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  1. I sure appreciate all the help, folks! I did learn a few things and hope this topic goes on for a while longer. What I learned starts immediately with what I already knew but was too hot under the collar to heed. And that was work from a copy! This week I'll be upgrading my computer with a new SSD and a 4TB Barracuda so that I may take sections of my collection and truly work on it, at local speeds rather than via the home network. I think I'll give SONGKONG a go once that is done. It's funny, all the software I currently use has been recommended through Com
  2. I like this. I know I should have worked from a copy. I do know better than my actions indicate. ? I didn't realize I had a completely valid reason to upgrade my PC . I might need a new SSD as well. ? Sure appreciate the input Jacobacci!
  3. That is exactly what I'm doing. All on my NAS.....But then, it's the safest place for it. It's also very large so the PC is not a good location. 60,000 tracks. I have it divided up into 6 folders or for lack of a better way to explain 6 categories. Music - FLAC Music - Mp3 Classical - FLAC Classical - Mp3 Christmas - FLAC Christmas - Mp3 I tried Bliss over this weekend and I'll be honest, it's scared me! I tried it with one directory of music and it renamed all the files with underscores instead of spaces (I hate that). It also eliminated many o
  4. Thank you... Giving it a try... though already I see that it's slow and confused... It wants to categorize several of my Beatles albums as Latin Jazz, Adult Alternative and Comedy??
  5. Thanks for that well rounded reply. I am currently trying Bliss although I am somewhat less than hopeful already as there are nuances that make little sense. I was using dBpoweramp Perfect tunes Tagger which can do whatever I seem to want... It's simple but also, manual, slow and lethargic. I also tried Musicbrainz-Picard but dropped that. I have a Moon MiND which doesn't currently support Roon... although for $700 I can upgrade my hardware to be able to use Roon.... Is it worth it? JRiver has been a constant frustration for me as It is probably the least intuitive piec
  6. Okay, I'm neglectful and I made many mistakes along the way while collecting, and 'organizing' my music library. I have 60k songs and because of the mess with regards to tags/metadata/whateveryouwanttocallit.... I hate using many of the features that make JRiver, Asset, etc. worth the extra $$ My question is toward whatever software you folk use to tidy up your metadata..... I'm talking Genres, years, composer vs. artist, etc, etc, ....not even talking about the messes that the various artist CD's turned into when I ripped them. I think of my NAS library as a record st
  7. Seems everyone has very specific, even finely tuned preferences as to how they enjoy their music listening setups. Now with digital we have so many more options! I found it somewhat overwhelming in the beginning, and still find parts of the system confusing and confounding! I wonder if others are as curious as I with regards to how YOU listen to YOUR Digital setup. Preferred format: DSD, FLAC, ALAC, .Mp3... Player/Renderer of choice? Which Server software/hardware? Asset, JRiver, Foobar, Kazoo, etc. Storage on NAS, dedicated hardware.....or? Do
  8. yes, no further updates available. I missed the 'ping' part of your message. I'll give it a go. Thanks!
  9. Never knew about this option.. Thanks, I'll give it a try tonight hopefully.
  10. Not really up on DHCP but it appears the router 'sees' the 180 and has assigned the IP address to it and only it. I abhor wi-fi when not necessary .. All my stuff is hardwired. I've done that. I have a Netgear 8 port for all my gear. BB
  11. I am having a very frustrating time with my Simaudio Moon MiND 180. Sometimes my network sees it, more often than not, it doesn't. I use any of 4 control points Galaxy S8+ phone, Galaxy Tab E tablet, iphone7 or Ipad.... All of which have issues finding the MiND Zone at times. It's inconsistent. Sometimes during play, the Zone disconnects and then it's just gone.... All the while the music is playing, I cannot clear the playlist, nothing. Music is on a NAS drive (synology DS213-2 bay), Control Point software is either Bubble UPnP or the Moon App... both lose the Mi
  12. Feeling a little dumb, but I looked and looked and could not for the life of me find your signature line nor any videos. Even looked at your profile , etc etc.... turns out this silly forum auto-logged me off after a period of inactivity......Not logged in = can't see anything much extra. Found a video of yours on Youtube and am currently importing my NAS collection to a library... HOLY CRAP, 12hrs later it's not quite half done. Doesn't help that sleeping PC's stop the process and there is no way to avoid that, apart from not allowing it to sleep. I'll get this damn thing f
  13. Am I the only one who thinks JRiver is more difficult to use than it needs to be? I've bought a few licences, after the initial purchase, on the expectation that it would eventually become easier to use. It hasn't. It appears to be the single most difficult to understand and implement software that I own/licence. So I don't use it. I had been hoping to control the system from my PC with the JRiver but I just don't get it and it drives me nutty how challenging it is .... and I thought I was pretty good with most software/PC usage....... I've found no video's, manuals of
  14. I have a weird thing happening with only my Hi-res files. Not FLAC stuff that's ripped by myself from CD, but rather higher-res bought items like 24/96+ from Linn, B&W or HD Tracks. What happens is the song may start playing but then instead of the song being 3:50, it shows as 8:20 or even longer....??? The song may play well but then there's 3-5 minutes of silence after... then it plays the next song with similar dead air space. Often the highest res songs even chop up a bit. Any ideas as to how can I find the problem point? Android with BubbleUPnP app, or iPhone w/ nati
  15. It seems SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support was already enabled. My NAS is up-to-date with all the firmware etc. This is beyond frustrating. I can map the drive with my Synology Assistant but cannot see the drive with Asset. I also cannot map any more drives one one is mapped. For giggles, I disabled the SMB... no difference at all.
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