7. new DXD release; Wild Man Blues, with Ruud Breuls/ Simon Rigter 5tet It is just out. Listening in 24/96 right now. Highly recommended! It's part of the same series as the Carmen Gomes album. Wild Man Blues
  8. Excellent Bach recording indeed. Only 2 days left of the introduction sale. Nice touch with the included stage map:https://www.soundliaison.com/studio-masters/254-bach-live-edition-2
  9. The few direct to tape recordings I have heard sounds very good on tape, once transferred I think the difference is less obvious.
  10. I would love to see somebody start using those old three tracks again. Those albums all have a certain magic.
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