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Found 9 results

  1. Hello. I'm selling my XEO 3s (white, up on eBay now!) and getting the XEO 20s. I think! I started down the path of exploring a direct USB connection to the XEOs, but not necessarily wanting or needing the Dynaudio Connect box. Then I came across a review of the KEF LS50 wireless, where an external DAC was used, I think via the analog outs. It sounded like using an analog out would be odd with the XEOs, as a digital signal stays digital until the driver, and an analog signal is converted to digital by the XEOs. So with analog DAC out, the digital signal would be converted 2x, if I understand correctly. Any thoughts on the following setups— With DAC 1. iPhone + ALAC files > Apple CCK > USB cable > External DAC > Toslink from DAC to XEO 20 master. 2. iPhone + ALAC files > Apple CCK > USB cable > External DAC > Analog out from DAC to XEO 20 master. No DAC 3. iPhone + ALAC files > Apple Lightning Dock > Toslink to XEO 20s (I think Apple's Lightning Dock bypasses the iPhone DAC when using Toslink and sends a pure signal.) On my setup, I'm thinking of using my iPhone 7 (gasp!) for the source. Don't really want to deal with a headless Mac mini (+ controlling Apple Music would be a pain). I was looking at the Aries Mini, as you can add storage, but it's sold out. Bluesound Node 2 doesn't work with Apple Music. Sources are ALAC and Apple Music for the mist part. Maybe Tidal at some point. So as much as it may offend, I like the idea of a iPhone or iPad as source. Thoughts?
  2. Hi I'm looking for a good transport for iPhone/iPad that doesn't have a internal DAC, any recommendation on Wadia 171i and Cambridge iD100? Are they both work great? I know Wadia is discontinued, is it still working with todays iOS 7? (I don't need to charge the battery and control the volume via the transport, just deliver data bypass i devices internal DAC is fine) Seeking for advices on Coaxial cable (from transport to DAC), and digital to audio cable as well, any recommendation? Thank you very much!
  3. I posted this problem on Mac forum but didn't receive a solution and hope someone here might be able to help. It's been a while since I played music from my iPhone to my Bose stereo using Airplay. ( I have an Airport Express plugged into the Bose.) The interface on Music on my iPhone is new and different with the newest iPhone update and I can't find the icon to change it from playing music on the iPhone to "Diane's Airplay" which will be the Bose. I've looked in Music app and Settings under Music and the pull up on the iPhone. Wifi is ON on my iPhone. When I look at the pull up from the bottom of the phone I have a couple of choices: Airplay Mirroring with the the familiar icon but when I choose it the iPhone begins looking for my Apple TV. I don't have Apple TV. The other choice is "Airdrop Receiving Off". My old original iPad can still use Airplay to play music to my Bose and my MacBook Pro (Sierra) also works fine using Airplay. Any suggestions? I may have missed something obvious. I really wish things didn't change when I wasn't looking!! Thanks so much. Diane
  4. Just incase you missed it, Apple has added FLAC playback in High Sierra and iOS 11. This will make previewing music libraries much easier. Hopefully FLAC compatibility will be coming to iTunes soon too.
  5. Hi guys, Just thought to let you guys know (if you haven't already) I also came across these recently, which are ultra-cheap portable HiRes DACs for smartphones and Macs/PCs by Seiun > Clarity Aura | Cyberdrive These will do PCM 24/192 and Native DSD up to 256. And at the price range (an amazing $39.99 excluding shipping) it looks like Seiun is now moving really aggressively in the HiRes and DAC market...
  6. Good morning I am playing some MQA using my iPad and to my surprise the signal path is showing as lossless with an MQA 88.2 authentication. Here is the path, marked as lossless : Source : Tidal FLAC 44.1kHz 24 Bit 2ch, MQA 88.2khz Authentication: MQA Studio 88.2Khz This Tablet: Roon Advance Audio Transport Apple iPad: Headphones I knew that iOS devices were limited to 24/48 but this does not seem to be the case. Anyone here experienced something similar? thanks Ale
  7. I currently use iTunes as my media manager, my family has requested access to my media files so i signed up for iTunes Match. But, I want to keep my original high end Lossles files. Is there a media manager software that has a media player for iPhone? I'm hoping to replicate the usability of iTunes but with a better, cleaner media manager.
  8. Interesting concept DAC/AMP+Battery case. Wondering about the audio quality when compared to my ifi iDAC. Here's their video: Here's the indiegogo description: ______________ iPhone gets better sound, bigger battery, stylish case. Turn your phone into an awesome music player The CEntrance HiFi-Skÿn is a sound system that fits right inside the phone case. It delivers your music in pristine audio fidelity and on top of that, packs a long-lasting battery to charge your phone while playing! Besides audiophile sound quality it features a powerful amp that works with most sophisticated headphones on the market. HiFi-Skÿn is perfect for those extended shifts at work, on long flights, or at home, when you need some quality tunes but the phone's buzzy sound just wouldn't cut it. No more compromises. Leave your music player at home. Now you can carry one device that's perfect for both music and communication—your existing phone in a HiFi-Skÿn. Why HiFi-Skÿn? Today's on-the-move audiophiles have to carry several devices with them, because no one device does everything right. But given the choice, which option would you prefer? ...Of course, a single device is the answer! Before and After (taa-daa!!) The smartphone is a great digital music player, but its audio quality sucks! You may have awesome headphones, but your iPhone won’t get the best out of them—the sound will be muddy, lack clarity and punch, to say nothing about bass. So we decided to change that. We engineered HiFi-Skÿn to take the digital signal out of your phone, process it using the same technology found in our award-winning audiophile products, and amplify it to a powerful, crystal-clear signal that will drive any headphones, with pristine highs and powerful bass. With HiFi-Skÿn, you can have a world-class music player in your pocket, occupying little more space than your iPhone! No bulk, no extra components, no unsightly rubber bands holding things together! Your phone will slide right into HiFi-Skÿn, and the built-in battery can recharge your phone, or allow you to listen for up to 10 hours! Besides that, HiFi-Skÿn acts as a shock-absorbing case for your valuable phone. Turn your iPhone into an audiophile music player—TODAY! What does HiFi-Skÿn do? HiFi-Skÿn does three things: It plays hi-res music: Your iPhone can store high-resolution music, but you won't hear it with the ear buds. To access your phone's true playback potential, you need an external DAC and a headphone amplifier. HiFi-Skÿn supports asynchronous digital streaming and mastering-level sound up to 24-bit / 192 kHz resolution, dramatically improving sound quality compared to your iPhone's audio jack. It charges your phone: We've built in a powerful, 1-Amp charging circuit that will recharge your phone TWICE AS FAST as a typical USB port. When on the go, HiFi-Skÿn can use its own battery to power-boost your phone, saving you in a bind. It protects your investment: We've chosen attractive, impact-resistant poly-carbonate plastic to make a phone case that is both stylish and tough under everyday use. The elegant enclosure protects the battery, audio electronics and controls inside—and keeps your investment safe. HiFi-Skÿn features at a glance Borrowing from our DACmini Desktop DAC and HiFi-M8 portable DAC, we used expensive, audiophile-grade components such as D/A converters, amplifiers and power supplies to dramatically raise the bar on sound quality. HiFi-Skÿn makes it possible to listen to hi-res files on your phone. Here are the main features: Now your iPhone can play better, longer, while staying safer! Who is HiFi-Skÿn for? You may have invested in awesome headphones, but when you plug them into the phone, something's missing from your music. It just doesn't sound the same as it does on your home system or your desktop system... It just isn't ALIVE. If this is painfully familiar, then HiFi-Skÿn is for you. It'll breathe LIFE into your music. A quick checklist: Not ready to give up your iPhone 5 yet? Add hi-res sound and an extra battery! Planning to upgrade to iPhone 6? Your old iPhone 5 can now become an amazing music player with extended battery life! Have an iPod Touch 5G with lots of music on it? HiFi-Skÿn will fit it perfectly, and is a great way to get a hi-res music player with a familiar interface, for less. The HiFi-Skyn story HiFi-Skÿn has been in development for well over a year. The design goal was always simple -- improve sound quality of the most popular phones in the world. But making the product so small was a challenge: components reserved for audiophiles are typically larger than consumer-grade parts. But nevertheless, we kept trying. First, we released HiFi-M8, a portable iPhone DAC/amp, which was extremely popular, but just a bit big. Then we released Mini-M8, which was 30% thinner, but STILL a little big for everyday use. We kept pushing the boundaries and eventually packed all circuitry into something as tiny as a phone case. We are finally happy with what we've got and cannot wait to bring this product to you! Miniaturizing HiFi-Skÿn required modern SMT technology and precision assembly equipment. Today we already have a network of reliable production suppliers. When planning this project, we worked to minimize any cost, logistics and quality risks. This reduces the "gotchas" and speeds up the delivery to you. As of today, we have fully functional samples and design is ready for production. The technology used in HiFi-Skÿn is already proven -- it comes from our award-winning HiFi-M8, Mini-M8 and other products. We showed HiFi-Skÿn prototypes at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver in October 2014, and the hardcore headphone enthusiasts at CanJam loved it! We made more tweaks and will be showing the updated product at CES, January 2015. What will I get? Until now, high-end sound carried a high price tag. We know—our own award-winning HiFi-M8 and Mini-M8 cost $700 each. That's because we make them in smaller quantities to satisfy the needs of audiophiles. This product is different. We are going to reduce the cost due to larger production volumes and pass the savings on to you. HiFi-Skÿn's retail price will be $399. But Indiegogo contributors such as yourself will have access to a limited number of attractive perks. These deals won't last, so act now to take advantage of exceptional savings! But it gets even better—you can make money by simply sharing this campaign with your friends across all of your social media channels (facebook, twitter, instagram, reddit, head-fi, etc.) Selecting the model to match your phone Selecting the model that fits your phone is simple—just let us know which phone you have and we will send you the correct HiFi-Skÿn model. After you contribute, we will contact you to clarify your phone's model. But if you change your phone in the meantime—don't worry—until we start shipping you can still change your mind. We currently support iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPod Touch 5th Generation. We plan to add more phones, including android phones, as we reach campaign milestones. Stay tuned for more info on that! Regarding the colors, we will start with black and will be adding new colors as campaign milestones are met. We will ask about your preference now and will give you a chance to change your pick, as more colors may become available later. Product Specifications [TABLE=width: 100%] [TR] [TD]DIMENSIONS:[/TD] [TD]172 mm x 64 mm x 20 mm (LxWxH) *[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]CASE MATERIAL:[/TD] [TD]Impact-resistant PC plastic, colors TBD[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]POWER:[/TD] [TD]AC adapter & rechargeable battery[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]BATTERY LIFE:[/TD] [TD]10 hrs on full charge (estimated)[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]AUDIO TRANSFER:[/TD] [TD]Lightning jack, asynch digital audio[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]OUTPUT JACK:[/TD] [TD]3.5 mm headphone plug[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]THD+N:[/TD] [TD].001% (estimated)[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]FREQ. RESPONSE:[/TD] [TD]20Hz...40kHz[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]OUTPUT POWER:[/TD] [TD]160 mW per channel (32 Ohm load)[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]COMPATIBILITY:[/TD] [TD]iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPod Touch 5G[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] * Dimensions listed for the Phone 5 model https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hifi-skyn-iphone-case-for-audiophiles/
  9. I am certainly new at computer audio, but although it first worked rather good I have now stumbled in a problem that the iTunes - Audirvana Plus integration seems to be broken. When I want to play an album I see before my eyes that the software cycles through all tracks continually without stopping. I only wanted to play from the first track to the end. What have I done to deserve this after spending so many hours bringing a part of my big classical collection into iTunes (also a wringing game !). Hope someone can give a hint what is wrong because the integration between iTunes and Audirvana worked quite good. System is MacBook Pro OS X 10.8.2 iTunes 11.0.1 Audirvana Plus 1.4.5 Wadia 121 Decoding Computer Audio Research SP 9 Mk.II Mark Levinson No. 23.5 Martin Logan Sequal II electrostatic loudspeakers Assorted cabling. The audio files are on a seperate LaCie 3 TB disk connected to the MacBook Pro via USB cabling. Thanks for the advice in advance Kees Kort, Apeldoorn, Netherlands
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