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  1. For me music comes first but I'm also a movie fan. And a music movie is a territory where the two in one way or another come together. I quite often search IMDB and RottenTomatoes for the stuff I haven't seen yet. Hope this thread can be some inspiration for CA members who are interested in the genre. There are so many great music movies and it's really difficult to choose one or two as the absolutely best so I'll start with titles that simply first come to mind: Milos Forman's 'Amadeus' surely needs no introduction: Not a music movie per se but a classic Godfrey Reggio's documentary in which Philip Glass'music compliments the picture in such an organic way that it's difficult not to mention it: Spike Lee's 'Mo' Better Blues', starring Denzel Washington, soundtrack - Branford Marsalis Quartet ft. Terence Blanchard.
  2. Ok so I'm considering ordering a Yamaha RS202 2 channel stereo reciever with Bluetooth. I have two 6 1/2 inch B.I.C. America venturi bookshelf speakers DV64. I have a somewhat small room. I feel like this will be a good way for me to just chill and listen to music with Bluetooth on my phone. I asked a question about the pa speakers in my room. Took the advice got rid of them. I just want clear decent sound. Theres the pic so u have a idea of the room.
  3. Ok last week I recived a set of Rockville RSG12 passive PA speakers and a Technical Pro ia25u amp as a gift. I feel like the amp is a pice of crap. But i think the speakers are actually pretty nice. I only need them for music. And its just the right and left speaker. But my question is. Is it ok to use these speakers the way I am using them. I plan to get a rockville amp with Bluetooth so i can use my phone instead of a USB stick. Also I am pretty sure that this technical pro amp is not 600 watts like it says. It seems week
  4. WHAT IS THE TRUE EXPERIMENTAL TWEAK THREAD ALL ABOUT? I have always wanted a thread where any subject is possible. No experiment is too crazy to add here. No idea is too bold to reveal. Take it away! Enlight your thoughts and share your ideas how to improve SQ and how not to. Anyone can encurage and educate you but no one should let you down, deminage you or simply move you to another thread. Everyone is welcome as long as they accepts a different way of thinking! TOPIC DIGEST With a little help of @austinpop I have realised that this thread is all over the place. Even if this is one of the fundamental ideas behind this thread, it could be a good idea to sum-up the things that have proven to be beneficial to SQ in this thread. I will keep it plain & simple. Remember that these are essentially my own findings in my own setup with Tidal FLAC and Tidal MQA as source. As always YMMV! LAN 1. Cat 6a U/UTP 500Mhz ethernet cables sounds better than Cat5, Cat5E, Cat6 & Cat7+ in my setup. Ghent Audio Cat 6a ET02 with JSSG shielding and Metz plugs rules them all. 2. Network switch improve SQ with input on port 1 and output on the last port. Possible explanation is QoS and also that the ports are in different magnetic boxes inside the switch. 3. Using a AQVOX switch with better clock improves SQ compared to a D-Link DSG-105 network switch. 4. A wireless adapter/wireless bridge/router in client mode into a network switch sounds better than battery powered FMCs and hardwired LAN. 5. Router vastly improves SQ with a floating LPS and even more if the floating PSU is connected to a DC blocker trap filter. IME a router upgrade could be beneficial to SQ. 6. Galvanic isolation/DC blocker in the signal path pre the router improves SQ. 7. Wireless adapter vastly improves connected to a floating IT. 8. RJ45 socket enhancers seems to be more efficient on port 4 & 5. Don't ask me why! GND 1. Grounding a metal chassi network switch to a tourmaline grounding box greatly improves SQ. 2. Different tourmaline grounding boxes improves the sound signature in different ways. 3. Grounding the DC negative terminal of the floating SMPS works great. In my setup it sounds best connected to a grounding box instead of to the power strip safety ground receptacle. Just be aware of possible leakage loops between various network devices. A big thanks @JohnSwenson for this tip. USB 1. Covering the outer USB barrels with electrical tape improves SQ slightly with unshielded USB cables. Capasitive coupling between metal barrel and pins? 2. Uptone Audio´s USPCB improves SQ. 3. ATL Hi-Fi´s 8 conductor USB cable with dual unconnected shields (5v+GND & Data- & Data+) with JSSG loop improved SQ compared to other longer (<50cm) USB cables that I´ve tried. DC 1. Network switch sounds best with dual floating PSUs or battery power (but very important to disconnect the battery charger while listening to music). Dual floating PSU is slightly better than battery power, but battery power is slightly better than single floating PSU. 2. Powering several devices with a single floating SMPS sounds better than powering the very same devices with several battery supplies. Also, powering several devices with a single battery supply sounds better than using multiple identical battery supplies. Self-inflicted noise? 3. Canare 4S6 starquad does improve SQ where ever applied. Canare 4S6 with JSSG seems to be even more effective. Thanks [email protected]! 4. Grounding the DC negative output of a floating SMPS improves SQ. Grounding the chassi/case decrease SQ. Be aware of shared ground paths since this could potensially decrease SQ. 5. Dual LT3045 ultra-low noise voltage regulators in series with 1v drop-down close to the powered device improves SQ quite dramaticly. 6. Kemet aluminium Polymer caps A750 series (25v 560uF) vastly improves LT3045 when added at the DC output. On single LT3045 the Kemet improves on both in- and output. 7. Panasonic FC series type A aluminium electrolytic caps improves on the PSU output terminals. AC 1. A DC blocker trap filter pre a safety isolation transformer improves SQ even though it is dead silent (no hum). DC blockers trap filter pre a floating PSU into a router vastly improves SQ. DC stress reliever? 2. SQ improves when battery chargers is connected to a separate powerstrip connected directly to the AC wall outlet, bypassing the isolation transformer completely. 3. A safety isolation transformer with floating secondary improves SQ more than a Ultra Isolation transformer. A balanced isolation transformer with floating center-tap rules them all! 4. Daisy chained floating grounds (dual floating grounds) sounds better than a single floating ground. In my setup floating SMPS's improve SQ connected to a floating IT, even surpassing battery supplies. Thanks for the suggestion @lmitche! 5. AC mains starquad power cables greatly improves SQ. 6. AC mains voltage regulators improves SQ on the signal chain. Even cheaper versions are effective. Not as effective on high power devices such as active speakers and amp due to a still unknown reason.
  5. I think the title of this thread is self-explanatory. Let me start with these three songs: From the fantastic 1970 Royal Albert Hall concert. From the 'Black' Album. [video=youtube;CD-E-LDc384] I once damaged my foot tapping to the thythm while watching this DVD BTW I used to say that for me after Rage Against the Machine (meaning after circa 2000) not much happened in rock. I'd love somebody to prove me wrong.. Let's have fun!!!
  6. You’re probably like me and love discovering great new music.....this is what this post is all about. Imagine that next week you are getting a visit from a couple of Hi-Fi News editors who have asked to listen to your system playing 3 of your favourite albums. Great Music and sound quality are the criteria. Which 3 albums would you select to demonstrate your system at its finest? Here are my choices: Rodrigo y Gabriela (the lizard eye album) Deep Forest - Music detected. (Recently discovered from CA ‘best recordings for system evaluation’ thread) Malia - Convergence Bonus album Leonard Cohen - 10 new songs So which albums do you love listening to that do a great job demonstrating your system’s abilities?
  7. This was probably one of Kate Bush's most mainstream offerings, and yet, Hounds Of Love is far from that. For the second half of the album is titled, The Ninth Wave, and is a conceptual masterpiece. Yes, everyone knows the stunning Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God), and even the other singles on the album. However, it is The Ninth Wave that really shines, with glimpses of ice-skating gone wrong, to vignettes of the Salem witch-hunts. Yes, they are not the most immediate, but you can slowly delve into the many layers in the work. Link to the Album on amazon.com
  8. I was rather curious about Latin American baroque music, and how it would be different. So I leapt at the opportunity to buy a copy of Fire Burning In Snow by Ex Cathedra, conducted by Jeffrey Skidmore. It mainly features the works of Juan de Araujo, although it is interspersed with verses of Hanacpachap Cussincuinin, which lends a different flavour. Juan de Araujo's compositions truly shine in polyphonic glory: the vesper psalm Dixit Dominus is set for triple choir and in eleven parts! Indeed it is quite a steal for £5.00 for FLAC, and just £2.50 for the CD, or £10.50 for the SACD. Link to the Album at Hyperion Records
  9. If you haven't been following this story, and are concerned about artistic (or any other form of) freedom of expression, this is about a Russian punk rock group who have been jailed following a sham trial for criticizing Putin. Amnesty International has adopted the three women convicted of thought-crimes as "Prisoners of Conscience", a designation the politically impartial human rights organization reserves for the most blatant forms of political incarceration. The full Amnesty International press release describes the situation in detail.
  10. If you like solo Fingerstyle guitar music, then this album is one to consider picking up. And this album sounds superb!!!!! Great mastering work here.... Those who are familiar with guitars will know the names Tony Russo & Al Petteway. "Solo Acoustic Fingerstyle guitar tunes played on Fine Handcrafted Guitars from the Collections of Tony Russo and Al Petteway. This is a kind of greatest hits album featuring many newly recorded favorites along with some brand new tunes." Here is where to pick this one up (no downloads though): http://www.alandamy.com/store/index.php?pid=103
  11. Hi everyone, You might be interested in my new website and project - Speedy Composer. Speedy Composer is a software that composes melodies automatically. I worked on the project in 1999, and we launched the website last month (we worked on the website since 2011). Users can let Speedy Composer compose melodies for them, download them in MIDI or MP3 format, and also make compositions public and share them with friends. You can listen to one of the melodies Speedy Composer composed for me: Speedy Composer [alpha] User urievenchen Composition: Composition #5 If you want you can see and listen to all my public compositions: Speedy Composer [alpha] User Uri Even-Chen Folder: My Compositions We are currently working on a PC application that will compose music automatically. It's free software and open source. If you want to read more about Speedy Composer, you can check the following website: Speedy Composer (November 1999) Let me know if you like it. Best Regards, Uri Even-Chen Mobile Phone: +972-50-9007559 E-mail: [email protected] Speedy Net: Speedy Net [alpha] Speedy Composer: Speedy Composer [alpha]
  12. Hi everyone at Computer Audiophile forum, how are you? My name is Ricardo and I would loke present you a never before seen musical software called "Sonata". The software was the result of my Final Paper in Computer Science (2010), in which I and my friend developed a software that allows reharmonize piano scores automatically. Nowadays the software is published at google play in two versions: demo (free version) and complete (paid version). Ths urls to aoo is below: Demo version https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.music.sonatamobile.demo'>https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.music.sonatamobile.demo Complete Version https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.music.sonatamobile Basically our software accepts a midi file as entry, convert it to a piano score and after you can select among 4 reharmonization techniques to reharmonize the score and generate different versions of it. The software allow export the piano scores as Midi or PDF too. I hope you like our software. Suggestions and criticisms are always welcome!
  13. Hey guys! Does anyone of you already tried the windows software of Audials called music-zoom ?? Found this website yesterday while searching the web for new artist, it says that this a freeware and you can search for arists and find new artist from the same genre and listen to their tracks from youtube, soundcloud and so on... Sounds quite interesting, anyone tried it yet? Cheers!
  14. Hi all, just letting you know that Uncle Art's new 2016 album of retro games music (remade) from games such as Starglider, Frontier Elite II, Carrier Command, Beneath A Steel Sky and Geoff Hammond's F1 Grand Prix is out now. I've heard it and it's terrific! Especially the live orchestra for Frontier's theme. The tracks are available on MP3 and FLAC format (to satisfy the HiRes audiophile within us) > A TEMPORAL SHIFT MP3 / Flac - A Temporal Shift
  15. YouTube, it's a common resource. I'm fondest of the human voice, often searching out stripped-back on-air versions, evaluating diverse uploads... The following 3, from Andrew Bird's new album, are especially wondrous : [video=youtube;EY1-xJ0hwQM] If WFUV Public Radio productions are to your liking, explore more here. And HDMI from Panasonic Blu-ray player to Marantz Cinemarium soundbar is how I listen, watch. Sure, your method might be through a computer. But, our starting reference, YouTube's 720p Yeah, only when I'm sure its exceptional will I share—here, a personal commitment.
  16. I'm compiling a list of the best "ghetto blasters", or the best portable boomboxes. I listed what seems to be popular, do you guys have any suggestions? Enjoy. What are the best ghetto blasters? - Slant
  17. First, I wish everyone a Happy New Year. Not sure if this has been covered here before but just came a cross this article on audio blind testing with a link to the original archives with lots of samples and information. https://headfonics.com/2018/01/seven-keystones-accurate-audio-blind-testing/
  18. A quite different blog post to my regular music reviews, with a scientific perspective: https://musicophilesblog.com/2017/09/23/why-music-gives-me-goose-bumps/
  19. Anyone know of any good sites that offers buying DSD/FLAC files from abroad ie. outside the US? I tried to order from AcousticSounds.com and they don't allow it where I live.
  20. I am concerned that Apple's pushing of Apple music in the HomePod presentation is a sign of worse days ahead for people who store music files locally. Politically speaking, the best way to lobby against this trend at Apple might be to speak on behalf of people with cabins or rural homes that have power but no internet. Or on behalf of the African, Latin American and other cultures whose music from the past 90 years is only sparsely catalogued by Apple Music. Why can't Apple (or someone) come up with a play-only head unit that will run iTunes, iPod style, from (a clone of) an external drive containing the user's library and music files, and be able to control devices like the HomePod via Bluetooth, Lightning or USB 3.1 or C—but using a bare-bones play-only version of iTunes, not iOS Music. The iOS Music app seems hobbled in so many ways, presumably to force people into using web-dependent Apple Music. Anyone with rare, exotic or out-of-fashion music is stuck with Apple Music's boneheaded track and artwork mis-identifications.
  21. I just got back from a long(ish) sea voyage. Los Angles to Hawaii and back. Very enjoyable. When I got home, I turned on the music system. I was struck by how good the music sounded. I am guessing that a break from my normal listening habits gave my ears a rest. If you find yourself not enjoying your music as much as you know you should. Take a break
  22. I believe no explanation is necessary. I'm in particular curious about your favorite 'rare' live albums (I'm pretty sure I don't know them all) but please post your full list including studio ones. In chronological (issue date) order: 1. Are You Experienced. 2. Electric Ladyland. 3. Live at Berkeley.
  23. Hello Friends, I am new here and sorry if I post anything wrong or if I am not clear. I am from India and my brother is coming from USA on November 15th. I know he is coming before the best sale Few days back I was in showroom and I heard yamaha yht 196 sound and I was really impressed. I can hear small details in a movie and I was about to buy it but I thought it is costly and is entry level HTIB. It was around $390 and I think I can get a very good HTIB from USA. Can someone recommend a good HTIB and AV Receiver? Mainly for Music / Movies / Games. If the shipping weight is too much then I will get only AVR and purchase a good speaker set from India locally. Also I need 2-3 budget level set. Right now I am not clear how much should I spend on this. But overall I would like it under $500 and maybe if you can help me with Level 1: <$300 Level 2: <$400 Level 3: <$500 Would be really helpful Another thing I need it as international specified power input. In India it is 220V-240V and should be compatible with this. And also if you can tell me what will be the best time to purchase this? I think there would be sale on labour day. And any other good sale after this? Thank You
  24. hi, i'm looking for hi-res headphones for listining to hip hop music. so looking for a good bass headphone.(but not too exaggerated bass). price max €360. it is for home use,i got a dac/amp. do you guys have recommendation?
  25. wgscott


    Unlike many here, I was too young to participate in the hippy generation. However, what followed seemed like a main-stream co-optation of the recreational drug culture by the music industry. Music from groups like Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead seemed almost designed for recreational hallucinogenic drug users. It occurred to me recently that audiophiles who care enough about sound to worry one way or another about what their cables and electronics sound like in micro-detail might have pretty strong opinions, either negative or positive, about mixing music and drugs. I also recognize the reason this is not discussed on a public forum. So I thought an anonymous poll might be amusing...
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