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  1. I don’t know why you are experiencing this, I certainly don’t. I can share my settings with you, but I’m pretty sure things are basically set at defaults. Roon and Devialet work very well together, over ethernet/Wifi, USB won’t give the signal path or volume setting feedback (to Roon).
  2. Exactly. Don't underestimate the importance of the Reinheitsgebot.
  3. Unless you're after totally silent operation, eg in conjunction with a fanless case.
  4. The Devialet SPDIF to AES/EBU cable is below, it's as you describe: negative to pins 1 & 3, positive to pin 2.
  5. Well, I think the intent is to stop people creating fire hazards with dodgy chargers. No mention of DRM anywhere. https://usb.org/sites/default/files/article_files/USB_Type-C_Authentication_PR_FINAL.pdf
  6. In the brochure (http://www.moremusic.nl/aurender/brochures/Brochure-Aurender_A100.pdf) its says "AK4490(AKM) x 1 (Single Stereo Design)" - scroll down for an A10/A100 specification comparison. I would presume this is correct.
  7. Same DAC (AK4490), but only one in stereo mode, as opposed to two in a dual-mono configuration in the A10, so not only the balanced outputs missing with the A100.
  8. Max lengths - USB 2: 5 meters, USB 3: 3 meters, S/PDIF: 15 meters. So, I’d go with a long S/PDIF cable, but you may want to give either method a try and go with what works best.
  9. @The Computer Audiophile Well, assuming internal components are in working order (which is quite a caveat for some older gear), circuit/chip design has without doubt improved over the years, and one would assume in a good way...
  10. I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with this on many levels. A couple of reasons perhaps why: Old today vs. yesterday - components age, capacitors leak, slower decoding, higher noise floor, etc... New today vs. yesterday - newer tech, shorter signal paths, better decoding, cleaner designs, faster data rates.
  11. It's a fan-less design in a hefty metal box: the top gets hot because its dissipating heat. I'm quite sure there's no need to be concerned about the N100's TPD, and the processor (whatever it is) is obviously more than capable of running the task at hand.
  12. Well, actually it doesn't matter. The audience turned the presentation into a bit of a sham. Good on Chris for making his point despite the opposition.
  13. Yes, burn in is a myth, and the burn-in period is usually a day or so longer than the ‘no questions asked’ return policy.
  14. Yet another thread that started out promising, but has decended into underhand “he-said/she-said” bickering - like so many other threads on this forum. It’s a real pity.
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